[jbelison] Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can’t change…Life’s to short to be anything but HAPPY… unknown.

[normanross] loechin i think the morning will be quiet as banks regroup from the weekend but this afternoon look out lol

[hollyberry] loechin Hi…I just missed what you posted…woould you please repost. TY

loechin] hollyberry Twelve days ago on a Thursday at 7:30 PM the RV was completed. At that point Iraq was given a time frame to do what they needed to do within Iraq. There is nothing else to be completed within Iraq except to release all of the QI cards funds. Ramadan has nothing to do with where the RV seems to be. It has been released by the UST to the Banks and all last week there were meetings going on within the banking system to prepare for the exchange.

[loechin] hepner All will go at the same time maybe today

[Sprinkles] loechin I hear ya, guess I don’t know why everyone are suggesting they do know when to expect it… Thnks

 [bluepacific] loechin thank you… do you think that its possible that some of the currencies in the first basket have not been up to Basil 3 complience and has caused a few days delay
Read More Link on Right

[loechin] bluepacific They were taken out and placed in another basket

[hoosierbigbucks] any ideas on the rate…they say say there has been a decline

[loechin] The rate has to be (at least) $3.86 according to the UN and IMF

[hoosierbigbucks] who do you listen to loechin

[loechin] hoosierbigbucks Wells Fargo

[BassetzRus] I thought the Basel was done

[loechin] BassetzRus It is

[GSP] Did you see the Pres is going to start doing speeches on the economy beginning with two on Wednesday?

[loechin] Looking forward to a great day and a Great call with Tony

[Paper Boy] loechin Me Too

[sir paul] loechin are you giving us a hint . Like you know something

[loechin] sir paul Maybe

[loechin] Osmosis I am thinking that we will see this thing shift into overdrive today

[Osmosis] loechin I like your thinking

[normanross] loechin it gonna build momentum as the day goes by

[justone895] Phoenix says the same thing

[Topaz2013] loechin me 2

[Flame] loechin loechin Fully agree WITH YOU

[forextrader2003] GM, loechin, why do you think overdrive today

[loechin] forextrader2003 From what my Banker’s are saying

Meldrew:  I just saw on Bloomberg that Pres Obama is going to make a big speech on Wednesday, anout the economy…..Could be penultimate/last piece of this colossal jigsaw ?   Take a look at the link and note the use of the term ‘Economic reset’ at the bottom of the photograph. I’d like to think that we will all be celebrating already ;-)

[E Dog] Just a thought, when one wakes up everyday they have the choice of where to spend their energy and effort. If you choose to spend it mired in doubt and negativity, then you will never get those moments back and will known for that, If you choose to be positive then everyone one around you might not remember you for that, but you will have a happier life for yourself and those around you, and that is a currency you can control.


Nesara BlogSpot Dinar Update: John MacHaffie


Rumors – Bernanke is about to be arrested and removed for his role in Blocking the RV and PP distribution.

PP Rumors – Provost Marshals have the PP letters in preparation for the go ahead for distribution.



[puppylove] “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS. THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN THAT ARE OUR HEROS BOTH PAST AND PRESENT  

[Maryrose] Choose to be a blessing today. Speak kind words for one day you may have to eat them!!!!!


Maryrose] musiccitylady MONDAY MONDAY…



jonjobe7] the whole thing can happen any time none of us know the timetable of the PTB all was done in Iraq months ago but not being made public I believe what my personal sources, who are friends from almost 30 years ago, tell me (and one is a personal friend of Dr. Shabibi) they are wanting to make everything public and I am being told have already made more things public than they were supposed to.. Fulford is bought and paid for agent of disinformation

[doghouse1] Can you imagine how many frequent flyer miles JL has….. lol

[bigdogmom] doghouse1 probably as many as words we’ve typed here in chat roflmao


Emailed to Recaps:

EconWarrior: There seems to be a lot of so-called gurus who are suddenly popping up and saying “That one doesn’t know, this one doesn’t know. I’m the only one who knows.” The fact is THEY themselves DO NOT know. And when you look at their track record, it is obvious that they NEVER knew anything. They were just into for the ego gratification of having people look to them for information. Now that it is becoming so obvious that they know nothing, they are attacking those who they perceive as a threat to their fragile ego. They are like the playground bully who gets mad when people won’t play with him, so he pushes one of the girls off the swing set.   Just sayin.

From DebTarHeelGirl:

It ‘s going to be a good week everyone!  Do not lose hope by saying “Oman another Monday”… Ask yourself this question: Do we have a faith that won’t quit, or do we have a faith that gives up when we don’t see a quick response? I read this question just now and thought I would share this with you…God never explains himself. He rarely gives reasons. The events that unfold in our world seldom make sense. We, therefore, are confronted with the basic tenet of Christianity: The righteous live by faith.

My precious peeps – you KNOW IN YOUR KNOWERS that this waiting for our currencies to revalue has been a walk of faith. Even tho the intel comes and goes – GOD wants us to continue on in the faith knowing the end result is an RV/CE. Do not look and base your hope and faith on the intel of man… the promise of the wealth transfer will come to pass and we have been told SUDDENLY... that means no one doesn’t even really know until SUDDENLY the plan to DO THIS NOW comes to be.  

Until this happens, your daily attitude, should be one of gratitude, your thought patterns and your reactions to all depend on your faith KNOWING IN YOUR KNOWER that the end results is it’s SURELY coming and that we will have us an RV/CE – until then carry on with that HOPE and FAITH and if you lack, faith is a gift – ask GOD who loves to give gifts to His children – AMEN?  AMEN be blessed today! HUGS HUGS HUGS

7-21-13 Lgtennis: A few days ago, Bernanke (who had been fighting it) finally caught the U.S. up with the rest of the world by bringing the U.S. into Basel III compliance and the gold standard… Prior to this, China, Russia, and several other countries threatened to ‘go around’ the U.S., including an attempt to go to Canada to ‘get it done’…. Iraq went to the U.N. on Thursday to put pressure on the U.S. to ‘stop the delays’, by ‘announcing’ their RV within the walls of the U.N…(This was/is considered an ‘official’ announcement, due to the Sovereignty of the U.N. building and its representatives) Sunday morning, intel from Iraq CBI stated that Iraq announced the CBI hours BEFORE Tony posted it, thereby confirming Tony’s information about this.

[Papa Bear]  GM  Dinar Family .

[Papa Bear] OK Dinar Family we had a great weekend going until late Sunday. My word for the day Sunday came from 1 Thessalonians 4:6-12.I guess God was calming for the late afternoon. We had great posts from Bluwolf, Deb Tar- Heel and on the rate structure then mouths of Generals64 started…….

[Papa Bear] He cut into Deb and Okie and his mouth ran more Bwm joined Now folks Squirrels is owned by Whom?

[Papa Bear] What bank does he work through in Houston?

[Papa Bear] I dont know why confusion continues to be administered because things are very simple for you. There is NO REASON for any of our Gurus to be cutting into folks and Roscoe can go chase a bone for all i care. The main people in this are is not even him it is Amanda and Wiley and I respect both

[Papa Bear] Now Im here for questions. Isnt competition for u confusing.
Read More Link on Right

[canadagoose] Papa Bear who is bwm, squirrels and the bank of houston? I’m completely confused.

[Papa Bear] canadagoose All are on 3-Sentil and cut Deb after great post and Okie after his post

[jetdemon] I dont know what Papa Bear is talking about. Maybe having technical issues with chat???

[Papa Bear] jetdemon Woking through system over weekend is correct

[Papa Bear] No room for character assault by Generals in me Sorry for the GROWL

[canadagoose] Papa Bear well, as much as a goose can growl, I’m a growlin’ right along with you :)

[cashinqueen] Papa Bear thoughts on ZAP/ Poof post regarding 60 days window

[Papa Bear] cashinqueen Please read Zaps message again he said could be this week but all could take up to 60 days. My interpretation. Folks there is alot to do RV,Reset,WGS Humanitarian progams and Republic .All cant be done in 24 hours and that is what Zap is letting u know. THIS is a HUGE GROUP of changes and that  announcements must be spoon feed to avoid your panic and others. You notice that the Feds are looking at physical commodity trading by banks and want to move back 2003. Alot going on to protect us .

[SGD3] TexasMom yea, he got lucky and its good but people under him would rather complain then work and he hates that

[Papa Bear] SGD3 Havent we all let the Lord calm u and read that group of verses I posted

[waitin] Papa Bear what bank is General64 working with?

[Papa Bear] waitin I am afraid of what Im seeing check my post it answers that

[fmc1] Papa Bear Papa Bear There are contacts in the UST IMF & WF saying things are a go and we will witness the release Monday night/Tuesday morning and Wednesday for CE

[Papa Bear] fmc1 We are super close with lots going on .You know I wont give rate or date but remember that 800 number will be free for asking and on Recaps for sign up

[dilmus123] Papa Bear a peace that passes all understanding

[Papa Bear] dilmus123 Yes I am at peace because of my Fathers led Sunday and am trying to relay that peace and calmness to you Dinar Family

[burk50] Papa Bear thx wont need nerve pills this a.m. now sounds great thx again

[Papa Bear] burk50 No nerve pills necessary just prayers and verses.

[oxglove] Papa Bear so is your understanding that this could happen quickly, like in a day or two, but be prepared to wait it out for a couple of months is more likely?

[Papa Bear] oxglove ALL THINGS coming might take a couple of months.

[dinarovette] Papa Bear was Iraq introduced at the stock market opening this morning

[Papa Bear] dinarovette Sorry not important to me .BIG PICTURE oriented at this time

[burk50] Papa Bear well I guess I can interpret some bear talk  IMO

[Papa Bear] burk50 Sure u can .

[Papa Bear] Banks have owned storage facilites for physical commodities like aluminum Oil gold siver etc and move pronduct around . Alot of nonsense goes on thats why Im backing the Warren- Mccain bill and looking for claw backs

[weimar] Papa Bear – I am getting mixed feeling from Zap and Jester, that things will take longer – the rv   is the trigger most people want and need

[Papa Bear] weimar How long have I told you republic might take a while to peel back layers

[bigbear] Papa Bear There has been statements that the gold backed currency is approved and available —what do you hear???????

[Papa Bear] bigbear It will take 6 months probably on full currency switch. No run and no reason to panic on exchange of FRN to UST notes

[Papa Bear] bigbear Is in banks and has been specimens out there on internet

[Papa Bear] Folks changes are happening daily

[burk50] PapaBear what thoughts on JPMorgan fire yesterday where they store Gold? Think I said this right imo

[Papa Bear] burk50 BULL takes hot fire to melt gold IMHO

[Papa Bear] Basil 3 transparency great and more happening daily

[canadagoose] Papa Bear I did an expose on the fire last night…it wasn’t even at the gold vault. .

[Papa Bear] canadagoose So u will agree?

[canadagoose] Papa Bear absolutely. the fire was 5 blocks away at the site of the old jp morgan bldg that was sold in 2003.

[canadagoose] Papa Bear it all ties in very nicely with the huge withdrawal from 19 july and the ones before that. shades of the wtc gold being “heisted” before the tumble.

[canadagoose] Papa Bear i’m thinking iMHO that all this gold is being shipped back to whomever it belongs to for the wgs

[canadagoose] Papa Bear and mainstream media isn’t on it because they don’t know how to spin it considering there isn’t anyone in place anymore to stage an incident for coverup.

[canadagoose] of course, all of the above is in my own opinion resulting from research

Leader of “As-Sadri” movement calls for revolt against Iraq’s PM

22 July 2013, 18:56 (GMT+05:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, July 22/ Trend, A. Taghiyeva/

The leader of the Iraqi political movement "As-Sadri" Mukhtada As-Sadr called on Iraq’s Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki to resign due to his inability to fight against growing cases of violence and acts of terrorism in the country, "Al-Jazeera" TV channel reported on Monday.

As-Sadr made the appeal after armed attacks were committed against two prisons in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq recently. As a result of the attacks, 3 people died and 15 prisoners were injured. .

It was also reported that, as a result of attacks, nearly 1,000 prisoners managed to escape.

As-Sadr called Iraqis to stage an upheaval against Al-Maliki and his government due to his inability to stop terrorism in Iraq, which ends hundreds of lives each month.

7-21-13 CountryGirl59:   I just got some good news! My husband just got a call from a gentleman in our network marketing business He just got a call from his son. His son’s girlfriend who is a dinarian just got two calls, the first was from a previous boss who is NOW a Contractor in Iraq … She hasn’t spoken with him for a long while and out of the blue she got a call today from him telling her this is about to be done. Also the woman who got her involved is from England, and she got a call from her as well and she said this is READY to GO, so that is two confirmations from two people in different parts of the world, Iraq and England.

Change of opinion is often only the progress of sound thought and growing knowledge; and though sometimes regarded as an inconsistency, it is but the noble inconsistency natural to a mind ever ready for growth and expansion of thought, and that never fears to follow where truth and duty may lead the way  — Tryon Edwards

The feeble tremble before opinion, the foolish defy it, the wise judge it, the skillful direct it — Mad. Roland

He that never changes his opinions, never corrects his mistakes, and will never be wiser on the morrow than he is today — Tryon Edwards

The Danger of Cherished Opinions   By Jason Lincoln Jeffers

For the opinionated, the opinion and the self are one. The more ego-identified you are, the more you will identify with your own opinions. You will also tend to be emotionally entangled within your own situations, problems, experiences, and thoughts.

To Read More Please Visit WISE WORDS

7-21-13 Tlar:   This is an interesting article. The Association of independent banks having just decided to sell the dinar at 1180. Their costs at auction are 1166 for the program rate and 13 dinars for the CBI commission, meaning their costs are 1179 dinars per US dollar. This means that the member banks will only make a profit of 1 dinar on each dollar they sell. They have made this commitment so as to assist the CBI in bringing these two rates (program and street) back to the international standard. Turki met with these banks in the last week probably selling his program to delete the zeros as he has done with both the Economic and Finance Committee. To these independent banks there is a lot at stake.

If the CBI deletes the zeros money will begin to flow and people should start to use the banks again. So it is to their advantage that these banks temporarily help to bring these rates together so the bank can possibly raise the value if that is their plan. These independent banks are for profit banks and would not unanimously suspend their profits for patriotism unless they saw a benefit to themselves… I see this as a notch for RV not float. These independent banks will do this for only a little while. If they don’t see others fall in line and cooperate shortly, and they see no movement on the dinar as an end result, they will have to revert back to making money. These banks struggle as it is. By giving up the profits on foreign currency sales, they effectively have shot themselves in the foot. They will rush back to selling the dollar higher than the program rate if they don’t see quick cooperation from all involved and something done with the exchange rate. These banks have to make money. That’s the bottom line.