United: We will not give Maliki a chance to govern again
01:12:05 / 08/2013

Khandan – Zia Caliph questioned coalition united, led by House Speaker Osama Najafi intentions of the initiative of Vice President Khodair al (leader of the coalition of state law) for social peace, while stressing that he will not be allowed to extend the period of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, or give him the opportunity to take over again.

said leader of the coalition are united MP Ahmed al-Alwani told the reporter, "Khandan" on Monday: "As long as fired calls and initiatives for calm and dialogue and we were Manzal support these calls, but the initiative Alkhozai lacks Musadeghih and goodwill and not with the implications seriously."

said al-Alwani, "The timing of this initiative comes to try to absorb the anger of the masses outs and disaffected from the government .. as it is I take the contents of a new can be agreed more than they asked earlier in the initiatives did not see the light deliberately by the leaders of the National Alliance,

such as the national meeting, "adding that" there is no longer large spaces between the parties politicians to exploit them to achieve some harmony or reconciliation result التماطل and marketing in dealing with the political issues thorny and failure to achieve any tangible results from previous commitments. "

This was the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement announced that it is facing real problems within the National Alliance as a result of inability to take a bold decision to address the political tension The deterioration of security that plagues the country.

MP said Prince Kanani in a press statement that "the members of the coalition of state law to ايسمحون open so dialogues internal meetings of the coalition or even discussed."

said Kanani "The National Alliance has spent more than four hours during a meeting last week to discuss the Initiative Vice President Khodair al for social peace without an agreement. "

With regard to talk about extending the life of the current government or to reach an agreement with the State of Law coalition to support his candidacy for prime minister in the third round confirmed Alwani

"Failure to file the basic to the government and specifically the file security, energy and services makes the idea of extending the life of the current government the idea of an impossible and unacceptable

from the Iraqi street by the political blocs and coalitions are united, "مستطردا" If Maliki was successful in the management of his government and reconcile with his people and ran out the demands and needs of the idea of extension convergence popular. "

said Alwani that the "coalition united contributed to the decision-making of the mandate of the three presidencies to prevent a repeat of the experience of dictatorship in Iraq and a new approach يتعبه Maliki, so we are united coalition will not allow Maliki to give a second chance to take over the post of prime minister again. "


Iraq: Label-Maliki for a third term to اتخص National Alliance alone
12:31:06 / 08/2013

Khandan – Ali Naji confirmed the coalition in Iraq, that the nomination of the Prime Minister Federal Nuri al-Maliki for a third term, ordered to Aa_khas National Alliance alone, but for other political blocs and the Iraqi street, as suggested the presence of external pressures of his third term.

said the MP for the Iraqi to meet Mehdi pink in a statement the reporter "Khandan", that is resolving Maliki’s third term, not a return to the National Alliance only, but for the masses of other political and grassroots in the street,

pointing out that it is assumed that position must have a degree of responsibility and justice for justice to all communities of Iraq, saying what Nagajat achieved during the current session of the government order is based upon the renewal of the mandate Maliki again.

requested the MP for the Iraqi that there will be external pressures to take a third-Maliki.


    [millionday] now let me say one more thing on this before we move forward with the news —— the removal of the three zero currency is a direct result of the change in the rate outside of the country and the change of prices within the country ——- no one will give them back in either without those changes

    [Papatom] and soon..as in rapidly??

    [millionday] lbnfl yes

    [Papatom] millionday amen sista!!!

    [millionday] no-regret yes they were part of this and have done the research from 2008 on the entire plan —

    [LBnFL] millionday Thx

    [millionday] remember when they were formed ?

    no-regret] about 2 months ago millionday

    [millionday] no-regret what was about two months ago?

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     [no-regret] millionday when the committee was formed   i think

    [Papatom] millionday and in your reading….all the interpretations are pretty clear about being PAST TENSE???? as in it’s done…we activated????

    [no-regret] i think it was then

    [millionday] oh no — this is the committee that was formed in 2008 but also they regrouped about two months ago to ensure and take a second look for problems ect

    [no-regret] oh ok thx

    [TexasTracker1] Millionday how much longer can they possibly go without internationally traceable currency based on new cards??

    [Baxter1243] Millionday…some of these gurus keep saying the cards are activated already and being used….in Iraq…..is that possible or are they waiting for all of them to be distributed before activation?

    [millionday] TexasTracker1 i would say not long at all — if they are able to buy on the internet for instance — if they are paired with the USD then they will exchange to the USD and then to the rate for that country which is what calculates the rate on the currency market — they have to have it internationally recognized and also show the rate as a reality when they enter the market

    [TexasTracker1] Ty. SO, if they ARE active we would see a different rate on cbi.iq correct?

    [Papatom] TexasTracker1 maybe not on the site we go to…..it’s more for PR….

    [millionday] this is the thing —  the markets will have to show it when they are open obviously and there has been of course speculation of how many hours we are looking at and how many days ect –

but you know i am the ink girl and i have to say this about it  the inside use of the cards can be done — we have nothing that says they are already using the cards

    [Papatom] millionday you meant Ink QUEEN, Im sure!!!!!!

    [millionday] the cards are going to be used within the country and outside of the country so the process has to be completed and it appears they have not completed it yet

    [millionday] Papatom smile — now lets look at one more thing before we move onto the news

    [wmawhite] millionday ..we also don’t know the time lag in when this decision was made and the story being released.

    [millionday] the removal of the three zero currency will only be done as a result of the change in the rate and i ask you this to prove it

    [millionday] will you give yours back if the rate doesnt change? i think not – smile make sense — ?

    [millionday] lol  2nd way it translates >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mahma Khalil Alsnjara: Vice-President of the Economic Commission project to delete the zeros and economic feasibility of the regional climate has become suitable for launch MP for Kurdish bloc Mahma Khalil Alsnjara Vice-Chairman of the Committee Economic development in the House of Representatives by the Iraqi government to activate the decision to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency

    [millionday] smile  either way — its great and activation

    wmawhite] millionday ..we also don’t know the time lag in when this decision was made and the story being released.

    [millionday] so let me get us some more new before i bore you with all this launch and activation news

    [Papatom] thanks Millonday for that…

    [millionday] brb with more

    [millionday] here we go with more —  Demanded economic analyst nice Abdul Salem Okkaily, the House of Representatives need for the enactment of the infrastructure because of its great importance in the implementation of a lot of service projects for the country.

Ugaili said a press statement: that the law of infrastructure will contribute to bringing the world’s discreet, which have a long tradition in the implementation of service projects and private infrastructure in a payment on credit and duration of repayment soft.,

And pointed out that the country is suffering from deterioration of the infrastructure it needs to service projects large and can not be implemented During the current annual budgets because

    [millionday] note — read this very important part — whooop whooop

    [millionday] it needs a lot of money, such as building schools, hospitals and housing complexes estimated three million housing units. adding that the demands of the House of Representatives to speed up the passage of this important law to serve the public good.

The country suffers from deteriorating infrastructure as a result of circumstances that hit it during the last years of wars and terrorism liver country’s big losses. It is noted that Japanese and Korean companies have expressed willingness to implement service projects in Iraq accidentally on credit financing and duration of repayment soft.

    [millionday] that is the end of that report so as we see — they need money too  smile

    millionday] now as we know the implementation of the law tells us they have the law ready and that is a huge huge part of the rebuild of Iraq  as a matter of fact — it is the rebuild of Iraq smile

    [millionday] i will say this — if anyone tells you to not be excited — tell them i said that you should be !!!

    wmawhite] we are

    [Sager] I am!

    [millionday] me too!!

    [millionday] whooop whoooop     i think it is very interesting

    [millionday] Abdul Hassan Mohi the need to adopt a professional controls in granting licenses to establish operations of industrial projects by the competent departments in order to ensure the success of these projects to meet the needs of the country and supplies products to meet the road on the trainees to acquire projects.

He said in an interview for the (morning): The industrial projects must take into account several aspects are essential to achieve economic viability in their work, and succeed, pointing to the importance of studying the type of project and the appropriate place for its implementation,

as well as the raw materials that go into the industry concerned and that got vacation work, noting that some of the plants that have been established during the last period did not observe the conditions of the profession.

    millionday] Mohi pointed out that the country needs a large number of factories can say that the resources available in the country need to industrial revolution, where a map of the country’s wealth shows the possibility of establishing an integrated industry in most Iraqi cities.

He pointed to the importance that there be a specific industrial areas in each city or province working to form an incubator for all industrial projects, without exception, only those that require projects in the field of employment. Calling for a comprehensive survey of the plants that may adversely affect the nearby residential neighborhoods, or those that have been implemented within the cities.

    [millionday] Moreover confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Minerals grants (78) establishment licenses for new industrial projects during the month of June of the current year.

The general director of the Industrial Development Mohamed Hassan Aboud said these vacations were distributed among various industries (food, textile, wood, paper, chemical, plastic, construction, fabricated metal industries).

 Noting in an interview that the Directorate awarded 10 certificates of completion of the establishment of projects eligible for canceled (47) vacation for industrial projects for the non-implementation while the issue (53) Book recommendation to allocate land industrial entitled to Directorates municipalities and departments of real estate in all the provinces.

    millionday] He added Abboud that the cadres of the Directorate has b (290) discoveries in the field of industrial projects approved by it in all the provinces also awarded Directorate (110) new identities to complete projects established for the year 2013, as well as the issuance of (762) Book support entitled to destinations scattered.

    [millionday] so as we see this is the breathing of life back into the industry — the death occured years ago and now they are issuing licenses to begin again — very nice to see life come back to the country after all this time

    [Papatom] millionday and it’s being planned so each area has industry…and jobs…..!

    [millionday] oh yes  they are very happy there — they see hope

    [millionday] Distributed and the Ministry of Displacement and Migration during the next two weeks and two units of the role and low cost between returnees and displaced merged within the province of Babylon.

Director of the General of the Department Affairs Branches the ministry’s Mohammed purity of He told (Center Brief for the the Iraqi Media Network): that the ministry is will be opened by two projects for the role and sessile your cost and amounting to 208 the role of the in the governorate of of Babylon in the the nineteenth of the month of August the current, as a prelude for distribution between families of the categories of Care in the ministry.

    [millionday] And Male that the number of projects the role and sessile cost that have been it opened so far amounted to 30 projects, while the do not still 13 projects The last of them under achievement so far in the various provinces, Indicating that the the ministry was may and distributed during the last term a role and sessile cost within the governorates of Baghdad and Nineveh and Babil.

    [millionday] i am going to translate this to a better english version — brb

    [millionday] this makes much more sense and i am bringing this for the timeline to make sense

    [millionday] Ministry of displacement and migration are distributed within the next two weeks, two units of low-cost between returnees and integrating part of Babil province. ]

Director General of Department of the Ministry Mohammed branches disturb “(news of the Iraqi media network): the Ministry will open two low-cost role of 208 in Babylon province on 19th August, in preparation for distribution among the families of care Ministry.

The number of low-cost role projects opened to date, 30 projects, with still another 13 projects under way in various provinces, showing that the Ministry had distributed during the past period play low-cost within the provinces of Baghdad, Nainawa, Babel.

    [millionday] so it looks as though we are seeing services being opened for citizens that are in need

    [millionday] this is a true blessing for them so as we see though — they are not talking months smile

    [myblifeguard] Papatom We should try that here!!

    [millionday] this is for the returnees — meaning the people that had to get the heck out of there

    [millionday] try what here?

    [wmawhite] millionday ..we also don’t know the time lag in when this decision was made and the story being released.

    [Papatom] millionday giving a big welcome to those pushed out that would like to return home…!!!

    [millionday] wmawhite i agree — through these years we have noticed a habit of that — they wait a couple days sometimes to announce the largest of news and that in this case would be a great thing imo

    [millionday] brb with more news  whooop whooop

    [millionday] The US embassy in Baghdad and its Consulates in the Iraqi provinces resumed its activities on Monday after it was suspended on last Sunday for security concerns.

The US embassies and Consulates were closed on last Sunday in each of Iraq, KSA, UAE, Libya, Algeria, Jordon, Egypt, Bangladesh, Qatar, Afghanistan, Sudan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Mauritania, Yemen and Djibouti. The spokeswoman of the US Department of State, Jennifer Basaki, said

“The US Department of State instructed its embassy in Iraq, Algeria, Dhaka, Mauritania, Afghanistan, Mazar-i-Sharif, to resume activities on Monday.”

“The US Department of State decided to keep on closing the US embassies and Consulates in a number of Middle East countries and north of Africa until passing the phase of warning,” she added

    [millionday] This resolution does not indicate presence of new threats, but it comes to exercise caution and take suitable steps to protect our employees including the local employees and the visitors of our installations ,” the spokeswoman stressed.

 “Instructions also issued to the diplomats to continue closing the US embassies in Abu Dhabi, Oman, Cairo, Riyadh, Jeddah, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, Manama, Masqat, Sana’a, Tripoli, Djibouti, Khartoum, Kigali and Port Louis till next Saturday,” she concluded

    [millionday] so we have the launch of the activation of the removal of the three zero currency and that means they are changing the prices to get them back in country and changing the rate to get them back from out of the country (the only way anyone will give them back) and we have the loading of the cards taking place now after a long wait for the citizens and we have the announcement that the needy will be getting their services within two weeks –

 we also have the gov projects to take place as part of the activation of the movement of the budgeted money for infrastructure — we have the promise of services to the citizens and also the multiple licensing for industry to come back to life   whooop whoop this is great news — yw all the time everyone

Millionday News 8/5/13

    [millionday] first i am going to bring what i had this afternoon for those that were not here  so lets try to get these reports out so everyone can read it all together  we will talk after each one so that we can get the whooop whoooops out  smile

    [millionday] note — notice the first word —  here we go

    [millionday] Resumed the board of national pension issue smart cards to card for retirees after a hiatus of more than a year and a half, but this time set up to card issuing within the body to facilitate the release, which should have been done in the banks and the difficulties great for the elderly,

said Ahmed Abdul-Jalil al-Saadi Chairman of the National for retirement that the resumption of release came after large orders, which delivers it to

    millionday] hold off on chat please until in between reports so all can read  lol

    [millionday] note — now this is not talking about in the days to come or ect ect — it is stating they have resumed loading the cards

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     [millionday] a group of retirees they need to take advantage of laundry services card that will help their counterparts who possess in receiving their salaries away from the pressure of congestion banking, extortion and money damaged as well as being Setsttion the use of new services and added Saadi that the Commission agreed with Qi Card to open centers issue in all circles retirement in Iraq to facilitate the task of the citizens of his part,

    [millionday] Bahaa Abdel Hadi Managing Director for Card said the company is committed to providing facilities to issue typical for retirees in terms of processing and the provision of comfort to citizens during the wait in terms of cooling the halls and the provision of water and places to wait suit

    [millionday] that was the end of that one  — they stopped loading the cards well over a year ago and now  they have returned to loading them with retirement and other gov services ect –

the reason that  we are so interested in this — they are also loading them for all the citizens that are recipients of the Iraqi services if they are not in the country — meaning that if they can use them — they would be able to use them out of country as well

    [millionday] so this would mean that they have internationally accepted currency because if they purchase something outside the country — it has to be exchanged by the rate applied at that time

    [millionday] among the reason of the moving money — this is one reason many are excited if you didnt understand — that helps  so let me bring the other one that we were very excited about today if you were at work  brb

    millionday] i am going to bring this in small parts so we can all look at it and understand

    [millionday] here we go —  Economic development in the House of Representatives by the Iraqi government to activate the decision to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency .

    [millionday] note — they announced this to the citizens that they are activating the removal of the three zeros — now lets look at the rest

    [millionday] now this is saying that this is at this time — meaning now at this time

    [millionday] On the reason for the claim at this time Parliament Alsnjara said during his meeting with Sisterhood, saying: After the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII see that the regional climate has become fit and there is no fear of currency counterfeiting or forgery,

 and this argument that upheld the government to stand against the activation of the resolution has become unjustified now as well as the Iraqi environment has become a fertile ground for investment for Iraq’s possession of fourth power Global prompting companies global investment race in investing in Iraq as between

    [millionday] now here is more of this report and why i am excited and many are

    [millionday] Alsnjara that there are procedures to speed up activating the decision of which continue to pressure the government legitimately including resorting to constitutional provisions that allow printing of a new currency,

and it is not reasonable to keep the Iraqi dinar weakened to this limit against the U.S. dollar, especially that Iraq’s sovereign balance in international banks totaled $ 76 billion.

* In order to stand on the reasons for delay approval of the project to delete the zeros we met an economist and financial consultant Dr Majid picture, who told us the truth about the project and economic feasibility Almarjah the him, saying:

    [millionday] so they have procedures to use to speed this up as well

    [millionday] now read this very carefully >>>>>>>>>>>> In 2008, the Central Bank in agreement with the Ministry of Finance to do the studies necessary for the process of deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency, and the purpose of this process is to restructure the local currency to reduce the cost of trading the currency and facilitate the handling and especially trading, medium and large,

 as well as multi-currency than fifty fils to (100) dinars will lead to facilitate the draw price policy in the country to be accompanied by practical package of measures has claimed responsibility for all government departments and state institutions and

    [millionday] banks in order to find solutions to all the problems and issues that can result from the process of restructuring of the currency, including cash, accounting, security, as well as take the necessary measures to destroy the currency received, and most important of these issues is how to do therapy accounting for the deletion of zeros, and related market, Iraq Stock Exchange, said Suri was the experience of Iraq to replace the currency in 2003 is very rich, but

    [millionday] so as we see — they are prepared to destroy the old currency we are exchanging in and they are also ready to issue the new denoms and account for them and the change in the isx and the market stats

    [millionday] will not exceed only change the shape of currency and replace it, and therefore did not encounter this process any accounting requirements or legal

It is necessary to take some necessary measures in the case of structuring currency in order to get the results of the desirable, including education departments, banks and public usefulness of restructuring the currency and how to take the necessary measures in order to reach the planned objectives, including the use of technology by the relevant authorities in order to detect fraud that occurred formerly of the old currency.

    [millionday] so as they have said here it is necessary to calculate all the changes in all the departments and also change the math and accounting ect in the entire education system — that was all part of the preparation of the process   of pulling in the three zero currency

    [millionday] note — so here is the reason it took so long and they are now activating it finally

    [millionday] And the reasons that led to the suspension of work on the project Suri replied saying: The central bank’s decision to restructure the process a decision for monetary policy, the monetary authority (CBI) and was done in consultation with the Ministry of Finance,

the Bank has taken all the measures relating to the restructuring of the currency, including design of currency denominations and the quality of paper used in currency, which is considered one of the finest types of paper Stainless cash or difficulty rigged,

but the interference of the executive of its decision to postpone the process of restructuring the currency led to the suspension of all actions related to this project.

    millionday] the Bank has taken all the measures relating to the restructuring of the currency, including design of currency denominations and the quality of paper used in currency, which is considered one of the finest types of paper Stainless cash or difficulty rigged,

    [millionday] so this means that the lower denoms are done and printed and it was a delay due to that as well — they did also work with the ministry of finance on this entire system as it shows here

    [millionday] note — changes in the monetary policy also took place

    [millionday] Souri added: That undergo such decisions for political manipulation and skirmishes is not in the interest of monetary policy nor in the interest of the Iraqi economy and therefore non-specialists politicians not to manipulate or interfere in such decisions and be subject to speculations and between political factions warming internalized in power.

    [millionday] very interesting part>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.. And the most important benefits achieved by the project to delete zeros Giebna the economic Thamer Alheimus, saying: Most benefit from the process of currency exchange deleting three zeros is the first easy trading and secondly and more importantly when you are distributing coins that are parts of the dinar will create a high elasticity of prices,

for example, we now have a quarter dinars (250) smaller currency while will have after the deletion of zeros currency 50 fils or less, depending on the value of the dinar and therefore we can that  between 1/4 dinars and 1/2 or less of the dinar, and this helps a lot in improving the incomes of lower segment of low-income people in particular.

    millionday] now here is about the USD  and the rate  so lets read this carefully

    [millionday] Perhaps in this case raises the purchasing value of the Iraqi dinar in general in the future, if there is a monetary policy sober at least have the dinar against the dollar as a target in the stage unforeseen, and certainly the rise of the dinar against the dollar will improve access to many of the families or social strata limited income.

    [millionday] note — meaning the steps of class — lower class — working class — higher class — as in terms of money

    [millionday] this is the last part >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  and also very important

    [millionday] We join our voices with the demands of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives that calls for the activation of the project to delete the zeros for the benefit of the Iraqi monetary policy and all the Iraqi people

    [millionday] most journalists have added some comment of sorts with their report on the activation  so this is obviously a great time for a whooop whoop  whooop whoop   smile

    LBnFL] millionday You say “most journalists have…” So have you seen multiple articles stating this?

    [no-regret] We join our voices millionday millionday the we here that are talking —are they the special committee that was formed a while back to study the project zeros

    [Papatom] so they have now TOLD the people that there is new small denoms coming….coins coming…a new rate against the dollar and more purchasing powers…….right?


Rand steady against the US dollar

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