Millionday News 8/11/13

    [millionday] Research and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, with U.S. ambassador to Iraq, the necessary preparations for the meeting of the Iraqi-American Commission is hoped to be held in Washington next week, in addition to the political and security situation.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received “morning,” a copy of it: that Zebari met Sunday, Robert Stephen Beecroft U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, as happened in the meeting,

they discussed the preparations and the ongoing preparations for the meeting of the Joint Coordinating Committee Iraqi – American political affairs and diplomacy to be held in Washington, DC in the middle of this month, which is one of its committees for the Strategic Framework Agreement.

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     [millionday] The statement said: Analatem in the meeting also discussed the political and security situation in the country and the importance of addressing the firm for terrorist operations, as well as the regional situation and its repercussions on the situation in the country and the region.

    [millionday] so this is the first meeting of the strategic framework monitoring and process in the agreement    smile   brb with more

    [millionday] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>said Ghalibi, The reasons for the stability of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar is the independence that is integrated by the CBI recently in the auction. He continued: Central Bank, where he worked to identify Zach sales currency Alajpah in the market to create a sort of balance between the price of the bank and the local market.

He added: This is a state of stability came against the backdrop of positive measures adopted by the central bank to create a system for the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against other currencies

    [millionday] now the reason i brought that is the report we had in the first part of july stated that cbi would employ mechanisms to activate the process of the removal of three zeros and the restructure of the currency

    [millionday] as we know the restructuring of the currency has begun and has been updated as the press release stated from the economic committee

    [millionday] now this came out when the effort began — >>>The Sony professional solutions in the Middle East, Iraq, waonisko radio multi-function unit helps the Foundation to launch its educational space: Iraqi edu Iraqi Edu.

With funding from the European Union, Iraqi Edu sighted in October this month at 5 p.m. Baghdad time, the NileSat. What will allow Iraqi professors and education professionals by providing the Iraqis inside and outside Iraq education distinguished by sources and support available to them through access to the plant.

The beneficiaries of these massively multiplayer, including refugees and displaced persons and displaced students outside and inside school and special needs. Will broadcast TV programs curriculum-based Iraqi BMD, Victor for time and distance and the deteriorating security and economic situation which prevents students from undergraduate studies.

    [millionday] now yesterday the market reflection showed a huge gain to come in the iraq news

    [millionday] so i looked for when it was that the process started as apposed to the indications that this is going to bring huge market gains and this would be why is my opinion — so launch with the market is the only way that would happen in my mind — just found it very interesting

    [millionday] brb with more — i knew they got the contracts but was excited over the prediction smile

    [millionday] Parliamentary Finance Committee, Wednesday, the central bank to monitor the banking offices to curb speculation in the dollar, while attributed the continuing decline in the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar to activate the activity of speculators in the currency.

A member of the Committee Hassan’s Ozmn “News”, “The continuing decline in the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar could Nazih to any activity of speculators in the currency of Finance.

” He Ozmn that “some speculators about two months ago bought the big money of the dollar in the Iraqi market and sold Maldém of the dollar and won in every $ 100 10 thousands dinars,” adding that “they themselves now they want falling prices to buy again and be sold a second time to increase the proportion of profits”

    [millionday] And called Auzmn “government agencies, led by the central bank to follow up the matter seriously and monitor banking offices and selling the dollar in the private and public banks in order not to repeat such acts.”

And recorded sales of the Iraqi Central Bank on Monday, down about 20 million dollars to 174 million dollars compared to Day Sunday, which recorded sales of $ 194 million It consists of the banking system in Iraq from forty-three banks as well as the Central Bank and distributed by the property (7) state banks and (30) Ahli Bank, including (7) Islamic banks in addition to (6) of foreign banks

    [millionday] so as we see they dont want to see double dipping and that is a good thing for us as the determination of the rate will be set with that in mind — hmmm brb with more

    [millionday] thats a good news one — love that

    [millionday] Industrial development expert said at the United Nations [UNIDO] Ali al-Sudani said “the scourge of corruption hinder investment in Iraq.”

Observers had economic Chan stressed that many obstacles still prevent investors from entering Iraq, foremost of bureaucracy and corruption, decaying infrastructure and other legislative and economic problems.

He said the Sudanese in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of “out of Iraq from Chapter VII is an important event and embarrassment in the history of modern Iraq and a means important to bring about developments and gears quality levels of technological and scientific in all economic sectors, research and scientific,

he also gives the sector financial and banking sector greater freedom and more credibility in dealing with global banks and in a form which provides financial cover depends upon by the foreign investor to enter into a large and important projects in Iraq.

    [millionday] so in this report from the UN states that Iraq has its freedom to move forward so this is obviously major and they should move forward with all — and i have to state we have seen with the international banking laws and the major steps to transfer local gov power where it should be as we wait for the funds to move forward as well — so obviously freedom is always the trick for successful reforms and of course the democratic process at its best anyway

    booboo] so what is your best guess as to when they will RV?

    [millionday] i would love to give you a guess but it always effects investor`s choices in what they should invest and in some cases if they should get out of bed — i can say this — we are seeing an update in the structure of the currency — that cant be bad because it was stated to be what needed to be done

    [millionday] so not unhappy at all in the process and the steps in banking ect that we are seeing

    [millionday] now we are seeing many reports of the change in pricing and also the rate so we have to know we are in a great spot — this is not from opinion pieces it is from the economic committee that is made up of huge experts in the field , cbi, and also economists of iraq and the ministry of finance so not bad either  —  i would say we are close  and also look at it like this

    [millionday] the 2014 budget is written in the new rate — they are changing this years to be at the rate with removing the three zeros and also 2015 is written at the new rate so not bad news

    [millionday] the question is when at this point and when could be very soon and it could be in a while — i would assume with the announcement that we are in the middle of the actual process of pulling in the three zeros and the change of the rate is what produces that — we should be happy at this point

    [millionday] but we can not say we know when because this site goes by what is in ink and what is in ink alone

    [millionday] but you know what would be a good idea at this point since we have to wait for the news to be anything huge —- lets look at what everyone else is saying

    [millionday] lets do some opinions from the other researchers/others — lets do rumors

    [ROBINREDHED] ive looked, they have nothing

    [millionday] i dont have any but am willing to look with ya

    [bosslady0398] no no no

    [ROBINREDHED] “its done”

    [millionday] oh you are kidding

    [ROBINREDHED] “waiting on my contact”

    [millionday] oh i see

    [ROBINREDHED] ‘its live in newzealand”  okie still cant land

    [millionday] i can say it is not 2015

    [ROBINREDHED] tnt still chompin hot dogs

    [millionday] period  oh i see  oops

    [momface] Tier 1 has cashed out already

    [millionday] oh boy back to the tiers — goodness that brings back memories from along time ago

    [purecountry] If the budget for 2014 is written in the new rate it has to be this year or at latest first of year. They have said the budget will be approved and ready for first of year. IMO

    [sunnyca] here you go: TNT: [wxman] GEt ready…this is gonna be the MOST posted post all day….Thanks Lxxxxxx !!!!!!! I don’t know if the Okie plane has landed or not. I will find out the same time as you. All I can say is that as I understand it is this is to go down today or tomorrow. My team is here in Xxxxxxxxx from all over the US and we are waiting for the Go signal. I am giving everything that I’m allowed to at this point. Are we there yes, it’s completed and we should be going to the bank asap

    [bosslady0398] back to the real news please MD

    [cookie2] WF is supposed to head up the exchange, but is holding it up (heard before)

    [millionday] thats right — it will be actually done this year and they are already working on it that i know

    [The s family] Thought it was supposed to be in the 2013 budget?

    [Baxter1243] Please ..No More TNT…gives me a headache…

    [mdglow] Baxter1243 gives me gas

    [sunnyca] Baxter1243 lol I thought it was funny

    [millionday] i personally know a very high up person in wf and have to say — i have been told that is not true and would not be hard in saying it is citigroup

    [ROBINREDHED] millionday this year for sure? Hmmmm  ok, im good w that

    [millionday] The s family they have announced they are changing the 2013 totals to reflect 1.16 to the dollar  and it calculates to be just that   its in many reports  brb with more news

    [faith1] millionday do we know what is the budget?? wasn’t 172 trillion… / billion in your news last night… ??

    [johnm33] are you saying they are the hold up or a citigroup heading

    [millionday] Held the leadership of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council held an emergency meeting on the hazardous conditions of the country. According to a statement of the Council received the Agency (news) copy of it: in solidarity with what is going through the country from Living situation is difficult and consistent with the duty and legitimate national held the leadership in the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council held an emergency meeting in the office of the President of the Council Ammar al-Hakim

The meeting resulted in a number of guidance task. He added: Authority Announces grave concern at the deteriorating security situation and confirm that it stands firm as well as the lives of the Iraqi people and their rights While condemning the terrorist attacks against the Iraqi people and his blood pure, we reiterate our full cooperation with the government in order to overcome the challenges and make the vision of security actors The bridge where serious breaches

    [millionday] faith1 billion is coming

    [millionday] johnm33 heading

    [millionday] in international banking

    [johnm33] Thank you

    [millionday] yw all the time hun

    [millionday] The Commission called upon to: speed up the convening of the meeting of the Committee emanating from the National Alliance, and activate the necessary security measures towards it also emphasizes the need to reconsider the security plans and all security officials and activate the reward and punishment policy and determine the responsibilities and duties.

 And confirmed: to address the roots of the crisis especially with regard to the general political situation and the importance of doing the necessary dialogues to resolve the current situation and find appropriate reforms and the importance of everyone’s willing to show the necessary concessions to face challenges.

And demanded that the leadership of the political bureau of the Supreme Council of the need to reach a hard and fast with various Alsaasseh forces in order to create political climates of the solution and to prevent aggravation of the situation Mmahe it now.

The Commission called upon the House of Representatives and ministers to play their official review of the security situation and the articular support measures that keeps the souls of the people.

    millionday] Ezzat member of the Economic Committee MP for the coalition Iraq Noura Bijari, the entry of large quantities of spoiled food and expired Iraq to the absence of law shall be punished importers in addition to the non-application of the customs tariff law.

And said Albjara (of the Agency news): The Department of Commerce does not have any law punishable by traders and prevents them from importing expired private goods, in addition to the open border crossings to not apply the law of customs tariff to protect the consumer and the product.

She added: that Iraq has become an open market for import of goods without any accountability corrupt, indicating that when constipation merchant pays the amount of the officials on the border to prevent the reservation on his goods

    [millionday] It showed: that the government is busy political matters, leaving the worsening economic situation, referring to it even if the solutions developed are weak and not at the required level.

Confirmed: the need for the application of the Consumer Protection Act and the Tariff Act so as to control the market and goods entering and the accountability of corrupt traders and impose fines on them.

According to reports, non-governmental organizations concerned with the economic aspect that Iraq has lost since the past four years, more than $ 180 billion because of its reliance on imported goods.

    [millionday] It showed: that the government is busy political matters, leaving the worsening economic situation, referring to it even if the solutions developed are weak and not at the required level. Confirmed: the need for the application of the Consumer Protection Act and the Tariff Act so as to control the market and goods entering and the accountability of corrupt traders and impose fines on them.

 According to reports, non-governmental organizations concerned with the economic aspect that Iraq has lost since the past four years, more than $ 180 billion because of its reliance on imported goods.

    [millionday] so the hold off of the consumer protection act has also been a drag in the feet that has cost them in spoiled food and other economic losses — this is added pressure to get things done — as we know they have to move — no choice

    millionday] now it is in place they have not put it in place and are not using it due to hold ups and i would say security — no one wants to be blown up and they seem to be sitting on their thumb and playing the blame game instead of moving with action

    [faith1] Thanks !! need to reach a hard and fast !! million with this meeting next week (possible) with USA … will that have to happen before a RI/RV ,,IYO ??

    [millionday] i do have this to say — every where that i normally get extensive economic news — they have not updated since the 7th and also the 8th morn — so we have a standstill and a hope as to much to move tomorrow when the markets open and the banks open ect

    [millionday] has to move forward so we will see what they do and what they put in place  — i am checking one more great source and brb

    [millionday] here is the comments that are mostly being said at this point >>>>>>>>>>>  Iraqi Lawyers Syndicate Mohammad Faisal heavily on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and on the back televised remarks to the owners in which he accused of being behind lawyers ‘procrastination’ death decisions.

 He said al-Faisal, who belongs to the Sadrist movement led by Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr said in a statement issued by the Bar Association that Maliki is unaware of the Constitution and the principles of human rights asking him to submit a formal apology to the union.

    [millionday] so wow — great not to be him  — so as we see they think maliki has not done his homework — hmmm

    [ROBINREDHED] again

    [millionday] so that is where we are and have to wait for everything to open to see where we are — cant wait to know more so here we go with a wait and we will do it together

    [millionday] love to ya and yw all the time

    [cookie2] millionday I saw that parliament doesn’t meet again until the 20th. Does this have any effect on the RV IYO????

    [millionday] i dont believe it due to the other reports we have and that would not make sense so we shall see hun

    [millionday] love to you all and know this is the end of the holiday so here we go with our next days

Are Christians in the Middle East the Jews of the 21rst Century? There a many similarities in what happened in the 1940s and 1950s to the Jews, and what has been happening to Christians in the last decade.

Look at some recent incidents: Gunmen opening fire on a church in Baghdad; villagers in Kurdistan turning on Christians who have lived there for centuries because they want their land; an ambulance driver refusing to take the body of a Christian who died in hospital to a church.

These are just a few of the incidents concerning Christians in Iraq. One of the most shocking and deadly attacks was the occupation of the Church of Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad in October 2010. About 60 people died when the army tried to break the siege.

During the violent years of 2006 and 2007 in Baghdad, many Christians were targeted by the militias and bullied out of their homes and neighbourhoods. In Mosul they still are threatened almost daily, by Sunni extremists who see them as unbelievers and by criminals who abduct for money.

Many thousands of Iraqi Christians have left their homes, moving to the safer areas like Iraqi Kurdistan and on to the West. The Christian enclave of Ainkawa in Erbil outgrew its boundaries partly because of the influx. At the same time Christian towns like Qaraqosh (near Mosul) were badly hit by a brain drain as many left for a better life in the West.

From the 1.5 million Christians that lived in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was toppled in 2003, not even a third remain. Of the 180,000 in the city of Mosul, only some 10,000 are brave enough to stay on.

“Iraq is a tree with its roots in Christianity. If you destroy the roots, the tree will die,” is a very true saying. Often I am reminded of another group of Iraqis that left the country.

When in 1948 the State of Israel was declared, Iraq sent its soldiers to fight against the Zionists in Palestine. That had huge implications for the about 150,000 Jews living in Iraq, as their Iraqi brothers went to fight their Jewish brothers. The anti-Zionist mood got so strong that Jewish synagogues and properties were attacked.

When the Iraqi government made a special law allowing Jews to leave the country while losing their Iraqi nationality, some 100,000 chose to agree to this bad deal. They left behind their properties and went to a strange new country.

The results for Iraq were devastating, as Jews were not only part of the fabric of society, in Baghdad they were just about the main economic power. They ran the banks, the money exchange, the gold market and the main businesses. When the Jews left, Baghdad lost not only its financial heart but also its soul, as many of the Jews were artists and intellectuals.

In the communities the effect was devastating. The barber went, so did the baker and the tailor. Jews who decided they wanted to stay on saw how their communities lost their hearts, and eventually left themselves.

It is like the Christians in Baghdad, Basra and Mosul who today are still staying on and hoping for a climate change. But the communities around them change. All their friends and trusted ones have gone. In Baghdad whole neighbourhoods that were Christian in 2003, have turned Muslim.

What keeps the Christians here? The same as the Jews who hung on until it became impossible under Saddam in the 1970s. Iraq is their country.

Some Christians who stay, try to fight the trend by looking for their own safe heaven, just as the Jews did in the beginning of the last century in Palestine. They want the Nineveh Plains to become a Christian enclave, a safe place against the threats from outside, so that those community members who emigrated — many living in hardship outside Iraq — can return.

“God gave us this land,” a Christian man in Qaraqosh said to me about Iraq. “We consider it ours, just like the Jews saw Israel as theirs. Iraq will be the richest country in the world, and people should return to be part of that.”

When the Jews went, they were prevented from taking their properties and monies. Otherwise their mass exodus would have damaged the Iraqi economy even more than it did. Many Christians were forced to leave their houses behind, when militias clamped down on their neighbourhoods. But those who can, do sell their property and take their money. Although the effect is probably less than that of corruption money leaving the country, it still damages the economy.

Yet economics is not the main issue. What happens to communities, to diversity, to tolerance? Like the exodus of the Jews was bad for Iraq, so is the Christian flight. Iraq is a country where different groups have been living together for centuries. When one of them leaves, the roots of the tree also get damaged. And that will eventually affect the whole tree.


Ringgit opens higher against US dollar in early trading

The Malay Mail OnlineAug 12, 2013

This photo taken 14 January, 2006 shows a money changer displaying a handful of 100 ringgit bills at his office in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Singapore Dollar Lower Late as Markets Chase US Currency BetsWall Street Journal
Singapore dollar comes off 8-wk top; ringgit up on post-holiday buyingThe Star Online

(Regarding Exogen’s Thoughts this morning:  )


[windchimes] What does all this mean.? (Update from Exogen) I got it from tnt Does anybody have a translation or opinion on the above statements??

[RindsGuy] windchimes Bascially, he’s saying that groups are getting higher rates because somebody else is buying them (not Iraq). Let’s say for example I start a group and we’re all members. I arrange to have my groups IQD to be bought by say the Canadian government. They’re willing to pay $3.44/IQD. They can pay this NOW and not wait for the RV because they know it’s going to go up. They’re just wanting to do it now so they have the IQD ready for oil purchases.

[windchimes] RindsGuy Do you think that is what someone is trying to do?

[windchimes] This was just all new to me, so really curious!! lol

[RindsGuy] windchimes I think this may be happening already. That could be what’s happening with all the cash-in stories we’ve heard. It could be private exchanges and not the actual RV
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[Gdsgrl21] There must be a reason or two we’re not aware of and I’m sure China has a handle on things, what can we do but patiently….wait… grin

[BLESSME] Jamison gm everything still on track? You keep me grounded. Like to here what you have to say

[Jamison] BLESSME Nothing has changed, we wait for the timeline to happen, all else is just rumor and hype

(Regarding Exogen’s Post: )

[obxlady1] FLPatriot59 that makes me wonder if getting through the private placement first before it can rv.. Has been the “hold up”…

[nolaspice] obxlady1 no private placement hasnt started yet – you would have an email

[FLPatriot59] obxlady1 Good question. I think the point of that post is that groups may start “cashing out” before the public RV, which I’m not so sure is true. It’s open to interpretationn I suppose. Remember, we were told contractors in Iraq had been paid weeks before the Qi-Cards had been activated.

[obxlady1] FLPatriot59 makes sense IMHO to reduce the onslaught of Dinarians to the banks via private placement before it goes ” live”.

[candy] obxlady1 it does to me too. Since they can pay whatever they want, it wouldn necessarily have to be live yet

[obxlady1] Then the only decision would be … Second guessing ” live” rate…. Or a bird in the hand … What to do, oh what to do lol!

[dudenocoins] FLPatriot59 If it is a private placement group and the buyer is actually purchasing the group dinar prior to a International release at a set rate then, it would perhaps mean no taxes on the exchange with the exception of the 11.5% the UST wants.

[FLPatriot59] dudenocoins Correct!

[dudenocoins] FLPatriot59 It would also make Zaps post correct.

[dudenocoins] FLPatriot59 Procurement of funds prior to Sept. 2 (private placement) and then RV in Sept. with the release of the Humanatarian Funds….. Your thoughts?

[FLPatriot59] dudenocoins Sounds like the process isn’t as simple as a simple rate change then we all go to the bank, exchange and live happily ever after.

  [dudenocoins] FLPatriot59 That is what I am eluding to….. It could be that if the private placement group (dinar) has to be purchased by China prior to the actual RV could be the process. But, China may not let it start until the US gets its act together!

[dudenocoins] . Without being in the KNOW it really is…only hindsight…. but it does make sense.



REI] Guys, the process is working as we speak! They figured out the problem with pushing the RV button….The button was labeled “PULL” all this time!!!

SteveO: I know a whole lot of you are waking up in amazement that this hasn’t happened yet ( I am one of those people too). DO NOT be discouraged we are right there. Just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!! Today could even be our day. 

Side note: lets try and stop posting threads about Tony saying this and that…….questioning his info. He is just repeating what he hears from his sources. Plus a lot of times is taken out of context or even worse misquoted. Listen carefully to what he says.

[olesailor] there is something peeps need to consider. It was hinted that those that created problems at the banks would be removed and “might not be able to exchange” since they would be put on a list circulated to all banks. There should be a great big “DUH” coming from the kiddy crowd..



[jadenter] lcr i think the wells fargo sources of all intel providers should have their full names and locations diclosed to the dinarians…. that would force them to slither away and hide in their coffins and caves

[bigdogmom] jadenter What are you meaning don’t quite understand your remark?

[jonjobe7] isnt that the whole struggle?? it is between the Cabal/PTB and the BRICS ???

[jadenter] bigdogmom it relates to lcr’s original post that John MacHaffie jhas confirmed on his web site…. that Wells Fargo cabal members inside the bank are with holding release of the RV…. more than likely these same Wells Fargo officers are feeding false information to the people like Okie, Tony, Terry, Jester, Poppy3, etc…. expose their names and stop the this insanity!

DIRECT INTEL AT 11:58 AM EST (WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW) Posted by EXOGEN on August 12, 2013 at 11:58am






GO RV!!!   EXO

Watching These Factors to Time a US Dollar Long/Yen Short Position

DailyFX11 hours ago

DailyFX PLUS System Trading Signals – We're looking for opportunities to get long the US Dollar as both the Dow Jones FXCM Dollar Index (ticker: USDOLLAR) and USD/Japanese Yen exchange rate are near major trendlines/technical levels. The problem …

Dollar Rebounds from Critical Support- Time to Buy USDJPY?4-traders (press release)

US dollar higher, stocks gain after primary elections

Buenos Aires Herald2 hours ago

On the first day after primary elections were held nationwide in Argentina, the foreign exchange market showed a higher dollar rate at banks and exchange offices in Buenos Aires to kick off the week. The official rate was traded at 5.555 pesos for …