I4U:  Friday AM:

[Yola] . is it their fault if the imf or the forex can’t get it thru this system they have designed they signed off to the united nation rate and date

[shatterstar] Yola Everything that I am seeing says that Forex is not really too blame. I believe there was some small iota of technical difficulties, but they exaggerated that b/c that was the only thing that they could [ublicly talk about

[Maryrose] shatterstar I believe many really rich guys are gonna lose alot of power and control and they are fighting tooth and nail………… losing battle for them but they are trying everything and anything. Just my opinion!!

[shatterstar] I think the issue is with IMF and WGS. I think the logistics point more to POST RV activities right now more than anything IMO

[Readynow] shatterstar do you think “they” can get this pushed through? We seem to be down to the wire.

shatterstar] Readynow Too many nations involved… And then we heard news of countries being removed from the list.. So i am thinking that instead of trying to fix it now, they are cutting them and fixing it later
Read More Link on Right

[Maryrose] shatterstar agree that there isn’t much more that they can do but they still throw a wrench into the chain when they can because they are ticked off!!

[shatterstar] Maryrose absolutely.. But this system was designed to flush the wealth out. They will have to find a new way to mislead and corrupt. The new system has sooooooo much visibility. They wouldn’t be able to get away unseen even if they wanted to

[Maryrose] shatterstar agree, noone likes change. They don’t like this change!!!

[shatterstar] Maryrose yep… their future money making schemes are gone. one last hit it and quit it…. and we are out.

[Maryrose] shatterstar yep they are going down swinging

Readynow] shatterstar just get it through the system

[Yola] shatterstar are you talking about the Republic

[shatterstar] Yola no.. not necessarily. I have my own opinion with that, and I wont go there in this type of forum. But the WGS is not tied to the republic. Is a fund from 140 countries worth over 48 trillion..

[Readynow] shatterstar last question (lol) do you know why the reset is not going through, if you can say?

[shatterstar] Readynow IMO I believe it has already. It just hasnt been made public yet. the supporting systems have to be in place, and they arent all yet. But they should be very shortly. You are starting to see them in the media, and that is a step that you cant take back

[burk50] Shatterstar do u agree that this is in the hands of forex ?

[shatterstar] burk50 this is more in the hands of the IMF, BIS, and UST. There is nothing that you hate more than anything is making the wrong woman mad. “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.” And CL is pissed!!  IMO

[weneedit] Is it true Paris funds had to be paid back today ?

 [shatterstar] weneedit just settled… the big thing is that some of the agreements that they made start to expire so they have to get it done…

[Guitarman56] That was good news on Iraq on fox, they better get this done or the cat’s going to get out of the bag.

[Guitarman56] said Iraq is the fastest growing in the world, big statement.

[musiccitylady] Guitarman56 but with a crappy currency roflmao

[babble] Guitarman56 he also said that a lot of Individuals are making a lot of money from investments


TNT Topic Today: Use your smile to change the world….Don’t let the world change your smile!!!


Late Thursday Night:


[hardtorecall] Tony’s room is saying we are past high alert and are now in a “major alert” lol

[Watercolorist] from last night…7:58 AM [hub] freedom13 these people i get info from are bumfuzzeled,,,they say it is ready and cant figure it out???

[mcmc408] hardtorecall lol i just read that too

[hardtorecall] Don’t get me wrong, I hope they are right.

[RindsGuy] hardtorecall I hope they’re right too

[Capt Ron] from ‘high alert’ to ‘major alert’?

[hardtorecall] Capt Ron Now they are saying we are even past that!!!!

[Capt Ron] that’s no minor thing to be on a major alert.

[billuke] what’s above a major?

[hardtorecall] Capt Ron Depends on how it’s defined

[Capt Ron] Lt Colonel.

[hardtorecall] And who defines it

[Capt Ron] arr

[billuke] soon it will be Lt. Colonel alert then

[Capt Ron] hah

[mcmc408] i will be REAL excited if I read Lt Colonel alert lol

[hardtorecall] They said it was past a major alert

[mcmc408] this morning it was said they signed off on all rates and rates were given to Forex but nothing said much about it tonight just major alert

[RindsGuy] You’ve got yellow alert and red alert. What’s next? Plaid alert? lol

[Capt Ron] well, I still think that, when all is said and done and cashed in, Tony will seen as having been one of the better sources of info.

[billuke] Capt Ron I think you’re correct on that

[Capt Ron] RG, but just about every site is in something of an alert today.

[mcmc408] lol

[RindsGuy] Capt Ron They are. But, they were like this Thanksgiving of last year too

[hardtorecall] Capt Ron So you are pretty sure that what you are hearing is not circular intel?

[billuke] RindsGuy not like this though

[Capt Ron] htr my assessment is that i am hearing stuff that is not from the same sources as the stuff driving conversations in any rooms out there.

[hardtorecall] Capt Ron excellent!

[Capt Ron] i think the conclusion we can make from the widespread (and hopefully non-circular) nature of present intel is…

[Capt Ron] …that there is a genuine attempt underway to get the rv (CE) done right now, and that any delay(s) are technical in nature, not economic or political in nature.

[hardtorecall] Capt Ron That would be awesome!

[speedracer] Capt Ron Agreed

[hardtorecall] Someone tell them to hurry!

[Capt Ron] gn then everybody. see you on the rich side.

[lovavette] Capt Ron ..sleepwell



lgtennis] skysthelimit lol

[Gullwing] lgtennis you excited tonight ???

[lgtennis] yes i am

 [lgtennis] very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

[Gullwing] cooooollllll

[lgtennis] so lets pray this happens this time

airam] . THE INTERNATIONAL SMART CARDS ARE GOING GLOBAL!!!! Posted by EXOGEN on July 25, 2013 at 7:51pm . International smart card will be The end of the seventh Month. | April /23/2013 BAGHDAD / JD / .. company announced global smart card for activation of roaming service in conjunction with global mustard Card company for use outside of Iraq, starting this service confirmed the end of the seventh month of the current year.

Rillack:   Didn’t steve say he was going to update in a few days? Just wondering if i’m imagining this, or he really said it.

Buckbmcg:    He did but as always if He doesnt have anything to say He wont make up anything! I love updates as well but appreciate his character of not puffing anything up!

Stevel:  (Post #12)Yes you are absolutely correct. We do not and will not create some new theory to keep you in suspense. At this time, from everyone I have talked to, including Ray and may others, there is no negative news that  would cause me to be concerned about any outstanding issues.

Read More Link On Right

Stevel Continues:  We are like doing what you should be doing, and that is wait it out until it happens, therefore, let it come to you. It will show up when you least expect it.

 I will apologize in advance, but none of our contacts can confirm the smart card rumors going around. I do see most of the “predictor experts” are changing their tone from “tonight” to “anytime now”.

You would think that after predicting this every day for months and not even getting close, one would think that maybe you should just stop the guess work and stay silent. These jokers do more harm than good for everyone.

 So, for now, have a safe weekend and enjoy your family and friends.  Blessings,  Steve

Stevel:    Not only will most of you walk away with a lot more money in your pockets, you will also have gained many new close friendships. Those are worth more than money any day. Blessings,  Steve

Stevel: (Post # 23)  Another thing we have been told, do not worry about the street violence because the rest of the world is not going to let their investment go down the tubes due to civil unrest.

Many countries are waiting and watching.

From what I am being told, everything is still on track as to achieving their goal in the economic world.  Blessings,   Steve

marine1: (Post #35)  Hello everyone…..I’ll weigh in on this thread for a minute……post number 12 above and particularly post number 23 is EXACTLY where we are.

If you are watching the news for the last few weeks…..you can see that the Iraqi’s are moving mountains to position themselves to completely immerse themselves into the international community.

The World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements and the International Monetary Fund have all given the approval for Iraq to move forward. Many laws have been passed and are near implementation.

The security situation is a concern but its not new. Sectarian turmoil is commonplace. It has been reported and verified by credible sources that the IMF has final say as to when the reval trigger will be pulled. I concur. Trust what Steve is telling us…it is the way it is.. marine1

Buckbmcg: I read some article that the IMF is kinda at the position of ringing their hands with Iraq or very impatient, so how are they still at a waiting position???  A question, not a complaint…

marine1:   it’s a fair question buck……wish I knew …..we can only speculate that there is something that they want to see before they pull the trigger….exactly what it is is the million dollar question……a seated security minister, interior minister, a little more GOI stability? Who knows?

What we do know is that the revaluation of their currency is imminent. Is it moments away as someone suggested? My belief is that it will be sooner rather than later. marine1



I write this with a heavy heart…

Mostly because of the refusal of many to even consider that the RV could possibly have more far reaching implications and consequences… and to do the difficult due diligence of checking that out… to consider it is not all about the money…

Those will be of no help in righting the wrongs that have been perpetrated upon this great nation when the time comes… mainly because they refuse to educate themselves to the truth of what has been done… or to entertain the possibility that it could be different… and to be ready for what must be done next…

This purpose of this post is to try and make it more clear as to why Dinarians actually need the Republic, the Global Reset, and China, to make this all work out the way we want…

It is my sincere belief that we are in a unique position to make a difference… if we understand what the difference is…

Read More Link on Right


First of all… you are making accusations and associations that you cannot possibly know the truth of… or have the information necessary to back up…. you have no clue who I am… or what I know… or what I am about… and with that lack of knowledge you make assumptions that are incorrect…

Opinions vary… everyone has one… but you have obviously put yourself in the judgment seat since you have presented the case that you KNOW what I am about… trust me… you don’t…

I have never posted any Nesara information in any post I have ever made… so that is your second mistake… the accusation that I am supporting Nesara  is entirely wrong… I believe in the REPUBLIC… and that is NOT Nesara… the REPUBLIC is the founding premise and our original form of government which is written in the Declaration of Independence and the Pledge of Allegiance…

I suggest maybe you do some homework on my posts… you won’t find any Nesara there… or maybe even try to contact the subject of your supposed issue… I am not that hard to find…

What I AM about is trying to get the truth out… and giving anyone the wherewithal to prove it to themselves… and be part of the solution instead of part of the problem…


The Pledge of Allegiance…


Please notice the use of the word “REPUBLIC”… our government is supposed to be a REPUBLIC…

Here is a brief video of what the REPUBLIC is supposed to be…



And as you can see from the previous video … the REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES is obviously not the political sham of the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES that we are suffering under now…

Here is a detailed description of the difference between the two… if you want to understand I would suggest you look at this…



If you actually choose to do further homework you can easily find further truth on the matter… and that is the bankers have controlled the system of our government for a long time now… it is out there for all to see… the evidence of the corporation is there as well… all you have to do is look… I guess some don’t want to see it… you are happy with your oppression and taxes and that is your right… but that is the reason we are in this position in the first place… hard to imagine there are those that think they are free do not look around to see if it is true or not… especially when the information is so easy to find…

To back this argument up and for a brief history about what this turmoil is really all about maybe you should take a look at the following… a brief history of how the bankers have conspired to control our government…


Many have died to try and take the control away from the bankers… if you watched the video you would see that Kennedy tried in 1967… he understood the predatory nature of private central banking… he understood why Andrew Jackson worked so hard to end the Second Bank of the United States… so he wrote Executive Order 11110 which ordered the US Treasury to issue a new public currency the United States Note… the United States Note was not borrowed from the Federal Reserve.. they were created by the US government and backed by the silver stockpiled held by the US Treasury… representing a return to the system of economics the United States was founded on… and it was perfectly legal for him to do so under the Constitution… 4.5 billion dollars went into public circulation which eroded the interest payments to the Federal Reserve thus loosening the control of the bankers over the nation… 5 months later JFK was assassinated and the United States Notes were pulled from circulation and destroyed…


Now… if you had ever actually read any of my posts you would see they are factual about the REPUBLIC and why it has to happen in order for us to undergo a change over from the fiat money system to a gold and asset backed currency…


You need to understand what that means… you need to understand what has to happen for it to be so… and you need to understand why the republic is necessary in order to do this…


First we need a  couple of definitions…

Definition… FRN… Federal Reserve Note… a fiat paper money… issued by the FEDERAL RESERVE at interest to the UNITED STATES CORPORATION… and the FEDERAL RESERVE is a CORPORATION… created by the Federal Reserve Act… controlled by bankers…

Definition… UST… United States Treasury bill… a gold backed money… issued by the REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES to the people… gold and asset backed by the United States Treasury… created by the Constitution… controlled by the Republic government…


So you now know that the FEDERAL RESERVE is a CORPORATE BANK … what you have is a CORPORATE BANK loaning the UNITED STATES CORPORATION fiat money FRN at interest… interest you pay in taxes to the bankers… this is the system they set up to steal from you… the debt perpetuates and can never be paid off because to pay that off they print more money… go figure… you already know who pays that interest…

Here is some information backing that point up… the truth about the Federal Reserve…


Now… there is no such thing as UST in the existing Federal Reserve system… it cannot exist there… and you certainly wouldn’t want to give the Federal Reserve Corporation the gold to back the money anyway… that would be the same as giving it away to the bankers…

So we must get off the Federal Reserve Corporation FRN money supply and on to a gold backed US Treasury UST money supply… remember… you want gold backed UST from the Republic US Treasury… so now you can now see why we have to have the REPUBLIC to get to that… right?


Now… there is no way to take something that is worth nothing… and transfer it into a system where it is worth something… now they did transfer some assets from the Federal Reserve to the US Treasury  but that is another story and not that was not near enough to do the job…

The obvious question… where does the gold and resources and all that come from to back up the UST money… well… this is what the World Global Settlements is all about… the debts that are being paid to us as part of that will cover a lot of it… a lot of it is in gold… some of it transferred already and needs to get in the right system… and we have a lot of other resources to back it up too…



Trust me when I tell you that if it was not for China this would all be a pipe dream…

Sure maybe we would have got something out of it… but we would not have benefited to near the extent we will with the intervention of the Chinese Family and their World Global Settlements, Prosperity Packages and all the humanitarian efforts they are going to be putting forth…

Iraq would have RV’d… who knows at what rate… and we would have cashed out…

And the government probably would have taxed the crap out of us… they tried to anyway… but they couldn’t do it… they were not allowed to take advantage of the situation and us…

And you would not have a group rate if China was not involved… there would be no one to pay the premium to get the better rate…

Now… you have a very corrupt corporate government… do you really think that the Chinese trust these crooked individuals?… Do you trust them?…I think not… you want to trust your new found wealth to these clowns?… Guess that should tell you something…

The United States Corporation needs to be gone…  And the Republic is ready to come back… and needs to… and China is helping to make it safe for everyone… they want it done for safety for them… and safety for you…


I am all about the email group rate because it think it is the best way to go… they have been working on it for a long time… for us… and the benefits will be ours… no one can touch a private placement rate… no bank can match it… they would go broke trying to…

Keep in mind we were warned that there would be people coming in to confuse the issue at the end… keep the faith… that is the main thing… you know what is right… remember which  horse you rode in on and what they have been trying to do to help you for a long time…

Wait for Okie… get your email.. go to your appointment… ce your dinar… live happily ever after…

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So… that is how you get an rv mixed up in global reset and a republic with China in the middle of it all… and why we need it all to go together…

We need the Republic to be able to have gold backed US Treasury bills…

We need the World Global Settlements to fund the Republic and the gold backed US Treasury bills..

We need the Global Reset to make it all safe… and to make it work for everyone in the world…

I sincerely  hope that helps to clear you mind…

For those that don’t care and don’t want to believe it… please disregard…

Love you guys…



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Sources: the rule of law are considering replacing Maliki, and the latter seeks to get rid of al-Shahristani and his opponents competitors for prime minister for the next session!!
Date: Friday 26/07/2013 01:11 pm

According to media sources, there is a serious talk within the rule of law to change their candidate for prime minister in the next session to Dr. Hussain al-Shahristani,
The source said that al-Maliki decided to get rid of competitors from the old plan, which was developed, namely:

1. Put all the blame on Hussein al-Shahristani, the lack of electricity and lie and this coordination with Barzani where students one deputies sacked Shahristani.

2. Pass a law not to run dual nationality and this will harm a majority of state law and the Congress but serve-Maliki because possession Shahristani, on the Canadian passport also will prevent the nomination of all his rivals for the presidency are Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Ali al-Adeeb, Ahmed Chalabi, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Khudair Khuzai.


Kurdistan Alliance officially refuses to Allawi’s proposal to withdraw confidence from Maliki

Post 26 July / July 2013 15:12

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ( IMN) –

Rejection of the Kurdistan Alliance, on Friday, a formal proposal made by Iyad Allawi, to judge the political blocs to withdraw confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and holding early elections.

The vice president of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Mohsen al-Sadoun ‘s ( IMN) that "the Kurdistan Alliance believes that the deterioration of the security situation shouldered by all executive parties and political blocs to end either."

He added that "the Kurdistan Alliance rejected a proposal the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi, who called for the withdrawal of confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, because it will seriously affect the general situation of the country at the moment."

The leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, on Wednesday, the last of the political blocs to support the proposal for the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and early legislative elections in the country against the backdrop of the recent terrorist operations


Economic parliamentary: Customs told us not to readiness for the implementation of the "customs tariff"

Post 26 July / July 2013 13:31

AGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ( IMN
) –

The Parliamentary Committee on the economy, on Friday, the General Authority for Customs told her not to readiness for the application of the customs tariff law stating that this law needs to be a long time to implement it.

A member of the Committee Abdul Hussein Alabtan, ‘s ( IMN) , "The General Authority for Customs told the parliamentary economic committee to postpone the application of the law, despite that Agherarah came after a request from the government."

He added that "the customs department said it was not ready in terms of administrative law enforcement."

It is noteworthy that the customs tariff law came at the request of the federal government to protect the product and the consumer law was passed in the House of Representatives last year.

http://center-imn.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5476: 2013-07-26-10-31-02&catid=94&Itemid=602

Finance parliamentary: doing business in euros will not hurt our economy

Post 26 July / July 2013 13:40

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ( IMN) –

A member of the parliamentary Finance Committee that there was no economic damage from the use of the euro in some commercial exchanges rather than the U.S. dollar.

Bayati told ( IMN) , that "Iraq used to rely mainly on the U.S. dollar but adversely affected the euro as needed and the agreement stipulated in each contract."

And rule out that "the matter has no negative impact on the value of the Iraqi dinar during the next phase"

He said that "some European countries require Iraq to the euro to Tazizaammeltha national globally."

He called a number of economists, the government in an economic conference on Thursday to reduce the euro to trade instability in the countries of the European Union.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi dinar exchange rate has been rising against the U.S. dollar relatively rid Iraq of the provisions of Chapter VII of money.

http://center-imn.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5477: 2013-07-26-10-40-41&catid=94&Itemid=602

[BondLady] I want to show you all an article from yesterday and one from today. yesterdays first then today’s .It’s funny only soccer could rile them like this .We know this would absolutely devastate them
Iraq given two months to improve infrastructure, or Gulf Championship 22 in Basra will be moved to Saudi Arabia 07/24/2013 0 Comments Urgent.

Iraq awarded Gulf federations two months to improve its infrastructure and would be transferred to Saudi Arabia 22 Gulf Wednesday, July 24, 2013 09: 22 | | | {Baghdad: Euphrates news} give Secretaries Gulf Iraq unions two months to improve its infrastructure, otherwise the Gulf Championship 22 in Basra would be withdrawn and transferred to Saudi Arabia.

Read More Link On Right

According to a source in the Iraqi Football Union of {forat news} “andAfter four hours meeting heads of Gulf football federations unanimously granted Basra, Iraq a deadline until October 5 a is coming to full preparedness to host the Gulf Cup {22} football. ”

“The decision was made after long discussions where the participants reviewed the most important recommendations of the Commission of the Gulf inspection visits to Basra, and transcribed numerous observations on the Iraqi file, which contained shortcomings in certain aspects with regard to infrastructure and security challenges, the decides after the heads of unions granting Basra time required.”

 It was likely that the Arabian Gulf Cup twenty-second edition to be held in Basra to Saudi Arabia because of lack of infrastructure.

 And “the meeting addressed the most important obstacles that would stand in ensuring the success of the second edition of the contest, and listened to a detailed explanation of the Chairman of the Committee of inspection engineers, Marilyn country which indicated the amount of time that require processing installations for playgrounds and supported by the Iraqi Federation, confirming their readiness not to up to the minute”.

For his part, Hammoud, President of the Iraqi Federation successful “family of football in Iraq a success event is expected”, noting that “during the technical delegation accompanying him and rehabilitation specialist sports facilities”, arguing that “during the past phase of intensified Union in cooperation with government agencies and official preparations for the tournament the best output image regularization”, referring to “respect the desire of the GCC associations in ensuring the success of the contest”.

 And there will be eight unions Secretaries-General special meeting in Manama next week to place special requirements on the Iraqi Federation provided before the deadline, in addition to the intensified coordination with Gulf inspection visits to monitor the completion of the work in Basra.   http://www.alforatnews.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=46151:-22-&catid=38:2013-03-27-10-35-34&Itemid=56

[BondLady] I believe it was one of the huge reasons Maliki wanted it,  he’s adding notches of accomplishments to his belt right now through his whole term. Just look he got them back into the arab league and it’s been like 40 years since they were, got them into NOW kuwaiti oil bidding and stuff. He got them out of  chapter 7.

 He got them into the international arab banking conference too for the first time in like approx. 12-20 yrs more like 20 something I can’t remember the exact number and now he would bring them finally without sanctions their beloved soccer team to play the super bowl with Iraq and some other country for the title at home in Iraq for the very first time

  [lightingcslt] so cool

  [BondLady] It was a tournament will be approved definitively in Iraq not during the General Conference to be held to that end next October END

[BondLady] so yes I think this played a big thing on wanting the infrastructure law also schools and hospitals and major major construction, all kind of investments. okay back to the other article

[BondLady] Hamidi demanding football federation to suspend the user’s posts in protest against the withdrawal of Gulf 22 Gulf of Basra 25-07-2013 02:53 PM Baghdad (news) .. called MP for the province of Basra Fatima Hamidi Iraqi Football Association to suspend the user’s posts Gulf in protest against the withdrawal of Gulf 22 of Basra.

said in a press statement today: that it is necessary that there will be stands firm and serious by the union Iraqi football toward counterparts Gulf, to withdraw them set up events Gulf Championship in Basra for the second time in a row.

said: that Iraq has the right to set up the championship at home, especially as he has built sports city full for the establishment of the tournament on its own, to unions Gulf of faith the ability of Iraq the establishment of the tournament at home, especially as he vowed to set up the championship for less than the previous tournaments / End / l. m / end

   [BondLady] see

  [lightingcslt] they getting antsy, so this is why we are getting infrastructure done now 

  [BondLady] I just think it’s funny that it took soccer to kick their political BS butt’s into action and to get these amendments etc.. done