Iraqi Dinar News Today

Iraqi Dinar News Today

If the Iraqi Dinar News Today was not peeking your interest then you are missing out. Whether you are new to the Dinar or a veteran you are going to have questions. The Dinar has been a much speculated topic in the investment world for some years and its hard to really understand where it is going and when the RV (Revaluation) is going to happen. If you are unsure as to what the RV is, let us explain a few things to you before you invest.

If you are new to the Dinar Investment you might be hearing some terms which you are unfamiliar with. One of the main terms you are going to hear is the term Revaluation or for short (RV). According to wikipedia the RV (Revaluation)  is

Revaluation means a change of a price of goods or products. This term is specially used as revaluation of a currency, where it means a rise of currency to the relation with a foreign currency in a fixed exchange rate. In floating exchange rate correct term would be appreciation. Altering the face value of a currency without changing its foreign exchange rate is a redenomination, not a revaluation.


What this is saying is that the price of the Dinar changes with no other factors affecting it. It basically changes it value and it’s worth more. This is controlled by the central bank which controls the values.

Lets give an example with the US Dollar. Lets say the US goes through a depression and the dollar is not worth what it was, like it is today. To give an example the US dollar compared to the Euro is at about a 1 to .77 ratio. So if someone from Europe wanted to exchange their money a Euro to exchange for the US dollar would only need .80 of their Euro to make 1 US dollar. This means that the Euro is worth more than the US dollar (yes its true, currently as of 2013). So someone from Europe can get more for their dollar by exchanging it for the USD. Currently the Dinar is at a -1163 exchange rate which puts it at 1163 Dinar for 1 USD.

Why is the Dinar in such a bad exchange rate?

Basically is because of the war in Iraq due to 9/11. When the US entered Iraq and removed (killed Saddam) from power it changed the currency. Experts say that the Dinar is never going to revalue while others say it is only a matter of time. Either way the recent war in Iraq has decimated the value of the Kuwaiti Dinar and there seems to be no end in site. If you are intested in keeping up with the exchange rate of the Dinar you can check that out here.

Why in the world why I invest in the Dinar to begin with?

Well that is a question only you can answer. With any other investment it’s important to understand what you are getting into before you dive into any investment. Make sure you study the economic situation of the surrounding economies that can influence the Iraqi Dinar. DinarGuruRV is designed to help you with that. Since we scour the internet for information relating to the Dinar we try and present it all in one place right here. If you see anything missing and maybe some articles we should add please let us know

How sound is the advice from DinarGuruRV?

The truth is that it’s not. We are not here to give you advice or tell you things that are not true. We are here to present you with as much information as possible so you can make your own decision. There are many great resources out there to get some “insider” information from some “so called” experts. Remember though that no one know more than the central banks so please listen with a sharp ear and a sound mind. If you are interested in seeing what some of  these experts have to say you can visit a very popular chat room about the Dinar in which some of these experts reside.


We hope we are able to provide you with some great information and help you make a wiser decision. Again we are not here to give you advice, we are here simply to provide you with all the information we can find on the internet and present it to you in a nice, neat little package. You do your homework and decide on your own if the Iraqi Dinar is something you want to invest in.

We are always welcome to give our two cents if you are willing to listen. You can contact us by email at any time and we will do our best to find information for you.