Dinar Guru

Dinar Guru

Dinar Guru is considered to be one of the leading resources on the internet for the latest  information on the Dinar Revaluation, or otherwise know as the (RV).

It is the 3rd oldest source according to (waybackmachine.com) that we can find regarding the Iraqi Dinar so far, this is solely based on the age of the website itself.

While the website itself does not provide to much information there are 2 features it does provide that help. One is a email newsletter that is sent from “Blanch” the author of Dinar Guru, which is gives his advice and so called insider information. Along with that the other feature is a Dinar Revaluation Alert system in which he will email anyone who joins the list as soon as the Revaluation (RV) happens.

Other aspect of the Dinar Guru is that they seem to always have the latest chatter from the Intel4u chat room which is a very popular chat room and many of the experts take part daily there. If you are not already familiar with Intel4u I suggest you go there and create an account, then join their chat room and just read. But I must warn you before you go chatting with others that you know what you are talking about. They all are very knowledgeable.

They also have their daily posts usually called “[dayoftheweek] Chatter” which is usually that days chatter in the chat room. Took us a while to figure that out, but that is the chat logs from the experts which tend to come on at night until 9 PM PST – 12 AM EST

Those are some of the best features we can find for the Dinar Guru. While they are leader in the Dinar, there is much talk about the validity of the Dinar Guru.

We have provided a list of their recent posts and news.

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