The head of the IMF mission to Iraq Carlo Sdrallweg, that Iraq needs to formulate structural economic reform agenda and widespread, and it needs to follow up the implementation of that agenda with all its contents.

recommended report issued by the International Monetary Fund for Iraq pace of structural reform to boost growth and job creation in the private sector, and the need to continue the good governance of foreign reserves at the Central Bank of Iraq and the Development Fund for Iraq.

Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Economic Committee confirmed the MP from iraqiya noura Salem albegari, low gold on the world market doesn’t affect on the reserve at the Central Bank.

After the exit of Chapter VII sanctions on Iraq, international banking organizations are looking to invest in Iraq. The Iraqi central bank has recently declared that presently Iraq possesses high volume of foreign reserves, which is around 76 billion dollars and in addition to that bank owes 30tons gold bullon.