Here are some basic rules you need to follow when chatting

  • Be nice to others and treat them how you would like to be treated
  • Vulgar language and harassment will get you banned
  • Please do not post links to others sites unless they are informative to the topic at hand
  • Have fun and enjoy!

You do not need an account to chat, but if you want a username so everyone knows who you are you can register a new account or login with your existing one.

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Check out some cool images you can add to your chat below!

Cool Emotes you can add to your chatroom

:) :-) Happy
:-( Sad
;) ;-) Winking
:-D :D Big Grin
;;) Batting Eyelashes
:-\ :-/ Confused
:-x :x Love Struck
:-p :p Tongue
:* :-* Kiss
:O :-O Surprised
X( X-( Angry
B-) Cool
:-s :-S Worried
:-(( : Crying
:-)) :)) Laughing
:-| :| Straight Face
/:) Raised Eyebrows
O:-) Angel
:-B Nerd
=; Talk to the hand
|-) I-) Sleepy
8-| Rolling Eyes
:-& Sick
:-$ Don’t Tell Anyone
[-( No Talking
:O) Clown
8-} Silly
(:| Yawn
=P~ Drooling
@-) Hypnotised
=(( Broken Heart
#:-S Whew!
=)) Rolling on the Floor
L-) Loser
:-SS Nail Biting
:)] On the Phone
:-c Call Me
~X( At Wits’ End
:-h Wave
x_x X_X I Don’t Want To See
:!! Hurry Up
\m/ Rock On
:-q Thumbs Down
:-bd Thumbs Up
^#(^ It Wasn’t Me!