Deputies: MPs will be immune from Sunday


The parliamentary legal committee confirmed on Saturday that the members of the House of Representatives will lose the parliamentary "immunity" they enjoyed over the past four years starting on Sunday, pointing out that the judiciary can take action against MPs who have signs or claims.

"Today (June 30) is the last day of the Iraqi parliament," said member of the Supreme Committee Nassif, stressing that "the deputies and as of Sunday will be without immunity."

Nassif added that "the judiciary can take action against the deputies, who have indications or cases or issues, especially on the criminal side."

The member of the parliamentary legal committee Zana Said revealed, on Saturday for "abandon" the political blocs on the idea of ​​extending the work of the House of Representatives, stressing that the government will not become a caretaker government after the entry of Iraq in a constitutional vacuum. 8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%86%D9%8A%D8%A7%D8%A8%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%86%D9%88%D8%A7%D8%A8-%D8%B3%D9%8A%D9%83%D9%88%D9%86%D9%88%D9%86-%D8%A8%D9%84/

Deputy reveals the "agreement" to pass the fourth amendment during tomorrow’s session

MP for the National Alliance Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, Wednesday, an agreement between the political blocs to complete a quorum during a meeting on Thursday, indicating that the fourth amendment to the electoral law will be passed during the session.

"Jafar said in a statement that" most of the political blocs agreed to attend their deputies during Thursday’s session to complete the quorum, "noting that" the fourth amendment of the provincial elections law will be extended according to agreements. "

Jaafar added that "the extension of the work of the House of Representatives will face a legal obstacle from the Federal Court," noting that "the political crisis will not end until after the completion of the process of counting and sorting and the announcement of the election results and final approval."

The current national wisdom headed by Mr. Ammar al-Hakim announced on Wednesday, its "full" rejection of all the proposals and calls that seek and seek to extend the life of the current House of Representatives, returned "a dangerous precedent.


Parliament ends first reading of the fourth amendment to the election law


With the aim of extending the work of the legislative authority
Baghdad / Sabah
After the resumption of the special session under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri the first reading of the proposed amendment to the fourth law of the elections of the House of Representatives No. 45 of 2013, which provides for the continuation of the work of the House of Representatives for the purpose of follow-up implementation of the resolution and ensure the integrity of the process of counting and sorting.

Al-Jubouri confirmed at the beginning of the session, according to a statement by the media department of the parliament, that Al-Sabah received a copy of it.

The Council continued to hold a special session in continuation of correcting the democratic process it has taken over it and worked throughout the legislative years to achieve it.

The constitutional framework within the framework of the treatment is in favor of the process and the identification of historical contexts and precedents witnessed by the judiciary.

Jabouri praised the role of the judicial institution and the full response of all political forces and their compliance with the opinion of the judiciary, which is the only refuge for the separation and ruling on constitutional issues in the hope of a comprehensive counting and counting in all polling stations and stations in Iraq,

stressing that the nominal goal of the Council is to protect the political process, The honorable Iraqi to preserve and disassociate it from all the elections, from questioning and thwarting all corrupt attempts to pollute this legitimacy.

The Speaker explained that the Council is continuing to complete the task in an unconstitutional and clear manner to consolidate the rights of the fixed and restore the rights of the defeated within the disciplined procedures will cut all the charges against the electoral process and contribute to the detection of the manipulators of the will of the people and accounting law and pursue them regardless of their addresses and positions of political or political,

That the holding of the session aims to extend the life of the legislative authority and without the state has any financial burdens and be parallel with the age of the executive authority to prevent the legislative vacuum and maintain the balance of the course of the State in light of the role of the judiciary to Ruff on the process of counting and sorting, as stipulated by the Third Amendment to the Law of the House of Representatives elections and approved by the Federal Court Act.

"All this was not one of the goals of the parties and individuals or lists, but a sovereign concern of the Council on the legitimacy and legitimacy of state institutions, which will be organized on the will of the people and to maintain the democratic course of Iraq.

For his part, MP Niazi, the representative of the House of Representatives, the request of the site of 60 deputies to the Presidency of the Council includes the proposed law to continue the work of the House of Representatives until the completion of the process of counting and sorting by hand.

The Council ended the first reading of the proposed law of the fourth amendment to the law of elections of the House of Representatives No. 45 of 2013 and submitted by the Legal Committee in view of the issuance of the Supreme Court decision No. (99, 104 and 106 / Federal / Media / 2018) on 21/6/2018, It is necessary to implement some of its paragraphs,

which calls for the work of the House of Representatives and for the purpose of following up the implementation of the resolution and ensure the integrity of the process of counting and sorting.

The text of the law

The Fourth Amendment Law of the House of Representatives Elections Law No. (45) of 2013 on behalf of the people based on the provisions of Article (1) of Article (61) and Article (III) of Article (73) of the Constitution and Article (IV) of Article 122 of the Constitution.

Issuing the following law: No. () for the year 2018 Law of the fourth amendment to the law of the Iraqi Council of Representatives No. 45 for 2013 Article

-1 – The House of Representatives continues to work until the ratification of the Federal Supreme Court on the results of the elections held on 12/5/2018.

Article 2: No provision shall be made in contradiction to the provisions of this Law. Article

3: This Law shall be implemented from the date of voting thereon.

Positive reasons

Due to the issuance of the decision of the Federal Supreme Court No. 99, 104 and 106 / Federal / Media / 2018) on 21/6/2018 and the judge to oblige the House of Representatives to take what is necessary to implement some paragraphs, which requires the continuation of the work of the House of Representatives and for the purpose of follow-up implementation of the resolution and ensure the integrity of the process of counting and sorting.

This law was enacted.

Decision of the Iraqi Parliament: will be a vote on the proposal for the third amendment to the election law

Rapporteur of the House of Representatives Niazi Maamar Uglu

Speaker of the House of Representatives Niazi Muammaroglu confirmed that more than 190 deputies pledged to vote on the third amendment proposal for the election law.

"The parliament is exercising all its constitutional powers until the end of June," Oglu said in a press statement Tuesday.

"He can legislate a proposal to amend the law and oblige all parties involved in the electoral process to act if he approves the vote."

He added: "All the procedures and contexts taken by the parliament to pass the proposed amendment and legal conformity to the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives and the Constitution," explaining that "the node to achieve a quorum does not constitute an obstacle to move the passage of the proposed law,

and we have a mobilization of deputies for more than 190 deputies in the voting session on Wednesday , Where they pledged to attend and complete a quorum and vote on the amendment.

Parliament ends first reading to amend election law

Baghdad / … The Presidency of the Council of Representatives, on Wednesday, the resumption of the session open on Saturday after the parliament ended the first reading to amend Article 32 of the election law.

A parliamentary source told "Iraq News", that "the parliament ended the first reading of the amendment to Article 32 of the election law."

He explained that "the amendment provides that the Commission is committed to re-counting and sorting of all electoral centers throughout Iraq."

The source continued, "The House of Representatives decided to keep the meeting open and resume on Saturday."

Newspaper: the Iraqi Parliament plan cancel election results


Baghdad/Iraq News Network-new Arab newspaper "revealed in a report on Tuesday that the House would not only decisions taken by Monday, the independent High Electoral Commission, but will take further actions, and the new Arab newspaper" parliamentary source weskth Insider as saying that "the House will not merely resolution adopted Monday to cancel a vote abroad, re counting manually in 10 percent of the ballot boxes,"

he continues to a series of measures related to the electoral process, "adding that" if proven forgery count and recounts the Parliament has the right to annul the results and schedule new elections, "indicating that Parliament’s action would impair directly the new members of Parliament who are awaiting ratification winning officially by the Electoral Commission and the Federal Court, it will not be easy as there are investigative committees on The integrity of the electoral process.

"this might enter the country into a constitutional crisis if the current Parliament session ends, and the new Parliament proceedings incompletion," adding that "the conflict over the legislature represents a dangerous precedent that might affect the political process paralyzed.

" Iraqi Parliament held Extraordinary session Monday where sound decision re counting manually, and cancel a vote abroad and displaced by faking evidence as justified, and kept its open to resume later.

Today .. A second parliamentary session to discuss the elections .. And expectations that the {no quorum}

BAGHDAD / Shaima Rachid
The House of Representatives will hold a second extraordinary session on Thursday to discuss the elections and the repercussions that accompanied it. While information was reported that the session witnessed "the vote on the abolition of the elections," parliamentary sources predicted that the quorum is not complete.
Despite the objections and doubts about the results of the elections, the move to "cancel the elections" is unlikely, for several reasons, especially the difficulty of achieving a quorum, according to members of the House of Representatives, at a time when others see the Parliament has legal powers to cancel the elections.
The results of the legislative elections have generated wide controversy, prompting the Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri to hold an emergency session last Saturday, but the meeting was not achieved because of the lack of completion of the quorum, making Jabouri head to the Office of the official includes the means to provide confidence in the electoral process. Emergency session

"The parliament has the legal and constitutional right to correct the democratic process and prevent it from forgery," MP Iskandar and Tut said in a press statement.
For his part, revealed a member of the House of Representatives Tawfiq al-Kaabi on the establishment of a rally on behalf of "Hama democracy" to demand the cancellation of the elections through a second extraordinary session and the preparation of a new draft law for the elections, during the remainder of the life of the current parliament. "
Al-Kaabi said in an interview with" The presence of positive reasons for the cancellation of the elections, including "cases of fraud declared by some members of the Commission," at a time when he stressed that "the parliament has the powers to issue a decision to cancel." The government may appeal the decision to cancel the elections

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Union of Iraqi Turkmen MP Jassim Mohammed Jaafar al-Bayati, in a press statement that "legally the right of the House of Representatives to issue a law or a decision to cancel the election, but the vote on the law and proceed in practice is very unlikely and difficult to The reasons for the first, that the completion of the quorum of meetings is not easy to achieve, as we saw in the previous emergency session and the previous meetings of the Parliament, especially that there are 50 former deputies have renewed their membership, meaning not to attend the session.
He added that "the other matter is related to the government, which will challenge the proposal of the law and win the appeal because the cancellation of the elections and need to return funds and this includes a financial burden is the jurisdiction of the government in accordance with the decision of the Federal Court."
Al-Bayati added that "the whole issue can not be achieved effectively because it is not logical to go" losers "to issue a decision to cancel the elections for any reason or justification," pointing out that "this means leaving a legal vacuum and the formation of an emergency government and Iraq at a stage where it can not be adventure Options not calculated results ". The violations occur in most countries of the world For his part, MP for the coalition of state law Mansour al-Baiji, in a statement received "morning", a copy of it, "Although there are some electoral violations that occurred during the voting process, but it is not possible to request the cancellation of election results From some political forces. "

"All the political forces that win the elections hold talks and meetings in order to bring them closer together to announce political alliances. This movement has been going on continuously since the results were announced," he said. Elections, "adding that" can not talk about the process of canceling the results simply because of the loss of some candidates or political forces. "
In turn, the legal expert Tariq Harb, in a statement to "morning", the abolition of the elections is impossible for the difficulty of holding a meeting of the House of Representatives Nzab Kamel, calling for "the need to hand over political blocs to the decision of the judiciary after the Council of Commissioners." He said: "Most of those affected by the elections submitted complaints to the Board of Commissioners, which will in turn audit and make appropriate decisions in this aspect," noting that "it is also possible to appeal before the Electoral Administrative Authority in the Federal Court of Cassation." He pointed out that "the issue of fraud needs to be investigated by judges, because it is a crime, and if proven, the elections freeze in a number of stations that have been proven fraud," useful that "these cases can not cancel the election results."

Parliament: the new parliament will hold its meeting early next month

The parliamentary legal committee, on Wednesday, expected the first session of the House of Representatives early June, noting that the session will be held after the ratification of the Federal Court on the names of new members.

Committee member Zainab Sahlani said in a statement that "the announcement of the election results will be during the next two days after the final identification of the names of deputies and the threshold of elections and quotas."

"The Commission will send the names of the winners to the Federal Court for ratification within 15 days and after the ratification calls for the President of the Republic to hold an open session of the new Council, which will be headed by the President of the oldest year early next month."

"The political consensus is to choose the speaker of parliament and then vote on it to be the next step is to choose a president who will pass two-thirds of the votes and in turn the new president cost the largest list to nominate its candidate to choose a new prime minister." 8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%86%D9%8A%D8%A7%D8%A8%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A8%D8%B1%D9%84%D9%85%D8%A7%D9%86-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AC%D8%AF%D9%8A%D8%AF-%D8%B3/

Tomorrow .. The end of the legislative term of the House of Representatives

The parliamentary legal committee confirmed on Monday that the Legislative Chapter of the House of Representatives will end on Tuesday (May 1), while noting the possibility of continuing the sessions of the Council in April this year naturally without the inability of election campaigns to obstruct the holding of meetings.

"The House of Representatives is supposed to be the most committed to the implementation of the Constitution as the body involved in the legislation of laws that are running the work of the Iraqi state."

He added Saadoun, "The legislative chapter according to the Constitution ends on the first of May next to enter the parliament’s legislative holidays, therefore was supposed to continue the sessions of the parliament naturally during the month of April, and that the campaign is not expedited for some candidates to suspend the meetings or continue to complete interrogations during The month of April. "

The Presidency of the Parliament decided to postpone the meeting of the parliament assumed in (17 April 2018) to another notice until the necessary need to convene because of the lack of quorum for the contract.

It is scheduled to hold parliamentary elections in Iraq on May 12 to vote on the selection of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives in a new session.

House of Representatives reveals the salaries of members of the Iraqi parliament and the allocations of its members

Reply the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, the statement by MP Mishan Jubouri on the salaries of members of parliament, revealing at the same time the salaries of members and the size of their allocations, before the elections of the new session.

This came in a statement to the Information Department of the Parliament on April 24, 2018 commenting on the circulation of pages in social networking sites a video section of MP Mishan Jubouri talk with a satellite channel dealt with the work of the House of Representatives and salaries of its members.

The statement said that it was circulated by MP Mishan al-Jubouri regarding salaries, which did not really come into being. It is an attempt to harm a well-chosen, elected institution of the people, as it was repeatedly disclosed in previous statements on all the figures on the salaries of MPs.

He added that the salaries of deputies did not reach 45 million dinars, as stated in the statement, but was 12 million and 900 thousand dinars before the launch of the reform package, while the total salary of the deputy after the application of the reduction in accordance with Resolution 333 at the highest rates of 10 million dinars as below:

Nominal salary (4) million dinars

The allocation of the position of (2) million dinars
Certificate benefits

PhD 100% of the nominal salary

Master 75% of nominal salary

Bachelor of 45% of nominal salary

Institute of 35% of nominal salary

25% of the nominal salary

As for the protections of the deputies, the statement said that "the Council adopted mechanisms and controls difficult to manipulate to grant the salaries of protections and prepare them and in the case of possession of the MP any evidence contrary,

please submit to the parties concerned and the issue of the intervention of some deputies the work of government institutions also needs evidence that the speaker To submit to the judiciary, especially that he is a member of the Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives. "…5%D8%A7%D9%86/