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New pipeline in works to transport Iraqi oil to Turkey

Ankara and Baghdad are working toward building a new oil pipeline with the capacity to transport one million barrels per day from Iraq’s Kirkuk fields to the Turkish border.

“The Iraqi government is now examining tenders for the new oil pipeline between Iraqi and Turkey, after having finished with the engineering and technical studies,” Iraqi Ministry of Oil spokesperson Assem Jihad told Al-Monitor recently.

He added that construction will probably get underway in 2020.

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By John Lee.

At a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has reportedly rejected the resignation of the health minister Ala Al Alwan (pictured).

Citing problems with blackmail and corruption, it was the minister’s second attempt to resign, having been persuaded to remain after a previous attempt in March.

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(Source: The National)

By John Lee.

Foreign Minister Mohamad A. Alhakim has received a copy of the credentials of Swedish Ambassador to Iraq Mr. Lars Ronnås.

The two sides discussed bilateral relations and ways of enhancing them to serve the interests of the two friendly peoples.

Minister Alhakim expressed Baghdad’s aspiration for a greater role for Sweden in various fields, stressing Baghdad’s interest in enhancing communication between officials of the two countries and opening channels for bilateral cooperation, calling for the need to continue working to raise the levels of coordination and consultation at all levels.

Minister Alhakim expressed the readiness of the Foreign Ministry to provide all facilities to the diplomatic mission to achieve the common interests of the two countries.

(Source: Iraqi Foreign Ministry)

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The United Nations has advertised new positions in Iraq:

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By John Lee.

The United Nations has advertised new positions in Iraqi Kurdistan:

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