after rid Iraq of the limitations of Chapter VII is looking forward to entering into the realm of the global economy, especially with the growing desires International seeking to double the volume of trade exchange with Iraq and this is what called االى thinking about the country’s accession to the New York Convention to encourage investment.

Barzani and Maliki agree to stay in power

07/08/2013 19:35:51
The future of Iraq /

special senior political sources revealed on Monday, the agreement between the region’s president, Massoud Barzani during his recent visit to Baghdad with the prime of Ministers provides for the formation of political ensures بقائهما the alliance at the head of the Authority during the next four years.

The sources close to the Iraqi List, for "the future of Iraq," on Monday, said Barzani and Maliki reached an agreement to ensure the parties’ commitment to them, to hold a political alliance in the coming period to enable them to stay in their current,

noting that "The visit of Barzani’s recent Baghdad came for this purpose and not, as was announced to discuss and follow up the agreements reached by the two sides on outstanding issues between the central government and the region. "

The source added that the rapprochement between the two sides came against the backdrop of the growing popularity opponents Barzani, who have the backing of an international and Turkish especially the movement "Goran" Islamic, as well as intercept Maliki’s allies browsing on to receive the judgment a third term.

Was the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, has arrived in Baghdad, yesterday The first Sunday, at the head of a delegation from the provincial government to discuss outstanding issues with the central government, in response to Maliki’s visit to Arbil early Almarda month and that through which the two sides reached a number of agreements and understandings after a period of estrangement and sharp differences.

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Revealed to the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Tuesday, as having four drafts of oil and gas law awaiting the arrival of a fifth to be released from mini-committee between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil, as noted that the continued dispute over the law is structured with five points, cautioned that the committee Baghdad – Erbil mini did not meet 8 months ago.

Member of the Finance Committee said Rep. najeeba Najib ‘s/JD/Tuesday: that the work of the Committee is to follow the dollar equivalent exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar, adding: we will follow the actions taken by the Central Bank, watching the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

Baghdad (newsletter). The parliamentary Finance Committee member MP/Kurdish Alliance/Jimmy is capable, that the federal budget bill for the year (2014) will arrive to the House during the month of October, for approval by the Council during the current year.

Announced to the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, on Tuesday, the finalization of the contract law of international treaties, indicating that raise to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives for the purpose of inclusion of the vote during the upcoming sessions.

Preparing JP Morgan Bank (JPMorgan) American enter the Iraqi market as the second largest oil exporter in the OPEC countries and through specific access to the Convention for one year with the Trade Bank of Iraq to finance shipments of imported goods and services to Iraq.