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MrsClassy:   Banking expert calls for the activation of monetary policy
May 24, 2017  Called banking expert Samir Nasiri, the Iraqi Central Bank to activate its monetary policy to support the private banking system, and re-examine the policies and lending departments of credit risk, with an emphasis on some of the observations studied in the framework of the strategy adopted in the coming years.
He Alnasiri, that the implementation of the strategy of the Central Bank of Iraq for the coming years, requires a lesson set of observations, including monitoring the implementation of future policies of cash until the year 2020 with the contribution of the banking sector in gross domestic product (GDP),
as well as the search for new policies to achieve this goal and allows the government and private banks to participate in the growth and investment in accordance with the mechanisms and policies that are applicable, and without imposing strict policies and to give adequate elasticities.
He added that it is necessary to seek to address the apparent gap between the fiscal policies of the state and monetary policies adopted by the Central Bank and the requirements of the anti-inflationary pressures, in addition to reducing current spending and coordination in the plans and programs that save the Iraqi economy from financial collapses

​He also pointed Alnasiri, to the importance of activating the monetary policy to support the private banking system, and the revision of policies and lending mechanisms of credit risk management in the granting of credit to small and medium loans, in addition to investment in production and investment sectors that achieve cash flow, and revive the economic cycle, which contributes to economic development and diversify the financial resources of the general budget.


In the context of the sale of the dollar process that the central being organized, Nasiri, called for the minute follow-up instructions for a window of foreign currency issued this year, and the need to define the role of banks in the mediation between the customer and between the central, as well as to determine the responsibility of the ministries of trade, finance and planning in the offenses committed by some customers , and not only load responsibility for banks.
He stressed the importance of the adoption of boards of directors in the strategy of banks operational risks and implementation, and review debt doubtful according to the list of guidelines, re-elasticities and periods of time for additional banks to liquidate these debts accruing mostly to civilian migration from their provinces for security reasons beyond their control.
And called for the restructuring of the particular government banking sector, with an emphasis on the need to study the allocation of some of its departments, and to activate the operating banks to expand their banking services and diversify,
particularly to increase credit and investment share in a balanced manner with total revenues into these banks an effective pillar of economic growth, provided that the move away from monopoly some banking operations and the withholding of government activities and public institutions for private banks.
He added that there is also the need to develop the Iraqi market for securities money and support, and to find the means and tools that drive towards the lifting of the market and companies index prices, in line with its assets and standards of production and profits,
and to prevent speculation that harm the Iraqi assets disproportionate real value, calling for the establishment of a fund or a private portfolio certificates of deposit issued by banks wishing to address the deterioration of stock prices.
The request to add a new bank management current investment investment climate in the market to promote and increase the size of the deposits of banks leads to increased investment activities in all economic sectors and thus achieve a positive return for investors.
He said Alnasiri The monetary policy of leading efforts to achieve economic stability and stabilizing the exchange rate rates that the national economy will also increase the strength and effectiveness to meet the economic challenges of economic policy, and believes that the achievement of reserves of foreign exchange,
which currently stands at about $ 49 billion, stabilize the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar is one of the things necessary, pointing out that the foreign currency held by the central window had a positive role in maintaining an appropriate level of the exchange rate and install it.
He pointed out that the CBI has taken many steps to expand the list of available instruments of monetary policy and to cover the reserve required to include government deposits, and the granting of facilities on deposits maturing in a short period in order to allow banks to manage their liquidity more effectively.
He added that the relative stability of the rates of the exchange rate of tight monetary policy and the stability of the financial system, as well as reducing inflationary phenomenon and to control the levels of liquidity and management, and to encourage banks to move towards the market, of the most important tools that have been achieved in monetary policy from 2004 to 2006.
Keither:   Well, I’m no banking expert but Monetary Reform sounds good to me as well.  c’mon Iraq, just do it!
oasorcire33:    Thats what i’ve been calling for for the longest time.
Jacktt:     I’ll third that, I’m calling for it !!!   (again!)
Pacificpalm:   Just do it!!
Bellagrace:   You can have a million people “calling for it” but until the GOI/CBI does it none of the calling make a difference. It seems everyone knows what need to be done but between parliament kicking many things down the road, the everyday liberation of Mosul, no one prosecuted for corruption, and constant loans to keep the politicians paid Iraq remains status quo
Payray:    The completion of it, or what we seek to occur not being done at this point in time is all a part of a much larger picture… The importance of it as it concerns the times we live in cannot be stated… It is a physical occurrence, but will spiritually put things in motion in a most profound way… Which is why we all need the HELPER to guide, and discipline us so as to keep this in perspective…
Will we be wise stewards, or will wealth cause some of us to fall away, and be less reliant upon the Spirit of the Living God… So while we wait with great anticipation of this, and are prepared physically… What should be of utmost importance is whether or not we are spiritually prepared over the long term… For as scripture points out, “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”… Satan knows this, and is a master of exposing the weakness’s that all of us have… This is where the strength, and insight of God Almighty is so relevant in all of this…   Blessings…
LStar:   EXACTLY! Agree! And article 8 ~ international compliance & gross domestic product. Don’t quit our jobs yet. I’ll be back in January to see if next year’s budget got done. Burned out 
Poki:    RV Shmarvy…  Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes , relax and let it go…. Be in this moment and savor it.  For this moment is really the only thing you truly have.  You are already blessed. have an awesome day. In joy. Moment by moment. Aloha
Katz:   That’s pretty much what the Doctor said as he snap the plastic gloves on…..
Noeta:    So let it be said, so let it be done.
MrsClassy:   LStar,   I want to be the first to wish you a Very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! because Ill, be long gone !
MrsClassy:    Very Nice, Poki
Blessed2017:    I’m with the classy lady, I DON’T PLAN ON BEING IN THIS ROOM MUCH LONGER!!!!     Carpe Cashing in (eventually)

Currency Investing for Small Investors
U.S.News & World Report          
Jeff Brown   U.S.News & World Report May 24, 2017
If the point of investing is to make money, why not invest in money itself?
It seems logical, and plenty of people do it — making money in recent years by betting on continued strengthening of the U.S. dollar for example.
In fact, the foreign exchange market is the largest securities market in the world, with trillions of dollars, euros, yen and other currency changing hands every day. Much of that is in hedging strategies, to assure that an investment in, say, a stock in a foreign company, does not lose value simply because of a change in exchange rates.
But speculators bet on those exchange-rate changes themselves though the foreign exchange market, where speculators trade futures contracts, which obligate their owners to buy or sell a given amount of currency at a set price on a given date.
Currency bets are seen as yet another way to diversify a portfolio, as they don’t march in step with ordinary stocks and bonds. Factors that hurt stocks, like rising interest rates, may boost a currency.
So what do you need to know to get into this game?
First, getting started is pretty easy. A flood of new online trading platforms have been launched in recent years, many with tutorials and virtual trading features that let beginners practice with futures contracts before they put real money at risk. (Search for “currency trading.”)
“In my personal opinion, the best method for a small investor is hands down trading the forex market,” says Joshua Martinez, co-owner of MarketTraders Institute, an education site for currency trading. “The forex market is a very straightforward, liquid, clean market.
If you think the market is going up, you press ‘buy’ and if the market goes up you win. If the market falls you lose. … It’s as simple as buying low and selling high.”
Many trading platforms have low account minimums, and believers like Martinez note that with 50-to-1 leverage, which is common, it’s possible to turn a small bet into a big profit.
But others warn that leverage can also amplify losses, and many experts say the majority of currency trades by small investors lose money, mainly because amateurs are betting against the pros.
“I do not believe small investors should be involved in futures,” says Manny Frangiadakis, principal at Twelve Points Wealth Management, a Boston-based firm that includes futures-trading advice in its services. “They can be extremely volatile and you can lose more than your initial investment if the market moves against you.”
If a bet starts going bad, the brokerage may demand more cash to offset the potential loss, he adds.
Also, factors governing exchange rates are hard to fathom.
“Currencies are driven by a number of different factors including monetary policy, both home and abroad, geopolitical events, interest rates and future growth projections in the region,” Frangiadakis says.
Frightened investors overseas may see dollars as a safe haven during times of turmoil, driving the dollar up against other currencies. In other words, they’ll pay more euro or yen for every dollar. So any worrisome event can affect exchange rates.
Investors may flock to the currency of a country that offers unusually high interest rates, or flee one that’s too stingy.
But it doesn’t always work that way. The U.S. dollar has been in high demand despite low rates because it is considered safe. Many foreign investors use U.S. Treasury bonds to store reserves even though yields are historically low.
Obviously, political turmoil, war and economic problems can undermine a currency’s value.
An investor accustomed to stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds may find currencies pretty alien. Currency trading is done in pairs, meaning you buy one currency and sell another. Although many combinations are possible, the bulk of trading is in eight currencies: the U.S., Canadian, New Zealand and Australian dollars, British pound, euro, yen and Swiss franc.
Another consideration: currencies are not fire-and-forget investments like, say, index funds tracking U.S. stocks. Currencies are volatile, and the speculator needs to be on top of things and ready to buy or sell on short notice.
Investors who want the diversification offered by currencies but don’t want the hassle and risk of futures trading can use mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. 
“ETF’s that follow currencies operate much differently [from futures contracts] and are better suited for small-time investors,” Frangiadakis says. “You can invest in an ETF that tracks certain currencies or a basket of currencies. For example, if you’re invested in an ETF that went long the Euro then as the euro appreciated or depreciated so would the price of the ETF.”
Another option, he said, is to invest in foreign bonds, which in dollar terms could rise or fall in value with changes in exchange rates.
The most common advice for beginners: Play it safe by keeping individual bets small and devoting only a small fraction of your investment portfolio to this sector. Play only with money you can afford to lose.

Jeff Brown spent nearly 40 years as a newspaper reporter, columnist and editor, including 20 years writing about investing, personal finance, the economy and financial markets. He spent 20 years at The Philadelphia Inquirer and has been freelancing since 2007.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the Ministerial fundamental change will be implemented soon, and we’ll show the names of ministers and competent professionals to fill the portfolios covered by the change, according to constitutional frameworks and confirming the political partnership between the components of the people and its legitimate representatives.
The Prime Minister’s Office in a press statement received “direction Press”, a copy of the “Abadi said in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people that we have the necessary support for devices judiciary and the integrity and regulatory bodies to do their part with determination and strength, and we look forward to the participation of popular and media in exposing the corrupt and venal who were disbanding the interests of the people in government departments. “
He added that he “can not never allow armed appearances outside of the state and threaten the security of citizens and overtaking on the checkpoints and the passage of militants from which” adding that “the implementation of the reforms should be done in cooperation and not through the imposition of a fait accompli and to destabilize the security of our beloved capital Baghdad and the security of the rest of the provincial policy “.
Abadi stressed that “destabilize the security of citizens is unacceptable and will not allow it at all especially since we also live under the threat of terrorism and the criminal gangs and remnants of the former regime.”
The new prime minister, “our consistent position to guarantee the right to demonstrate peacefully in accordance with legal procedures and within the specified places by the security services, and we said to the demonstrators from the outset we are of you and with you in the same trench and we are not in Khandeghin.”
“We are confident to achieve victory over terrorism and corruption, and we will succeed to go beyond the financial crisis, we have taken measures to guarantee the necessary treatments to overcome them,” adding, “We are at every turn delicate pass by our dear homeland Nthaly wisdom to the highest level.”

Among Abadi , that “wisdom is not vulnerable as fancy as some mistakes in his calculations, but appreciation of things and a high sense of responsibility and expense of a thorough and prudent reading of the results and to maintain the supreme interest of the country”.


A source in the prime minister revealed handing Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi political blocs standards reshuffle approach.

The source said, “it was on the distribution of the blocks and document comprehensive reforms and the amendment and ministerial standards and mechanisms with filtration is complete, this document contains asummary of its implementation and the methodology of work of the government and improve financialmanagement and CG voluntary.”

He said the document “in which ten files, was the first in the ministerial principles and the second criteria for selecting a cabinet of technocrats and third evaluation model biographies of the candidates, the post of the Minister and the fourth the role of government ministers and the fifth evaluation of the performance of ministries, sixth and document the criteria for selecting candidates for senior positions.”

The source added that the “seventh file is a simplification of government and anti-corruption eighth and ninth government program procedures and by reforms and X-conditioning in the light of the government program in this document.”


National Alliance MP Ahmed Salal al-Badri said that everyone bears the “failure” gripping the country, while noting that Iraq is passing through a dangerous status as a result of interactions political movement which did not lead to anything.

Badri told the “direction” He explained that there is a great political dynamic going on within the political blocs after Abadi, a statement about a new ministerial changes, noting that what is witnessing political reality is motionless and interactions between the blocks and the recent meetings did not lead to anything.

Added: Iraq is put dangerous street watching from the National Alliance to take decisive positions on the status quo, but the meeting did not live up to the level of ambition and did not reach conclusive results to put the country in the right direction, noting that each block aimed negligence and failure on the other, but everyone assumes result “failure” gripping the country.

He said al-Badri said on al-Abadi to give a clear picture to see him about the cabinet reshuffle is anticipated, stressing that the political blocs, including the National Alliance show something and hide something else and it’s in public, she says it with reforms in the rough adheres Bajindatha and ministers and dignitaries chosen by the

He continued to be of the blocks to be clear and explicit in their positions, and the faction leaders to be aware of the seriousness of the current stage and put the country in the right direction.


Executive Summary
an introduction
Approach to government work
Improve financial management
_ The first file “ministerial principles
_ The second file “Criteria for the selection of Ministers of the Council of technocrats
_ The third file “evaluation model biographies of the candidates for the post of Minister
_ Fourth file “the role of government ministers
_ V file “evaluate the performance of ministries
_ Sixth Profile “document criteria for selection of candidates for senior positions
_ Seventh file “simplify government procedures
_ VIII’s “anti-corruption
_ Ninth file “government program and packages reforms

_ X file “conditioning the government program in the light of this document


Vice detection of the National Alliance for the terms of cabinet reshuffle expected standards.

Said Jassim Mohammed Jaafar in a press statement that “the choice of prime minister will be from ministries and universities, a condition that does not have a prominent figure in any of the parties did not receive any position previously and that has the consent of the Prime Minister presenting the blocks or vice versa offer mass and Aarza by the Prime Minister.”

He added that “in some of the National Alliance blocks perceptions about this change and want more consultations on the choice of ministers,” he said. “I think that Sashm within 48 hours within the National Alliance.”

He pointed Jaafar that “these criteria will be provided within the document of the National Alliance which is not only limited to the Ministerial change but include resolving the economic and financial reality of agricultural and industrial aspects of the private sector and reduce dependence on oil and the relationship between the center and the Kurdistan region and the State Administration and pass some laws, etc. These are all be within the document Ministerial reforms and change. “


The spokesman of the coalition of state law, Khalid al-Asadi, on Thursday, that the demonstrations is a legitimate right guaranteed by the Constitution, at the time stressed the existence of controls and provisions of the demonstrators adhered to.

Asadi said in a statement received “direction Press” copy of it, “the Iraqi constitution really gave the fans and the various segments of the people to protest and claim rights that they think is available to them with their protest any government direction or parliamentary affect the rights of citizens and does not conform with the aspirations of the people in the life insurance a decent free and safe for them. “

He added that “this constitutional right must be governed by rules and provisions must be adhered to by the demonstrators, but the controls, including obtaining approvals from official bodies prior to the demonstrations, with itineraries identified for demonstrations and places it collects.”

Asadi stressed the need to “abide civilized and peaceful manner by the protesters and the lack of exposure or attacks on public and private property belonging to the state and its citizens.”

The spokesman called the law “all the political books to unite to face the real enemy of Iraq and not listening to the horns of the Baath media personalities and want to return Iraq to chaos and looting and violating the sanctity and dignities of people.”


MP for the coalition of state law showed emotions blessing Thursday, the cabinet reshuffle scheduled to take place during the coming period does not work without accountability Minister spoilers, while Ebadi called for a comprehensive assessment of the ministries of state.

A blessing in a press statement that “the cabinet reshuffle announced by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi keeps alone to eliminate the rampant corruption in some government ministries,” indicating that “the change will contribute to replacing all characters, without accounting for negligence.”

She added that “the ministerial change must be focused on personal involved suspicions of corruption no matter what her position in the state starting from the minister and the end of the employee.”

Grace and added that “the fundamental modification does not work without accountability and deter the corrupt ministers”, calling on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for “conduct a comprehensive assessment of the work of the ministries before the amendment in order to direct only change the corrupt.”


Deputy accused the Kurdistan Alliance, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, non-observance of the governmentcurriculum, the subversion of the benefits blocs, especially in relation to the independent government bodies and institutions.

The MP said Adel Nouri in a press statement that “Abadi did not comply with state curriculum, turning on all the principles and benefits, and hit the wall display, even though we support the reforms, but [do not look at them look innocent or neutral, because his actions and dealings do not refer to this patent and the orientation of national unity and the formation of a government of technocrats. “

He added that “one of the first Protozoa government Abadi fill institutions and bodies and heads of institutions own name and not the agency, away from partisan quotas.”

Nuri said that “there are very important institutions operated by proxy has been appointed by the people Abadi away from the electoral quota and accruals components, and these most of them affiliated to the party of power and the party Abadi.”

He noted that “the Integrity Commission, which is one of the most important institutions, to resolve corruption cases and moving files, and forwarded to judicial bodies and agencies, chaired today Hassan Yassiri proxy, after being appointed by the Prime Minister, how to Ebadi to demand other changes, without having to terminate the agency file” .

Nuri and pointed out that “there are quotas for the Kurds, such as the Chief of Army Staff and the Deputy Minister of the Interior and dozens of positions is supposed to be of Kurdish nationalism share, but it now has an Arab personalities and Abadi party.”