Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (Nasdaq: CMTL) announced on Monday that during its first quarter of fiscal 2019, its Orlando, Florida-based subsidiary, Comtech Systems, Inc., which is part of Comtech’s Government Solutions segment, has received a $9.1 million sole-sourced contract from The Program Executive Office (PEO) Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I), International C4I Integration Program Office (PMW 740), to supply equipment and services in support of an existing C4I Surveillance and Reconnaissance Maritime Surveillance System owned by the Iraqi Navy.

Comtech will be supplying thermal imaging radar in conjunction with Comtech’s advanced digital troposcatter communications systems and backhaul microwave terminals. The communications network will provide radar and sensor data to an existing Command and Control facility.

In commenting on this important award, Fred Kornberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp., stated:

“I am excited to be able to announce this important contract with a new foreign government end customer. While the sales cycles for opportunities of this type are long, this win is further evidence that demand for troposcatter equipment around the world is growing. We look forward to working with the U.S. FMS and Iraqi Navy on this and future opportunities.”

Comtech Systems, Inc. ( specializes in system design, integration, supply and commissioning of turnkey communication systems including over-the-horizon microwave, line-of-sight microwave and satellite.

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. designs, develops, produces and markets innovative products, systems and services for advanced communications solutions. The Company sells products to a diverse customer base in the global commercial and government communications markets.

Certain information in this press release contains statements that are forward-looking in nature and involve certain significant risks and uncertainties. Actual results could differ materially from such forward-looking information. The Company’s Securities and Exchange Commission filings identify many such risks and uncertainties. Any forward-looking information in this press release is qualified in its entirety by the risks and uncertainties described in such Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

(Source: Comtech)

Iraq is negotiating with the U.S. for exemptions from the impending snap-back of sanctions against Iran, arguing that it could not cut consumption of Iranian electricity and natural gas immediately without suffering serious economic harm and social instability.

An Iraqi delegation was in Washington last week seeking a waiver for its cross-border trade, meeting with senior officials in the State Department, Treasury Department, and National Security Council, according to multiple officials familiar with the talks.

More details here from Iraq Oil Report (subscription required)

(Source: Iraq Oil Report)

Iraq is negotiating with the U.S. for exemptions from the impending snap-back of sanctions against Iran, arguing that it could not cut consumption of Iranian electricity and natural gas immediately without suffering serious economic harm and social instability.

An Iraqi delegation was in Washington last week seeking a waiver for its cross-border trade, meeting with senior officials in the State Department, Treasury Department, and National Security Council, according to multiple officials familiar with the talks.

More details here from Iraq Oil Report (subscription required)

(Source: Iraq Oil Report)

Police officers in Garmiyan [Garmian] Administration have completed a two-day training course organized by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) Human Rights Office (HRO) on core human rights principles relating to police work.

The training course on 18 and 19 September, entitled “Rights of Persons Under Investigation,” was part of a series of activities by UNAMI HRO to support regional institutions and civil society organizations in protecting and promoting human rights in the Kurdistan Region.

The course was attended by 21 officers from the Kalar Directorate of Police and Assayish (Security) and directorates of police in the surrounding districts like Kifri, Darbandkihan and Rizgari within Garmiyan Administration.

The training course examined general principles and concepts of human rights law, including United Nations reporting and review mechanisms and state obligations. It also addressed the rights of detained persons under international, Iraqi, and Kurdistan Regional law, and the role of police in protecting the rights of freedom of expression and assembly.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Nedim Osmanagic of the UNAMI Human Rights Office, expressed the hope that the training course would help participants to see human rights law as a tool, and the United Nations as a partner, to perform their important work to the highest standards.

At the end of the course HRO distributed the Human Rights Booklet on the Core 9 international human rights treaties among the participants.

(Source: UNAMI)

Small denominations of currency


Mustafa Mohamed Ibrahim
Economists define money as anything acceptable general acceptance of payment for economic goods or services, or for the repayment of

Money is the basic part of human life, especially after the end of the barter can not eat or drink or spend his work only with the availability of money has, after this simple illustration in this article explains the role of the Central Bank not to put it for small cash categories (250, 500) This is what I hear from most of the public when we rent a car or when we buy clothes or food.

Economic researchers are talking about why the central bank did not print small (new) monetary categories and which department is responsible for the currency.

The answer to this question is that I did not defend the Central Bank and did not make any effort in this matter, despite the fact that it is an important and sensitive subject.

There is a claim that the most important function of the Central Bank is issuing the currency.

I disagree with them on this point. The center is printing the Iraqi currency in the best printing presses in the world, namely (Germany) and therefore there is a department of issuance and the treasury is responsible for issuing and follow up this money, especially

The 250 currency currency has a life to reprint and the cash currency (500) has the same age to be reprinted.

The central is to replace the most used (damaged) cash categories (250, 500) from the public and banks without a commission. This is a step towards achieving The stability of the bank will be carried out by the Central Bank

In addition to the withdrawal of a large amount of categories (damaged) from the public daily, the Department of the issuance and cabinets in the Central Bank of Iraq to withdraw these categories damaged from the public and replace them with new categories and then press and puncture and tearing in the sites of the Department of the issuance and then print new categories with
their cost .

The centralist has a great responsibility and is capable of this task, where he works to follow the reality of the cash circulation, and takes into account the circulation of the small group and non-acceptance of the damaged ones in simple daily transactions, so the solution was to work to put the
required categories .

Proposals for the Government Economic Program 2018-2022


Amer Al-Jawahiri
The Government’s responsibility for the constitutional period 2018-2022 includes the commitment and actual work to provide the best services and work diligently to ensure that the socio-economic development of Iraq is taken for the near, medium and long term as part of the successive phases of the country’s management, and the responsibility of each government to take into account the development of building blocks for the continuity of development and development. .

The abundance of pledges without procedures, with red tape, bureaucracy and corruption, has led to the loss of opportunities for development and progress, a clear institutional decline in many joints, loss of funds, increased difficulty of improvement and economic diversification, and the utilization of specialists and other factors led to despair, frustration and reluctance to actively participate in the challenge.

Development, construction and reconstruction, as well as economic deterioration, which increased the degree of dependence on oil revenues with the increasing impact of administrative imbalance.

The responsibility of the next government, supported by the House of Representatives, has a historical character and requires the fingerprinting of institutions, individuals and individuals. We recommend that the government program be included in the following axes.

Representatives of the private sector and independent civil society should participate in the final status consultations and ensure their participation in monitoring, monitoring, evaluation and evaluation. The program can be enhanced by visions from other angles:

1. Act resolutely to achieve the rule of law and eliminate any violations of the rights, freedoms, safety and property of citizens, and to identify procedural steps, such as the application of a strict traffic regime, the fight against encroachment on sidewalks and streets and their cleanliness, the cultivation of green areas and the environment; Respecting the employee assigned to the public service by providing the best performance.

2. The highest levels of interest in social values ​​and ethics, work, production, productivity, cooperative spirit, preservation of the environment, public and aesthetic properties and cleanliness of the street and the city through intensive special procedures that address all aspects of life and through all educational, cultural, organizational and religious institutions and public and private institutions.

And their representatives in dialogues and consultations on the basic issues, including the fight against corruption and social action on the street and accept the other and attention to culture and the arts in all areas and try to find opportunities for wide entertainment of luxury Mtem .

3. Develop and take decisive action to fight corruption according to a clear detailed program including the institutional method, who will do what and how and the timetable for implementation with the design of a method to monitor the investigations and follow up and correct the implementation, including accounting for the type, speed and cost of the public service and the cutting of the hand and the awareness and fight against the turn of the corrupt,

And institutions, to ride the new wave through the new entities they created and from the post-"hasty" portal as the real "advocate" is the scourge of corruption and climbers, the loss of the rule of law and the degradation of societal values.

4. Develop and implement a rehabilitation plan for all government cadres to improve their capacities, performance, productivity, creative spirit and cooperative values ​​towards the achievement of every employee’s duty as quickly and as efficiently as possible and with high flexibility, and the need to ensure that government institutions achieve the maximum productivity and the best quality and the best and fastest service.

5. Meeting the municipal services for all regions by improving their productivity around the clock for individuals and mechanisms and organizing a program of competition between regions, districts, and governorates to achieve these activities, whichever is the most beautiful.

6. Adopting the methodology of development and the development of the country’s economy and services on the priority level and the required procedures, including the formation of the Supreme Council for Economic Affairs (expanded), whose membership is a high level of specialists from governmental and private institutions, civil society, trade unions, farmers and academics,

And the binding opinion on the policies, programs and major projects with follow-up and ensure implementation, the most experienced management and reporting to the Prime Minister and effectively communicate with the House of Representatives, and can form a sub-sectoral process teams of the Council to follow up the implementation and Assessment and evaluation,

the Council and the status of the Council of State has the blessing of the House of Representatives and has a fleeting permanence of governments that come to the continuation of policies, plans and strategies to develop each of which touches and addenda that fit with the latest developments.

7. It is possible to form a mini-cabinet to discuss and decide on the strategic issues in addition to the Economic Affairs Committee. It is clear that there is a need for a Higher Tourism Council, the Industrial Coordination Council, the Higher Agricultural Council, the Private Sector Development Council and the Energy Affairs Council.

What is important is the interlock between these councils.

8. An independent team of forecasting and risk analysis should be established, preferably with the Council of Ministers or the Council of Ministers.

It can coordinate its activities with the Supreme Council for Economic Affairs and thus an important team to present recommendations and opinions in various activities related to the country.

It does not change, but it is possible to develop its capabilities and increase its membership with increasing challenges.

9. The Government shall commit to implement the National Development Plan 2018-2022 through a special team to follow up its implementation in coordination with the implementation of sectoral strategies and the commitment of all ministries to implement their interrelated commitments and plans.

10 – Stay away from the encirclement of Iraq loans and the Supreme Council for Economic Affairs to develop appropriate financial policies and policies, including reducing and eliminate waste outlets and resort to various means of financing, including the methodology of partnership with the private sector and when the need to borrow to finance the implementation of productive projects paid by the profits.

11. Develop a comprehensive, targeted and decisive environmental policy that includes education, education and awareness-raising with mass campaigns that involve the participation of all to care for the health of their children and grandchildren and the cleanliness and beauty of their cities.

12. Develop and implement a humanitarian policy, targeted and decisive for the treatment of slums and stopping their extensions, taking into account the comprehensive and sustainable economic development in the districts and governorates and the social repercussions related to the rule of law.

13. Forming a high-level national team to address the repercussions of the decline in the working and investment environment, to provide remedies, to make decisions, to take measures, to follow up and evaluate their results, and to cooperate with the Supreme Council for Economic Affairs in coordination with cultural and tourism activities and the comprehensive community system.

The attractiveness of investment according to the mechanism must be implemented, including reconsideration of the justifications and components and mechanism of work and objectives of the formation of the Supreme Committee for Investment.

14. The Supreme Council for Economic Affairs shall instruct and follow up on the obligation of the sectoral ministries to implement the approved strategies, through a mechanism and structure as stated in the recommendations of each strategy with the establishment of a high-level coordination group to follow up and implement all strategies to reach a comprehensive rescue plan approved by the federal government with the support of all Local governments and the region and then approved by the House of Representatives to take the nature of the binding law of the campaign "Iraq 2030"

for subsequent governments to be a comprehensive long-term cross-government program monitors and follows and evaluates by a solid committee emanating from the Council participates in Representatives of government institutions, the private sector, civil society and trade unions.

15. Not to speed up the legislation of drafts of laws previously sent to the House of Representatives in its previous session and withdraw them for re-examination by involving representatives of private sector institutions, civil society, trade unions and specialists according to a specific mechanism and timing to ensure wider participation of stakeholders to comprehensive and comprehensive legislation in order to avoid shortcomings in their legislation.

An important mechanism for the implementation of laws and legislation to achieve prosperity and services and participation of citizens to achieve development and reconstruction and improve services and improve the competitiveness of Iraq.

16- To nominate a bright and resolute national figure assisted by an integrated team of experts and support from the legal, legal, security, institutional, political and organizational institutions to manage the file of retrieving and controlling all government properties and lifting illegal behavior in order to act for the public interest inevitably without favoritism of any party.
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