IBBC Tech Forum hosts investor panel on ‘ What Iraq can do to boost its Tech Start up Economy’

The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) has held a well-attended panel discussion on Iraq tech start up economy, with leading investors and practitioners, including :

  • Mohammed Khudairi, partner of Khudairi Group and Co-Founder of Iraq tech Ventures;
  • Dawssar Charchafchi, MD of Media World digital agency;
  • Bassam Falah, CEO of Innovest and Ruwad Al Iraq start ups;
  • Bilal Qureshi, Manager of GSMA Innovation Fund; and,
  • Patricia Letayf, Operations Director of Five One Labs.

The vibrant discussion covered the evolution of investment from idea to start up and scale ups, articulating some of the challenges and reforms that investors need to enable further investment in Iraq’s tech market.

Of particular note is the observation that Iraqi talent is no different from elsewhere, but the conditions for it to flourish are more challenging on a number of levels, not least Government bureaucracy, lack of long term patient capital, the need to encourage corporate families to invest in innovation and access to internet and sufficient tech skills for start ups.

The IBBC is noting the key obstacles and formulating suggestions for reform, not just for Tech start ups but also Fintech requirements that will speed up and enable the adoption of new businesses and tech into Iraq.

Please watch the recording of this webinar on the link below

Watch here

The next panel is with the World Bank to discuss their recent report on ‘transforming Iraq’s digital economy.

For more information please contact london@webuildiraq.org

(Source: IBBC)

The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) is delighted to be holding a Tech forum within the main Conference at Address Hotel in Dubai on December 8th.

Principal among the speakers are Mr Yassin Bhija of GE Healthcare and Mr Uwe Bork of Siemens Healthcare who are driving the healthtech panel – exploring the hot topic of ‘How best to Develop primary and general healthcare in Iraq.’

Iraq has structural and tactical issues in providing universal healthcare at all levels of delivery and in all locations and classes. The two leading healthcare companies will discuss how tech solutions in general can address the issue and how their particular capabilities contribute to the general provision of healthcare.

Following on the Education Tech panel, will be discussing ‘The importance of Digital literacy in Iraq’, led by Google’s Mr Martin Roeke, Dr Victoria Lindsay of the British Council and Mr Timothy Fisher CEO of Stirling Education.

The Forum is sponsored by Innovest Middle East, an investment company that invests in startups during their scaling up stage in key markets in the Middle East region. With representations in Lebanon, Dubai, KSA, and Iraq, Innovest Middle East has played a key role in driving the startup ecosystem through direct investments as well as through supporting incubation and acceleration platforms collaboration with governmental and international bodies. In Iraq, Innovest Middle East launched IRAQPRENEURS in 2018, in collaboration with the World Bank, Central Bank of Iraq and leading private organizations, which grew to become one of the leading nationwide entrepreneurship empowerment platform in Iraq.

Mr Bassam Falah, CEO of Innovest will be addressing the delegates on the progress in support of the Iraqi start up ecology.

More speakers are expected to confirm.

For more information and to register, please contact london@webuildiraq.org.

(Source: IBBC)