Dawa Party intends to separate Haider Abadi from his ranks

A political source revealed the intention of the "Islamic Dawa Party" led by Nuri al-Maliki, separated the head of the political body, the current Prime Minister Haider Abadi of his ranks with two other leaders.

The website of the Arab 21 Qatari source, said that "the Dawa Party is determined to separate leader Haidar Abadi, in addition to other leaders Ali Alalak and Walid al-Hali from the ranks of the party."

These developments come after a statement issued by three of the leaders of the Dawa Party carried Abadi the greatest responsibility in refusing to dangle with the wing of Nuri al-Maliki, after an agreement to merge the two lists sponsored by the Dawa Party after the parliamentary elections.

The statement issued by the three leaders that this caused the consensus of the policy of the "conquest" of Hadi al-Ameri and "Sorrow" supported by Muqtada al-Sadr, the remains of the brothers of the call and jihad, "victory" (led by Haider Abadi) and "law" (led by Nuri al-Maliki).


Finance: The budget of 2019 approved the amount (55 – 60) dollars per barrel of oil


Ministry of Finance revealed that the federal budget for the next year 2019 approved the amount of (55 – 60) dollars per barrel of oil and an export rate of up to four million barrels per day, including the source of the Kurdistan region, stressing the continuation of the payment of debt and the benefits of Iraq.

Undersecretary of the Ministry Dr. Maher Hammad Jouhan said a special statement for the "morning": The federal budget was prepared for the next year 2019, but not be stereotyped multi-directional, as the general situation of the country changed from the position it was for the past years and there is a great need to change or The various forms of financing,

both the general budget and other budgets, or the financing formulas, are supported by borrowing, entering into partnerships or finding outlets for the private sector.

He added that the current oil prices help to make these changes, as the budget to be submitted to the Council of Ministers, set the price of a barrel of oil exported between (55 – 60) dollars, giving the state a broader scope to strengthen services and social expenses such as salaries and expenses of education, health and medicine and expenses The ration card,

subsidies and social protection networks do not have a deficit either by allocating or financing and supporting the activities of projects that benefit the activity in the market, which activates the private sector in order to occupy its real space by providing job opportunities and infrastructure suitable for services or enhancing productive activities.

He pointed out that the federal budget adopted the amount of Iraqi oil exported daily between (3.8 – 4) million barrels, including the quantities exported from the Kurdistan region, and expressed the hope that the volume of this export, because Iraq currently exports only 3.8 million barrels and sometimes Less because of the different circumstances, especially the status of Kirkuk, which did not issue the prescribed amount.

He said that despite this, the rise in global oil prices helped to find the treatment of financing the deficit in the budget of up to 12.5 trillion dinars, which rose to 19 trillion dinars after the approval of the House of Representatives, explaining that the difference in prices helped to bridge the deficit, To external or internal borrowing, has returned to positive.

And on the debts of Iraq and whether there is a clause in the federal budget indicates that, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, there is an item of debt in the budget of 2018 and 2019, and there are debts of various denominations for the budget, both internal and external,

revealing that Iraq is currently paid within the table, 12 trillion dinars between The debts of the farmers have been paid for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, denying the existence of any debt to farmers and contractors, and remained only 30 percent,

the ministry seeks to pay them by the beginning of next year , And It placed the text of the budget ensures the provision of appropriate allocation of funding.


Hadi al-Amiri announced the withdrawal of his candidacy for the presidency of the Iraqi government

Announced the leader of the coalition "construction" Hadi al-Ameri, on Tuesday, withdrew his candidacy for the Iraqi prime minister, stressing the need to be nominated for this position by consensus of all blocks.

Ameri said in a press conference followed by the channel "Alsumaria" Iraqi, "announced the withdrawal of my candidacy for prime minister," adding that "the candidate for prime minister should enjoy the consensus of political blocs, and if supported by all the forces will certainly share his share."

"As we worked together day and night to fight against the scourge and rid the Iraqis of this scourge, we must work together to succeed in providing services and building Iraq," he said.

Al-Amiri, known as Abu Hassan al-Amiri, was the former Iraqi Minister of Transport and Communications and a member of the current House of Representatives. He currently leads the Badr Organization and the Popular Popular Militia.


Parliament forms its parliamentary committees and moves towards passing laws that are inoperative

Most notably oil and gas and the Federal Court and Intelligence
Baghdad / Sabah / Muhannad Abdul Wahab
The House of Representatives is currently moving towards the distribution of parliamentary committees among its members, under the emphasis on the need to adopt competence and competence, away from the political quotas that were adopted during the previous sessions.

This trend, according to parliamentarians, would accelerate the issue of passing the laws of the stalled and closer to the views between the political blocs in order to upgrade the institutions of the state and society and the provision of services in all governorates.

The deputy Bader Zeidi, in a press statement: "There are discussions on the distribution of committees according to the criterion of competence and integrity and leave the distribution of committees behind the scenes," noting that "over the previous sessions were distributed committees according to political quotas and this session will leave this idea and be distributed in Public and not in secret. "

He added that "they will not allow the naming of any person to the presidency of any parliamentary committee unless it meets all the conditions that qualify him," pointing out that "the current session will begin to pass laws that have been stalled since
previous sessions ."

The head of parliament, Mohamed Halbousi, directed yesterday to form a joint parliamentary committee overseeing the distribution of members of the House of Representatives to the specialized committees.

Regarding the adoption of important legislation, MP Jawad Hamdan said in a statement to "Sabah" that "one of the most important laws that we are putting forward in the parliamentary sessions of the current session, which was not enacted for political reasons, the oil and gas law and the Federal Court and the Council of Union and Intelligence,

Some amendments to the laws in the framework of the plan that was developed recently, "revealing at the same time," the existence of a tendency to amend some paragraphs of the
Constitution. "

"There is a committee to negotiate work on the study of laws and then start discussions with the political blocs in order to mature special ideas to be ready for discussion within the House of Representatives and then vote on them."

MP Ahmed al-Kanani said that "the block of construction seeks to amend some important legislation, including Article 30 of the law on health and social security in addition to the laws that fight corruption."

He pointed out in a statement to "Sabah" that "the disruption of some laws was the mood of the heads of blocs, either in the current session will be the deputy greater role and freedom to vote on some important legislation, in light of past experiences of previous sessions."

Al-Kanani stressed the existence of insistence on overcoming all barriers in order to mature the important laws that are in the interest of the citizen, "pointing out at the same time that" the parliamentary committees began to form and will have a task, especially the
Legal Committee . "

For his part, MP Khalil Mawla said in a statement to" Morning ", that" we will not have any red lines on any law as long as it is in the interest of the people where there are legislation ready to vote from the last parliamentary session.

believes that" one of the most prominent laws that we are passing is related to investment, "pointing out that it "


Iraq is on the brink of political change


Ibrahim al-Abbadi
Whatever the reasons that paved the way for the election of a new speaker, from the generation of young politicians, this event has its own symbolic significance, it means in what it means, that the Iraqi political scene is gradually witnessing the displacement of traditional faces dominated the facade,

and the parties and leaders who was They will lose a lot of their influence and their positions and are going to address their failures and losses with new alliances to overcome the chances of getting out of the influential participation in the administration of power.

In the past, the Iraqi political forces were killed to stay within the hierarchy of power and felt that their effective presence through major and major positions ensured them the maintenance of a popular base and a public presence.

The Iraqi political life lacks the culture of the opposition, and because those who lose power no longer exist politically. To the world of oblivion, this is a matter of concern to many, personalities, streams and parties.

On the contrary, this may raise the hopes of what they call the displacement of salvation, of political salvation, of old parties or forces that seem old and unable to renew themselves and adapt With data and circumstances Including the demands of the popular change in mood and culture, and if there is a serious change in the positions of other presidencies,

the Prime Minister and the Republic, as it is rolling in the corridors of political, meaning that Iraq is coming in a renewed image of the political scene, changing the figures of the Troika political, And the ruling powers, in a peaceful exchange
And temptations.

But what is the role of the conflicting powers in the region, especially Iran and the United States in arranging and weighting the cards of this bloc at the expense of another? So far, the United States has appeared to be pressured but indecisive, but success has been an ally of Iran, whose representative in Iraq persevered in making contacts with all political forces.

The result is that the apparent Shiite divide can not be controlled except by responding to the ambitions and calculations of the winning powers , Because it has a popular asset first, because it has political initiatives and multiple maneuvers to extract concessions from political forces, which has been the main organizer of the parties and forces of political Islam, the Shiite here is specifically the Islamic Dawa Party, which is about to leave power,

in a test of his ability Li to remain within the political actors, or retreat to himself, and to go to revive its systems and repair its relations with the public, but the same renewal of thought and theory, after painful setbacks has damaged his reputation and history, and has allowed a generation

Some may leave the invitation to the prime minister’s office an opportunity to get rid of the thorny responsibility of the party and the failure of the entire political system, including the institutions that brought the change in 2003.

The competitors were able to take control of the political street with the power of populist steps and violent political spelling.

The achievement of the crystallization of a negative image and awareness of the anti-eat from the shelf of the new system and took the history and depth of the presence of the invitation in the Iraqi political reality, being the party school more organized and organized for generations of young people with an
Islamic orientation .

The loss of the invitation will be double that came out of his hand as prime minister, and his presence behind the leadership of the masses of desperate to take him out of his position, which occupies since 2005, but the most serious is the loss of his balance at the Supreme Council in Najaf, which was seen as an important asset in the Iraqi political equation It is true that it is an elitist party,

that it bears a large part of the responsibility for the political failure and the general decline, but its history and its moderation compared to others still qualified him for the role of a prominent and active politician, before he was overwhelmed by the problem of the two lists and the subsequent rivalry that reached the conflict.

Loss of the Dawa Party for its balance and h It will not be in favor of a real change in the political structure and the general climate in Iraq, but it will be the beginning of a major fragmentation affecting all political forces amid sharp polarizations and ideological conflict.

The call represented, in the opinion of observers, an attempt to rationalize party work between Shiite currents on the right and left of the call, Closed, and others, extreme
But the entire experience will be witness to the vicissitudes and failures of intellectual and political failure and the inability to keep up with internal renewal.

The invitation itself has been imprisoned in power prison, which has lost its branches, organizations, cadres and reputation and turned into a movement and a party that needs a violent shock to wake up from its clinical death.


Adel Abdul Mahdi sends a message to Haider Abadi .. This is her content

The former leader of the Supreme Islamic Council, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, sent a letter to the outgoing Prime Minister, Haider Abadi.

Abdul Mahdi said in a post on his own account in the social networking site "Facebook", that "because of the discussions to choose the three presidencies, including the prime minister, and the large number of meetings, and the lack of time, and to prevent confused and inaccurate interpretations – will stop the writing of the editorials, 2011, and I did not stop myself about one day .. and I shall to issue brief explanations, whenever necessary.

He added , "I can not help this urgency , but I congratulate the President of the House of Representatives and the first deputy to obtained the confidence of the Council, and pending the election of the second deputy, and this is an important step to accelerate the process Formation of government ".

"I salute the Prime Minister, Mr. Abadi, for his statement on 13/9/2018 and his positive attitude towards the peaceful transfer of power, and the positive and responsible positions and statements of many senior officials, political blocs and community forces, which express awareness of the sensitivity and circumstances of the stage, Correct the challenges and risks faced by the country.


The debate over the life of the new Speaker of the House of Representatives has been settled

Sumer News: The legal expert Tariq Harb, the controversy over the life of the new Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halbousi legally.

"The constitution decided to mark the age of forty years for the President of the Republic in accordance with article 68 of the Constitution and the Constitution was set at the age of thirty-fifth of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in accordance with Article 77 of the Constitution paragraph first and the age of the Deputy Minister in accordance with paragraph II of the same article,

Since the law of the elections of the House of Representatives decided 30 years for the deputy, the age of the minister accordingly thirty years.

"The constitution did not specify the age of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, as specified by the President of the Republic and the age of the Prime Minister and Ministers and where Article (55) of the Constitution decided to elect the Speaker of the House of Representatives and his two deputies only and the President and his two members of the House of Representatives

and the conditions of the MP are the conditions of the candidate in the parliamentary elections, 30 years as stated in the election law, it means that the age of the Speaker of the Parliament and his deputies are the same conditions of membership in the Parliament specified in the Election Law No. (45) for the year 2013,

which is 30 years of the decision of the Member of Parliament and that the Speaker of Parliament must be one of its members and stipulate what It is required in the member and not to specify a year in Constitution and any other law. "

He added that "what is stated in Article (138) of the Constitution, it specified the conditions of the Presidency Council and not the President and members of the House of Representatives as the Presidency Council something and the House of Representatives something else and the article mentioned the Presidency Council in one session is the electoral cycle for 2006,

where Jalal Talabani and Adel Abdul Mahdi And Tariq al-Hashemi constitute the Presidency Council, which completed the first session of the year 2006 to 2010 and ended and the work of the system of the President of the Republic in accordance with the said article. "

He added that "Omar Halboussi approved the Constitution and the law does not even exceed seven years of age required because he was born in 1981 and required only 30 years."


Election of Halabousi as Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives

The House voted on Saturday to secretly choose Anbar province MP Mohammed al-Halbusi as its president.

Sources told the agency that members of the House of Representatives voted, today, secretly on the candidates of the Sunni blocs to choose the President of the Council.

She added that MP Mohammed Halboussi won 169 votes out of the total of 298 deputies, while Khalid al-Obeidi received 85 votes.

The House of Representatives resumed on Saturday, held its first meeting under the chairmanship of the President of the age Mohamed Ali Zinni to choose the President of the Council and his deputies.


Federal deferment of the appeal against the law of the oil company


AL-SABAH The Federal Supreme Court has ruled that unconstitutional articles in the Iraqi National Oil Company Law No. (4) of 2018, indicating that it has decided to postpone the pleading to next month.

"The Federal Court held its session under the chairmanship of Judge Medhat Al-Mahmoud and the presence of all the members of the judges, and considered appeals against the law of the Iraqi National Oil Company No. 4 of 2018," Ayas al-Samuk, the court’s spokesman, said in a statement received by al-Sabah.

"These appeals included material (3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 17) of the law referred to above," Samok said.

He added that «the court decided to introduce the Prime Minister and the Minister of Oil / in addition to their posts, the fact that the subject of the case touches them for the purpose of clarification of what is necessary to resolve, and accordingly decided to postpone the argument to the beginning of next month».


What does it mean to be an Iraqi?


Adnan Abu Zaid The
question goes far beyond being typical in a globalized era because of the globalization of cultures and societies. Special identities have become intertwined, and many of its distinctive features have been eroded, and this traditional Iraqi origin has been accentuated by emptying its content in favor of not belonging because of loss of self-confidence and nationhood.

Today, Iraq is living in a state of self-distrust, caused by fundamental political and social changes in its country, especially the irregular change in 2003, by the largest military machine in the history of man, is concerned about his future, after the change failed to create a stable state,

In today’s need to devise methods and tools in which he retrieves his determination, and gathers his will, to build society, and to establish new social equations, producing a generation capable of creativity and creation.

Iraq needs to discard the "patriotic" fanaticism, and my belief, open to the public, through windows rich in filters that attract the pros and cons of international experiences, to build a new country in a shorter time, and lower costs, if the Iraqi benefit from the experiences of developed countries.

Iraq needs a new concept for the elite. In the midst of globalization, in which a society can not resist its strong winds, Iraqi society needs to renew its social identity. The elites have conscious tools of guidance and leadership that keep pace with the age of globalization and avoid traditional stereotyping.

And to rush to change the society with emotional and moral drives in line with the spirit of modern civilization ..
Iraq will not feel its Iraq to dry the levels of despair, and not to fail to remove the jungle and waste that turned his life into dark caves because of corruption and mismanagement and the era of despicable dictatorship, as the decay that is rooted in Iraqi life will remain for a very long time, From approaching it, by the ordinary individual and elites.

The sense of the Iraqi ego will be unconscious as long as belonging becomes a burden on the individual.

The feeling of the importance of the Iraqi presence and the attempt of the individual to flee to the other existence is lost, so that another identity can be given to him. While developed countries are proud of their countries of origin despite their naturalization of other nationalities.

There is no doubt that the pride of "Iraq" needs to re-activate the feeling of the homeland, a process that is not artificial and can not be imported.
It is an instinctive feeling that grows over time as corruption subsides, moral values ​​rise, corruption values ​​are eroded, parties become mass organizations defending Citizen is not about special interests.

Any political change, at the level of governments and parties, will not contribute to the recovery of the lost sense of identity unless accompanied by an institutional and partisan self-coup and the contribution of the influential at the higher social, functional, cultural and capital levels. In absolute confidence in the future.