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Accusations are flying about oil smuggling in Iraq’s Ninevah province, and many accusers say government officials, armed factions and other powerful parties are involved.

Representatives of the province, including parliament member Ahmed al-Jubouri, have said recently that oil is being smuggled from the Ninevah wells.

That news coincided with Osama al-Nujaifi, head of the Iraqi Decision Coalition, telling the media Feb. 1, “Security forces sent out military vehicles to halt the smuggling operations, but armed parties controlling the wells stood in the way.”

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By John Lee.

BasNews reports that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is planning to extract crude oil in the border areas it controls in the Kurdistan Region and transport it to Iran by truck.

According to some local sources, a PKK team is building a new 5-km road across the border areas of Kurdistan Region near Mount Qandil, into Iran.

The PKK plans to extract oil in the Sargali area on the hillside of Mount Qandil, where the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) previously found oil, but were prevented from extracting it by the PKK.

(Source: BasNews)

By John Lee.

The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament has said that the ability of the so-called Islamic State militant group (IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh ) to profit from illicit oil sales has declined, as the terrorists lose control over the captured territories.

Saleem Jubouri (pictured) told Sputnik:

“Daesh used [oil] fields to earn money, especially in [the province of] Nineveh and several districts of [the province of] Kirkuk. But following the liberation of a number of districts, Daesh capabilities in this sphere have decreased.

“Unfortunately, there are people who help Daesh to produce oil and transport it. It is very strange, because anyone could understand what is the main financial resource of the Daesh.”

(Source: Sputnik)

Twilight news, Iraqi oil Ministry denounced Tuesday the oil by the Kurdistan region to world markets without the approval of the Federal Government in Baghdad as smuggling and violating the country’s Constitution. altThe Ministry said in a statement for “Twilight”…