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The bank manager at our local SunTrust bank here in Florida told my wife today that they keep having meetings at the bank about doing the upcoming exchange of the IQD and they have been hiring more people and training them.

The bank is ready and waiting but keep being told it is coming any day. So the bank manager tells her he keeps collecting more dinar for himself while we all wait.

He also Joked with my wife…. he said… “what do we have to do go over to Iraq and sign off on this ourselves”? LOL The bank manager always seeks out my wife if he sees her in the bank to tell her what he knows…. and to joke with her and ask if she knows when this RV is coming.

This bank manager was unaware of the potential of this investment until my wife told him about it about a year ago… since then he has learned a lot.

In the beginning he was skeptical like many of us were and only bought one or two 25K notes out of curiosity and figured he would take a chance like playing the lottery …. he called it funny money….. but as time went on and he heard things with-in the bank he started to collect more notes and he started to realize this investments great potential.

He still may joke with my wife about it but he takes this investment much more serious today.


There seems to be some confusion on where I stand on Maliki so I wanted to clear this up.

 It has been years now since I found out what Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was doing to this country that we are so invested in and for who he really is. Maliki has caused every chaos and crisis in Iraq and hasn’t implemented the very thing that got him re-elected for his second term, the Arbil Agreement.

The Arbil Agreement was offered to Allawi first because the 2010 election was so close it came down to the Kurd’s votes to decide the vector. After Allawi turned the Kurds demands down, Maliki agreed to it and signed it.

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  Knowing good and well that the constitution would need to be amended for some of these agreements.  Maliki shortly after started using the constitution against this very same agreement that he had signed, causing one delay after another.

The payment of the Kurdistan Army, Article 140, the Kurdish language added to the new currency that we are so needing to see implemented, payments of oil contractor’s in the Kurdish region, etc. have all been delayed because of Maliki.

Maliki imprisoned anyone that did not go along with his plans, provisional politicians and judges just to name a few. Here are the ones that have caused the most chaos: Maliki had his judge buddy sign off on an arrest warrant causing Vic President of Iraq Tariq al- Hashimi to go into exile in Turkey and his corrupted Justice system found him guilty without him being in Iraq to defend himself. He knew if he returned he would be imprisoned and would be convicted.

Then another one of Maliki’s false arrest warrants  detaining Finance Minister Rafei al-Essawi and his body guards caused the demonstrations that started as far back as December 2012 and that are still in the streets of Iraq now.

 Oh, and yes Sinan Al Shabibi, the once Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq all  have been accused of false accusations from this  Maliki dude, so please don’t think I am naive about  this guy because I know all about him.

The Judge that signed these arrest warrants was Chief Justice Midhat al-Mahmoud a known Ba’ath Party Member and one of the reasons the Ba’ath Party laws amendment has had so much controversy.

They say that the laws are ready for parliament now and let us hope they are right because the law will throw out any of them that have been known to be a part of the Saddam Ba’ath Party. Like this corrupted Judge!

The person that I see that has done more for his people and the Iraqi citizens than any of these so called politicians is the President of Kurdistan Massoud Barzani.

One only needs to google the Kurdistan Region to see that they have shopping malls that make some of ours look small in comparison, growth and security that Iraq itself is so behind on. If he was in charge of Iraq, we would have had currency reform a long time ago.

Do I have any faith in Maliki, no but I have a lot in Barzani and as long as Barzani believes that Maliki has agreed to solve the issues I will stick with Barzani, but the day I see Barzani lose confidence in Maliki I will too!

If this day comes we all will know that their deal wasn’t as carved in stone as Barzani thought it was.

My bet is still on Barzani knowing something we nor the press are not privy too. The fighting right now on these laws are mainly because of the parliament members and their upcoming re-elections. The blocs have agreed to pass these laws, but the parliament members are doing what they want to get re-elected and until they get together they are being delayed.

So as long as Parliament is in session, we have a chance to see currency reform because we have a chance at stability, the very thing that everyone says they need for currency reform, including another well respected man, Shabibi.

Hanging in there, that is all we can do!  Have a great day,  Stryker

7-19-13 Wango1: Simple RV 101: UN announced Iraq had RVed its currency, off it goes to the IMF than to the BIS oh and then to the Central Banks of each country worldwide.
So does that mean we are at the bank? Not just yet it then goes to the UST.
So does that mean we are at the bank? Not just yet it then goes to the corporate level of all banks.
So does that mean we are at the bank? Not just yet it then goes to all regional banks.
So does that mean we are at the bank Yes it does.
Tony said last night it was announced at the UN, he then said he hoped we would be at the banks today. But can’t see this going past Monday.
Anyone without ears to listen with, a brain to understand and a mouth to thank God should please step away from their computer.
I’m so tired of people with no understanding running their mouths before their brain kicks in.
Please do a Google search and find me one thing anywhere in the world that as this many steps that completed in less than 24 hours.

Baghdad (AIN) –Member, Abd al-Hussein al-Abtan, of the Economy, Investment and Reconstruction demanded the Government to activate the Five Years Plan which was developed by the Ministry of Planning.

Abtan reported in statement to AIN ”We demand the Government to take serious measures to consider some sectors such as industrial, agricultural and touristic sectors which are suffering neglect in Iraq, ” he added, noting that ”The economic file realy requires an economic vision and some successful economic plans.”

The Ministry of Planning developed a five years plan (2013-2017) to be implemented in coordination with all cornered ministries. \END\



Millionday Roundtable 7/19/13

     [millionday] if you are ready to copy — fresh has something he is going to start with Rudie

     [Rudie] Ready when ya’ll are!

     [millionday] great  fresh you ready hun?

     [Fresh] An informed source, said Friday that some private banks would cut the dollar to 1180 DT as of Sunday. The source said in an interview for “alsumaria news”, the “Association of Iraqi private banks Central Bank took note of the fact that some private banks to reduce the cash dollar exchange rate to 1180 dinars”.

The source, who requested anonymity, said the reduction in the exchange rate will be effective from Sunday, 21 July 2013. ” The Iraqi Central Bank meet daily to buy and sell foreign currency with the participation of Iraqi banks, with the exception of public holidays where the Bank auctions, sales are either critically or in the form of money orders sold abroad in return for Commission.

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      [millionday] the news lately has all been very encouraging — trust in that very encouraging     is that the end of that one fresh ?

     [Fresh] millionday ··· 0-dinars

    [Fresh] two translations    brb intel call from a source I haven’t heard from in a MINUTE!

     [wmawhite] millionday …….please clarify that this article is about the “street rate”……………not what we wait to see.

     [belabun] millionday tariff article ~~ if I may

     [millionday] that is exactly what it is — it is the in country street rate at some banks — not to do with the adjustments being done by cbi for the exchange of their currency

     [wmawhite] millionday millionday …..”in country rate”.

     [millionday] belabun perfect thanks hun

     [wmawhite] ty

      [millionday] when they go to the bank and get foreign currency — that is what they get there at those particular banks — right now

     [belabun] Parliamentary economy: the government is under internal and external pressure by traders for non-activation of the Tariff Act 19-07-2013 11:33 AM Baghdad (news) .. Ruled out the decision of the Commission on the economy and investment MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Khalil Mahma, activation of the Tariff Act during the coming period due to the federal government to claim it lingered over the next three years.

Khalil said (of the Agency news): The Iraqi government is under internal and external pressure by merchants not to activate the Tariff Act because it will hurt their interests, prompting the federal government to claim for activating the law lingered for three years to come.

 He added: Tariff Act did not emerge since passed the year (2007) in the House of Representatives and so far, because of the government’s refusal to apply, even though it is one of the economic laws important for the country because it would stimulate agricultural and industrial sectors and promotes the growth of the Iraqi economy. ··· e-Tariff

    [belabun] passed in 2007 —- any ideas why delay   obvious ones

    [millionday] they have said for the customs — hand in hand — they need one billion from the gov to begin and they have just completed the amendments so they are expecting to use the 2011 and 2007 combined

    [millionday] that would be why it is held up a little

    [belabun] millionday yes saw the billion earlier, OK, I can accept such LOL.

    [millionday] smile

    [millionday] also they are operating and marketing their free zones i believe it is part of the marketing to expand in a hurry the economy

    [millionday] thanks hun — great article  any other ones anyone has    ?

    [momface] I have ?

    [millionday] sure hun go ahead

    [momface] Why would if be important to stabilize the street rate if they were going to change to pre war rate?

    [millionday] to attract business to their banks — they are all trying to add services and fees as the stock market hits the open market — it makes stakeholders happy   make sense ?  remember a couple years ago when the came out with the “New Iraq”

    [momface] Wouldn’t it be confusing to the citizens to one day b 1180 than 3.46 the next?

    millionday] it was a marketing campaign —- there is alot of money from a lot of sources involved in this and the stock exchange — very important to raise the value of every company before it hits the free market — meaning the isx – now with them listed it raises in their holdings when they gain anything

    [wmawhite] momface …….how many times a day do you think about what the exchange rate is for the USD to the EURO or GBP?

    [millionday] exactly

    [momface] Not many lol

    [wmawhite] momface ……unless an Iraqi is exchanging the IQD for a foreign currency he/she will not care.

    [millionday] the citizens dont care what it is to other countries

    [tiger_ag] momface no because the citizen will not see that purchasing power with their dinar…all they need to know is that something now costs 12 dinar instead of 12000

    [momface] Ok ty

    [millionday] they are just caring about their own gain in jobs — smart cards — services — that will all stem from this   [millionday] yw all the time hun

    [wmawhite] momface momface ….good question though.

    [The s family] Are they live on the stock market now?

    [momface] Ty smile

    [millionday] they have the isx in country now

    [wmawhite] yw

    [The s family] But not internationally

    [millionday] right but they have signed and met with nasdaq

    [The s family] Ok,   ty

    [millionday] we are told and have read that it isnt long before it hits the market due to them going to a market economy   [millionday] global

    [bluedog2] Any breaking news today millionday ?

    [millionday] let me go look brb smile

    [millionday] The existence of a planned visit by the President of Kurdistan to Baghdad at the end of Ramadan in order to implement the agreements and open the door for national solutions. (MP for / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Mohammad Qasim Hmokhta)

There is a plan between the Federal Government and the Government of the Territory to exchange visits between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani. added

    [The s family] Would they have to have a better rate to trade internationally? Not hope they do..but logically speaking?

    [millionday] There is a planned visit by Barzani to Baghdad at the end of Ramadan and then followed by another visit to the owners to Arbil, in order to agree on common points and the implementation of previous agreements after activating the work joint committees.

said MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs to: The visit of Barzani will open the door for national solutions to address the crisis experienced by the country because of differences between the political blocs. was MP / Council Syriac Chaldean Assyrian / Luis Carlo, called for the need to intensify meetings and dialogues between political blocs in order to break the differences among them.

    [millionday] , in order to agree on common points and the implementation of previous agreements after activating the work joint committees   [millionday] hmmmm

    [tiger_ag] ramadan ends the 8th of aug?

    [millionday] now we know the working committees have worked on the large issues  hcl — economy –tariff and customs — infrastructure

    [millionday] so as we also know — we have heard them say many times that they are ready and done so maybe this is the great news    the committees were disbanded as well with completion

    [bluedog2] With the currency resets, do you think the USD will lose value to a point that we should look at the Euro or some other investment to maintain wealth?

    [letsroll] Hello PI . Does Iraq currently have a 25 dinar note in circulation , I think the cbi shows it to be a coin …… anyone know

    [millionday] bluedog2 i think the complete opposite and i tell you why   the agreement with iraq was to hold what was exchanged here in our fed reserves   what we as a country have in reserves is calculated into our currency value

    [millionday] so all the dinar will raise our reserve value and therefore will raise the value of the dollar and also help our economy as they have said the revalue of the dinar will help many countries but i have to say with the hold for us in our reserves no matter 6 months or ten years will effect positively our value of our dollar   [millionday] smile    [millionday] anyone disagree?

    [tiger_ag] so do you think the end of ramadan means the end of ramadan or anytime close to the end? they seem to be working through ramadan anyway, so why not meet already?

    [millionday] they have met to sign the document of honor and have also been meeting multiple times on the issues at hand and have reported they are in agreement — this is huge and very good news for political sound country — which is what some think we need

    [wmawhite] millionday ……I do not believe in the huge currency reset theory.

    [millionday] i do not believe in that either  it would tear the entire global market system with a big hole imo

    [letsroll] If there is not a short window to exchange we’ll have time to plan if one is wise … cheers

    [millionday] we as people are too competitive imo — but i dont want anyone that does think it will happen to think i am close minded – i just have an opinion about it and i hope you do as well

    [wmawhite] millionday .at best, the regional currencies may adjust somewhat to fit in with the IQD………….

    [millionday] economically they will change from calculation from the growth of entering iraq in business imo

    [schmidtberger] wmawhite millionday ….i may be showing my ignorance but what is ‘huge currency reset theory’?

    [millionday] even the countries that dont enter into business with iraq will be doing business with those that arent

    [millionday] alternative theories believe in an egg shell that they are going to force a complete reset of all currencies and some believe that there will be only one currency in years to come

    [millionday] there is a lot of reports saying it and there are many that research it completely

    [schmidtberger] one world order type of stuff?

    [millionday] in a way – yes    equality for all in world trade

    [schmidtberger] ok…understand better now…dont like that idea…

    [millionday] now that is what i have gathered so dont quote me obviously i am researching some other things right now — smile

    [schmidtberger] ok…ty…

    [millionday] brb with more

    millionday] here is why we don’t have much news:  The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Deputies’ Meeting was held on July 18-19 in Moscow. Discussion was focused on preparations of final draft Communiqué that is planned to be adopted at G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting on July 20

    [millionday] now between the two it makes you think this is very interesting

    [millionday] more on the other subject:   Alaterci reveals Maliki’s visit to Kurdistan end of Ramadan, followed by Barzani’s visit to Baghdad after the feast MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Farhad Alaterci, on a visit to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Kurdistan before the end of the month of Ramadan.

 He said Alaterci in a press statement, told {Euphrates News} Thursday that “al-Maliki will visit to the Kurdistan region before the end of the month of Ramadan, adding that” this visit if it was Vstakbha visit by the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani to Baghdad after the Eid al-Fitr.

He added that “this visit is to open a new door for the common understandings and resolve outstanding problems between the central government and the provincial government

    [millionday] so we are looking at two visits actually and we like

    [Papatom] millionday do you think there is any chance the draft for the G20 has anything to do with the RV timing?

    [millionday] slow news today — with the g20 and all central bank deputies there — it only makes sense that they are discussing currency and reforms emerging markets ect so be here tonight at 730 est

Baghdad (AIN) -MP, Ouday al-Awadi, of al-Ahrar Bloc and the member of the Oil and Energy Parliamentary Committee called the MPs to support the Iraqi citizens through investigating the Minister of Electricity, Karim Aftan, next week.
Awad reported in a statement received by AIN ”We call upon all the MPs to support the Iraqi citizens by holding an investigation session with the Minister of Electricity next week, ” he added, noting that ”The Presidency of the Cabinet has scheduled the next week to investigate Aftan by asking him (30) questions, mostly regarding the electric production stations contracts. ”
“We hope all sides not to intervene in the investigation or try to postpone it since it has been scheduled two years ago and we should put the interest of the citizens above any considerations,” he added.
Most of the Iraqi provinces are suffering a great lack of electric power equipping which lead to organize demonstrations in Basra and Dhi-Qar provinces.


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Don't Fight the Fed – Bernanke's Words Will Drive US Dollar Lower

DailyFXJul 19, 2013

The US Dollar fell against major currencies except the Japanese Yen as the S&P 500 surged to fresh record-highs, and dovish commentary from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke suggests the Dow Jones FXCM Dollar Index (ticker: USDOLLAR) could fall to fresh …

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