BulldogFord65 » July 30th, 2013,   Hello Family: Here are tonight’s CC notes. Have a peaceful night, and wishing you an abundantly blessed tomorrow!

KTFA Frank26 IQD Update Tuesday, July 30, 2013

• Frank began the IQD portion of the call with a review of yesterday’s I Team report: they took 13 prisoners back to SA and then had dinner with a banker from the largest bank in SA; this bank will be a huge distribution hub for the LD’s outside of Iraq; I Team asked when is the currency being revalued?

The banker answered “Eid”; this is the second report that Frank has received stating Eid; THIS IS AN OPINION

• In the past, Eid has not been held over a 3-day period, and it has been declared a 72-hour holiday on an weekend – interesting time frame for study

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  • Iraq is working on a 5-year plan – they have budgets for 2013 – 2016, and they are working on 2017 budget; in Frank’s opinion, they will never reveal how much asset they have, how much money they have, it’s an incredible amount

• There will be a special call on Sunday for PRAYER ONLY to bring forth this blessing; Sunday, Aug 4 at 8:00 PM EDT

• 188 trillion dinar for the 2016 budget – INCREDIBLE! Someone has been lying about their numbers; how can they support this budget at the current rate? Not possible

• Yesterday’s comments from Frank about O were reading his own words, if they were upsetting to anyone, realize he was only reading O’s own words; a caller then came on and mentioned something supposedly included in O-care, and it became controversial on the forum but Admins managed it per the guidelines on Frank’s forum

• In Frank’s opinion, we believe that Ban Ki-Moon has signed the paperwork walking Iraq into CH6 and for the rate, and we do not need to see the HCL before the rate

• I Team’s report for today: they are now assigned to go back to Baghdad; remember what they just did, 13 prisoners back to SA, had dinner with banker, and assigned to come back to Baghdad with a general, and they will start retraining the security people of Iraq, including M’s guards; think on this and pray on it!

They took something out not belonging in Baghdad and returned with something to remove something else that does not belong in Baghdad

• As for the list that Frank challenged the forum to think on – what should be on the list that we need to see for the rate? Frank started the list: 1) Qi cards that will give LD’s with a good rate; 2) tariffs: in Frank’s opinion they are done, they are agreed and they are law, but they are not enacted yet (needed for revenue to grow the country’s future); 3) security

• One of these 3 is done in Frank’s opinion (the tariffs), and the Qi cards/LD’s/rate are a by-product of the other two; security is critical

• The USA is sending 5 drones to Iraq through SA today; also, I Teams brought in someone to retrain security (including M’s guards) to restore security

• Note HCL is not on the checklist – HCL is a byproduct

• Ponder the power behind the intel that M’s guards are being retrained

• Frank then played Delta’s voice message: he apologized he cannot join this week due to something came up, but will try to join the call live next week; agrees with rate can be announced at any moment, any day; Iraqia TV talking about trouble with liquidity; if anything else comes up, he will call; Frank said Delta is just waiting

Frank then asked his staff to join the call and give any opinions of other things to add to the list:

• Jim1126 is watching for the market rate of the dinar to come down; in his opinion, he’s looking for 1180; Frank agrees – CBI rate must be closer to the local rate and forex markets

• BulldogFord65 believes there will be a spike on the ISX immediately before the rate as the powers that be get in on the ground floor buying up stock right before it explodes with the new rate

• BulldogFord65 also asked Frank if thinking about M’s security being more of an offensive position rather than defensive is the right track; Frank replied that M is too powerful and if he does not change into something else, there are not many options for how it will play out

• Ramjet believes that B, Kurds, T, IMF, UNSC are all happy, so just waiting for the announcement! Frank concurred – that’s the point, what is there that must be done to see the rate? It’s done done!

• Bluestar is looking in the micro and the macro time frame – looking in the next 3 days, and looking into next week; some believe that M was directly linked to the prison breaks, and he is an instigator; now T is putting up an attempt for a no-confidence resolution to parliament — a quick vote, and M’s gone; how does security affect the RV?

In his opinion the longer we go without a rate, the more likely the young people are to go the way of the insurgents, so Bluestar’s opinion that we need to see M go

• Frank ended the call with prayer, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast

7-30-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Eagle1 [via BulldogFord65] The IMF has tried to launch the 198 currencies several times but have run into glitches with 6 countries; they have asked for permission to move forward with 192 currencies and do the other 6 either as a separate group, or individually…there is a rumor they may try again tomorrow [Tuesday].



hawger03 » July 30th, 2013, I’m in absolute agreement here! We need nothing to get this done. Contrary to other posts about the HCL and Qi Cards, I believe that the HCL and Qi Cards are dependent on the RI/RV……….not the other way around. Other than technical malfunctions or complete collapse of Iraq, I see nothing preventing the change in value of the Iraqi Dinar. Sure, it would be nice to see more security, and I’m sure the US will provide more, especially if there is still a large group of uncaptured terror cell criminals still running around Iraq. Believe me, the world has too much invested in this country to let it falter. IMO
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8_Eliz_8 wrote on July 30th, 2013,  Question… I see the UN Operational rates updated but the Iraq Dinar was not amongst the changed for Aug. 1st. 2013. What am I missing?

bravesfan » July 30th, 2013, 6:40 pm  •   This is MY opinion ~ they aren’t going to give us 2 or 3 days notice of the rate increase – if they put it on their website EVERYONE would run out and buy more if they had that “guarantee” seeing it on the UN’s site. There is a spot in their disclaimer that says something like “we can update any time we want to or when a country revalues/devalues their currency” so just because they don’t show it will increase on Aug 1 doesn’t mean it can’t



[xyz] China Stocks World’s Worst Losing $748 Billion on Slump – Jul 30, 2013 2:08 PM ET http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-07-30/china-stocks-world-s-worst-losing-748-billion-on-slump.html

[xyz] Central criticizes global report described Iraq’s economy to “المتخبط” /المركزي-ينتقد-تقريرا-عالميا-وصف-اقتصاد-ا The Central Bank of Iraq, yesterday, the stability of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar in response to a report by the International Center for Development Studies talked about the “reality flopped in the Iraqi economy,” noting that its reserves of hard currency amounted to 70 billion at the end of 2012, while noting to promote tally Gold of 29.7 tons http://www.almadapaper.net/ar/

[xyz] India Central Banker Says No To IMF – ‎3 hours ago‎ Indian Central Banker Duvvuri Subbarao said his country does not need any money from the International Monetary Fund, thank you very much. http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2013/07/30/india-central-banker-says-no-to-imf/

[Capt Ron] grammar Nazi alert. grammar Nazi alert. hide the children.

[Capt Ron] (well, we have to talk about SOMETHIN)

[Capt Ron] besides the fact that I remain steadfastly optimistic about this rv I mean.

[Plowboy] Capt Ron optimistic about the eventuality or imminence?

[Capt Ron] So. Why is it that so few posts in dinarland that are phrased as questions don’t have a question mark at the end

[Capt Ron] Is there a reason

[Capt Ron] or not

[Capt Ron] could it be an impossible question

[Capt Ron] does it even matter

[Capt Ron] arr

[Capt Ron] I feel better now. Thank you for reading.

 [windchimes] Capt Ron I think about that everytime I ask a question and don’t put the question mark at the end. lol

[Capt Ron] Pb the imminence of the rv.

[Lauren305] Capt Ron it saves typing time. and you dont want to shock anyone or be banned by actually questioning. It’s dinar guru conditioning.

[Plowboy] well if you mean soon, wooo hoooooo

[Capt Ron] I have always had an optimism of the eventuality of it.

 [Capt Ron] Lauren, ah I see. So if I type a question but omit the question mark then it has less of a threatening appearance

[Capt Ron] Could it be also that by omitting the question mark we save ink

[Lauren305] Capt Ron oh, clubber3 had a new accronym ysxtdy, NSE, Not Soon Enough!!!! lol

[Plowboy] Capt Ron I pity Spanish speakers who would have to put an upside down question mark at the beginning of a question and a regular one on the end.



[Gary5690] Due to tonight’s lack of sleep, tomorrow has been canceled. Let’s just jump to Aug 1 and be done with this thing!

[Paper Boy] I’m getting ready to shut it down for the night. You all have a great night and we’ll see you in the morning, and be ready for a another good call from Tony tomorrow at 1pm EST.




[dealdoctor] At times I feel like there are two realities. The Dinarland Reset, Republic, RV world is in chaos one and the popular culture one. They are SO DIFFERENT. An RV and reset will be like a tornado in Joplin or a hurricane in New Orleans in the minds of so many. BOOOOOOOM!!!

[BLESSME] Grunt0311 welcome back. Can you give a short summary for us

 [Grunt0311] Nothing new really. I’m still waiting to find out how things went today. I tend to be a bit of a night person as are most of my contacts. I normally don’t get to bed until 4am and then I’m up by about 10am.

[sandytob] Grunt0311 I missed your post before….can you repeat it please?

 [Grunt0311] sandytob Things are looking really good for tonight/tomorrow. I’m not plugged into the banking system in such a way as to say it will happen between such and such a time frame or anything, but I’m waiting to have a conversation regarding an event that was suppose to take place today/tomorrow.

[wingnaprayer] Grunt0311 Is this event politically related?

[sandytob] Grunt0311 thank you. Is that event by any chance, an announcement from Lew?

 [Grunt0311] wingnaprayer sandytob Neither. It is related to the historical asset redemption, which we also know is tied to the GCR.

 [xfilesfan2013] Grunt0311 are you hearing like tony that the cards will go active tommorow

[Grunt0311] xfilesfan2013 I haven’t been keeping track of anything regarding the cards.

 [Grunt0311] xfilesfan2013 I was in Iraq back in 2003, and I have to say that I liked the people there. They were quite nice, and seemed to be extremely happy to see us. In fact, I actually had to volunteer to go from Kuwait to Iraq.

[Grunt0311] xfilesfan2013 There was plenty of controversy at the time with regard to WMDs, claims that we were only there because of the oil, etc. But I volunteered to go simply because there were people there who needed us to liberate them from a tyrant. The stories they told me were awful.

 [1biz4u] Grunt0311 It was mentioned that if the ce is not begun by August 1st that they will have to do everything all over again. So, if so about how long could that take?? Thanks hi hi

[Grunt0311] ibiz4u Honestly, I’m fuzzy on that. I think it is 60 days for the c/e, but let’s really think about this. If all of those resignations and the Apastolic Letter are effective Sept 1 which clears the way for the F&P, do you really think they want to wait that long to clean up?

[sandytob] Grunt0311 I think Papa Bear said it was for the whole process…and you and Jester and Tony are all expecting it now, so could not be 60 days for the ce

[Grunt0311] sandytob I agree with you there.

 [Readynow] Grunt0311 F and P will not be untill Sept?

 [Grunt0311] Readynow I can’t answer that one. I just know that come Sept, anyone who may have still had protection won’t.

 [IvanTulafitov] Becauase of the vatican letter eh

[musiccitylady] <<<<<<<< just gonna sit here and blow pretty little heart bubbles tonight :drag16:

[Grunt0311] IvanTulafitov That is correct.

[sandytob] Readynow PapaBear said Sept 1…Rebpublic. Aug 8…Ramadam ends I think….. He has said in the past….F&P right about the same time as global reset….which should be real soon imo

 [zorro] sandytob I’m with you ! Sooner than later!!

[moneydr] Just got from my Doc friend: My Vietnam contact said IMF Christine Lagarde was over there in round-table talking about RV “WB” Jim Young Kim & “IMF” Christine Lagarde on the round table at the state bank of Vietnam today. They mentioned plate of gold.

Sources: Iran ready to fight in Iraq

Published in: 9:00 pm, July 30, 2013 Editor: Ipa1 the

BAGHDAD (Independent) .. A leading figure prominently in the "Islamic Supreme Council" led by Ammar al-Hakim that the Iranian leadership offered to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, sending special units of the "Revolutionary Guards" to Iraq.

The source said in an exclusive interview with Sky News Arabia, Iran offered to spread Revolutionary Guard forces around the cities and neighborhoods to secure safety from attacks by al-Qaeda and the Baath Party cells.

And confirms a leading figure in the Islamic Supreme Council on condition of anonymity that Tehran has the conviction that the increasing acts of violence in Iraq are strategic objectives: the first is to push al-Maliki to offer his resignation or pay his allies to his dismissal.

The second objective is related to developments in the Syrian situation based on calculations and alliances between the Iraqi armed forces and the Syrian armed forces.

According to the source, the military leaders of Iran suggested that al-Maliki deployment of joint forces of the Iraqi army and 10 thousands of Iranian Revolutionary Guard along the border between Iraq and Syria on the one hand, and between the provinces of Anbar and Karbala in the desert Nukhaib, "because it is the source of leakage of weapons, explosives and insurgents to Iraq" On the other hand, and on the border between Anbar and Baghdad, which receives the largest share of attacks by "Al-Qaeda" and the Baathists from a third party.

And according to information leadership of Iraq, Tehran promised Maliki clearing Baghdad of groups and armed cells within 90 days if he agreed to enter units "Revolutionary Guards" and deployed in secret, because of the proliferation of these forces will not be in the cities but also in parts of the desert on the outskirts of some cities, The al-Maliki to choose forces loyal to him to accompany these Iranian forces and work with them to manage the city limits hot Iraqi security.

The location of the Arab Sky News

http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.co m&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http://www.mustaqila.com/%25D9%2585%25D8%25B5%25D8%25A7%25D8%25AF%25D8%25B1-%25D8%25A5%25D9%
25A7%25D9%2584-%25D8%25A8%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584%25D8%25B9%25D8%25B1 %25D8%
25A7%25D9%2582/&usg=ALkJrhjJikoc O2Xk77OQALpsPsSUsghYvQ

Millionday News 7/30/13

    millionday] we have some good news tonight    so this is going to be a good news night and looks like some progress as well   smile   here we go

    [millionday] Trending Baghdad Chamber of Commerce to activate its relations with most countries of the world in order to promote the process trade and the national economy through communication with the best economic blocs international and regional, a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Baghdad, Alaa Al-Nouri said in an interview (morning): that the chamber adopted the mechanism of action of a new aim of which to achieve service positive for dealer-Baghdadi,

 who is committed to the standards of the profession, pointing out that over the country the provisions of Chapter VII easy tasks room a lot, where it became possible to communicate with the world economies, which became consider to Iraq Mgeijer from the past and must invest this opportunity.

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  Recommendation merchant committed to the profession standards for companies

    [millionday] note — this is past tense and is saying that it is activated  so the rest of this report is extremely important so lets look at

    [baggr42] millionday Sorry but what does it mean

    [millionday] baggr42 it means this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Baghdad Chamber of Commerce to activate its relations with most countries of the world in order to promote the process trade and the national economy through communication with the best economic blocs international and regional,

    baggr42] millionday ty

    [millionday] Trending Baghdad Chamber of Commerce to activate its relations with most countries of the world in order to promote the process trade and the national economy through communication with the best economic blocs international and regional, where adopted a roadmap to enable them to be present in most of them, and may be useful to deepen the links to gain international experience, as well as providing requirements and the requirements of the Iraqi trade.

    [sunnyca] so that sounds like they are open for business internationally – right?

    millionday] note — this is the activation of all trade and economic contracts and agreements

    [millionday] He noted that the availability of desires in the world in cooperation with Iraq in the coming period reflects this fact, and in return, the room Bcilha new aspires to change the reality of work and the development of trade relations, as well as the expertise of local merchants who have dropped out from the world for a long time, which requires a stand at the operations of international trade , and the new knowledge that has occurred during the last period

    [baggr42] millionday TY that makes sense

    [sunnyca] millionday don’t they need a tradable currency???

    wmawhite] millionday ….international trade = the free movement of currencies between countries.

    [cookie2] Hey and Yeah!

    [sisterbreen] wmawhite hope u right

    [millionday] sunnyca yes they absolutely do

    [wmawhite] sisterbreen …….it is not hope it is fact.

    [sunnyca] millionday Woo Hoo That’s BIG!!!!

    [millionday] note — the largest product of any country is their currency lets look at the rest

    [millionday] He added that the first of our focus on research to find ways to reduce the flow of goods and merchandise that I take Specifications international quality, noting that what made him the room from the arguments of previous to the Economic Committee in this regard resulted in the decision of the Council of Ministers spend contracted with two world wars are working on Inspection of material at border ports to determine the type of materials used to country and Moasftha and the validity of use.

    [sunnyca] millionday Is this the RV?????????

    [millionday] note — so this last part is about the activation of compliant customs control  sunnyca when the rate changes hun

    [millionday] He pointed out the problem that bedevil the work of companies viewfinder and of the existence of outlets border to Angtiha teams companies viewfinder, which are not subject those in force for the control of the central government, and through which pass the goods and materials without checking quality and in large quantities and this requires coordination with those agencies to control the entry of goods.

    sunnyca] has not changed yet – I was thinking you were leading up to that

    [wmawhite] millionday ….customs control……….tariffs???  lol

    [Domino] millionday Wow, this is getting good but I’m amazed and how many steps they can accomplish before we see that new rate.

    [baggr42] wmawhite My thought exactly

    millionday] note — this is stating that their customs has to work together to end faulty products   wmawhite, the tariff laws are ready to go   there is more of the reports   maybe we can get some kind of a when from this smile

    [millionday] Nouri pointed out that many of the specialized international companies and with the International Classification of good, have an clear picture of the reality of work in the country, which led the room to the trend towards global companies misleading to explain the reality of the Iraqi market and the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006, as amended, and to provide booklet number companies to global operating in Iraq, their location and the presence within the country, because it will clarify the picture in front of those companies and highlights the true reality of the field of employment and that he needed some adjustments.

    [millionday] note — so they have rewritten the regulations for investment laws so they are understandable for foreign investors

    [millionday] At the level of international relations, said Nouri said Baghdad Chamber of Commerce has always sought to establish business councils in common with most countries of the world, culminating in these endeavors to establish councils in common with Germany, Italy, France and the Maghreb countries as well as the Arabian Gulf, and many other countries, and all of these councils aimed at activating cooperate to the fullest grades, indicating that those countries realize the importance of trade and the Iraqi economy and the Iraqi market is a promising market.

    [millionday] ok so let me say this

    [lorijeanmarshall] I am not getting ANY of this ^^^^^^

    [The s family] I never do

    [millionday] established business councils on an international level in order to move forward in this is beyond great news   i will summarize this at the end so lets look at the rest

    [millionday] this report is very very important to your investment and our timeline  so this next part is  about  the need to have some commerce protection in place for the international companies that are shipping in that can be trusted and also make decisions /signatures ect

    [millionday] He said the results of the efforts of the room is that most states asked for work in a power of attorney the second, which is the granting agency to the dealer Iraqis condition that would be obtained sponsorship exclusivity granted by the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce and the franchise record its efforts to select the tracks successful and foreign relations, and thus there will be centralized in work and to choose the right person who can call him the title of the dealer.

 He said Nouri that the chamber has applied to the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers to re-work at border crossing points continuously (24 hours) as it was in force during the last period, citing the rising costs of materials overdue at the border, because of what it paid an additional fee at all stages the transfer of goods, and this carries a negative impact on the economy of the family, where those costs are reflected on the final price borne by the family.

    [millionday] note — in other words applying fees due to international importers and the receiving

    [wmawhite] millionday millionday ………a lot of these changes were recommendation from the business investment seminar held in London last year…….remember????

    [wmawhite] recommendations

    [millionday] And increased Nouri saying: Baghdad Chamber of Commerce has an active presence in support of the Iraqi trader during the previous session and present, in particular through compensation for traders affected by the fire incidents, etc., in another matter sought to raise the efficiency of all workers in the room through their participation in training courses Foreign Affairs have the ability to develop the efficiency of their employees to perform their work to the fullest and to meet all the requirements of the commercial sector service in Baghdad.

    [millionday] wmawhite this is the one from this year — when it was recommended —- two months i think — as well   very good to see this in effect  the opening of economic

    [millionday] He noted that the movements Room internationally resulted in the many meetings the task, as agreed with the President of the Tunisian government to activate all the agreements and memoranda of understanding between the two sides, as agreed with the Jordanian embassy to activate cooperation between dealers the two countries and facilitate the task of the transition and the completion of business transactions are more affordable, pointing out willingness of the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce reception and trade delegations and Arab and international industrial and holding joint meetings studying the mechanisms of activation of trade in order to serve all parties economy and contain all the determinants that confuse the reality of work and development

    millionday] activating all economic commitments and agreements internationally requires the rate to be set for these contracts — this is a very big step and could be the very best of news

    [millionday] i have some other things to bring as well that will go perfectly with your smile   this is great news tonight and it is going to do nothing but get better

    [millionday] wmwhite

    [millionday] the summit stated that they had to have this in place to activate their economic reform — remember that? this is great to see it happen this fast — i wondered if anyone remembered

    [wmawhite] millionday …smile

    [millionday] smile   brb with more    now this is the ok to move forward into the international currency market

    [millionday] informed banking sources said that the report on the acts of the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund last May endorsed the central bank’s target Iraqi central goal of liberalization of the foreign exchange market.

The sources said in a statement “obelisk” that “what has been recently taken steps to simplify the rules of the market regulatory Born satisfaction of the Executive Council of the progress made by the central bank recently in the context of strengthening banking supervision and efforts to restructure the bank good and Mesopotamia.”

    [millionday] The report was issued by the International Monetary Fund for Iraq, has recommended that the pace of structural reform to boost growth and job creation in the private sector, and the need to continue the good governance of foreign reserves at the Central Bank of Iraq and the Development Fund for Iraq

    [millionday] this was brought back in may it is the go ahead and has been now printed for iraq to move forward into that market

    millionday] now remember tomorrow is the end of july — we have reports that say the mastercard will be activated so we shall see

    [wmawhite] millionday ….interesting that they would in public reference activity that took place in May.hmmmm.

    [millionday] with what we are seeing with international trade which has to include currency — that would be a great thing for us

    [millionday] wmawhite hmmmm  brb with more

    [myblifeguard] millionday ..that will be interesting!

    [millionday] myblifeguard oh hun — it will run right past interesting – smile  brb

    millionday] this next report is telling us why the hold up and it has some very good points

    millionday] Academic saw economic d. Majid Baidhani that chaos experienced by the economy now is the result of economic policies wrong carried out by the and practiced by previous regimes since the sixties of the last century. Said in a statement (morning) that the economic chaos is the product of more than half a century passed by the Iraqi economy and that it was founded to be a national industry marginal and non-industry competition or able to enter into regional markets, at least. among the reasons for lack of chaos successful economic policies during the former regime and after these policies were not able to provide the requirements of society and thus resorting to weak domestic economic source.

    [millionday] He pointed out that agriculture is also infected with the deterioration of infrastructure due to rising costs of local product any higher per unit of agricultural production and thus an inability to compete where we note that agricultural commodities to neighboring countries compete counterpart communities.

 He said the phase that followed the entry of agricultural commodities from neighboring countries of Iraq led to a total collapse in the agricultural sector, which led to the wheel stopped production in this area and also get to the result that the Iraqi economy is suffering severe chaos and confusion at the present time with a severe dependency on oil in the provision of financial revenue for the services and infrastructure.

    [millionday] now as we see  they are saying that the fall of the agriculture locally was because of the economy not being reformed and the industry not be prepared to compete  so what we have  is a hustle to move the iraqi product so that they can compete

    [millionday] we will see many countries coming in with technology that will help them overcome this problem so they can once again keep up in the market

    [millionday] they have experts just waiting for the changes that we are seeing and hearing changing — so this is great and they should also expect a much better year

    [millionday] i remember many years they lost their date product due to lack of technology and power to maintain quality   this is why i say we will see this transform technically

    [millionday] Baghdad Chamber of Commerce to activate its relations with most countries of the world in order to promote the operation and commercial service the national economy through communication with the best economic blocs international and regional, where adopted a roadmap to enable them to be present in most of them, and may be useful to deepen the links to gain international experience, as well as providing the requirements and the requirements of the Iraqi trade.

    [millionday] brb with more  this is the action of the federal iraq and the kurdistan region moving forward with working together

    [millionday] National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari with Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways security breaches that hit Baghdad and other provinces.

A statement by Jaafari’s office, today, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of which, “The two sides reviewed the developments in the political process in Iraq, and ways to strengthen the relationship between the center and the region, and activate the work of the committees between the parties, to find appropriate solutions to the issues outstanding.”

    [millionday] The joint committees between the Kurdistan region and the center, resumed its work to resolve outstanding issues between the parties, a few days ago, Central determination shown by the National Alliance for the settlement of all the different files on them, especially oil and gas laws and the demarcation of the border and Article [140], which is the same thing that was expressed by a coalition of Kurdish blocs, when expressed welcomed the move, which he described as “positive.”

    [millionday] now this is not putting the laws in effect but applying them as a working system

    [millionday] Relations between Baghdad and Erbil development on all levels, as noted by observers that this convergence came as transactions held between Maliki’s coalition and the ruling parties in the region, including resolving file oil and gas law and entitlements of the oil companies operating in the region and accruals peshmerga forces in addition to resolving the issue of the disputed areas and the position of Presidency of the Republic.

    [millionday] what they did with the oil and gas is remove what they were up in the air about — the iraqi oil company and its entitlements ect and dealt with it separately so they could move forward as per the constitution

    [millionday] this is important because it is the strategic framework agreement that we have talked so much about

    [millionday] former U.S. ambassador to Iraq Rowen Crocker that fires spread in the region and we put out, with regard to the war Syria and its impact on neighboring countries, particularly Iraq, said Crocker, in his article published by the “Yale Global Online,” the “brat-Qaeda in the two countries

Their work pattern making car bombs, a daily occurrence in Iraq, in the pursuit of both twofold to re-ignite sectarian civil war. ” The response to the activities of terrorist organizations, according to Crocker, have “invested a strategic cooperation agreement with Iraq to strengthen internal cohesion.”

    [millionday] so this is very good and i will tell you why after we read it

    [millionday] Dollar sales in the Iraqi Central Bank to a meeting on Sunday, a remarkable increase, reaching 216 million and 357 thousand dollars, after being hit on Monday, 201 million and 968 thousand dollars, a stable exchange rate was 1166 dinars per dollar.

She said daily bulletin issued by the Central Bank that the demand for the dollar distributed by 50 million and 450 thousand dollars was sold in cash, while the value of the amounts sold format transfers 165 million and 907 thousand dollars, select the price to 1179 dinars per dollar, and the purchase price cash for $ 1171 dinars.

And participated in the auction currency today 15 waged, banks, and ruled out the amount of 46 million and 391 thousand dollars of banks participated in the auction, for the purposes of auditing and other services related to combating money laundering, as well as various other reasons

    [millionday] now we have two reasons this is good   one being that they have brought the rate back to the program rate as in the monetary planned policy   and the second is

    millionday] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. banks participated in the auction, for the purposes of auditing and other services related to combating money laundering, as well as various other reasons

    millionday] so we have the show of banking audits — no need to waste the money of the time and i love when they say — “other reasons”  very awesome my friend

    millionday] so this is a huge shocker and makes you wonder why — Announced mass citizen in the province of Baghdad on Tuesday, waiving paid pensions in response to calls reference the supreme religious authority in Najaf.

 He said the head of the citizen in the provincial council Nizar Royal during a press conference held inside the provincial council that “the mass of citizens in the provincial council announces waiver of the salaries of its members pensions in line with the mass of the citizens in the House of Representatives and in response to calls from religious authority Supreme Najaf and to ensure social justice in the country

    [millionday] The citizen Parliamentary Bloc announced last Saturday in a letter addressed to the President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim waiving paid pensions in the House of Representatives.

He said the head of the citizen Bayan Jabr said in a statement that “the mass was held during the past weeks and in response to the demand of the religious authority and the masses, continuous meetings to deliberate on the subject of canceling the salaries of members of the House of Representatives and the ministers and the three presidencies and provincial councils

    [millionday] Moreover welcomed the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim of the citizen Bloc step to raise their hands for their pensions, returned that position a sign of nobility and a sense of responsibility.

 That praised the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr citizen Bloc step and giving up their pensions, calling on others to suit the example of citizen block waive their pensions

    [millionday] this means that they have given up their pensions at this time and why they would do that — is very hard to consider

    [millionday] i see it as a move to show support for those that have been waiting so that the gov is not getting it either at this time until they are ready to give it out — all i can say is — it must not be a long wait

    [millionday] smile   very different then the support we have witnessed by the goi imo

    janiem] millionday – are the pensions for government employees?

    [millionday] and the gov entirely as it seems to go along with the wait for the regular citizen — it appears

    NUMBERS] Next Sunday: Distribution of the annual statement

    [NUMBERS] 07/31/2013 12:00 AM BAGHDAD – The role of Ameri confirmed the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to complete all the procedures and technical matters for the distribution of the amount of bonuses the 100 thousand dinars approved by the Council of Ministers at its recent to include all recipients of benefits of social protection network, as identified on the fourth of August next date for the distribution of the annual statement for the year Current among the beneficiaries of the men in Baghdad and the provinces

    [NUMBERS] said Director General of the Department of Social Welfare Salem Gomaa Abdel-Saheb’s (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) »that the department has completed all the procedures and things necessary for the distribution of the amount of eidia among all beneficiaries of the benefits of social protection network in Baghdad and the provinces before Eid al-Fitr, which has been sent names covered by the banks, calling on beneficiaries to review the banks and recognizes the amount during the remaining days of the month of Ramadan through the smart card.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs had earlier announced the inclusion of nearly one million beneficiaries of subsidies Network social protection for $ 100 thousand dinars Kaidyh occasion near the Eid al-Fitr.

    [NUMBERS] On the other hand stressed Abdul-Sahib said the ministry set next Sunday as the date for the distribution of the annual statement for the year 2013 among the beneficiaries of social protection network in Baghdad and the provinces and the category of men, indicating «that the department has completed all procedures for application forms the annual statement, which will be distributed by the sub-committees nearby among the beneficiaries of well-known shops residence previously, as it will be concluded to the receipt and delivery of the annual statement by the beneficiary for the purpose of viewing and documenting the process formally, calling covered by the need to attach the agency certified in fundamentalist beneficiaries who have agent acting released upon receipt of the subsidy, stressing that he would prevent the beneficiary from the receipt of the annual statement in the case of failure to meet the required conditions. http://www.alsabaah….w ··· ID=51194

    [millionday] NUMBERS this is saying that they are going forward with the loading of the cards and the issue of welfare and social security ect and that it is dated to be on sunday — we shall see if they get them loaded and if we see all of their economic reform actions come to pass

    NUMBERS] By looking at that 100,000 dinars is not that much to live on for a month is it??

    [millionday] the form is for accounting on the gov level and if this happens it will be documented

    [NUMBERS] That would be 25,000 per WEEK… Would not buy much would it?

    [millionday] well it depends on if this is for one group — past amounts — the whole year — or which ever — the information is lacking when it comes to the funding and its amounts expected

    [millionday] not sure the timeline they are covering or if this is the amount for who so we have to wait on more info that will come after the fact

    [millionday] smile  i will keep my eyes open for some type of further info for us

7-30-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony In Iraq, the people have been told that they will activate their cards tomorrow. .July 31st. We have heard this before, but the balloon wasn’t about to pop like it is now. [If the cards are activated tomorrow, can they do that without us having an RV?] NO they can’t…it means they have passed budget and activated RV. They are telling us they will be International on Aug 1. If it is not done on Aug 1 they would have to recalibrate it. We will be back tomorrow if nothing happens. It’s a good day, a good time. Am I looking for it? Yes, just like everyone else.

7-30-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony People were looking for it yesterday and it didn’t go. Are they looking for it today? Yes. Everything is done, the system is done. It really came down to a political situation. You are not hearing about it in the news. Bank people were called in early today. The rate…a little of $3. 47. We don’t know if that is the rate it will come out at. The dong is showing at $. 47.

Ringgit opens lower than US dollar

The Malay Mail OnlineJul 31, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR, July 30 – The ringgit opened lower against the US dollar today on lack of buying demand, a dealer said. At 9.10am today, the local unit was quoted at 3.2330/2360 to a US dollar from 3.2240/2280 at yesterday's close. He said investors …

Ringgit open unchanged versus US dollarBusiness Times – Malaysia