9-7-13 Stryker:    Once again Forbes Blogger John Wasik posted another blog on Forbes full of false information about the dinar and Iraq called Inside The Dubious Dinar Revaluation Ruse. To read it and my counter points that I submitted to Forbes for their approval, let’s see if they will publish it. He makes several references to site owners so let us see how fair Forbes is and if they will allow a site owner to stand up to their blogger’s claims.
I and many other feel it is an attempt to control the dinar sales but I stayed with facts backed up by fact based documents, unlike he did.

Guys – As loechin did, I want to respond to MtnGoats message today. I have had discussions with her privately, and I knew that she was going to make this post today (although the depth of the content was a surprise).

Although I am in agreement with many of her statements and give her all due respect, I am still sitting on a pile of confirmations that tells me we are in a different place right now.

The underlying motivations if the PTB notwithstanding, the release is in progress and the people implementing this are doing their job. The expectation is still “immenent” but the reports include some tweaking as per Tony’s blast.

(please refer to his “ego” comments) My hope is that this is over tomorrow. I know that we all need relief from the never ending “tomorrow” intel, but that is actually what we are dealing with right now.
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I also heard a rumor today that sounded credible because of the source (thanks to heycowboy for bringing it to my attention) that stated you need to belong to a group to be able to exchange.  I confirmed through my sources that this is NOT TRUE.

 I also was able to run it by Tony (thx ALREADY BLESSED) and his statement was “That’s BS”. (and I quote…lol)  So if you are told to sign-up to a group or you will be shut-out, call it like it is… “BS”.

Once this thing goes, the IQD/N will be international and you will be able to exchange anywhere you want. Obviously if the group rates are what we are hearing, then groups will require serious consideration. But it’s your call.

So…I’m looking for big things tomorrow. And praying it will be a SUPER FANTASTIC day. Until Next time – DINARMAVEN.

9-7-2013 Adam Montana:    [Q.  Let’s say IQD became tradeable currency and RV’d to 1:1, do you think banks will embrace this and accept exchanges considering the stability of IQD? Is it possible to have 1:1 (just an example) and suddenly drop its value?]A.  I agree with BOTH. I think the banks will embrace it, because there is money to be made…. and it could indeed drop it’s value again. This is exactly why I will not commit to cashing out at a certain value or holding out for a certain value either.

    [millionday] parliament

    [millionday] House of Representatives for the Iraqi coalition, Muhammad Al-Khalidi Council keen on the enactment of the event and arrival retirement from the government and as soon as possible.

 He said al-Khalidi at a press conference devoted to the achievements of the Council during the previous period in the House of Representatives attended reporter Agency {Euphrates News} today, “said the achievements of the House of Representatives electoral cycle second was legislation 195 law, as well as the second reading for 39″ law, and the first reading of 55 legally ” .

    [millionday] He said al-Khalidi, “As for the Dedicated was 51 Hosting attended the officials and 27 host did not attend them,” noting that “the interrogations that got the number was 6 interviews, three of which did not attend the officials and the two attended in and now there are questioning one will be in the coming period.”

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  He added that “the Council will also discuss the presence of deputies and their absence from the hearings and the performance of Parliament in general.” ‘

    [millionday] what?  lol


    [millionday] and i said blah blah blah blah  brb with more — hopefully that makes sense lol

    [ROBINREDHED] me too

    [millionday] parliament smile

    [millionday] Expect MPs to be voting on the election law during a session of the House of Representatives on Monday , especially after getting consensus big thereon between the various blocs , which agreed on the need to pass as a result of the proximity of a number of the elections ,

 while the session saw on Saturday displayed the achievements of Parliament and its standing committees , and discussion of the Council ‘s budget for next year.

    [millionday] The deal comes to pass the election law, after numerous calls launched by the religious authority in Iraq , and urged parliament to speed up the passage of the law could meet the aspirations of the people in the next election , expressing in many cases, refusing to work the system of ” list Amoqlh or constituency ” one ,

something which prompted the parliamentary Legal to discuss the proposals of the political blocs on the paragraphs of the electoral law, during a meeting with her ​​hoping his residence this Sunday , according to the decision of Parliament Mohammed al-Khalidi, who stressed that the law will include two modes of action , namely, the “St. Lego Havandnt .”

    [millionday] Leader of the Kurdistan Alliance , Mahmoud Othman , said the ” Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ,” The meeting on Monday will vote on the Parliamentary Elections Act , explaining that the shape of the electoral system will be determined by a vote of the political blocs on the options that are included in the new law .

” The MP pointed to the existence of ” the insistence by all the political blocs to hold elections as scheduled without delay, noting that ” included all the proposals that shape the electoral system in the form of law and members of parliament vote will determine the final version and settle the debate . “

    [millionday] nice — so they meet sunday and vote monday

    millionday] He expressed Osman, support the mass of the electoral system , which it is hoped to make Iraq one circle and lists open, pointing to a discrepancy in the views of some of the blocks on the amendments and the law,

is that the law will be decided within the prescribed period to enable the Commission preparing for the upcoming elections without delay for benefits the next electoral ” .

He Osman , “The political blocs have expressed a desire to pass the law during September this without delay , in order to give a chance for the UN High Commissioner for elections to be able to pre-configuration for the upcoming parliamentary elections , which are

    [millionday] note — this means that the law will allow the electoral commission to put in the info they are voting on and the content decided without it causing delay — that is the ammended or part of the amended part they are voting on and this is demanded by the un to be done right away

    [millionday] so that is why this is good

    [millionday] hoping it to be held within six months or more .” And Abizaid MP ” that the House of Representatives succeeded in the legislation of a number of important laws in the current session of concern to the citizen and the Iraqi reality ,

 but the problem lies in the application and implementation of legislation and not passed .” For his part, MP for the Iraqi List, Dr. Talal Zobaie for ” Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, ” complete proposals for the law, which has been read twice and included proposals of the political blocs , leaving only the vote , explaining that dominated political blocs agreed to pass to hold the elections as scheduled . “

    millionday] note — this is saying — in order to make everything work together — the important laws they have on the agenda are being done differently —

    [millionday] they are getting them all ready one at a time to be ready to vote all at once — sounds like a basket — because one law relies on the other to make it compliant to the law

    [millionday] He Zobaie that ” the views of the political blocs differed on the electoral system , which can make Iraq in one circle or circles multiple , but everyone agreed on the need to have the law the level of ambition and bring to the citizens choices in a fair and gives a large area of ​​freedom of voters to achieve his ambition electoral .

” In turn, supported the MP Nabil Hrbo in an interview for ” Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, ” speed up the vote on the law , pointing out that “all the political blocs agreed on the approval and not to delay it , especially that

    millionday] the country is on the verge of the parliamentary elections, called on everyone to agree on the paragraphs of the law in order to give opportunity for the Electoral Commission to be able to work on the organization of the maturity correctly.

” And Adyav ” There are many proposals on the law , including the increase of the quota seats , and the electoral system , noting that” the resolution of all issues related to the law is left to the political blocs . “

    [millionday] note — meaning that everything has to go through the process together

    [millionday] today>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Council of Representatives , on Saturday , its the 18 headed by Osama Najafi, and was attended by 224 deputies, saw display achievements Parliament and the permanent parliamentary committees , and to discuss the Council ‘s budget for next year.

A statement issued by the information department of the Council received the ( morning) a copy of it: “The House of Representatives lift, on Saturday , its the 18 of the first legislative term of the legislative year fourth to on Monday ,” noting that “the meeting saw the display achievements of the parliament and parliamentary committees Standing in the second election cycle . “

    [millionday] The statement added that ” the meeting also saw discussion of the House of Representatives budget for fiscal year 2014 .” The decision of the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Khalidi , the Council stressed the legislation during the current session of 195 law , noting that the Council will be amendments to the pension law in order enacted after arriving in the Parliament.

    [millionday] He Khalidi during a press conference held on Saturday, the parliament building , attended by ” morning”, that Parliament was able during the current session of the legislation 195 legally , by a number of readings first bills amounted to 55 reading , and 39 second reading.

 Said decision the House of Representatives , hosting Parliament 51 officials attended the meetings , and questioned three officials , while not present for the questioning of officials two, and expected to cross-examine the Council one of the officials during the coming period . “

 He Khalidi that” the Council will discuss during its next Multi attend the House of Representatives and their absence and performance during the past period . “

    [millionday] so since they are doing it this way — 55 laws were read the first time and 39 the second— they will either address them with reading tomorrow or monday and then vote them through with all of them ready on the next session all at once

    millionday] sounds like with these all being citizen laws — or for the citizen i should say that they are in a hurry to get them all done at once and on time — what ever time that is  —  smile

    [millionday] interesting week this will be with all of these laws going through at once — cant wait to see what they are — and know this — they always report what they are — very strange that they dont have them listed  brb with more

    [millionday] Messenger said in a press statement that the relationship between the federal government and the provincial government is good and where there is a kind of quiet. He added: that the reason for non-activation of committees formed to discuss the contentious issues due to the election of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region and preoccupation with the Kurdish groups election.

Said MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs to: that some of those differences will be resolved during the current parliamentary session, or is placed on the right way to solve it in the next parliamentary session .

The MP for / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Sirwan Ahmed, expressed his pessimism of activating the committees formed between the federal government and the provincial government because of procrastination by al-Maliki,

Saying: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki procrastinating activate the committees formed between the federal government and the provincial government, unlikely to do these committees during the current parliamentary session

    [millionday] so they are saying here that all is well and they dont have the committee formed because maliki hasnt gotten it done — this is the one that is made up of kurds and fed to keep everything calm

    millionday] this was from the g20 meeting when they were demanding for monetary policy changes for the US of A — i like the final statement

    [millionday] And said Andre Bockarev the director of the International Department of the Ministry of Finance who participated in the drafting of the final statement in a statement to Reuters “the most difficult discussions and the longest was the assessment of the state of the global economy.”

The final statement said “in the face of increasing financial volatility developing markets agree to take the necessary measures to support growth and maintain stability and includes efforts to improve basic factors and increase resilience to external shocks and strengthen financial systems.”

    [millionday] we would like very much for developing markets to take the necessary measures – smile  ok well i dont see anything else we care about

    millionday] the announcement of the launch of the infrastructure is very intriguing to say the least so we shall see what comes from that announcement — it would make all the citizens very happy –

 and we are also happy that the economic committee is calling for the economic reform be done right away — we shall watch to see what that brings as well — smile

    millionday] well there we have it for tonights news — smile


    [millionday] it really does sound great —

    [dlherm] Thanks Million! It does really sound good! Can’t wait for it to be done!!

    [millionday] there you are girl — what you think — pretty interesting isnt it —  i like the basket coming around — and the launch of infrastructure? Wow has me smiling too my friend those are some pretty big press statements  smile

Millionday News 9/7/13

    [millionday] ok here we go  this is a response to waiting until the beginning of the year

    [millionday] Financial representative exclude delete zeros from currency early next year The Finance Committee rejected, delete zeros from currency early next year/2014/said Committee member Rep. nagiba Naguib, told Baghdadi/news.

“The Finance Committee did not discuss the subject delete zeros during the past period As the need to take action and, at the same time excluded implemented early next year, Najib said “delete zeros from currency or tghirrha is necessary by not rigging and falsification of currency as well as strengthen the monetary value and easy to transport”, calling “the executive authorities walchriah to work on this project as soon as possible.”

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  the Central Bank said earlier that this year will see the implementation of the project to delete zeros from the currency.

    [millionday] representative of the economic committee they are saying they want it done right now and it is not a good idea to wait at all and that is not what they have requested brb with more  smile

    millionday] there was a press statement today and it is a doooseee  smile

    [millionday] See Economists indicators are encouraging the achievement of Iraq’s significant economic growth anticipated, according to specialists, it comes through the drilling sites of oil estimated quantity of about 350 billion barrels and additional drilling operations in more than 450 fields in different parts of Iraq, containing more than 530 geological complexes storing vast oil reserves.

 A member of the Chamber of Industry Baghdad Nabil خدور, citing a report issued by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said that Iraq will witness a growth in production GDP to reach 10.5 percent, followed by China with 7.7 percent.

    [millionday] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Said in a press statement that Iraq launched National Development Plan Five 2010 – 2014, which aims to reduce disparities and barriers between urban and rural areas, and the establishment of infrastructure and the provision of social services and jobs, and increase the GDP to 9 percent.

The International Monetary Fund forecast in a report issued in March last year to grow the Iraqi economy rate of 9 percent during the year 2013, and warned the Fund to the country’s need for means to better control government spending and work to end the spending outside the scope of the budget.

Believes oil expert Alaa al-Asadi from the center of the fire eternal Development and development of oil in a press statement that

    [millionday] Iraq “will be the focus energy in the coming years, according to the report issued by the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Arabic in Beirut last year, which confirms that Iraq possessed stockpiles tremendous amount of oil and gas.”

 adds Asadi “There 415 undiscovered sites in Iraq is increasing its reserves of 215 billion barrels and there is a wealth of gas, “points out that European countries have expressed interest in this field.

    [millionday] very nice — brb

    [ROBINREDHED] but what does it all mean?????????

    [millionday] back

    [cookie2] Get R done!

    [wilbur48] More moneylol

    [ROBINREDHED] good grief, they have tons of money already i mean im glad they will have MORE.BUT

    millionday] it means that they have activated the country plan and launched it and are obviously opening the budget

    millionday] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. which aims to reduce disparities and barriers between urban and rural areas, and the establishment of infrastructure and the provision of social services and jobs, and increase the GDP to 9 percent.

    [millionday] the establishment of infrastructure means the activation of the contracts for rebuilding the country

    [millionday] so this is very big — very — if it means that they are setting the rate — i am not prepared to throw myself under the bus but it sure does look encouraging to me

    [millionday] this is one of those moments where you hold your breath and wonder if it is what it sounds like

    [ROBINREDHED] it means they are setting the rv rate?

    [millionday] i said if  lol i cant imagine why it would not but we shall see what else we have to look at

    [millionday] smile  – how could they move with the infrastructure without setting the rate for outside contracts ? hmmmm — we have to look at more


    [millionday] remember this was a press statement to the citizens very exciting so let me see what else i have  i have one thing to say

    [ROBINREDHED] listening

    [TheEvent] Sounds very encouraging buy could still means many months away…

    [millionday] there is a report out that is not translated yet by me but i have been told that it is out stating that the ministry of commerce has cancelled their vacation due to the things happening right now —

    [millionday] it says i am told it is due to foreign contracts and transactions but i will have to verify it

    [jimplants] vacation is massive to them  its the first word they learn

    [hstrymknwmn] Jim ya got that right lol

    [millionday] The Event if it wasnt the 2013 budget they are talking about maybe — but it appears that they are talking about this year and we are running out of this year  brb with more news

    [millionday] A member of the Economic Commission MP Ibrahim stirrup , the need to approve the economic reform law for large importance to support the economy and investment .

The stapes in a press statement that the law of economic reform and since approved by the Council of Ministers is not enabled and is limping and non- followers by the Economic Commission .

Said : that during a meeting of the committee with economic advisers in the government confirmed the existence of the failure of a large this law represented foundations , controls and floors which must be based by private industry , agriculture and investment law.

    [millionday] He pointed out : that this law will contribute to the development and support of the economy, especially as the economy has suffered in the previous period of delay largely due to terrorist attacks and corrupt files.

Noted that the Council of Ministers approved the draft law on economic reform, the federal auditor by the State Council, and forwarded to the Representatives based on the provisions of articles (61 / First and item 80 / item II) of the Constitution.

    [millionday] this is the economic committee calling to have it done right now and that it is very large — meaning the economic reform and needs to be done now — brb in five —

    [millionday] i want to look at this with you — i remember when it was signed and this looks like it is being activated further here we go

    [millionday] Initiative is the Extractive Industries Transparency . Of the most important directions of the government to control oil revenues and verify that the information about them in collaboration with the Ministry of Oil and produced with the participation of companies and the supervision of the Office of international scrutiny .

    millionday] note — this is an international transparency tool

    [millionday] The economist said Bassem Jamil Antoine that the issue of transparency in the extractive industries occupied a special significance in the last decade after it was heavy toll this wealth is far from the eyes of their people, pointing out that they were the preserve of the rulers who run the country.

 It was Iraq for many years without supervision on production and oil revenues. It was preceded by the unilateral domination of the international oil companies on this wealth and act as the local governments in these countries

    [millionday] He pointed out that the emergence of the initiative, the Extractive Industries Transparency to play an important role in the follow-up oil and gas industry , mining and limiting the financial and administrative corruption through the application of the principles and standards of the initiative.

Was the Global Initiative for transparency in extractive industries has announced in Johannesburg in September 2002, which is a protocol international required the signatory states of the adoption of accurate global standards in trading revenues national wealth extracted from the ground and oil , the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) in addition to many countries and international civil society organizations .

    [millionday] note — they are explaining that it is part of the global act of pulling oil from the earth and also the maintaining of the government logs of such

    [millionday] Has committed to the Iraqi government formally implement the initiative in May 2008, and then launch an initiative Extractive Industries Transparency in Baghdad in January 2010 when he announced the Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki, Iraq’s commitment to this initiative has been the International Council for the initiative by announcing that Iraq has become a candidate country within Transparency Initiative extractive industries after several meetings.

 said Antoine due to its Iraq oil and gas reserves and mineral resources made ​​it the world ‘s third largest oil reserves in the world, and shares of the application of the standard transparency Initiative at the present time .

    [millionday] note — so they joined the global initiative in 2010

    [millionday] He pointed out that the benefits of the initiative transparency in Alastforeigh industries is to ensure the use of a larger portion of the revenue generated by oil revenues and mineral resources for the benefit of the country , and is one of the most prominent basics of transparency .

And a means to strengthen oversight and accountability to the state budget , it can also be reports Initiative Extractive Industries Transparency powerful tools for explaining the citizens of the amount of الامول that Tsthsalha government and how to spend that money ,

noting that this initiative led in some cases to restore the government to fund an unknown destination or for payments been allocated for foreign companies.

    [millionday] note — we are looking at this to see if they are announcing it for a change or just sharing this with the citizens right now  – obviously this is an international organization that iraq is active in

    [millionday] He Antoine saying: that the benefits of the initiative extends to strengthen the state’s position at the signing of international treaties and conventions – to get loans – exemption from debt , similar to other basic criteria in the assessment of a civil state and the States wishing to sign international treaties and conventions , or in obtaining loans or seeking exemption from debt accumulated ,

enhance the anti- corruption and good governance more broadly , referring to the possibility of the initiative process revealed to hide illegal practices or corrupt more difficult by improving transparency in the area where confidential be ordered familiar with it .

And their ability to be a precedent for improving the concept of transparency in other government areas .

    [millionday] note — we should look at the conventions they have been signing of late and know that this is part of the reasoning behind these multiple conventions — makes sense

    [millionday] note — here is the purpose — to improve openness and trust with the citizens

    [millionday] He pointed to the importance of building trust among citizens in public institutions and selection of professionals in the initiative of transparency efficiencies able to improve the openness and public debate about how to receive the government’s revenues and spending ,

when the citizens feel empowered by reasons of force and that they better call the political process and more confident that their interests into consideration when government decision-making . increased ,

saying : he benefits from the initiative work is also to reduce the discounts between governments, businesses and communities , and since it includes actual changes on the ground and work from outside the community and sometimes from outside the states, there is a tendency to occur discounts lead in extreme cases to the conflict.

    ROBINREDHED] ok  ok  sorry it took a while to show up  so i said it twice

    [millionday] this makes sense due to the citizens are probably questioning how they will know if they are getting what they have coming to them -here is something else that makes sense and is right on time — now look at this

    [millionday] ROBINREDHED me too — going a little slow — smile

    [millionday] this is for the stakeholders and makes perfect sense to see this report in the media today

    [millionday] And between Antoine that the initiator transparency in the extractive industries require the active participation of large segments of the stakeholders.

 Because he knew the book of reference for the initiative of transparency in the extractive industries that they are : individuals and communities , groups and organizations that have an interest in the output of the initiative of transparency in the extractive industries and those who can influence them .

    [millionday] so they should through telecommunications (internet) have access to who is doing business and who is gaining and all the revenues to ensure trust with verification  smile

    [millionday] makes sense with where they are and the things they are reporting to the citizens

PART 2 CONTINUED  {Link will be activated when Part 2 is published}
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[Already Blessed] kogarris New mod is a Close, Trusted Personal friend of Tony and TNT…many of you knew him at 3S also


[ArizonaHeat] Already Blessed may i make a small post that may hekp all of why im here to help ?

[ArizonaHeat] one I’ve been in this for a gazzilon years , way too long, I’ve heard every single theory in the book, Iknow about planes landing, I know about ASN,  I know about NO MORE WEEKENDS, glitches, algrythms and every acronym known to mankind, one thing  I do know is that TNT and the crew here have what it takes to make the right post and to make sure the post here are relevant

 [biskit] ArizonaHeat I remember when you cut away from 3s, did you disagree with the intel that was being reported?

[ArizonaHeat] biskit no, i was lets say (out of town for a bit)

[Pastorjedi] ArizonaHeat we are ready, missed you for a long time
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[ArizonaHeat] One thing you need to realize is that most of the intel brought to Tony is high level, its so tough to bring it to you all without burning a contact or even worse

[herenow] Does anyone besides me have a hard time understanding why a person who continually breaks his promises to authorize the RV is still believed by people at the other 3-letter agency? And does anyone know who that person is who keeps breaking his promises? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me four times, shame on me.

 [ArizonaHeat] herenow ok now you have posted that twice, what is the point of it and how can i help

[herenow] ArizonaHeat Would love to hear someone else’s thought on that. That’s all. Very troubling and frustrating.

[ArizonaHeat] herenow how long have you been invested, be honest and i can explain it

[herenow] ArizonaHeat Two plus years. Not here to cause trouble. Just finding some things hard to swallow.

[ArizonaHeat] herenow ok, 2 years and i dont think your causing trouble,, ok here it goes……………….you first bought the dinar thinking it was over , you probably thought you just made the deadline to purchase your dinar, you sat by the computer waiting to hear it is over, well that didnt happen, so you kept optomism up and had a great 6 months of any day. well that turned into confusion, confusion turned into doubt and doubt turned into frustration. sound about right?

[herenow] ArizonaHeat Yes, but really, this is not the first time I’ve been frustrated. The story just doesn’t make sense.

[ArizonaHeat] herenow they never do because we only want the end result, we only want the pay out, the problem is most intel that ive heard from other people is pure nonsense. im not bashing so dont take my next sentence that way, but bluewolf was telling us all (any second now ) two years ago. others said ( no more weekends) simple things that amp you up just to let you down,

[Pastorjedi] Arizona, I cant’s believe that Tony is allowed to give us what he does

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[petejiv] allone asked about advantages and disadvantages of group signings

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[LaGal] Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak

[LaGal] Did you ever stop and wonder…Why the professor on Gilligan’s Island can make a radio out of coconut, but can’t he fix a hole in a boat?


[KIRKWOOD] Ok with all of this time..3years…with all of the bugs worked out and all saying no problems….with banks people shwoing up all of the time…with 600 TRILL…. OK… All people gone to reno the whales?… With the samd box saying on their tv that it will rv by their SAT….WITH tony saying sand box saying going international,,,,,, so i guess it will be sunday the 8th…remember the number 8….SO with all of this said ….IT better be when we walk UP…. Rv rv rv (

09-07-13 Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Economic Committee, MP//Ibrahim Al-Rikabi, the need for economic reform act of great importance to support the economy and investment.
Rikabi said (News Agency): economic reform and law since passed by the Cabinet and is not activated and stumbled and follow-up by the Commission.
He added that during his meeting with economic advisers in Government confirmed the existence of the failure by this law is the basis of the controls and the flooring must be reliable, especially industry and agriculture, and investment law.
Said: that this law will contribute to the development and support of the economy, especially since our economy has suffered in the past from reluctance because of terrorist operations and corrupt files.
The Cabinet approved the draft law on economic reform, Federal auditor by the State Council, and submitted it to the Parliament on the basis of the provisions of articles (61/item first and 80/item 2) of the Constitution.


09-07-13 Baghdad: Network Akhbaralarac – connects economists and Naftyon Iraqi optimism to achieve their country’s strong economic growth anticipated, provided political stability, drilled 115 locations oil estimated quantities estimated at 350 billion barrels and additional drilling operations in more than 450 fields in different parts of Iraq, which contain more of 530 geological complexes stored oil reserves are enormous.
says a member of Chamber of Industry Baghdad Nabil خدور, citing a report issued by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said that Iraq will witness a growth in production of GDP up to 10. 5%, followed by China with 7. 7%. said خدور ” Iraq was launched in May 2010 National Development Plan Five 2010-2014, which aims to reduce disparities and barriers between urban and rural areas, and the establishment of infrastructure and securing social services and jobs, and increase the GDP to 9%. “
and the International Monetary Fund forecast in a report issued in Twenty of last March to grow the Iraqi economy rate of 9% during the year 2013, and warned Fund Baghdad to the need to better ways to control government spending and work to end the spending outside the scope of the budget. says oil expert Alaa al-Asadi from the center of the fire eternal development and development of oil Iraq “It will be the focus energy in the coming years, according to the report issued by the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Arabic in Beirut last year, which confirms that Iraq possessed stockpiles tremendous amount of oil and gas. ”
adds Asadi “There are 415 locations unexplored in Iraq is increasing reserves of 215 billion barrels and there is a wealth of gas, “points out that European countries have expressed interest in this field. , says an expert in the oil ministry Ghalib Maimouni The capacity of oil refineries will increase from the current level of 600 thousand barrels per day to 750 thousand barrels, and despite the fact that Iraq’s production exceeds the currently 2. 0008 million barrels a day, the highest since thirty years, the country – by the same speaker – still lacks the necessary means to transport crude oil to مصافيه which is located at great distances from the workhorses, and to avoid, there are plans to build four new refineries to increase refining capacity to 1. 5 million barrels per day within four years.
believes a professor of economics at the University of Baghdad, Ahmed Al-Mutairi that “all the evidence and facts on the ground as well as plans that are being implemented suggest that the importance of Iraqi oil will soon stabilize the country’s political and security” he said, adding the island revealed that production will reach 12 million barrels per day by the year 2020, accounting for 12% of total global production.