22/07/2013 13:58
Senior military commander to resign from the army because of the wrong policies for top leaders

Major General Nasser Al Ghanam says that the decisions and orders the last non-professional may have caused and cause chaos and confusion in the security file

BAGHDAD / obelisk:

Detect division commander 17 Iraqi army Major General Nasser Al Ghanam for his resignation from office was due to what he described as "decisions and orders non-professional, which caused and cause such chaos and confusion in the security file."

said Ghannam in a message on his site social networking Facebook " The time that you make the right decision which, namely to resign from service in the armed forces so as not to ask before God and our people on what is happening right of our people and employees of the armed forces of indiscriminate killing because of the wrong policies of the leaders of the Supreme Military and moods and random in decision-making. "

And said Ghannam, saying "I’ve had the privilege Pantsabi of the Iraqi armed forces and the privilege of fighting the terrorist groups and ten consecutive years in the most dangerous and the most difficult areas and in most circumstances and the most serious in order to protect Iraq and its people."

"It has made me and the Champions of the employees of formations that honored leadership victories witness the enemy by a friend and we were able to determine the activities of terrorist groups in the cutouts that oversaw the leadership," but he considered that "decisions and orders non-professional final may have caused and cause chaos and confusion in the security file" .

Iv Carr said Ghannam served as commander of the Second Division, based in Mosul until September of 2011 when ordered from the Department of Defense spends transferred to the Baghdad Operations Command / Resafa, and then was appointed commander of Task Force 17 stationed south of Baghdad.

And transport already ordered this rejection of the Council of Nineveh province, at a meeting held on 23 February 2011 and a Major General Nasser Al Ghanam second division commander in Nineveh province.


good governance, to eliminate the need to control corruption in the implementation, but fail
22-07-2013 12:40 PM

Baghdad (news) ..

A member of the Economic Commission Kurdistan Alliance MP Jassem شنكالي, the need to combat corruption in state institutions with good governance. said شنكالي (of the Agency news):

The use of good governance and governance of governance in state institutions lead to the achievement of its goals the elimination of corruption through the introduction in the administrative apparatus of the staff and implemented properly.

added: that there are people who have expertise in the implementation of this system or any other system, adding that the planning collides always by force, even if the sound but needs to follow up and monitor the implementation will fail Whatever plans.

It is noted that it is necessary to emphasize the role of religious institutions and civil society organizations in various directions to create the atmosphere of awareness will contribute effectively to create a culture of good citizenship, which is the first foundation of the foundations of good governance.


Ghannam band" fugitives and invite them to join the defense during the week

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Future /
announced and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, on Sunday, stop legal action against military employees of the 17th Infantry Division, who committed "absence crimes and escape" as well as resigning them, and invited them to join their units before the 29th of July present.

The ministry said in a statement released today, it is "suspended legal action against the perpetrators of crimes and escape absence and resigned employees of the command of the 17th Infantry Division."

The ministry called in a statement concerned employees of the band to "attend their units during a period of one week from (the 22 July 2013 Current)", without having to explain the reasons for the decision or the number of covered him.

The division commander of the 17th Iraqi Army Maj. Gen. Nasser Al-Ghannam, announced earlier in the day, his resignation, the former is the first of its kind for senior military official in the country after 2003, attributing this to the command "non-professional" and policies "wrong" for senior military leaders and "mood and random" in decision-making, which led to "chaos" in the security file.


Adjustment Act Amendment Act contraband and forbidden money circulating in the local markets (18) for the year 2008

Monday July 22, 2013

Behalf of the people
Presidency of the Republic
Based on what passed the House of Representatives and approved by the President of the Republic and according to the provisions of paragraph (First) of Article (61) and item (iii) of Article (73) of the Constitution,
Issued the following law:

No. () for the year 2013


Amendment of the law set the money smuggled and forbidden traded

In the domestic market (18) for the year 2008

Article – 1 – cancels the text of the item (First) of Article (6) of the Act and is replaced by the following:

Article – 6 – First –
The Ministry of Finance bonuses amounts disbursed in accordance with the provisions of Article (4) of this Act for materials that are destroyed from the Ministry of Commerce.

Article – 2 – This law shall be from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

The reasons
Given the absence of a bonus given to informants and people who detects the money smuggled and forbidden traded in local markets, granted in accordance with Article (5) of the Act set the money smuggled and forbidden traded in local markets (18) for the year 2008 in order to correct the error contained in the (item / I) Article (6) of the Act.

Initiated this law,


– The U. S. dollar traded lower against the Japanese yen to start the week in Asia despite news that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party scored, as expected an easy victory in the weekend’s elections that decided control of Japan’s upper house of parliament.
In Asian trading Monday, USD/JPY fell 0. 46% to 100. 15 after earlier trading as low as 99. 62. The pair is likely to find support at 99. 45, Thursday’s low and resistance at 101. 52, the high of July 8.
USD/JPY rose 0. 18% last Friday and 0. 66% for the week. While victory for Abe’s LDP was thought to be a potential boon for yen bears, it was also widely expected, indicating that markets may have efficiently priced in the result in the days leading up the election.
Gaining control of the upper house of parliament could allow Abe to continue to push through a series of structural reforms aimed at spurring economic growth and fighting deflation.
Media reports said Abe’s LDP and its partner, the New Komeito party, had won at least 74 of the 121 seats up for grabs in the 242-seat upper house, according to Reuters. It marks the first time since 2007 that Japan will operate without a split parliament.
There are concerns that now with control of both houses of parliament that Abe will turn his attention to the more conservative side of his agenda, which includes possibly increasing Japan’s military capabilities, but many market participants believe it is unlikely the prime minister will suddenly shift course from making the economy his top priority.
Japanese stocks appeared to like news of the LDP gaining control of the upper house. The Nikkei 225 was up 0. 71% at this writing.
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