The order in which this should go down and why:

 Passage of the stalled laws as they call them in order of importance:

Oil & Gas Law, also known as the HCL (hydrocarbon law)

The most important law Iraq has, it mostly includes the provincial percentages that each province gets paid per year. It includes how contractors are paid and the citizen’s entitlements of 25% of each year’s surpluses is a part of this.

Also remember that this is the month that these entitlements are to be distributed and this can’t take place until it is signed sealed and delivered IMO. The currency reform numbers will be a big part of this and should be included and accounted for within the framework of this law as it is their biggest asset.

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  Accountability & Justice Law and the Amnesty Law

The two demands of the demonstrators and what will get them off the streets. You can’t introduce to the world your brand new currency when you have demonstrations and all the sectarian blood shed that is now a daily part of these. BTW, the HCL will help this immensely.

Federal Court Act & Baath Party Law or Baathification Law as it is also known

The Federal Court Act was passed by parliament earlier this year, which bans the head of the Federal Supreme Court from also being the chief justice of the Judicial Council. This new law made the head of the Court of Cassation (which ratifies the rulings of Iraqi judges and has final say in such matters) the new chief justice.

The Federal Supreme Court rules on issues related to federalism and constitutionality.

Remember that Maliki had one of these Judges in his back pocket, well that Judge was Chief Justice Midhat al-Mahmoud, the chief justice that lost his position because of this new law and was removed to his old job, head of the Federal Supreme Court. This took away Maliki’s ability to get arrest warrants on anyone that stood to defy him.

This dude Mahmoud is bad news folks and they say he was also removed under this new law because of his involvement in the Baath Party under Saddam wherein he was directly involved when 10,000 Iraqi’s were killed and other anti-humanitarian acts.

Back in 2004 when Paul Bremer was the administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority of Iraq, he was responsible for the law that banned the Iraq Baath Party members of being able to hold jobs with the government of Iraq. Now this ties right into this next Law that needs passed.

Accountability and Justice

Now here is another interesting snippet of news, the National Commission for Accountability and Justice overlooks the implementation of the de-Baathification in Iraq. Can you see how all this is tied in together and how it takes power directly away from Maliki?

This is why it is so important and why I believe Barzani

now feels that Maliki will comply with all that is needed, because all these laws are part of completing the overall framework of their agreement. Maliki has no choice, his powers have been reduced and Barzani and the speaker of the House of Parliament Najafi know this and that is why they are all getting along now.

And this is another reason we have read that they wanted to pass them as a basket of Laws but others say they need to stand on their own merit. We don’t care how they get done but they need done for this reason:

When currency speculators that will be buying the dinar at the time that it is introduced to them through the international currency exchange they want to see the management team of Iraq in harmony, not in disarray like it has been up until now. All further signs that things are moving in the right direction.

Pass the laws and arrange the last of their debt issues and we will see Currency Reform my friends. They have said that they have 15 days to accomplish this as of yesterday and I have a real warm and fuzzy feeling it will be done.

I will write about their debt and why I believe it must be accomplished before they can really have their assets to back the upcoming currency reform.

We don’t need intel or boots on the ground, we just need to stick to the facts.

The truth will bring us home!  Have a great day,  Stryker

I’d like to break down an article for you all. Here is the title and link :

New proposals for the adoption of the law infrastructure    LINK

I’ll just bring in some of the quotes for reference. Help keep your eye strain at a minimum lol

“hoped to pass the law of infrastructure during future periods of the life of Parliament, especially after a number of amendments to the paragraphs, which ensured review of contracts to be performed by the four companies, global consulting specialist, tend not to any other party certain political , as well as emphasis on non-mortgage Altherutin oil and gas for the implementation of projects, being the property of the people. “

They are being advised by four companies that DO NOT have political connections.

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  Quite obvious to me that the HCL Law (non-mortage being non-implementation)  is necessary to the success of the Infrastructure Law as stated above. When we see the HCL finalized we will see the Infrastructure law as well. They go hand in hand imo

“The Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary been revealed earlier in the words of its member for the rule of law, Ihsan al-Awadi, that the law of the infrastructure will shorten 5 7 years of work life of Iraq in the year one”

Contracts that took 5 to 7 years previously will be shortened to one year due to the reduction in red tape associated with the contracts. It will also ensure full compliance by contractors as they will held accountable within the legal framework of this law. The contracts will be fulfilled in a timely, predetermined time frame thus shortening the time to complete them.

“were included amendments that start with calculations of the Committee and of the political blocs to the law and well tuned, expected that in the case took political blocs such modifications it is possible to vote and passed in the times to come”

They have had meetings and gathered all the necessary requirements from each bloc, compiled the information and made the modifications and it is now ready to be presented to Parliament for the vote however, as I said above the HCL is tied to this as well as the terms of Article 140 of the Constitution ” oil and gas for the implementation of projects, being the property of the people”

“showed Tamimi most amendments to the law, pointing out that the review of contracts by four international companies, international not have any bias toward any political party in order to diagnose bugs in contracts if any”

They have four international companies helping them formulate this law . These companies have NO political affiliation thereby ensuring ” a fairness” within the law, making all future contracts whether it’s a mom and pop business or a multi – billion dollar company equal on the playing field.

“the most prominent paragraphs that were added to the law, new look, as well as emphasis on not compromising Baltherutin oil and gas and do not let Brhenhma for the implementation of projects,”

You bet your sweet a**   they will NOT compromise the oil and gas law or any contracts associated with it. This countries whole foundation is oil ! Think about it, if these contracts aren’t right the first time it will be disastrous and cost Iraq in the long run ! Remember they have to build refineries etc.. big money contracts ! Get it right the first time and that includes this law !

“alluded to the existence of fear parliament on the issue of payment on credit that permeates the law infrastructure pretext that the country will then be heavily indebted, stressing that a country like Iraq can not be the case because of its oil wealth and large metal which is still buried in the ground”

The fears of some of the Ministers is unfounded because Iraq has it all OIL , GOLD ( large metal which is still buried in the ground) and untold MINERALS,  the will not fail IF this is done right !

“noting that the objection coalition of Kurdish blocs on the law of the infrastructure was in principle for non-allocation accounted for 17 percent of the funds and projects in this law for the Kurdistan region”

Again HCL and Article 140 !

“in addition to foreign companies, which will examine the contracts and the implementation of projects are not the same that work at home there can be no room for corruption”

Outside mediation will curb 99 % of the corruption, taking the governments hands out of the pot so to speak !

“unlikely to be voted on this law during the current parliamentary session”

This is not unexpected now that we are seeing the correlation between the laws. When we see the HCL and full implementation of Article 140 we will see this Infrastructure Law as well… and then things will be just right.

The CBI should feel warm and fuzzy and quite comfortable doing what needs to be done, just sayin…. please remember that I was just giving my opinion based on what I have been taught and common sense plays in here too (winks) it has everything to do with MONEY period !!

Parliament is back on Thursday the 18th of July and we could see all this come to pass ! So be encouraged

Baghdad ( The Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, and the head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, discussed the bilateral relations between the two countries on Tuesday.

Hakim arrived at Kuwait on last Monday to meet key Amiri and political figures and to participate in Ramadani Iftar evenings.

A statement by KUNA cited “The Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received on Tuesday at Al-Seif Palace, the President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Ammar Al-Hakim, and his accompanying delegation on occasion of his visit to the country.”

“The meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs, Sheikh Ali Jarrah Al-Sabah,” the statement concluded.



7. 16. 13
Special sources confirmed prominent political and close to the central bank, on Monday, the existence of political parties working to disrupt important projects, especially the proposal to delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency. ,
The sources said, on Monday, for »the future of Iraq» that «the project to delete the zeros still faces a rejection of politicians officials beneficiaries of destruction of the Iraqi economy, especially since the project will eliminate the quantum counterfeiter of currency exchanged by those in the lid of a bank is unknown and is Exposed ». ,
the sources said« This proposal would also reduce the rates of inflation in the market and obstruction of stock traders who monopolize the market according to political support large causing them considerable material losses during a period of not less than 4 months at best.
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7. 16. 13
Point is to reduce dollarization, raise value of banknote

Called deputies Economic Commission, yesterday, to accelerate the implementation of the project “reset” the process of local مبينين that current currency “not worthy” status of Iraq’s economic and investment in it, while the view of an expert that would require security situation and a stable political and banking system accurate and honest, confirmed last that moment, “more appropriate” than it was before the deletion of zeros from the currency.
Abtan: the country does not suffer from the crisis money and says a member of the Economic Commission representative, Abdul-Hussein Abtan, in an interview to (range Press), “The Iraqi economy has become today in advanced position and good because supplier of oil big, which reached nearly three million barrels per day, “and suggests that” the Iraqi Central Bank recently announced that reserves reached $ 76 billion, a very significant amount. “
adds Abtan, that “in spite of all that does not still Iraqi suffering from a lack of precision in the management of the economic file as well as the lack of coordination between the pillars. ” It was the Iraqi Central Bank announced, in the (third from July 2013 now), that Iraq is “in control of the funds and treasury of gold” in international banks, one of the acting out , denying the existence of frozen funds “outside the control of the Iraqi administration,”
While revealed that the reserve bank amounted to $ 76 billion in May last year, counting that out of Chapter VII would give Iraq “more freedom” to act and attract foreign investment. calls for a member of the Economic Commission representative, to the need for “multiple revenue estimated reflected on the economy and not on the availability of cash reserves large,” and continues that this “evolution in oil production and reserves, the central bank must be reflected on the lives of the citizens, because the country still has a large proportion of the poor and low-income and high unemployment, crisis housing and the deterioration of agricultural and industrial sectors. “
and sees Abtan, that “Iraq does not suffer from the crisis of funds but from how to manage money, causing paralysis of the Iraqi economy,” and calls for “Bank of Iraq the central need to take quick steps to delete the zeros from the national currency. ”
and is a member of the Economic Commission Parliament, that “the reserve that exists in Iraq and put the current economic is not commensurate with the size of the local currency and value that contains the number of zeros, and the current currency does not befit the status of Iraq and strengthen the economy. ”
Daini: out of Chapter VII made ​​it necessary to delete the zeros For its part, says a member of the Economic Commission representative, Nahed al-Daini, in an interview to (range Press), said that “the deletion of zeros from the currency became a reality, especially after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations. ”
And remember Daini, that “the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers were wary in the past of the deletion of zeros from the currency of many considerations, “and turned out to be” out of Chapter VII made ​​it necessary to delete the zeros to be of the Iraqi dinar absolutely privacy. “
and calls for a member of the Economic Commission parliamentary political forces and stakeholders “Leave excuse the wrong time, which taken as a pretext to stop a lot of decisions which, if applied to have contributed to the recovery of the Iraqi economy significantly, “and stresses the need to” adjust the border crossing points and the adoption of the law of customs tariff and reset the currency and the implementation of the Consumer Protection Act for the advancement of economic reality. “
Najib: The project requires a real will to that says member Finance Committee parliamentary Najiba Najib, in an interview to (range Press), “The Commission did not discuss with the Iraqi Central Bank Multi deletion of zeros from the local currency after assuming Abdel Basset Turkish presidency,” and explains that “the Finance Committee parliamentary pending claim CBI to discuss with him in this matter. “
And remember Najib that “the governing body of the former Central Bank presented a study on the preparation for the project to delete the zeros,” and believes that “this study were professional, scientific and included companies that have been agreed with the implementation of the project. ”
stresses a member of the Finance Committee representative, that “Iraq needs some salt is the deletion of zeros from its currency because the size of the money supply traded very large”, showing that there is a “four categories of the Iraqi currency is currently thousand and five thousand and ten thousand and 25 thousand dinars, while becoming the category of 250 dinars worthless almost even thousand dinars on its way to losing its value. “
and follow Najib that there is “an urgent need because we have a currency suitable for the size of the funds and investments entering Iraq,” and draws out that “the implementation of this project needs to be a real will and solidarity between the legislative and executive branches and develop a plan sober to make it a success. ”
adds “The process needs to educate the media and make the currency switch currency over two years and not to restrict banks certain and to be a broad base of banks Iraq in all provinces. ”
Expert: require security situation and a stable political Meanwhile, says economist as Antoine, in an interview to (Long Press), said that “you want to delete the zeros is the restructuring of the currency and reduce the use of decimal numbers in the accounts of the process, which has become a danger,” and shows that “The other thing is to reduce the fraud that occur in the existing currency, which depreciated significantly and need to process Switch. “
and see Antoine, “The other point is the reduction of dollarization because when you delete the zeros will raise the value of the banknote, not currency because the latter means and not an objective,” and continues that “it reduces the dollarization in business dealings Instead of using billions of leaves from the local currency Stenzel These millions and instead of transferring currency bags of wheat (Alkouan) will carry bags. ” and narrows the “time to change the currency was appropriate in the year 2012 the past, but now it is not appropriate. ”
specialist: currently more appropriate contrast sees Head of Economic Studies at the Center for Mustansiriya for Arabic Studies and International Dr Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani, that “the time whether the appropriate two years ago to delete the zeros from the currency it is today becoming more solvency to complete it. ”
says al-Mashhadani, in an interview to (range Press), “The process of deleting the zeros was supposed to expire Two years ago, because the issue is purely economic, “and shows that” the dinar, which was torn and steals a loss to the government and citizen. ” He continues, head of economic studies, that “denominations now need to transfer large banks need to protect and place great,” and goes on to “the Iraqi currency needs to change because, according to the international standards should be changed categories currently in circulation and that the Central Bank shall issue new categories. “
It was the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives, called for in (the sixth of July 2013 now), the central bank to “speed up” the process of deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency In order to maintain them, and confirmed that it is not in the interest of Iraq, the survival of its currency with so much and irregularly, as pointed out that the deletion process will increase the value of the Iraqi dinar and reduce unemployment and poverty.
referred to as the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced in (12 April 2012) , the patient in the application process to delete the zeros from the national currency, which had to stop action all relating to the operation mentioned until further notice.
noteworthy that some economists believe that Iraq is not ready at the present time to delete the zeros from the dinar, pointing out that the deletion needs to stabilize the security and political as well as economic stability. was the International Monetary Fund, announced in (the 23 of March 2013), that the funds preventive Development Fund for Iraq rose in 2012 to $ 18 billion, and cash reserves of the Central Bank of hard currency to $ 70 billion, and pointed out that This rise came from “oil revenues unexpected,” in called the Iraqi government to end the control of banks owned by the state of the banking sector, he stressed the need for Iraq to strengthen public financial institutions to ensure efficiency and transparency in the use of oil revenues.
predicted USAID, in (third from December 2012 the past) that leads the Iraqi economy, Arab countries within five years, stressing that Iraq possessed all the qualifications to be a powerful country economically.
Iraq is trying for years to attract foreign capital to develop its economy in the fields of industry especially oil, including housing and oil and gas extraction , for the need of funds for infrastructure development and reconstruction, but observers assert that the lack of interest of the state to the private sector and the absence of investment laws which guarantees for investors and the absence of other laws that are still obstacles to the development of the economy in the form required. depends Iraq, which has the fourth largest oil reserves in the the world to 95 percent of its annual budget on oil exports and currently produces about two million and 900 thousand barrels per day, while the issue up to 2. 0002 million barrels per day. was the UN Security Council voted in, (27 June 2013), unanimously approved the decision to remove Iraq from Chapter Chapter VII, after more than two decades of sanctions imposed whereby in the wake of the former regime’s invasion of Kuwait on the second of August 1990.
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