Parliamentary Finance intends to reduce the sale of hard currency and open the auction file

, a source in the parliamentary Finance Committee, on Thursday, the Commission ‘s intention to open an auction sale currency file, while noting that it would take several measures to reduce the sale of hard currency.

The source said in an interview for Alsumaria News, "The Finance Committee will work in the next few days to open the file auction currency in order to codify the waste in the sale of hard currency, which is the Central Bank,"

noting that "it is unfair that the bank sold more than 300 million Dollars per day without reflecting on the services and imports of customs and taxes to maintain the exchange rate. "

The source, who asked not to be named, said that "this caused great damage to the Iraqi economy and its inputs through which are compensated state budgets,"

noting that "the Finance Committee is taking urgent measures to reduce the sale of the Central Bank of hard currency amounting to about 100 million dollars Daily instead of $ 300 million a day through strict control to reduce waste of public money. "

It is noteworthy that the Central Bank is conducting daily meetings to buy and sell foreign currencies, except public holidays, which stops the bank from these auctions.…D8%B9%D8%A8/ar

Iranian tendency to delete 4 zeros from the national currency

head of the "Alolaiaan" in the Islamic Shura Council , Hamid Reza Haji Babaei, Sunday that announced the cancellation of four zeros from the national currency is included on the agenda.

Hamid Reza Haji Babaei in a press statement briefed on the participation of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran Abdul Nasser Hamati today in a meeting of "the House of Representatives of States" in the Islamic Shura Council, noting that my interest was presented during this meeting a report on the performance of the Central Bank in different fields.

The Iranian parliamentarian said that "Hamati stressed during this meeting that the government of Lador has a high exchange rate of foreign currencies."

"The governor of the Central Bank of Iran believes that the main problem in the country is not in foreign currency but in riyal, and has been standing in front of checks that are sold and bought in Dubai," Haji Babaii said.

"The road is open to China and Korea and the road to establishing relations with India is being opened," he said. "There have also been good talks with Turkey."

"The liquidity of 1,700,000 billion has lost 30 percent of its power as a result of inflation. We intend to delete four zeros from the national currency, which should be done quickly," Hamati was quoted as saying.

The stability of the dollar in the markets of Iraq and the decline of more oil prices

The exchange rate of the dinar in Baghdad at the opening, on Tuesday, at the limit of 120 thousand dinars for every $ 100 with minor differences between the provinces of the provinces, while oil prices fell further in world markets.

The exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar in the stock exchange 119,750, and in the embassies of Baghdad between 119.250 – 120.250, while the Basra Stock Exchange amounted to 119.850, and the exchange of Erbil amounted to 120.125, and the Mosul Stock Exchange 120.150.

As for the regional currencies, the Iranian Toman 1030/100 $, the Turkish Lira 530/100 $, and the price of a barrel of Brent crude oil on the world market $ 50.47, while the price of gold 21 caliber in the markets of Iraq 213 thousand dinars, while The price of a gold ounce globally reached $ 1269.

Special Economic call to replace the method of maintaining the dollar exchange rate for these reasons?

Economist Saleh al-Hashemi predicted Tuesday that Iraq was affected by the sharp drop in the US dollar on the international stock exchanges.

Hashemi said in an interview with "Trend Press" that "the Iraqi economy is linked to the US economy closely, especially after 2003, where the US financial institutions working in Iraq, which in turn owns more than a fund in the United States,"

stressing that "Iraq will be affected by the sharp decline To the dollar on global stock exchanges, but the Iraqi government through the auction currency pays all its economic losses in order to preserve the dinar.

"In terms of the exchange rate, the dinar was not significantly affected, but in terms of spending to maintain the Iraqi dinar is the one that will be affected and was supposed to change the exchange rate during market fluctuations, but the policy of the central bank, which wants to maintain a fixed price of the dollar spent The dollar more and more,

"noting that" the government must consider monetary policy and find outlets other than the currency market, to live the market of Iraq a normal situation with regional and global markets. "

The dollar was sharply lower overnight, on concern that the US government will continue to close down and the stock markets will fall sharply, pushing the US currency to retreat.