Oil climbs above $110 on Iraq supply disruption fears Oil futures rose above $110 a barrel on Wednesday as violence in Iraq prompted worries about the supply outlook, while a fall in U.S. stockpiles of gasoline pointed to stronger seasonal…

UNAMI calls blocs to act peacefully with the announcement of election results BAGHDAD – morning called on the United Nations Mission in Iraq “UNAMI”, the candidates and their supporters to maintain (peace and democracy) with the announcement of election results. came in a statement issued yesterday, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United […]

Specialists expect Iraq to renew the request from Washington to protect Iraqi funds abroad Tomorrow’s Press / Baghdad: experts expected, on Monday, to renew Iraq demand from the United States to protect its assets abroad after the end of protection in the 22 of May current, while stressing source at the Ministry of Finance said […]

Iraq declares not to renew its call for the United States of America to “protect its assets” amid fears for their lack of The Ministry of Finance, said on Wednesday that it would not seek renewal of American protection of Iraq funds deposited in their banks, to assume the CBI liability management after coming out of […]

Parliamentary Finance: agreement with the United States to protect Iraqi funds abroad Announced the parliamentary Finance Committee that Iraq agreed with the United States should not accept Washington state issue brought against Iraq from creditor countries, especially that Iraq had to liquidate most of the debt, saying that the money that was raised protection recently […]

Minister of Finance in Washington looking to protect Iraqi funds from creditors BAGHDAD / JD / .. Ministry of Finance announced for talks in Washington on the protection of Iraqi funds after the end of the period of immunity in 05/22/2014, while stressed the need for the adoption of the law offices prudent to do […]

Iraq renews contract Podesta group almost one million dollars BAGHDAD / translation Baghdadi News / .. Word for the Iraqi government to renew the contract has been set Bodstia for one year worth $ 960, Podesta Group a public relations firm to promote a better understanding with the United States and concerns and priorities. According to the […]

Central distribute Iraqi funds abroad between different banks BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. Central Bank has taken swift action to protect Iraqi funds abroad include distributed between different banks for the purpose of protecting it from creditors by some doubtful debts, after the U.S. government announced United expiration of the protection of Iraqi funds in […]