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[Baghdad – where]Parliamentary Legal Committee emphasized that the Federal Court overturned the law of the mandate of the three presidencies.
The source said told all of Iraq [where] on Monday that “the Federal Court overturned the law of the mandate of the three presidencies voted by the House of Representatives. ”
The vice president of the Prince Kanani’s [where] that “the Federal Court overturned the law technically as the proposed law is not a bill. ”
Kanani said that “overturn the law also coincided with the veto of Article [23] of the Law on Elections of Kirkuk”
The Federal Court had decided earlier in the day set aside Article 23 of the Law on Elections of Kirkuk, which began in 2008, ahead of the local elections that took place in Iraq, 2009.
Article [23] of the Act, which strongly objected to by the Kurds, the local distribution of seats equally among Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen and other allocated quota for Christians.
The House of Representatives has approved, on 26 January last second bill the mandate three presidencies بدورتين, a majority of 170 votes and county deputies State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
He announced a coalition of state law, an appeal to the Federal Court to overturn the law that is contrary to the Constitution and the law did not provide the government according to constitutional procedures.
He has stressed that “the Federal Court will not pass the mandate of law three presidencies بدورتين, and the House of Representatives is not entitled to issue only after the legislation introduced by the government. ”
And warned the Liberal Parliamentary Bloc of the Sadrist movement of the Federal Court to decide the decision challenged to extend the mandate of the three presidencies, while confirming that one of the most prominent political differences is the Federal Court decisions that serve the interests of the State of Law coalition.
A spokesman for the bright Naji bloc that “dangerous decision on the appeal the decision to extend the mandate of the three presidencies or employ this law in accordance with the acquis and the interests of the state law, which it claims to be unconstitutional and must be undone. ”
The [where] have been published on the third of July, the past record of the case presented by al-Maliki to the Federal Supreme Court on House Speaker Osama Najafi about the enactment of the mandate of the three presidencies.
According to some paragraphs of the text of the record made by the client-Maliki said “concerns the legislation is a cornerstone of the legislation because the law determining the duration of the mandate of the President of the Republic and President of the House of Representatives and the President of the Council of Ministers was not based on concerns the public interest in Sir measures enacted as it beat him political desire members of the House of Representatives So this law, I miss the very reason issued was based on the intentions and goals of the legislative authority only violated the provisions of the Constitution. ”
He added that “it is strange that injects the law of the mandate of the three presidencies sentences have nothing to do originally a proposal of law and this is what happened in the text of articles [5,6] of the law, which one on the resignation of the Council of Ministers in the absence of more than half of its members either Article other related government caretaker in the event of an end to the House of Representatives or dissolved if these things organized by the Constitution in Articles [64. 85] which cases received limited and may not be growing under the law to be issued for this purpose.
He continued that “the law included an explicit violation of the constitution, as Article [1 / First] of the Act provides that [ending the term of the President of the Republic the end of the election cycle for the House of Representatives] While this provision is associated concomitant presence and عدما with another provision contained in the Constitution and is a complement to as Article [72 / II / b] on the continuation of the work of the President his duties until after the elections the new Parliament and a meeting and the election of the president instead of him and hence the revenue one of these two provisions in the law without judging the other would lead to disruption of accidentally constitutional legislator . ”
According to the demands of the case submitted to the Federal Court by my client Prosecutor [Maliki] on the defendant Najafi law regarding the mandate of the three presidencies, two of the Federal Court demands, namely:
I – rule the law unconstitutional determine the duration of the mandate of the President of the Republic and President of the House of Representatives and the President of Council of Ministers, for violating the provisions of the Constitution and what it settled constitutional judiciary in Iraq.
Secondly – Download the defendant Najafi lawsuit expenses and attorneys’ fees, all the while retaining my clients to provide any other defenses in the light of new facts of the case. 2 ended.
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I have approached the following topic many a times so I will make it short and sweet hope all understand.

There are those ptb that created havoc, uproar, mayhem when they do not get there way or when they feel threatened to loose there power over money, see these people control transportation and all forms of movement of the black gold. They have controlled the Middle East for many of years and now that the World is Globally Resetting they feel the sense of lost and that they do not like.

You will notice that they create changes when they are threatened, they create uproars and changes to local governments, they create urban wars within these countries and all in the good and dam name of GREED.

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If something good (like this international release) was to occur , they will try to destabilize that country to try to avoid for that good event from happening.

Many now are afraid thinking that if we go into war with Syria, Iran, Egypt, affecting Israel that this rv will be halted well let it be known that before any war is to be in this region before it occurs we shall see this international release, the US knows it and so does the rest of the world.

So lets just relax for we are only inches from the finish line. Notice that all this future war commotion only puts on the pressure so that this rv comes into existence promptly, right Mister President. 

Be blessed billionaires.

Happy Journeys

Monday, August 26 / August 2013 16:52
[Baghdad where]Parliamentary Finance Committee agreed to discuss Parliament’s budget for the year 2014 in the Council and to clarify the problems contained therein members.
According to a statement of the Commission has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that “the Finance Committee held a meeting on Sunday chaired by MP Ahmed Hassan Faizullah Vice President of the Finance Committee and in the presence of members of the committee and its advisers, to discuss a number of observations on the budget of the House of Representatives in 2014 voted Recently , “.
He continued that “it was agreed in the presence of the financial advisor to the House of Representatives to discuss the budget and to clarify the problems contained therein for members of Parliament in the Council meeting, noting that” have been voted to approve the nomination of MP Faleh applicable member of the Committee as a candidate to attend the meeting deliberative with the Commission services and reconstruction on the proposal Appropriations Act Engineering ” .
The parliament had voted earlier in the budget of $ [528] billion dinars included, according to deputies buy motorcycles, air and cars carry, and clothing to the staff of the Council, while criticized a number of politicians and House of Representatives included the budget for these materials and considered it a waste of public money.
For its part, expressed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives surprise of the campaign, which he described as “unjust”, which exposed the House of Representatives on its budget for next year, arguing that the campaign “targeting of the political and try to determine how and defamation of its members. ” Ended
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International Prayer Call tonight 7pm (ET)

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Come join us tonight and lets be 2 or more n agreement and stand strong and still and keep praying this n N Jesus name. To be confident and have faith and trust in the Lord our savior Jesus Christ is where all our answers lay.

God Bless
Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for your help

[marjans] Parliamentary economy meets with a number of ministries and the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to discuss the ration card

Ali ا- 08/26/2013 – 12:22 pm | Said a member of the Committee on the economy and investment representative, Abdul-Hussein Abtan, said his committee will hold a meeting in the presence of the Ministry of Trade and Finance and Control and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers,

in order to discuss the issue of the transfer of the powers of the ration card to the provinces and to take the final decision about it.

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  He said Abtan said Monday that “the Economic Commission decided to hold a meeting in the presence of trade, finance and control and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to discuss the transfer of the powers of the ration card to the provinces, and make a final decision about it,”

noting that “his committee hosted the Minister of Commerce, Khairallah Hassan Babiker, to discuss a number of topics related to ration cards, and the amounts allocated to them and the ministry’s preparations for next year, and the most important measures to be taken to secure the ration card items in the future. “

He added that “the Minister of Commerce met the Commission’s invitation to host, and said several things, mainly the $ {25} thousand dinars allocated by the Council of Ministers of the citizens, as a substitute cash for ration card items that did not get it the citizen, during the eight months,

” stressing that “the amounts may been transferred to the accounts of the provinces to be delivered to the citizens. “

Abtan said that “the Ministry of Commerce has completed a study at the request of the government for the required materials, and amounts of cash added to the budget 2014,” noting that “the proposed additional amounts have exceeded two billion dollars.”

And transfer Abtan for the Minister of Commerce confirmed that the “foot-dragging made in the processing of the ration card items will remain even turned the powers and functions of the ration card to the provinces, and for a number of things, the most important of the delay in the arrival of funds from the Ministry of Finance to the trade laws and complex engagements, in addition to the lack of transport . “

And supports the majority of Iraqis on the ration card in their daily lives since the start of the international embargo imposed on Iraq in 1991 after the invasion of the dictatorial regime dictatorial State of Kuwait, and includes ration per capita basic materials flour, rice, vegetable oil, sugar, milk powder {for children}.

Period saw the bear and the Ministry of Commerce with a succession of governments responsible for the ration card and file processing vocabulary citizens a clear deficiency problems and corruption prevented the arrival of these staples of the citizens

[tlm724] marjans ty   

[marjans] whoa that was long one

[tlm724] yep

[marjans] tlm724 ok lets discuss

[tlm724] marjans you have the floor 

[marjans] ok…this should have been done by now IMO

[tlm724] yes they owe their people big time !

[marjans] but they continue to kick it down the road

[tlm724] yes the local prov gov should take over just like our states do the foodstamp programs   

[marjans] yup that would be a great solution

[tlm724] I think that is what they will do

[tlm724] in order to discuss the issue of the transfer of the powers of the ration card to the provinces and to take the final decision about it

[tlm724] He added that “the Minister of Commerce met the Commission’s invitation to host, and said several things, mainly the $ {25} thousand dinars allocated by the Council of Ministers of the citizens, as a substitute cash for ration card items that did not get it the citizen, during the eight months

[marjans] I know if I lived there I would be very angry

[tlm724] marjans yep me too

[marjans] angry that I have to wait so long

[tlm724] yes! probably part of the demonstrations on the 31st  —  eight months ! geez   

[marjans] you see ..they would demonstrate and then after a while life goes back to normal, they are not consistant and persistent, that is why they jerk them around so much

[tlm724] exactly mar !  yes those people have had it so rough, war, starvation, terrorism, the list goes on and on . It would be a blessing just to give them their dayum food, its crazy ! 

[marjans] tlm724 you know the old saying….the longest day has an end! so we will see

[tlm724] yep true mar, okay anything else with that one mar ?

[marjans] NAY!

[tlm724] great ty

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TONY – Good morning, TNT! It’s going to be a good day today! We never, ever thought we’d be here but each day is getting us closer.


T – I think it’s a great day to be alive. Is it a great day for the RV? All throughout the weekend we heard good stuff. They were testing and it was working. The banks were called in yesterday, both the call-in and cash-in people. This morning, the call-in center people are at the call-in center. The cash-out people are waiting to go to the cash-in locations. They only need 30 minutes to get to their locations.

T – where are we at in reality? We saw that one of the other exchanges went down this morning. We heard it was down for 12 minutes in one location and down for 1 hour in another. We are trying to confirm. Are there some major concerns? I did tell you weeks ago that something was going to happen after RV and the RV should have already happened several times. The conflict there was whether it was political, it was the system, etc.
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T – COuld it go today? Yes. In the next hour? Yes. Based on the 2 things that are suppsoed to happen tomorrow it is supposed to happen before then. Our concern with the 30 days, why it should’ve started already, what you’re seeing on TV, etc.

T – it was supposed to happen pre-market when they tested, but when the market opened it went back down (Euroex).

T – we knew the whole Syria thing was going to happen for 3 weeks and would affect the ME. The big push is to get it done before we take action in Syria. Iran already told the US not to get involved. If it happens tomorrow it will be an historic event. Over 6 Trillion is supposed to be moved tomorrow. While that is a big event, that isn’t the biggest event. Something else is supposed to happen that will change the financial system tomorrow.

T – the other countries think the US is still negotiating the rates and they’re ready to go. Even this weekend they were negotiating it higher and higher. I know people who are hurting who say they’ve got enough and want this to happen. I talked to a guy with 1B IQD who said he was going to negotiate his rate. I told him the rate is already $23.50 – he doesn’t need to negotiate.

T – We know it’s coming, even it’s 3 days from now. I know there are many in bad situations and if I could do something about it I would. Just know we are closer and closer to the reality of this happening. I’m still looking for today. They’re still at the call centers looking for something. Our country is still in control, even tho we hard threats from the IMF. I heard we told them WF was the hold up and that bought us more time. I personally don’t think we’d leave it up to one bank for the GCR, but apparently somebody bought that. I’ve heard this morning if it’s not done by the end of the week a new bank will be put in place. If that happens, the whole procedure will change (800#’s, appts, etc.). They are preparing for WF not to be the bank, so contingencies are in place.

T – It was quiet this morning but today is a very confusing day. You will hear a lot of stuff today. It’s confusing because today it wasn’t OUR system that went down; we’re technically ready. I’m looking at today based on agreements that are in place since last Tuesday.


(Note: a few questions may have been missed when copying notes due to technical  Internet difficulties)

C – Did I hear you correct that the rate is $23.50? T – I’m not saying that’s the rate, but that’s what they’re looking at and it’s been that way for over a week.

T – that’s the number they’re putting out and we don’t control any of it. Our biggest thing is what happens tomorrow if it goes into effect. If it doesn’t then they did something else and we’ll be talking about it then.

C – I’m curious about the VND. Is there a rate on that? T – I also didn’t mention that over in the Euro 16 countries were added to their list and the IQD was added to it. Yesterday the VND was still at $3.68.

C – did they mention which bank the follow-up bank might be? T – originally it was supposed to be BoA, but their contract didn’t go thru. I think they could give Chase a shot.

 C – What have you heard about the 50% tax? T – heard nothing about it. Another rumor we heard over the weekend is no tax – that China would pay the whole thing for us. We heard from DC they’re trying to put a 1-2% tax in place.

C – what’s the likelihood the VND will stay at $3.68? T – as long as the IQD stays at $23.50 then it’s pretty good.

C – can you explain a “Deriviative For Dummies” related to the $600T that’s supposed to move tomorrow? T – I’m am referring to 2 different events: if the derivatives will work out with the $600T tomorrow it will be good for us, but the other event will affect us in the future and will have greater significance.

C – someone here in the US negotiated that other countries’ debt would be paid before the RV. T – they have to pony up the moment we RV’s. that’s what we fought for. all other countries going to be richer and have surplus so we need to be the same

T – if we see “shock and awe” then nobody will see the RV anytime soon. We don’t want to see that in front of the RV. They’re sending 4 warships over there but the agreements are in place and supposedly we’ll get this over with by tomorrow.

T – the other things are more positive and looks like it could happen right now.

C – since you mentioned it could go to another bank, could we want this to not go thru and China not get anything? T – the UST says it’s sitting at the bank but if it moves to another bank it proves the US Gov’t can’t handle it. This morning they said they’ve figured it out and somebody else’ system was the problem. Could things happen today? Yes, but bigger things are happening tomorrow. Our folks have been saying for the past 2-3 weeks that it’s ready. The numbers are getting bigger now that the tech stuff has been fixed.

C – if another bank comes in will they be able to pick up where WF left off or will it be a big reset? T – I don’t know. I’ve asked myself the same question. Will they take over their platform? Was the agreement real? Was the threat to WF real? Or was it just a bargaining chip. I’m getting texts that it’s done and it works and we need to meet tomorrow’s deadline. A lot of people are positive. Since Friday they thought Monday morning it would be done by 4AM, then 9AM, now we don’t know the latest time. But I’ve been telling you for 3 weeks something was going to happen.

C – I noticed one dealer’s site going down last night. Do you see more of this happening? T -the switch can be thrown anytime. It’s not just greed, with this once-in-a-lifetime GCR event.

C – if doesn’t happen by 9/1 does it postpone or push back the rollout of the new UST? T – not neccesarily. UST notes could still come out if they’re printed. The only thing I see pressing right now is Iraq and the things their Parliament putting out that they’re IQD be RV’d. They’re blaming it on their CBI and they’re talking about bringing in another prozy governor of the CBI, even tho they know he’s not the problem. That in itself just puts more pressure on us to get this done.

C – It’s been said that Zimbabwe will RV in late August. T – I don’t think the other currencies will go until after January. I’m hearing that the Class B (or top 2 currencies) will be RVd and the rest done away with, but this is just rumor. You have to make sure you have the right currency.

C – what about the 3 tiers for CE? T – there are 3 different tiers with 3 different numbers set up for groups. That how WF people were trained. Chase, 5/3, BoA are letting folks negotiate themselves. When it was coming out at 3.44 I already had a bank commit to me for $8. If it’s anything else, it’s letting you know there is room to negotiate. With the highest rates now ($23) they’re saying you don’t need to negotiate – just go get your money.

C – how long will it take you to CE so you’ll be able to share the rate with us? T – when it goes “live” I’ll now within hours what kind of rates will be available. I’ll know what the rate is and the new floor and ceiling within 2 hours.


C – is the $23.50 the rate for everyone? T – yes, that’s the rate that has been showing for the past 2-3 weeks, as well as the VND. COuld it fall back to $3.44? Yes. but you need to know nobody wants to leave Iraq hanging for months. Nobody wants this to last. They really want this done right now before something castastrophic bad happens and economies are affected negatively.

T – Right now you need to be getting your plan in action. Plan ahead for TAXES – set aside 50% aside for taxes. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring taxes – it will haunt you the rest of your life.

C – I’ve opened several NIB accounts for relatives for the past 1.5 years. Do you think they could zero out those balances in this NIB accounts so I don’t have to start all over? T – I don’t know. Ask your bank. But I’ve been telling you to put the IQD and VND in separate accounts so they don’t tax your VND with your IQD. Both the banks and the UST are aware of cyber attacks that will happen on the banks, i.e., trying to get your money. Put your money in an account initially. Then move it to a new account, totally separate so no one knows about it (former bankers, dealers, etc.).

C – Is the 11% only for the Group Rate? T – What I’ve seen is that you’ll be offered a rate of which 11% will come out, along with 2 other portions. Bottom line is that when you get to the final number it will be different that what you thought you’d be getting.

C – Is that Private Placement with China the only group? T- my understanding is you have to be invited and sign a contract to be part of that group. The base rate is based on the CBI rate, then it will go like KWD. They already know the floor and ceiling. People like the hedge fund investors will drive up the rate. They can still negotiate and not lose a dime.

T – people at the call centers, people in the CE centers are all frustrated going in and nothing happens. Twice last week they had scheduled parties to celebrate and had to cancel.

C – comment: someone went to Chase – bank employee said we are waiting for this to happen. come see us we’ll take care of everything for you.

C – comment: someone went to Chase – bank employee said we are waiting for this to happen. come see us we’ll take care of everything for you.

C – Regarding short & long term gains, 3.8 for O’Care, etc. what do you think the tax picture will be? T – You’ll be multi-millionares in thr 39% tax bracket plus your state taxes. We really won’t know until it happens.

T – they’re trying to make the new 1-2% tax THE tax, not above and beyond the others.

C – calling from Clark AFB in Philippines via Skype, just got back from Afghanistan.

C – past Sat. night I listened to someone who said nothing is happening, no laws passed in Iraq, and then I listen to you and it’s going to pop any minute. It appears to be one big world of confusion? What’s the reality? T – let me tell you a story. When I was a freshman in HS, I took Algebra and had to do a problem at the board. I did it and got the answer. The teacher said “that’s not the right answer.” She told me the answer was correct but I just didn’t do the problem correctly. I sat down and said “you just don’t understand how I did it.” Some people don’t understand the info but it doesn’t mean it’s not correct.

C – did you mean the process will start over if it doesn’t happens by Friday with WF? T – no, what I heard this morning is that it was part of the agreement not to get the IMF to take this over.

C – Last night Phoenix had an attorney on his call who addressed the possibility of a “bail-in” like Cypress and you wouldn’t have your money to pay taxes. T – If they want to attach any accounts it would have to be across the board with all accounts, whether a private banking account or not. If the RV happens and our gov’t wipes out its debt and we pay our taxes, why would they need our money? There’s no way they can justify doing that. I don’t understand people who put out that fear.

C – can the VND revalue ahead of the IQD? T – no, the IQD is the foundation for the entire RV

C – how much longer could this realistically take? T – there is no fast, hard rule. It’s changing everyday. It’s been negotiated, updated, changed, etc. and then they complicated it by throwing the CIX in there. It could go today.

T – a lot of people are looking for it today and the system is still running. We don’t know if the threat to move it to BoA was real or just a ploy to convince the IMF we could get this done and they didn’t need to take over.

Q from EMAIL: when the IQD revalues at high double-digits, who covers any amounts above the 3.44 street rate? T – the UST covers it all for oil credits. All the currency is covered by the US, even up to $32. It’s being used to wipe out our debt for the next 20 years.

C – does the UST cover IQD held by other countries? T – no, those countries cover it.

C – can our country sustain those high rates? T – yes, they can because it’s all digital. They are numbers on a bank account.

C – rate fluctuations never show on Is that site a sham? T – their rate is 11.86 on the street and in the country it changes. The CBI publishes articles on their rate. It’s not our norm we’re looking for, it’s their norm. Until they officially RV or RI it should officially show there.

C – Is a DeLarue machine necessary? T – no, they have a book with the 7 different things to look for to verify the currencies. I never said they HAD to have a DeLarue machine. When I leave the bank mine is accounted for and in my account.

C – over the weekend Mtn Goat said to CE and get cashier’s checks. T – I’ve been told by banking people to use CCs, wires under $500K, credit/debit cards, etc. so it can be trackable.

C – Mixing currencies question? T – don’t put the VND with the IQD or it will be treated at the higher tax rate.

C – do you think the PTB could destabilize the ME to delay the RV? T – 2 years ago you remember the Arab Spring (April of that year). We do see things are being changed and managed. Is there a battle for the ME? Yes, it’s an ongoing battle for the ME on the broader scale. On a smaller scale it’s a changing of attitudes and way of life.

C – If RV unable to occur would that reflect historical plans enacted in order to push certain agends at very high levels and if global reset can’t happen in a timely mannner then those peeps going back to their old tricks? T – No I don’t think anybody is capable of going back to “old” tricks.

C – The CBI is talking next year, June 2014? T – No, I think the currency is going to change this week.

C – hearing the VND isn’t going for 5 years. Bad intel? T – yes, bad intel. If you hear something like that, ask them “WHY?” When the entire global reset is happening how can they can say that?

T – I don’t mind telling you what I think. The more info you get the bigger the picture you get. Why waste your time with people who won’t tell you?

T – I appreciate everybody being here. The info is good! The process is working and everybody is saying the system is done – back up and working. We don’t know where that pivotal point is, but could it go today? YES! They’ve agreed certain things won’t happen until the RV and those are scheduled to happen tomorrow. I have not been told those have changed. What was signed 3-4 weeks ago pointing to this happening by tomorrow has not changed, that we’ve been told. If anything wild happens we will do a call. ENJOY YOUR DAY!


    [millionday] note — sorry have to say this — this is saying the goal is the committee and the reform itself to enter to the globe

    [millionday] It’s important to discuss and simmer image of this new law and the requirements of applicable after pleading course, by the representatives of the people, starting to be noted that the Constitution guarantees a policy of open market any free economy say it without apprehension or shame,

 but that happened and is happening to this approach is hampered by other and the continuity and permanence laws of totalitarianism which proved its failure in the experiment and the important question that arises now Is that the new economic reform law and the proposal would eliminate the old laws and cumbersome for this approach?.

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     [millionday] note — in other words — they have had trouble making it all get done at the same time — laws from before got in the way and held it up longer then they wanted everything has to work together

    [millionday] Then the establishment Supreme Alaguetsidi Council proposed formation mm consists Wi-efficient elements join him?

These questions require political will and courage to answer honestly and transparency in order to go with this benevolent efforts in vain without achieving the goals of the reform and its new law.

For the power of discharge that must be included in the new law are summarized in its ability to eliminate any trace of the laws of the ancient notes that the overlap in the laws and the continued acceptance together opened the options in front of spoilers to exploit these gaps and implement the ambitions of personal increased and deepened the rampant corruption in some joints

that allow laws Bsrianha, this is an essential point to break the law to achieve integrated goals with ease and binding for all without implementation options according to the desires and interests.

    [millionday] note — this is saying not only did they have to rewrite the laws to go along with the economic reform new but also the charges and fines ect that will be applied to those corporations and gov and ect ect that choose to ignore them

    [millionday] in other words as we see for example the insider trade laws that are in place — enforcing the law is what i mean   smile

    [millionday] As regards Supreme Economic Council the same is it about it is important as a complement to the force of law and implemented faithfully and requirements for the success of this Council that includes people who specialists and highly qualified and they are many,

but most importantly that they shall be faithful to the first objective of the law, a policy of open economy in order to Aatosr law enforcement ideas old does not correspond stage This change Tress clear and undiagnosed in most of the professionals and even for those who play on the chordal totalitarian regime and heat must be excluded from the Council for for ICON hampering to its They also Mchkson.

    millionday] they want to know whether this is intentional or from lack of training ect — they need to monitor it all

    [millionday] last part >>  Another important note must be pointed her regarding the balance of the members of this Council what is required choose elements known their efficiency from both the public and private sectors and if they do not feed the new economic elements of the private sector and rely entirely on public sector representatives,

recite the Board of peace because he will turn to the survival of the conflict eternal between the private and Shafi’i In this view that the people of Mecca know ecause the representatives of the private sector are the closest to the system of free and open market and thus guarantee an unqualified success successful and influential law to achieve the desired economic reform.

    [millionday] this is saying that everyone must know what to do and do it as a nation — there can not be any that hold on to the old ways and the laws that are in place now have to be known or at least checked by all instead of doing anything the old way —

    [millionday] so it has taken a long time and they think they have it ready smile

    [jimplants] Is this the federal council?

    [millionday] no this is the economic reform

    [cookie2] No bad news in this?

    [millionday] the Supreme Economic Council will enforce the law and make it clear as their position – that is the committee or council that was one of the goals in this other then the entry to the globe

    [millionday] no bad news at all

    [Godsalli/Jim] Is this a law and regulation package that needs to be voted on ?

    [millionday] all progress and the explanation of what took so long no this is an explanation to the citizens  of why all the wait

    [Godsalli/Jim] No vote needed?

    [millionday] make sense ?

    [millionday] the economic reform law is ready for the vote and that is all they need and they are saying they plan on doing this all very very fast so their economy does not suffer any more then it has  – parliament is done with it and are putting it through now in its form in this session

    [jimplants] As in this week?

    [Godsalli/Jim] Oh please be so!

    Papatom] millionday this report is a clear picture of how intricate this whole thing has been…(the rebuilding of a country and bringing it current)….

    [millionday] i would say that they should this week as this is the session current

    [ROBINREDHED] millionday that would be fab

    ][millionday] this report is an explanation to the citizens of what took so long as in thank goodness they are done

    [millionday] Papatom exactly

    [ROBINREDHED] millionday hstrymknwmn wants to know who is speaking

    [millionday] head of supreme economic council is looks like

    [ROBINREDHED] there ya go

    [millionday] there was a press release and many spoke – this is really good news and very encouraging

    [ROBINREDHED] im excited

    [hstrymknwmn] Me to

    [millionday] i have to say i am too — this is great

    anthonlcs] millionday Do they still need HCL passed as well?

    [millionday] they are putting through the hcl in sections the oil company ect brb with more

    millionday] here we go — He is the head of parliament — economic and this is the announcement of hosting the gov of cbi to do the next budget and here is what else they said – get ready to smile big

    [ROBINREDHED] reddy

    [millionday] He added that “the central bank failed to invest in Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar,” referring to his committee “called for the central bank to work to raise the value of the dinar and the Iraqi currency against other currencies and develop a strategy just to give the dinar position correctly in order to improve the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar and thus the purchasing value of the dinar and powerful citizen. “

    [ROBINREDHED] nice

    [millionday] so they told him they were going to call him to do the next budget and also said that — love it  —  it is an order to set the rate against all foreign currency

    [Royal] so when is next budget

    [wmawhite] millionday millionday …….could all of this actually be coming together?

    [Papatom] millionday this gives me the impression, along with the last report, that the powers that be in government are saying all this for the benefit of the citizens to see what they have been doing to keep their promises of a strong currency…..actually DEFENDING themselves as politicians…..kinda like….

    [millionday] Royal the next budget will be for 2014

    [Papatom] “see…we ARE doing something”…

    [millionday] Papatom the explanation to them was long over due and i agree    they would have done better explaining this months ago

    [Papatom] yup

    [ROBINREDHED] i agree

    [millionday] wmawhite it sure looks like it — here is the amount of  next budget they need help with

    [cookie2] But, now it’s ready

    [millionday] and it is giving them a deficit  brb with it  — this was announced at a press conference

    [millionday] Commission’s decision Mahma Khalil at a press conference attended by “obelisk” “The committee will host meetings next governor of the central bank and agency Abdul Basit Turki and staff at the bank in order to develop correct policy in the next budget,” expected to “be a balancing of the Iraqi state in 2014 more than 130 billion dollars. “

    [millionday] that is very low and obviously is with a new rate or a reality rate i should say

    [Godsalli/Jim] Why in dollars?

    [millionday] makes much more sense then the ridiculas rate they have now and they are also demanding that it is changed strategically by the governor now or be replaced by a proxy that will as we saw in the last few days reports

    [millionday] so we dont know the rate

    [Godsalli/Jim] Ok

    [millionday] ?  smile

    [Godsalli/Jim] Smiling

    [millionday] brb let me make sure i didnt miss anything     ok have to go

Millionday News 8/25/13  Sunday Night

    [millionday] we have to read this carefully — it has our answer on the reform – great — here we go

    [millionday] Receive involved in economic affairs with great satisfaction that the Council of Ministers to ratify the Law of the economic reform and send it to the House of Representatives and with this success, which took a long time to passing this stage,

but the deterioration facing the country’s economy and its environment investment and domestic production on the disagreement and productivity of individual, institutional, and methodology for government work and work ethic prevailing all of which are significant challenges facing the executive branch of the government

directly scientific and practical constructive and sober effectively targeted must be fruitful and according to the priorities for the reform and development of Iraq’s economy.

    [millionday] sheeew there is more   more like a test lol break it down a little smaller  smile

Read More Link On Right

     [millionday] Consultant in industrial development and investment Amer Issa jeweler said: responsibility seriously and challenges are great, so it is necessary to maintain the momentum of the success of the first step where it will be passed by the legislature achievement score for the current session of the House of Representatives,

which call for the Council to adopt strong, so put blocks incorporation of the implementation process as soon as the economy is collapsing constantly can not stand waiting for the continuing decline increases Ahadath and being time-consuming and non-productive.

    millionday] note — so they are calling for this to go through and as soon as that is done activating immediately

    [ROBINREDHED] very nice

    [millionday] He said the jeweler that the biggest challenge is in short time and resort to follow the new style active and constructive in establishing the bodies and councils that undertake the implementation of the economic reform process a manner completely different from government measures prevailing

which has become an obstacle to the reform and development by following the methodology of work and style and a new way and completely flexible and choose specialists according to the standards tight relies actual experience and similar activities and belonging and loyalty to the goal sought with follow-up checks and patience and flexibility procedures and

    cookie2] I like current session

    [millionday] note — meaning they need to have experts in place because it will be activated right away and be in such a rush

    [millionday] enjoy the powers of implementation and change and that there is a commitment from the new institution and its staff to achieve the Millennium installed and move on to the actual implementation on the ground and that the private sector an active role in this process and observers have otherwise been accounting, auditing and change.

The Council of Ministers approved during its regular 13.8.2013 on Economic Reform Act, which guarantees the settlement of intersections occurring in the Iraqi economic policies and the organization of economic reality, as it believes increase financial revenues on the one hand, and raising the rates of sustainable growth rates.

    [wmawhite] Experts in what?

    [millionday] note — the approval from the ministers guarantees the activation of the economic reform

    [jimplants] Current session as in tomorrow?

    [The s family] What will be activated and in a rush? I’m lost

    [ROBINREDHED] millionday i like that

    [faith1] as soon as what is done activating,,,

    [millionday] experts in accounting and calculating and economic knowledge within global boundaries

    [ROBINREDHED] The s family economic reform?

    [millionday] as soon as the economic reform is activated – robinredhed i love it

    [Godsalli/Jim] Did she say soon? Lol

    [dlherm] whoooop whoooop!

    [blackandblueberry] Holy Moly

    [Dianne777] Godsalli/Jim lol

    [ROBINREDHED] dlherm moly

    [millionday] this is very good with what we had last night with the threats of getting cbi moving as well

    [tbob] millionday are we in the current session or what do they mean?

    [millionday] this is about the timeframe – yes we are in the current session

    [millionday] Jeweler wondered who would take the process of reform and development of the real economy? And what are the plans and procedures and mechanisms of implementation and how it will be possible to put rail on the path of economic diversification, the adoption of standard time binding?,

Indicating that the reality of the country’s economy and its institutions do not bear the style of experimentation, but the development strategy with the policies and plans for the implementation schedule and objectives must be met,

where they can resort to local expertise and international at all stages of implementation. has recommended to increase the momentum of the media and the large and influential role as a participant in the event and in promoting and supporting the new organization and follow-up activities and monitor successes or not.

    [tbob] whooop whoop!!!!

    [Godsalli/Jim] Millionday it sounds great!

    [millionday] there is more

    [ROBINREDHED] ok  lets see it

    [cookie2] Now

    [millionday] note — this is being referred to as an event  lets look at all of this  one sec – international expertise at all stages of the activation of the countries economic reality and use of the media for this event — we like those words a lot – there is more – this is great dont scan it make sure to read it

    [tbob] more more we want more! — smile

    [millionday] brb with more of it

    [millionday] Media adviser to the Business Council, the Iraqi National Daoud Abdel Zair praised in an interview (morning) to approve the law of economic reform, he said: There is an urgent need to adopt the processes of economic reform through the adoption of a law regulating the economic process and contributes to the development of all economic sectors,

pointing out that the law We must work to avoid big losses incurred by the domestic economy in the private and public sector., because the old laws that were governing the era of totalitarian economy.

    [Melba] is the rv and activation the same time

    [millionday] Zair Usher need need a new law works to support the Iraqi economy and in harmony with the economic transition towards a market economy, indicating the importance that the work of law on the protection of the private sector and investments free,

as well as the trend towards the elimination of red tape that accompanies working in all sectors of production and service, it which requires a serious stand to shorten the excess and episodes that confuse the reality of work.

    [millionday] Melba they will have to set the rate to activate the economic reform and enter the globe

    [millionday] there is more

    [wmawhite] Melba ……..the change in the value of the IQD is one part of the economic reform.

    [millionday] brb with the rest of the report

    [millionday] And select members of the higher council for economic reform, passed the law said: that the selection process must be a high degree of accuracy, and are selected economic figures in real terms requires it scans for the best specialists in economic affairs because many of them stayed away from the presence in international organizations and economic unions the list

    [millionday] Because they were waiting for issuing laws contribute to the real development and regulate economic action both its production and service,

indicating that the business expertise and executive in the areas of reconstruction and construction could work to manage Thus the Council, but it must be a choice right away from the side effects.

    [millionday] note — they are saying that they need complete auditing and a huge eye from experts as they activate to make sure there are no flaws   supporting laws

    [millionday] As a member of the Economic Committee Rep. Nora Salem Bijari expressed (morning) expressed optimism in support of its for this law, which lead to a comprehensive economic reform,

indicating that Iraq needs to legislation such laws, asserting that law achieves »Renaissance» in the history of the Iraqi economy without considering to mass and partisan aspects and contribute to the advancement rate of the local economy.

    [millionday] It said a member of the committee that the country needs to enact this law, what attributes of the wealth and resources of many natural to reform its economy to move up the level of the attributes of the features, announcing the determination of its Committee on a quest to pass this law during the current legislative session to be a level befitting the Commission and the government and the coming step is good and bold direction to pass this Law to appear on the ground.

    [millionday] note — meaning they are pushing to put it through right away and change the economy of iraq

    [millionday] And called Bijari to take more bold steps to attract expertise and economic efficiencies Iraqi invested by other countries, in addition to economic figures in the country and participate in moving the national economy, so when the formation of the Supreme Council for economic reform, pointing out that in the case proceeded to the law during the current legislative session will be monitoring of the financial allocations to him within the next year’s budget 2014.

    [millionday] meaning they will also be applying this to the next budget and they need help to do it right

    [millionday] so this is fantastic and shows how much of a hurry they are in to move to a market economy and also activate the entire economic reform which includes a rate of reality – meaning the right exchange rate for the country

    [millionday] to all foreign currencies — the monetary policy ect  brb with more

    [ROBINREDHED] rate of reality is a great way to say that

    [millionday] smile lol  im careful – lol brb

    [millionday] here is where they are opening all ports to start trade —- A member of the Commission on oil and gas parliamentary Susan Saad run four berths in the northern port of Umm Qasr and the opening of number of Alkhoznip space would provide significant economic service of the country.

 It said Saad told (morning): The total area of ​​the space Alkhoznip of 90 thousand square meters, confirming it will be for these spaces economic future is promising, indicating that the larger the area of ​​warehouses at ports, it will impact on the business dealings between Iraq and other countries.

They indicated that the country suffers from a lack of warehouses in the ports and Alkhoznip spaces will have a big effect on the increase in the number of vessels calling at the ports to the presence of extra space for storage and unloading of goods

    [millionday] note — as in customs needs we have talked about

    [millionday] The Transport Minister Hadi al-Amiri has laid last Wednesday the foundation stone for the construction and operation of four berths in the port of Umm Qasr north in addition to opening arenas storage interoperable with 3 investment companies.

Pointing at the ministry statement that those achievements realized in the ports, especially the port of Umm Qasr will increase energy accommodate loads significantly, as well as expand the storage capacity and the number of Iraqi Albakharc, which will increase the revenue for the company’s financial Iraqi ports.

    [millionday] so this is very exciting to say the least and there is more  smile

    [ROBINREDHED] more? oh my

    [millionday] ok lets read this whole thing and i will talk about it at the end  —  this is about the steps ect of the economic reform law and where they are it appears

    [millionday] Economic reform in Iraq took his share of official statements and claims, parliamentary and media, and since the first day of the change and until this moment, all calls for economic reform after the distortions that hit the structure of the economy before and after the change, but the case went like this.

    [millionday] Today has received circles of economic and interested and involved in economic affairs and with satisfaction the news of approval of the Council of Ministers for the Law of the economic reform and submit it to parliament in order legislation and approval, and the most prominent in the law it is based to achieve two main goals have always revolved statements and claims Bashonehma two shift economic policy towards the open market translation of the Constitution,

 which provided to consider this approach to economic policy in Iraq and the second to establish a top economic council works on implementation of this policy and curriculum.


Baghdad (newsletter). He is a member of the Finance Committee, a Deputy from the Kurdistan blocs Coalition//Jimmy is capable, with the Iraqi and Indian sides talks to agree on the economic and trade dealings of the two countries in local currency, saying that it would support the value of the dinar and make it highly desirable. … Continue reading