Yesterday – 3/28/19: Iraqi TV was broadcasting the past Prime Minister Abadhi stating that the process to arrest past Prime Minister Maliki for the downfall of Mosul was initiated and requested that present Prime Minister Madhi enforce that decision.

Today – 3/29/19: Maliki was Arrested. :cool:

This is a step in the right direction. I sure hope it sticks!

<font size="4"><span style="color:#000000;">President Saleh: We want to adopt a balanced regional policy with the slogan "Iraq first"<br>2/27/2019<br></span></font><strong style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; outline: none; list-style: none; border: 0px none; box-sizing: border-box; color: rgb(10, 10, 10); font-family: Tahoma, arial; text-align: justify;"><p style="margin-bottom: 20px; outline: none; list-style: none; border: 0px none; box-sizing: border-box;"><font style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; outline: none; list-style: none; border: 0px none; box-sizing: border-box; vertical-align: inherit;"><font size="4"><span style="color:#000000;"><font style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; outline: none; list-style: none; border: 0px none; box-sizing: border-box; vertical-align: inherit;">The President of the Republic, Barham Saleh, stressed that the victory over the terrorist gangs was not easy, pointing out that the battle was difficult, in which Iraq paid a heavy price and suffered its components from this terrible ordeal, where the Iraqis of all sects achieved a major victory.<br><br>&nbsp;</font><font style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; outline: none; list-style: none; border: 0px none; box-sizing: border-box; vertical-align: inherit;">"Reforming the situation in Iraq will be important, and I mean initiating major political initiatives to make sure that our components are fully represented," Salih said at a lecture at the French Institute for International Relations, on the sidelines of his visit to Paris, which he recently concluded. <br><br>In our system and promote reconciliation and the gathering of moderates across Iraq in the face of extremists, this process will be primarily an Iraqi operation. "<br><br>&nbsp;</font><font style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; outline: none; list-style: none; border: 0px none; box-sizing: border-box; vertical-align: inherit;">"There is a transition to power despite differences in Baghdad, and although the difficulties in Iraq are great, relations between Baghdad and Erbil have improved considerably," the president said.<br><br>&nbsp;</font><font style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; outline: none; list-style: none; border: 0px none; box-sizing: border-box; vertical-align: inherit;">He expressed his hope that "building a positive atmosphere with the new government so that it can address some of the constitutional requirements to put this relationship in the framework of a permanent solution,"<br><br> stressing that "the Iraqis and after four decades of wars, sanctions, terrorism and isolation reached a conclusion (this is enough) Iraq must be a conflict zone where it must be where the interests of our neighbors converge. <br><br>"&nbsp;</font></span></font><font style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; outline: none; list-style: none; border: 0px none; box-sizing: border-box; vertical-align: inherit;"><font size="4"><span style="color:#000000;">The President Saleh "his desire and the Prime Minister and the Iraqi government to pursue a balanced regional policy, the motto is certainly (Iraq first)."</span></font><br><br></font></font></p></strong>
"Libyan dollar" .. The owners of banking offices doubt entering it through "Mafiyat" and central denies

The frozen Libyan dollars, according to activists and office owners, have been "smuggled" to some countries at prices of up to half their value through "organized mafias" to settle in unstable places and countries and feed some of them into a "huddle" between 2014 and 2017.

In December 2016, the US Treasury decided to freeze potential assets of two US companies and prevent any Americans from dealing with them, one in Iraq and the other in Abu Kamal, Syria, which played an important role in remittances by helping them transfer funds to al-Qaeda. "Cheers".

"We have heard of the entry of Libyan dollars into Iraqi markets and are currently being traded," Mohammed Ghani, owner of one of Baghdad’s banking offices, told Alsumaria News. "These dollars can not be known because they are originally not forged."

"The figures of these dollars have been distributed to the banks through a special sequence of this currency," Ghani said, adding that "these Libyan dollars in the market, which are in the possession of citizens, can not be known for their ignorance of this and for not knowing the prohibited sequence in the Libyan dollar."

"There is talk about the Libyan dollar smuggled into Iraq through the sale of some half of its price in the markets," confirms the owner of the office of another bank, Mohammed Hamza, told Alsumaria News that "the currency spread in the local markets because this currency is not forged."

"There is a difficulty in controlling them because there are mafias of an organization that does such things and distributes them in all places," Hamza said, calling on the government to "take responsibility for revealing the facts and knowing how they entered Iraq."

For its part, the central bank denied the media and social networking news of the entry of the US dollar currency from Libya.

In a statement received by Alsumaria News, the bank said that "what the media and social media reported about the entry of the US dollar from Libya is incorrect," noting that "the procedures for verification of its non-existence have been the exchange of information with the relevant agencies inside Iraq And beyond. "

The bank warned of "fraud and fraud that may be practiced by some in this area," pointing out that "it continues to take control and auditing procedures in the circulation of foreign currency in accordance with its instructions in order to ensure the safety of foreign currency circulation."

The bank called on the media to "be careful in dealing with the news of the inaccurate news of the negative effects on the stability of the financial system and banking in Iraq."

Saleh for the Sharm el-Sheikh summit: Our vision is based on protecting Iraq’s sovereignty and avoiding the policy of axes

"The real victory achieved by the direct threat of terrorism and its extremist ideology still requires many of us, the countries of the region and even the world to be a firm, decisive and sustainable victory," President Barham Salih said.

"Participants in the historic Arab-European neighborhood, economic imperatives and cultural integration impose themselves on everyone and support the adoption of joint action to enable our peoples to move together into the future," Saleh said in a speech at the Arab-European summit in Sharm el-Sheikh.

"I am coming from Iraq, which courageously confronted the threats of terrorism represented by the organization," he said, "and succeeded by adopting the principle of regional and international cooperation in undermining and breaking it," noting that "victory was the result of the will of the Iraqis and their defense of their country and cities, International and neighbors, whose role is not forgotten. "

He explained that "Iraq is now the leading role in the fight against terrorism and extremism, and its strategic location and resources and the need for reconstruction, looking forward to be a yardstick for the interests of the countries and peoples of the region is not an arena for contention and conflict, and Iraq in depth Gulf and Arab, and the Islamic side, and the natural and human resources , Can be effective in the region’s reunification and reduce tension. "

"Our vision for our national interests and development benefits is based on safeguarding the sovereignty and stability of Iraq and its exclusion from the policy of the axes," he said, adding that "we look forward to an active contribution to building a new stable system in the region based on joint security and economic integration through infrastructure interconnection and disarmament. Causes of tension and conflict. "

Saleh reiterated his call for "comprehensive cooperation, which is devoted to the mutual benefits of development and security between neighboring and neighboring countries on vital Bahrain in this region, the Gulf and the Mediterranean," pointing out that this vital part of the world when it enjoys security and prosperity, the stability of the world will be based on this region.…storyid=189661

Report: US military seized 50 tons of gold in caches


A newspaper report said on Sunday that "US forces seized tons of gold" was held by elements of the organization of the call, and gave part of the Kurdish fighting forces in Syria.

The Basnews website quoted unnamed sources in a report by Nass today as saying that "dozens of tons were in the possession of the organization in his last pocket in the Bagouz suburb of Deir al-Zour, and became in the hands of the Americans.

"The sources estimated the gold with 50 tons, was transferred out of Syria through the bases in Kobani, western Iraqi Kurdistan.

Earlier in the year, the Washington Post published a report from Erbil to its correspondent, Gobi and Eric, in which he disclosed that the organizer of the with drawer brought with him a wealth of coins and gold, and fled them out of Iraq and Syria to finance future operations.

"One year after the collapse of the so-called caliphate, the organization sits on a mountain of money and gold, which its leaders have stockpiled to fund future operations and ensure that the organization survives for years to come," Warrick said.

The report notes that with the withdrawal of the organization’s fighters from Syria and Iraq, the leaders carried with them large amounts of foreign exchange and gold, with a fortune estimated by experts about 400 million dollars, the wealth that was looted from banks and criminal acts, pointing out that although most of this wealth Hidden, but the leaders have washed a quantity of them in legitimate business throughout the Middle East

.Security officials are quoted as saying that the money is to fund future operations if he leaves his current position.Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of the people of the right Qais al-Khazali, said that "the United States took the gold went to Iraq and turned foreign impulses to him."

The biggest robbery in history .. How lost 500 billion dollars of Iraq’s money?


Equivalent to the sum spent by the Gulf States combined in one year, and building 600 skyscrapers the size and cost of the World Trade Tower WTCin New York City; more than $ 500 billion is the amount of money lost by Iraq from corruption, since the fall of the former regime on April 9, 200 until 2019 , According to statistics and experts in the economy and official data.

For many Iraqis, talk about the extent of government corruption and its "horrendous" figures seems futile.

They absolutely believe that they live in the most corrupt countries in the world. They see it in the media, the street and the institutions, and in the statements and speeches of the officials.

Iraqis were skeptical of these figures and counted them as insufficient to count the successive governments’ misfortunes and wealth to place Iraq in the ranks of the superpowers.

"The financial and administrative corruption in Iraq is not a matter of figures," said former MP and head of the Iraqi Umma Party, Mithal Al-Alusi.

"What Iraq lost is more than a few times what the Integrity Commission and the competent authorities are talking about." He said that "astronomical budgets went into the pockets of the parties by dividing them, It was, how they steal more. "

Al-Alusi asserts that "corruption has left only a door and its methods in all sectors, institutions and files, and left us a huge number of projects and billions of dollars as foreign debts, as well as the destruction of investment and infrastructure and destroy all the potential of the state."

In April 2003, the financial imports of Iraq since the US invasion and the fall of the former regime exceeded $ 1,000 billion, half of which went to the imaginary investment budget, the symbol of "the greatest corruption," according to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission. Iraq has lost,

as the Commission says, more than $ 350 billion through the smuggling of currency and the Central Bank auction, and contracts and projects phantom and slow since 2003 until the moment.

In an earlier statement to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, he said that "corruption has lost the country 450 billion dollars with the presence of local wheat to government employees by 6%, that is 20 minutes of work a day," stressing that "Iraq’s budgets since 2003 to the year of 850 Billion dollar".

Abdul-Mahdi announced at the end of last month the formation of a higher council to "fight corruption", which will open all files and hold those responsible accountable, but that the Council "will not work" according to specialists, such as the Integrity Commission and the offices of the inspectors general, Counterterrorism Agency in the fight against corruption.

Member of the Parliamentary Planning Committee: Intermediate companies are the basis of corruption

"The collapse of most of the projects submitted after a year or less to implement, a serious phenomenon worthy of study and attention, accusing the local intermediary companies as the reason for the collapse of those projects.

Iqbal said in a statement that "the spread of corruption and the dependence of the referral of foreign companies to major local companies not known in the implementation of most of the projects of electricity, municipalities, water and sewer cause a large collapse of these projects after a very short time to implement, despite the allocation of large amounts equivalent to several projects

Implemented by the same companies in neighboring countries, " said a member of the Strategic Planning Committee on" the need to determine the government controls the companies to which the projects are referred to and rely on giant companies and the prevention and implementation of the referral to eliminate cases of corruption that plagued the institutions of countries And its projects can not be tolerated. "…storyid=189487

Al-Nasr denies negotiations on Abadi’s political future

The coalition of victory, on Saturday, the existence of any negotiations on the future of his leader Haider Abadi political or take over any position during the coming period.

The leader of the coalition Ali al-Sunaid, in a press statement received by "Eye of Iraq News", "The media, published a news attributed to me, incorrect, for known political objectives," stressing that "there are no negotiations on the political future of Abadi or receive any position During the coming period. "

Al-Sinaid added that "Abadi is not one of those who cling to positions or authority.

He worked in the previous stage for the unity of the country, the sovereignty of the country, and the return of Iraq to its Arab and regional incubator and international relations. The most important thing is to complete the reform process, Ali al-Daash, then corruption. "

Earlier, local media attributed a news to al-Sanaid, in which he revealed the existence of political negotiations on the political future of Abbadi, pointing out that the coming days will see surprises.

The judiciary is preparing a plan to withdraw the rug from the dominance of the parties


The judiciary is preparing to submit a draft law to separate the powers to the House of Representatives in a move to get rid of the dominance of political parties that exploit their influence in the House of Representatives to influence the judiciary.

"The judicial authority has begun to take effective steps to remove any restrictions that may affect its professional work," a source at the Supreme Judicial Council said. "There are constitutional provisions that gave large parties the opportunity to control judicial decisions; Through which to impose haggling to control this power. "

He added that "the judiciary is currently working on the formation of special committees to prepare a draft will be presented to the parliament, which provides for the separation of powers."

He added that "what matters to us today is that the work of the judiciary is completely separate and not interfere with any party, whether in the appointments or decisions issued by it," noting that "the draft which is in the process of preparation now; will be a dividing line between the three authorities ( Legislative, executive and judicial) ".

"The success of this endeavor because of its great importance; to immunize the judiciary from any attempts to intervene and impose political agendas on them."

For his part, said Kurdish leader former MP Mahmoud Othman, in a press statement; "The Iraqi constitution was written by parties and political blocs, and was supposed to be written by the judiciary and then briefed by politicians, but in Iraq was done in reverse, so there are gaps And the judiciary is aware of it and sees the need to modify it, for the sake of professionalism and ease of work. "

He pointed to "the difficulty of making these amendments, but it is possible to propose the Supreme Judicial Council amendments to the political blocs and persuade, and then move in this framework."

On the other hand, said a member of the reform alliance Ali al-Amiri, "We need this movement, despite its delay; the Iraqi judiciary must be independent and decisive judiciary, and not subject to any political party," expressing support for this step, "and the trend towards activating the principle of separation of powers, Judicial institution ".

UNAMI official: Guterich wants to visit Baghdad


The head of the UNAMI mission in Iraq, Genin Henness Blachkart, revealed the interest of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterich in pursuing Iraq’s affairs and his desire to visit Baghdad.

"Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim met to discuss the political developments taking place in the Iraqi arena and the international efforts in support of Iraq," a foreign ministry statement said.

The two sides discussed "the cooperation between the parties in the field of clearing mines and explosives from Iraqi territory, reviewing the efforts of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in the fight against corruption, including the formation of the Supreme Council to combat corruption."

The Foreign Minister pointed out that "there is a state of harmony and agreement between Iraqi politicians, and that the government seeks to strengthen Iraq’s relations with the regional environment."

For her part, Balashkarat reviewed the activities of the mission in Iraq since it took office, and its meetings with Iraqi officials and allowed the supreme religious authority Imam al-Sayyid al-Sistani, praising the ability of the people of Mosul to overcome the ordeal they suffered as a result of their occupation of terrorist gangs.…storyid=189131