7-19-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony It did go live on NASDAQ & was at $5. 58 on NASDAQ on Wednesday at 5:45. The dong is at $. 58. It will go a lot higher than that. Intel people said the people in Iraq were planning riots if this didn’t happen, at some point they need to do it. They just can’t keep saying we are doing it. There is supposedly info coming out this afternoon. I did just get a message that they are at the starting line. We won’t have the final piece till this evening.

Shatterstar:   … my Yellow School Bus analysis is that… There was definitely some time period given that they had to get this done. We dont how much time was given. We are definitely close. I am thinking that it will be a few days just because not everything is in place, but can be within 48hrs.
So we hurry up an wait some more. But this thing is getting out of hand. They are bombing the mosques in Iraq now. And its Ramadan. So the citizens are mad, the countries involved are anxious, so we i think we are good. Somebody and soon will push the button
You know what would be interesting? if they made up another holiday like the heatwave thing fo Sunday… Now that would be downright obvious IMO

Baghdad/with: walastthmaralbrlmanet economy Commission decision ruled out Attorney mehma Khalil, tariff activation code during the coming period because of the Federal Government’s claim to wait during the next three years.

Khalil said that “the Iraqi Government is under internal and external pressure by traders not to activate the tariff law it would harm their interests, prompting the Federal Government to activate the law should wait for three years to come.”

“The tariff Act has not materialized since adopted in (2007) in the House of representatives and now, because of the Government’s refusal to apply, although it is one of the country’s important economic laws that will stimulate agricultural and industrial sectors and promotes the growth of the Iraqi economy”.


7-19-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony We had a great day yesterday and may get a better day today. It got within 15 minutes this morning and then it didn’t happen. I give you the best info I have & put it together & you decide. We did get the confirmations from Washington on what was said at the UN. Why did they say it & why haven’t we seen it? Two countries which were tired of playing around with whoever and yesterday it was highly suggested and motivated to put it out there publicly to ensure everyone that it is going to happen.

For we see Iraqi dinar exchange rate, it regresses to maintain stable exchange rate somewhat, which comes with a big question, what is the reason for the decline of the value of the dinar? Is that the reason for this is due to the poor economic policies pursued by the Central Bank? Or are there other reasons?!
Far and wide know the composition of the Iraqi economy, rentier economy is working on two contradictory; the first axis: the State’s economy is dominated by over 80% of GDP, or so-called national income; in addition to his direct responsibility to provide 99% of the cash inflows of foreign exchange, and its direct link to the critical edition of the Central Bank of the movement. Theme II: the market economy that has the greatest efficiency in the management of the results of the State’s economy, which is reflected in the budget in the Government expenditures, which represent 60% of all government spending. And yo’sharh from private to this market by outflows from the country’s foreign exchange market and the desire to acquire foreign currency, accrued from Central Bank reserves, which represent a cover for those rights.
When the free market is dominated by the workings of the economy, and freedom in external conversion process in addition to using an open-door policy in foreign trade to the private sector, and with the absence of vision and development strategy for the development and advancement of economic reality, the economy turns into severe bilateral rent in foreign currency supply to foreign trade and import trade financing consumer character, which makes Iraq an incubator for consumption and export to other countries.
The CBI’s work on keeping the stick of Center of balance between two contradictions: the economy of the State and the economy, and keep up with the rental market, which serves the marketing activity internal and outward movement of funds regardless of the results to build an economic model generates movement and outside the inflows in foreign currency away from these bilateral or highly polarized between different economies (the economy of the State and the market economy), and the inflows of foreign currency provided by the State economy, and other emerging from foreign currency gasping behind the private sector.
Over all, what was the reaction of the monetary authority of the Iraqi Central Bank? The CBI have exercised a policy of intervention in the foreign exchange market, reaching a stable level of the exchange rate “and is noted by citizens throughout the period Mr. Alshabibi Governor of the Central Bank so that the Monetary Authority has been able to maintain a stable price level, inflation dropped from secondary ten-year levels to one decimal place, add to that the rising Central Bank reserves of foreign exchange to a distant alasharitIn terms of dollar value “and is the highest in the history of the country” and with this, the Central Bank could not resolve the battle between market economy and the profit, between the State economy and predisposition to uniqueness in an attempt to find profit; a lack of vision for the movement of Iraqi economic system. Making the Iraqi economy lost trying to find viable solutions, resulting in the deterioration in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar, the trend towards economic freedom, and foreign currency swap rights maintained in dinar for the purpose of achieving economic stability, imposing a burden on monetary policy for the Central Bank to intervene to sell the dollar in a bid to maintain the stability of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against other currencies Foreign, which needs a bold decision shows the outlines of the economy; either move to an open-door policy with all consequences resulting from attrition in oil revenues to ensure well-being and stability “with the apparent absence of development policy in the rest of the productive sectors” to be decided by the political leadership in the country and to the Central Bank because of incomplete economic system around the country after manyTalk about the transfer of $ 180 billion between 2003 and 2012, generated by the economy of the State after spending for the same period by the General almwazant $ 450 billion dollars, which remained absent development economy for lack of an attractive investment climate and the unresolved economic vision to this contradiction, and launches a free market mechanisms as emerging economic powers interested after 2003, the results of the economic stability of the country will continue to be vague and will coexist with parallel exchange market turmoil to unknown long-term consequences and possibly disastrous In price stability and the standard of living and a painful daily concerns in the economic life of Iraqi families and the general economic activity.

Don't Fight the Fed – Bernanke's Words Will Drive US Dollar …

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The US Dollar fell against major currencies except the Japanese Yen as the S&P 500 surged to fresh record-highs, and dovish commentary from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke suggests the Dow Jones FXCM Dollar Index (ticker: USDOLLAR) could fall to fresh …
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Bandit » July 19th, 2013, 7:54 pm  •   Bank Story:

The bank manager at our local SunTrust bank here in Florida told my wife today that they keep having meetings at the bank about doing the upcoming exchange of the IQD and they have been hiring more people and training them.

The bank is ready and waiting but keep being told it is coming any day. So the bank manager tells her he keeps collecting more dinar for himself while we all wait.

He also Joked with my wife…. he said… “what do we have to do go over to Iraq and sign off on this ourselves”? LOL The bank manager always seeks out my wife if he sees her in the bank to tell her what he knows…. and to joke with her and ask if she knows when this RV is coming.

This bank manager was unaware of the potential of this investment until my wife told him about it about a year ago… since then he has learned a lot.

In the beginning he was skeptical like many of us were and only bought one or two 25K notes out of curiosity and figured he would take a chance like playing the lottery …. he called it funny money….. but as time went on and he heard things with-in the bank he started to collect more notes and he started to realize this investments great potential.

He still may joke with my wife about it but he takes this investment much more serious today.


There seems to be some confusion on where I stand on Maliki so I wanted to clear this up.

 It has been years now since I found out what Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was doing to this country that we are so invested in and for who he really is. Maliki has caused every chaos and crisis in Iraq and hasn’t implemented the very thing that got him re-elected for his second term, the Arbil Agreement.

The Arbil Agreement was offered to Allawi first because the 2010 election was so close it came down to the Kurd’s votes to decide the vector. After Allawi turned the Kurds demands down, Maliki agreed to it and signed it.

Read More Link On Right

  Knowing good and well that the constitution would need to be amended for some of these agreements.  Maliki shortly after started using the constitution against this very same agreement that he had signed, causing one delay after another.

The payment of the Kurdistan Army, Article 140, the Kurdish language added to the new currency that we are so needing to see implemented, payments of oil contractor’s in the Kurdish region, etc. have all been delayed because of Maliki.

Maliki imprisoned anyone that did not go along with his plans, provisional politicians and judges just to name a few. Here are the ones that have caused the most chaos: Maliki had his judge buddy sign off on an arrest warrant causing Vic President of Iraq Tariq al- Hashimi to go into exile in Turkey and his corrupted Justice system found him guilty without him being in Iraq to defend himself. He knew if he returned he would be imprisoned and would be convicted.

Then another one of Maliki’s false arrest warrants  detaining Finance Minister Rafei al-Essawi and his body guards caused the demonstrations that started as far back as December 2012 and that are still in the streets of Iraq now.

 Oh, and yes Sinan Al Shabibi, the once Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq all  have been accused of false accusations from this  Maliki dude, so please don’t think I am naive about  this guy because I know all about him.

The Judge that signed these arrest warrants was Chief Justice Midhat al-Mahmoud a known Ba’ath Party Member and one of the reasons the Ba’ath Party laws amendment has had so much controversy.

They say that the laws are ready for parliament now and let us hope they are right because the law will throw out any of them that have been known to be a part of the Saddam Ba’ath Party. Like this corrupted Judge!

The person that I see that has done more for his people and the Iraqi citizens than any of these so called politicians is the President of Kurdistan Massoud Barzani.

One only needs to google the Kurdistan Region to see that they have shopping malls that make some of ours look small in comparison, growth and security that Iraq itself is so behind on. If he was in charge of Iraq, we would have had currency reform a long time ago.

Do I have any faith in Maliki, no but I have a lot in Barzani and as long as Barzani believes that Maliki has agreed to solve the issues I will stick with Barzani, but the day I see Barzani lose confidence in Maliki I will too!

If this day comes we all will know that their deal wasn’t as carved in stone as Barzani thought it was.

My bet is still on Barzani knowing something we nor the press are not privy too. The fighting right now on these laws are mainly because of the parliament members and their upcoming re-elections. The blocs have agreed to pass these laws, but the parliament members are doing what they want to get re-elected and until they get together they are being delayed.

So as long as Parliament is in session, we have a chance to see currency reform because we have a chance at stability, the very thing that everyone says they need for currency reform, including another well respected man, Shabibi.

Hanging in there, that is all we can do!  Have a great day,  Stryker

7-19-13 Wango1: Simple RV 101: UN announced Iraq had RVed its currency, off it goes to the IMF than to the BIS oh and then to the Central Banks of each country worldwide.
So does that mean we are at the bank? Not just yet it then goes to the UST.
So does that mean we are at the bank? Not just yet it then goes to the corporate level of all banks.
So does that mean we are at the bank? Not just yet it then goes to all regional banks.
So does that mean we are at the bank Yes it does.
Tony said last night it was announced at the UN, he then said he hoped we would be at the banks today. But can’t see this going past Monday.
Anyone without ears to listen with, a brain to understand and a mouth to thank God should please step away from their computer.
I’m so tired of people with no understanding running their mouths before their brain kicks in.
Please do a Google search and find me one thing anywhere in the world that as this many steps that completed in less than 24 hours.

Baghdad (AIN) –Member, Abd al-Hussein al-Abtan, of the Economy, Investment and Reconstruction demanded the Government to activate the Five Years Plan which was developed by the Ministry of Planning.

Abtan reported in statement to AIN ”We demand the Government to take serious measures to consider some sectors such as industrial, agricultural and touristic sectors which are suffering neglect in Iraq, ” he added, noting that ”The economic file realy requires an economic vision and some successful economic plans.”

The Ministry of Planning developed a five years plan (2013-2017) to be implemented in coordination with all cornered ministries. \END\