Accused a member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament from the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Nazim Harki, politicians of being behind the bombing of the gas transmission pipeline that extends to Arbil.
Said Harki, in a press statement, “I got the information about the bombing of the tube gas transmission area between the provinces of Kirkuk and Arbil, but I will not reveal any details to preserve the integrity of the investigation, and all I can say now is that the internal political hand behind it.”
He said Harki, a Vice President of the interior and security committee in the Kurdish parliament that “Daash can not have access to that area.”
the interior ministry of the Kurdistan region, announced yesterday, that “the gas pipeline extending to Arbil, exploded near Xuan hand, and we have opened an investigation into the cause of the explosion, and we will inform citizens with information more case to reach results. “
for his part, the province and district police chief in Kirkuk, Brigadier Sarhad Qadir, in a press statement,” exploded on Friday morning [yesterday] gas pipeline between Qadir Karam – Arbil, “noting that” the effect of the pipe burst, a fire broke out large, but was brought under control by the fire brigade. “
he is able” to Alan did not know the cause of the pipeline explosion, and we started an investigation about it, “.anthy
The Iraqi National Accord Movement, led by Iyad Allawi announced the rejection of the projects division, which prepares her some politicians.
And Thal statement of the movement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “dreamers dividing Iraq and tearing the social fabric coherent throughout history firing between Aharin and the other wishes diseased, which received a satisfaction acquiescent politicians chance Almuturan Almabian hatred of this country, which has long triumphed over his enemies.”
He added , that all Iraqis, all the spectrum, in the uttermost parts of the country and Odaneha, have expressed their adherence to the unity of their homeland, through slogans that echoed the throats of protesters in the political sectarianism, which represented a dagger in the side of Iraq’s refusal, and the fight against corruption and the emergence of the civil state, and after uniting speech religious authorities with a letter mainstream civil on the pace of the will of the masses reject the division, discrimination and corruption, after all of this, and following a clear victory on Daash terrorist demolished by our heroic armed forces and our gallant, we looked some dissonant voices that talk about dividing Iraq into three or four Konfadragliat built on the foundations of sectarian and confessional as a proposal guardianship by trying on the country to him and jump on the will of the people passed the unity of all time. “
the statement added that” this proposal is divisive, whether true or not true, the reality of the experiment proved that the safety of the Iraqis in their unity, and that promises a better future outside Iraq’s unity is not only slides for more strife and destruction, and corruption. “
He continued,” the division projects to Atdaf parts of Iraq, but it is meddling in disputes over land and borders, wealth, water and the problems of demography and external debt sustainability and others and extend the life of contention and conflict. “
declared the movement, according to the statement, rejected all plans outside amendment crumbling political process paths, and we call on all political forces to announce its position on this project, and also declare that we will deal with all means and plans for the division of Iraq under any labels to the unwillingness of Iraq’s unity in a federal democratic state, its people and its wealth, “.anthy
The Turkmen Front chairman Arshad Salhi denied determine the three presidencies and heads and representatives of blocs meeting a time limit for the adoption of important laws.
He told all of Iraq [where], “The meeting, which was held last Msaoualkhamis, did not specify a time limit for the adoption of important laws, but it was agreed that there should be a parliamentary committee mini to follow some troubled laws, such as the Federation Council Act, amnesty and National Guard and shorten discussions with them for approval. “
said Salhi, he was” raised in the meeting at the President Fuad Masum, the next meeting includes the issue of Kirkuk and the granting of powers to the province and the assassinations of senior figures in Kirkuk’s oil company, who do not know until now from Agtalem. “
the three presidencies and the leaders of the heads of blocs political, met on Thursday evening, and issued several decisions, including the allocation of a fund for displaced people and to provide a grant for the returnees to their areas, and create an atmosphere for dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil, as well as agreement on the fight against corruption and reduce the budget deficit, and agreed to vote on the military in the House of Representatives leaders, and the completion of reforms , as well as the formation of a committee to pass important laws National Kahars according to a specific timetable, according to a statement the meeting “.anthy 2
Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri that “confirmed the defeat Daash terrorist gangs will be ahead of year-end solutions.”
Jubouri said in a statement quoted by the “Boston Globe” newspaper of America, said that “the air strikes launched by the international coalition aircraft can cause the shell Daash capabilities, you pay to abandon the areas controlled by now.”
The newspaper, said al-Jubouri Jubouri stipulated that doubled local resistance groups clash with elements Daash, stressing that “Daash has 33% of the territory that was controlled in Iraq in recent months.”
he said al-Jubouri, during the meeting that “edit gray represents a critical shift in the complex struggle against the terrorist gangs.” is over
The Kurdistan Alliance MP Arafat Karam stressed the need to reach a real, transparent and binding between the Kurdistan region and the central government agreement, stressing that the delegation’s visit to Baghdad region tomorrow will be the last in the case of failure to reach solutions.
The MP said Karam told all of Iraq [where], “Baghdad has become convinced that the region on his way to declare independence if they do not get an agreement between the parties.”
“We are in dire need of dialogues to be a reason to solve problems, reminding that” meeting three presidencies and political blocs, which was held in Baghdad a few days ago has stressed the need to resolve the differences between the center and the region and meet the challenges that beset the country together. “
He continued,” the upcoming region delegation’s visit to Baghdad will be very important because it will be transparent, open and fact to solve problems, if these problems are not solved the parties of these differences would be affected because the country is facing a difficult financial crisis, in addition to the war against Daash terrorist gangs up to the crisis of displaced people, which is the other need to unite all parties to help resolve them. “he is stressing that Baghdad and Kurdistan need unity and solidarity with each other other, and that the estrangement between them only serve Daash gangs terrorist. “
as Attorney Arafat Karam stressed the need to solve all the problems in the framework of a national away from foreign intervention, saying” We do not want there to be outside interference between the Brotherhood and the partners in the homeland.
“justified Karam the illegal export of oil operations by the Kurdistan region, he (the region) did not think to export oil only after Baghdad severed send dues of Finance about the budget since 2014 and pushed it into bankruptcy. “
and the deputy Karam, said that” there is a desire and real will of the Government of the Territory to go towards austerity in order to limit expenses and being able to overcome the financial crisis in the region and the territorial Government is serious about solving this problem. “
he concluded generosity by saying,” if a real and transparent agreement between Baghdad and the region did not get in this visit would be the last visit from the region to Baghdad “.anthy
Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim stressed Dharroh participation of the popular crowd in the battle to liberate the city of Mosul from Daash terrorist gangs.
A statement from his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, for the wise saying in the office of Baghdad, the political elites in his office in Baghdad on Saturday, “with the escalation of done security and edit more regions and cities dominated by Daash in June 2014 and no other achievements was the liberalization of Ramadi, preceded Tikrit and Aqditha down to the Baiji However forefront the issue of Mosul and edit the priorities of the current and prospective synchronizes with the battle to liberate Fallujah security files, and here the role of the popular crowd to participate in the battle of liberation of Mosul highlights as required by the battle of many tactics. “
the wise” on the need for the participation of the popular crowd in the liberation of Mosul , noting that the participation of national necessity imposed by the merits of the battle and the speed desired them and keep the city from destruction, while stressing the importance of face Daash tactics unconventional as in Baiji extracted advanced level in a few days. “
He believed that” the city of Mosul city of diversity and the exclusion of any hand to participate in the edit action in the interest of Daash and its goal, which sought where to tear the social fabric, pointing out that the liberalization of Mosul require many troops to be a battle and decisive judge and quick, and many are not provided, but the participation of everyone. “
He called on al-Hakim,” the House of Representatives to discuss News that talk about bringing US troops as consultants with Iraqi forces or their mission concentration between Mosul and the side of the Syrian forces, “noting that” such matters should be discussed out loud and not well known to the people and Omthleehm who have the final say of allowing or not, “pointing out that” events Muqdadiyah Holt and underwent an exaggeration, although it condemned by everyone and everyone’s head was the religious authority there is no room to justify the mistakes. “
He pointed to the financial crisis,” noting that “we have no problem in as much money as what we have a problem in his administration and we have no problem in the water as much as we have a problem in water management and so on, “a reference mistakes made ​​in previous years for a lack of the political forces of the experience,” adding, “but what is important today is how to deal with mistakes and minimize, stressing the importance of research for type selections with keeping the national balance is reassuring for all, stressing at the same time the importance of civil peace as an input based on a political solution, recalling that Daash is not a criminal gang but compressor political project on the Iraqi unity and civil peace. “
following the President of the Supreme Council of the interventions of the audience and reiterated that” the Iraqis in the same boat and everyone that so much aware of the sinking sinking everyone in deliverance will come out everyone to safety, “calling on the Iraqi parties to” sit down with the vision of a unified Iraq and the interest of Iraq and put an end to foreign intervention, stressing the importance of legislative reform salvation of crippling laws as soon as possible, as well as the distribution of tasks and roles “
and the economic reality Hakim said : challenges and opportunities is a direct correlation, the more the big challenge whenever the opportunity to its size, indicating that Iraq is in front of an opportunity to mobilize the agricultural, industrial and tourism potentials for the salvation of the phenomenon of the rentier state, as well as local product support and protection from competition with the importer in addition to support farmers and secure food basket. “
He warned “the risk of political miscarriage agent charges between some of the some of the other, indicating that the anti-corruption always collide with air corrupt legal for corruption but this does not prevent the doubling of efforts and the enactment of laws that will enable the Iraqi state from hitting corruption heads and recover the money, while expressed his concern that the corruption affects the idea of selling state property, calling [the sale was] that the sale will be through the competent committees and the operation has a fully transparent in front of everyone and the first of them citizens. “
on the Mosul dam, and Maithar him of fears the collapse of al-Hakim said,” the treatment of the dam Balthacah stopped in for long periods what damaged the dam, and the government someone chairman put the issue at the top Alaolulyat, assured that what is said about the dam where a large dramatize regardless of the size of the exported from the statements, while said the government was studying the status of the dam between the two Italian and other German to put processors]. “ended

mike Article quote: “…January 30: Under the slogan of “decentralized service…stability…development toward a united Iraq,” was launched on Saturday” This is a great article, it’s one of the things I’ve been waiting for. De-centralization is the key to Iraq’s future success, the old, centralized socialist economic model will not work anymore with the oil at $30 a barrel. Hopefully, the plan is to rapidly move to an open market economy where capitalism moves this country forward and away from the control of the central government

Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Saturday, that Iraq would cooperate with others in the reduction of oil production, noting that Iraq was already a major victim in the question of reduction of oil production.

Abdul-Mahdi said that “with Iraq and with the consensus and unity of OPEC if there was an agreement between all parties to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and even outside if the producers really wanted to cooperate and reduce their share of the oil.”

Abdul-Mahdi said that “Iraq had previously paid its share in this area was the major victim of the question of reduction of production,” noting “We understand these issues but the reduction of production will be under a roof and how we will defend our national rights of this last debate.”

The drop in oil prices to less than $ 30 per barrel all producing countries ore-exporting, particularly those countries that depend public budgets on these oil revenues, mainly that encourages these countries to talk Anamkanah agreement to reduce output by 5% each State may hurt.


A source at the Central Bank, as no truth to stop the bank from the sale of the dollar in the months of March and April this year.

The source said that ‘the central bank confirms that the rumors about stopping the sale of the dollar in the third and fourth month of the current year are completely untrue’.

The source urged citizens and the media to ‘pay attention to those tendentious rumors, which aims to confusion and confusion of the Iraqi market within the campaign waged by enemies to our dear country.

It is said that the central bank denied, last week, the reports about the storming of its building in central Baghdad, and stopped selling the dollar operations, and as he emphasized the continued sale of currency and meet the market needs of the dollar, warned of ‘rumors that confuse the Iraqi market. “


It jumped eight percent of oil prices above $ 35 a barrel, the highest level in three weeks and a lot away from its lowest level in 12 years, which plunged him earlier this month amid growing expectations that major producers may cooperate to cut production.

Oil rose about 30 percent from its lowest level since 2003, which struck earlier than January. And it accelerated gains this week on speculation that Russia and OPEC may agree to cut production.

He said Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak suggested that Saudi Arabia cut production by up to five percent of each country in order to support prices.

The price of Brent increased to $ 2.03 to $ 35.13 a barrel by 1425 GMT, a rise of more than six percent after rising 4.1 percent on Wednesday. Brent reached its peak in the session at $ 35.84 a barrel, up more than eight percent from the settlement price yesterday, the highest level since the sixth of January.

The price of US crude rose 1.82 dollars to 34.12 dollars a barrel after the previous session ended, up 85 cents, or 2.7 percent.