– Germany’s producer price index remained unchanged unexpectedly last month, official data showed on Thursday.
In a report, Destatis said that German Producer Price Inflation remained unchanged at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 0. 0%, from -0. 3% in the preceding month.
Analysts had expected German Producer Price Inflation to fall -0. 1% last – offers an extensive set of professional tools for the Forex, Commodities, Futures and the Stock Market including real-time data streaming, a comprehensive economic calendar, as well as financial news and technical & fundamental analysis by in-house experts.

– Germany’s producer price index remained unchanged unexpectedly last month, official data showed on Thursday.
In a report, Destatis said that German Producer Price Inflation remained unchanged at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 0. 0%, from -0. 3% in the preceding month.
Analysts had expected German Producer Price Inflation to fall -0. 1% last – offers an extensive set of professional tools for the Forex, Commodities, Futures and the Stock Market including real-time data streaming, a comprehensive economic calendar, as well as financial news and technical & fundamental analysis by in-house experts.

– Germany’s producer price index remained unchanged unexpectedly last month, official data showed on Thursday.
In a report, Destatis said that German Producer Price Inflation remained unchanged at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 0. 0%, from -0. 3% in the preceding month.
Analysts had expected German Producer Price Inflation to fall -0. 1% last – offers an extensive set of professional tools for the Forex, Commodities, Futures and the Stock Market including real-time data streaming, a comprehensive economic calendar, as well as financial news and technical & fundamental analysis by in-house experts.

At the Precipice of a Brave New World

• Global Currency Reset in motion

• Revaluation will include 198 world currencies

• The Restoration of the Republic is on the horizon

News | July 16, 2013 | UPDATED: July 17, 2013

Reported by Scott Mowry    LINK

  We are standing on the precipice of a brave new world. We are witnessing the turning of the tide. And we are seeing the pivotal battle for humanity’s future reaching a very decisive moment.

And the word from the front lines is –– the people have won!

World currencies spinning up for revaluation 

    All signs are now clearly indicating the long anticipated Global Currency Reset is finally upon us! It appears as if this monumentally historic event is about to unfold, or is very cautiously unfolding as we speak.

At this point in time, an enormous, co-ordinated world-wide effort is underway to implement an unprecedented reboot of the new economic system. The sheer complexity and details of this kind of undertaking must be done with the utmost care and concern. It simply has to be done right.

Any remaining gremlins or glitches remaining within the birth of this new, glorious economic system are being immediately sniffed out and addressed with the utmost speed and efficiency. One has to appreciate with this kind of ambitious objective, delays are to be expected. Nonetheless, events are now moving at a positively furious pace.

As the Global Currency Reset unfurls, our world is about to be forever changed as the bonds of economic servitude are broken, never to be seen again. We must realize what a profound transformation is occurring in our world as never before.


One of the greatest indicators for the GCR has been the many machinations underway within the country of Iraq over the past three weeks.

Since their emergence from Chapter 7 by the United Nations Security Council on June 27th, the fledgling economic power of Iraq has been moving at lightning speed to fulfill all the requirements to become a major global player. It is truly remarkable to see how rapidly the Iraq government is pulling their act together after seemingly years of ineptitude.

However, they can be forgiven. After decades of abuse at the hands of kings and conquerors alike, the Iraqi people are now finally realizing they are at the threshold of becoming a sovereign nation with a very, very bright future ahead. They are arising from the dead like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes.

With the rebirth of their nation comes one very vital and most important step –– the revaluation of the Iraqi currency known as the dinar. When the dinar finallyreaches the stage of revaluation, which could be at any time now, the end result will be it instantly becomes one of the world’s most stable and strongest currencies.

The dinar will backed with some of the planet’s richest array of assets to be found anywhere ––  from oil to gold, from silver to diamonds and all the other vast amount of natural resources buried within Iraq’s ancient lands. In a word, Iraq is loaded.

And let us not forget, Iraq has long been known as the cradle of civilization where humanity formed its first civilizations in the ancient areas of Sumer, Mesopotamia and Babylon. Its history is as rich as its resources. And the irony that Iraq ––of all places –– will be lynch-pin of a rebirth of the new global economic system cannot be underestimated.

Much attention now is focusing on the Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) which has been approved to be incorporated into the NASDAQ Exchange system. In order for the ISX to enter into global markets, it must have an internationally tradeable currency. So, simply put, a revaluation of the dinar is categorically essential and inevitable.

Like Iraq, many other economically deprived nations are about to experience nearly the same kind of astounding rebirth.

These will be third world countries abused by international bankers who have raped and pillaged their lands and resources leaving them hopelessly in debt, never able to repay. Therefore it is important to keep in mind, this is more than a mere Iraq event but rather a global one.

Now, as many as 198 global currencies are undergoing a revaluation of some sort or another ––  although several will be somewhat devalued in order to level the world economic playing field.

Nevertheless, most of the world’s utterly worthless currencies, like the dinar, will find their values sky-rocketing. All in valiant effort to thwart the New World Order take down of the planet as oceans and oceans of fraudulent red ink is wiped off the books for good.

Realize this –– all is transmuting now. All is transcending now. All is transforming now in the most spectacular ways one can possibly imagine.

And all is coming together in perfect alignment and agreement. From the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), to the United States Treasury (UST), to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to the BRICS alliance, to the major US banks, all the while with China and the Chinese elders standing watch pushing and prodding them forward. Never giving up.

Never letting the key players rest until the job gets done. The Chinese have a reputation for being very thorough and very patient, hence perhaps another rationale why we have seen some delays.

Along with the Chinese elders, these key players include: new US Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew; IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde; Russian President Vladimir Putin; and newly-elected Chinese President, Xi Jingping.

A Chinese delegation met recently with Secretary Lew in Washington, DC to resolve any last minute issues with the Global Currency Reset on July 10th and by all accounts the meeting went exceedingly well.

Do not underestimate what we are now seeing. It is nothing short of miraculous. This crazy, insane world of seven billion diverse people is coming together. Co-operating like never before. Aligning like never before. Becoming one like never before.

One heart. One mind. One human family.


Soon, just as Iraq and many other countries are arising from the dead, so too will the United States of America. The restoration of our Republic is at hand.

Once the Global Currency Reset is firmly established, many other trillions of dollars will begin to be repaid to countries, governments and people through a variety of established programs such as the World Global Settlements (WGS), the Global Collateral Accounts and vast array of other prosperity programs.

The end result will be the largest transfer of wealth in the entire history of the world. This transfer of wealth will be nothing short of mind-boggling with as much as $4 quadrillion (that’s right, quadrillion $) changing hands.

Perhaps simultaneously or shortly thereafter, the United States will begin its amazing and spectacular regeneration. A constitutional government will re-emerge, a monstrous federal bureaucracy will be severely reduced, taxes will disappear (save for a minor sales tax on non-essential items), the military will be totally downsized and transformed, the justice systems will be overhauled and corrupt politicians, both current and former, will be arrested.

Granted, all of these changes will not happen instantaneously and may take time to fully enact, yet nonetheless, these will be just the beginning! Many more equally profound changes will follow.

Your television and your computer screens will be overflowing with the true history of the world as hours and hours of re-education material will be broadcast to inform the general public of the great changes being instituted. Reports suggest as much as forty hours of material has already been prepared. It promises to be must-see-TV for the ages.


And understand this renaissance of the US is already well underway. It is happening right now!

The privately-owned Federal Reserve, soon to be rolled into the US Treasury, has announced long ago it will be issuing new money beginning on October 8, 2013. There has even been a brand new website created to showcase this new money at: www.newmoney.gov

 The initial designs feature a great deal of extremely prominent and very obvious gold symbolism.

Plenty of reports are suggesting the current Federal Reserve Note (FRN) will be replaced by either a new Treasury Note (TRN) or a new Treasury Bill very, very soon.

In fact, some have reported the 100 year charter of the Fed which began in 1913 expired in January of this year.  http://www.occupycorporatism.com/government-preparing-for-the-end-of-the-federal-reserve-charter-in-2013/

Although the preliminary designs of the new money still contain the words “Federal Reserve Note,” they may remain there for the time being so as not to alarm the general population just yet.

The new gold laden $100 bill.    LINK


However, as we examine the new $100 bill to the right, we see a great deal of highly interesting symbolism. Notice the security strip to the right of Benjamin Franklin. It appears as if this strip is demarcation line between two systems or two worlds.

Everything to the left of the security strip is in the colors green, black and gray represents the old debt-based system. While to the right we find many vibrant yellow, green and most particularly gold colors such as in the ink well with a liberty bell embedded within it; a gold quill; and a gold “100” all symbolizing the new asset-backed system coming on board.

And if you look carefully, you will see the words of none other than the Declaration of Independence in gold script also found on the right hand side featuring the excerpt of: “…the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new…,” conspicuously prominent.

All told, this gold symbolism is adding up to unequivocally state the US is returning to the gold standard as soon as possible.

This new $100 dollar bill clearly represents the process we find ourselves in today as if we are moving through the illusion of linear time from left to right, from an old paradigm to a new one.

From the old Federal Reserve system to the newly reborn US Treasury. From worthless fiat paper to asset-backed money of great and lasting value. From 100 years of debt slavery to a new life freedom and abundance.

From the power age of big government, big corporations and big money to the Golden Age, which is all about the power of the people!


As an old way of being stays behind us, we have entered into a portal. At the end of this portal lies a new Earth, a new world –– a whole new way of life. A whole new existence for you and me and everyone on planet Earth.

The old world was about control, manipulation and unending drama –– all bound together tightly by duality consciousness.

The new world is about peace, harmony, love and oneness. It is wrapped within the loving and graceful arms of unity consciousness. And what a wonderful contrast it will be.

As the full weight of what is transpiring is absorbed into your consciousness, it will be life-changing on every level of existence. Gone will be the days of living in survival from paycheck to paycheck as abundance and freedom sweep the planet. The euphoria will be unstoppable and unending. And it will last all throughout your life.

All of this may sound like some kind of wild and crazy dream. And indeed it is. It is a dream of those who have dared to dream the unthinkable. That ordinary men and women could live in a time of peace, brotherhood and prosperity for all in what can only be described as the true Golden Age for humanity. And it will last for at least the next 1,000 years.

That Golden Age has been unfolding for nearly two years now, since October 28, 2011. Although admittedly rather painfully slowly thus far, when the Global Currency Reset is finally completed, it will herald a great shift of the matrix. An acceleration in the evolution of the human race will come into the awareness of nearly everyone on the planet. And there will be a great and grand celebration.

Have patience. Have faith. And stay vigilant.

Expect many miracles and blessings to be forthcoming in your life beginning right now. It is your destiny and it is your birthright. There is nothing to fear and positively everything to gain.

You might expect to have to pinch yourself a time or two as you wonder, “is this really happening??”

And yes, it really, really is happening. And it has really begun right now!

For more information and videos visit: http://www.miraclesandinspiration.com/news_at-the-precipice-of-a-brave-new-world.html

7-20-2013 Adam Montana:   [Q.  We have seen a lot of chatter and “demands” coming from members of Parliament for the CBI to incorporate Monetary change. What do you think is the hold up?]

A.  At this time… nothing in specific, other than perhaps Ramadan. If they have made an agreement to not pass anything major until Ramadan is over, then we are just going to have to be patient and wait. They never come to agreements quickly, so it’s really no surprise that it hasn’t happened overnight.


11:16 PM [goldengirl] (statement made by Exogen from stage2omega.)

Hey All…..on Fox News tonight on the tickertape at the bottom of the TV this just scrolled across the bottom of the TV: Sceretary of State John Kerry announced that all meetings are done, Basil 3 is completed & all parties are in agreement.

This will bring great financial strength, don’t get me wrong’ it could take this week to wrap it up.He said he’s coming home from the middle East. JMO…I think this is a very powerful statement !

OMG….it’s almost done—only people like us who studies the RV & has invested in the IQD evan knows what this means. They made it public, but very quietly just like they always said it would be done !!!! This is it…do you all get it?? WOW


Emailed to Recaps:

Footforward    Iraq is not in control of the RV.  This is not about Iraqi politics.  The people there were placed there by design.  Iraqi politics really don’t matter.   Several weeks ago additional staff were brought in for major banks in anticipation of the RV.  Obviously, the RV didn’t happen.  Banks, financial institutions, governments etc. are expecting things to move forward.  This thing isn’t a long way off.
Read More Link on Right


[ivy10] I am off this week-end. Would be great to have the CE today or tomorrow.

vy10] puppylove My hopium is high.

[bryan1972] ivy10 I think someone gave me novacaine istead of hopium lol

[ivy10] We did get some hints last night from Jester that we are close.

[ezmuny] ivy10 been close for weeks now havent we ? rofl dont think we can get much closer without tripping over it .

[imperium] At the Precipice of a Brave New World • Global Currency Reset in motion • Revaluation will include 198 world currencies • The Restoration of the Republic is on the horizon





[BOBGETZ6] I wnated to share something with you and some of you may have had this experience. I speak with a lot of people daily in the dinar world and most are confidants with a few excellent sources. I just had a converstaion with a delightful person and now friend who I would never had met if not for being active in this investment. The investment in and of itself is a huge blessing, but equal to that in another way, is the warm and caring friendships developed over time. I truly have many more good and lifetime friends now, then I did when I first invested. I consider this to be a HUGE blessing and am grateful for it.


Late Friday Night


[iamsoready] Sorry everyone. I had to get off for a little bit.

My sister-in-law has a close friend who has a contact in Baghdad that confirmed the story is true and that the UN did announce that Iraq rv’d it’s currency yesterday at 2:15 EDT and that it would show up within ten days.

All I know is what she told me, and because it agrees with guru reports and nothing else solid, I am more than a little sceptical. But that is the info I received. The only thing I can say otherwise is that some of the gurus are apparently getting this info and are not making it up, though that still doesn’t make it trustworthy.

Only solid facts and seeing the RV itself will Mae it true. For now, stay buckled in your seats, the roller coaster ride has still not come to a full stop yet. DG



LPatriot59] DIRECT INTEL WE JUST RECEIVED at 1:15 PM EST…………. Posted by EXOGEN on July 19, 2013 at 1:21pm We were just told this will not be like Kuwait and we will not have to wait 10 days, and its highly likely we should exchange next week as the RV is COMPLETED..

[Robertprofessor] wango1 Have you heard any more confirmations today about the announcement at the UN yesterday?

[wango1] Robertprofessor I don’t need any more…. I know it was done



[Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK Hey, there. Seems very quiet other than a few saying nope.


[Robertprofessor] Eagles tune: “Welcome to the Notel Intelifornia …

[Robertprofessor] top_gun “Welcome to the Notel Intelifornia … you can check out of dinarland anytime you like … but you can never leave … “

[ivy10] WILDDUCK roflmao roflmao


 [ivy10] WILDDUCK How about finished at last! going to bank!

[alin] Hello Wildduck, how are you?



sananddan24] Went on line to my local bank to pay a bill, a statement in red said no payments can be paid through the system till after July 21 st hummmmm

 [mykitty] sananddan24 funny my credit union is doing the same thing

[kazorlando] sananddan24 mykitty Interesting….maybe, just maybe!!

 [FrenchTexan2] bebba mykitty Okay yall got my attention…. Anyone else?

[mykitty] sananddan24 no they announced it about maybe a week ago. I don’t pay bills on line so don’t really care but did make me go hmmmm

mpool900] mykitty my credit union did it last weekend

[Bobbysgirl] just saw your post on your bank and signed on to my bank it also is saying it will be down for maintenance

FrenchTexan2] bebba roflmao Yea I bet you are…. roflmao

[bailey2..] Bobbysgirl different banks?

 [Bobbysgirl] IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to system maintenance, Mobile Banking (including Mobile Apps and Text Banking) will be unavailable from 10pm on Tuesday, July 23 until 4am on Wednesday, July 24. Online Banking will continue to be available during this time.

mpool900] sananddan24 my sister thinks its a sign of basil III compliant…who knows though… we can always hope

 [mykitty] mpool900 my thoughts too

 [sananddan24] Mpool90 maybe they are resetting the currency… Or implementing necessary changes to comply… This not a big 5 bank

 [Scotzgirl] Y’all made me check my bank and it’s down from Sat 10pm till Sun 6pm – hmmm – regional, 1st TN



Capt Ron] arr

 [Capt Ron] So, is anyone in this room besides me feeling much better about ‘things’ after having listened to Tony’s cc of today?

[highhopes] Capt Ron really encouraging call..

 [Capt Ron] hh, the most reassuring part of it, for me was his assertion that the UNSC indeed has been making the case

 [highhopes] maybe that Bloomburg video will apply to this weekend ..I remember they said some Saturday Night all the Currencies would change and we’ll wake up to a new financial world on a Monday Morning

 [Capt Ron] I for one find Tony’s optimism refreshing.

 [highhopes] Capt Ron i love his endless optimism and his laugh always is infectious

7-20-2013 Kaperoni:   Article: “Deletion of zeros: the will of the state unit condition”

IMO, I feel the “delete 3 zero” or “lift 3 zero” is a two part event. Before they can do this, they must raise the value first (otherwise it makes no sense). So we expect the float to occur (accept IMF Article VIII), then as this article says..Dec 2013 they can declare “officially” they have deleted the zeros and start Jan 1, 2014 by implementing the “law of indebtedness” and issue smaller bills, etc. when the rate reaches 1 to $1 or about.


Saturday, July 20, 2013 14:16 Higher sales of central bank dollar at auction Saturday

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / ..

sales rose Iraqi Central Bank of the dollar, Saturday, at an auction sale and purchase of foreign currency on Saturday to 348 million and 870 thousand dollars after it reached on Wednesday, 283 million and 553 thousand dollars a stable exchange rate was 1166 dinars per dollar.

He said the central bank governor Agency Abdul Basit Turki said in a statement received / Baghdadi News / copy of "The demand for the dollar distributed by 33 million and 500 thousand dollars was sold in cash, while the value of the amounts sold form of remittances 315 million and 370 thousand dollars select price b 1179 dt per dollar, and the cash purchase price of $ 1171 dinars. "

And participated in the auction currency today 22 waged, banks and ruled out the amount of 92 million and 120 thousand dollars from banks participated in the auction for the purposes of auditing and other services related to combating money laundering as well as for various other reasons.


Memphis Responds & Replies to Members in Regards To Previous Post LINK

Lori wrote on July 19th, 2013, 8:59 pm:  Memphis, thanks for bringing clarity, I look forward to your posts. :handshake2:

Memphis:  Lori?  you’re welcome. :pompom:  THATS why I do it……clarity.

BUT…..I see two things here that I have missed (actually a BUNCH that time wouldn’t allow) and I want to speak (not so) briefly about them:

1) I mentioned in tonight’s post that the attached photo ought to be studied. Studied in that it speaks it’s own message, that these leaders are not “fixin to” find agreements. What I failed to state on this point is the opposite, the other extreme! I LOVE speaking in extremes because in so doing? We find….balance….

By that, I mean….

Read More Link On Right

  Ask yourself what type of photo WOULD we expect taken at a press release and featuring two men who are in the throws of a very very difficult negotiation that is fraught with political peril on all sides, vast ethnic differences, years of name calling etc, OTHER NATIONS breathing down your neck to “do right by them”, and on and on…

I submit that the photo would have yielded two very steely faced men, both intentionally (and purposefully) absent of ANY visible emotion, fists clinched or at least turned downwards, a very conscious effort not to look directly AT the other ‘party’, and the list goes on.

 Keeping all THIS in mind, a further review of the photo should add to our understanding of it’s….value.

So I conclude that THIS photo is in fact very intentional, deliberate (in every aspect) and carefully designed to convey a message to the world that these two guys are walking side by side in agreement and seeking the path that leads to convergence, solution and conclusion. The Oil and Gas Law? It’s just coming along for the ride.

As Solomon said, there is a time, a season, for every purpose under Heaven and the present is the prescribed time for Iraq to make, sign and implement agreements. The article itself even hinted strongly at this in one of it’s quotes that stated:

“…The heads of Iraq’s political blocs must take advantage of the political calm that followed…”     It is the “season”. :popcorn:

2) In an effort to help round out the significance of the Oil and Gas Law, and the significance of the article that I spoke to earlier, here is part of a recent post that speaks to it. Many will have missed it the 1st time thru and for others, it is worth reading again. :thug:

This link will take you to the posting in the Skull Crushers Think Tank and dated July11 and titled:

“this momentum is not going to be broken…”


By Memphis » July 11th, 2013, 7:13 am   •  [Post 1] 

kaykay3 wrote on July 11th, 2013, 12:27 am:

That’s what I’m thinking I’m very confused to what Eagle 1 said and Frank said he agreed but says we need to see these laws passed and Barzani come back happy plus this HCL and maybe Delta to come on next weeks cc so I don’t know I’m very confused but then also look at forex like Eagle was saying tonight would most likely see it there 1st then Frank says start looking at forex so :yikes:

I’m very thankful for what Eagle 1 and Frank brought us tonight just confused because they kinda seemed to agree but From what Frank is saying didn’t seem to mesh at all probably just my mind can’t make sense of it?

Memphis:  Hi KayKay,

Very soon you will see that there is no need for confusion! This stuff is actually quite simple once we learn what to follow. MUCH of what we read and much of what we hear is just noise. Follow the big ticket items and don’t allow yourself to lose sight of them.

Although I missed much of the Wed CC, I caught some of the references that you refer to above and was cheering for Frank when he made these statements but sadly he felt constrained and did not “connect all the dots” for folks. Thankfully, I feel no such constraints and my contract clearly allows for such liberties as I am about to take! :pompom:

With that introduction let’s roll up our (mental) shirt sleeves and dig a bit deeper….

In preparing to post a reply to your question I discovered that someone beat me to it! So before I give you my thoughts anyway (LOL) let’s L@@K at the (very good) answer given by “aunderdu”:

By aunderdu » July 10th, 2013, 11:39 pm • [Post 131]

When he [Frank] says that what he is saying is: If you see the HCL they will no longer be able to conceal the rate because the rate is used in the calculation of the citizens share of the Oil revenues. This does not mean that you have to see the HCL first. The rate is the first domino that will tip the rest of the economic “dominoes” over.

Iraq’s legislature has been passing lots of laws lately. Just when things were getting good tho they announced a break!  “Ummm, we’re gonna take a week off here guys, see ya on the 16th.”

That seems like a really significant thing to me. Why? Well they have been very public about a lot of pending legislation that is about to be made into law and among these bills is the oil and gas law. They even tell us shamelessly that this particular bill has been up on a shelf for years collecting dust due to political posturing!

My full expectation is that July16 will see some historic legislation and as “aunderdu” has stated above this stuff NEEDS to have a value prescribed to it. The re-pricing of the dinar NEEDS to precede this bills enactment. Without the RV, it just goes back up on a shelf as it has no…….power.

Does THAT scenario fit the climate that is coming out of Baghdad? nope. Everything is full speed ahead and this momentum is not going to be broken. I stake my reputation on that! [hmmm, that sentence was intended to carry a punch to it but I recognize that it fizzled….oh well, you get the idea….]

To be clear, I speak only for myself here. Having made that disclaimer, I am L@@King for the dinar to have a new value prior to parliament coming into session next Tuesday. I think it more that a coincidence that they have this week off. I would (paraphrase) that a conversation something like this took place under the dome:

“Ummmm, you guys? Take next week off. There are many things falling into place but timing is critical on some of this stuff. We are putting the finishing touches on it now and if you’ll come back on Tuesday, ready to rock-n-roll? Things will all be in place and we’ll get this party started. As Turki said a few days ago, there are gonna be some surprised folks.”

As to the timing of this stuff? That’s all semantics. Do you (or I) really care? Ever since they went public with the Ch7 news this has all been a foregone conclusion. I believe the IQD will have a new rate very soon and it SHOULD be known publicly (IMO) prior to next Tuesday. This investment has thrown some curves. I have been “all in” since the 27th and yet NOTHING to date? LOL

Despite our failed projections of the past, I see no way for them to get out of this one. IF, IF you read a headline:  “Oil and Gas Law Passed by Parliament!!” Then get your shoes on…

Not everyone in the dinar world will agree with me here but we can’t all be right. true? :boxing:

And having said that? you should know that many people (much smarter than I) share the same opinion… :pompom:

Memphis note: It seems worthwhile to state that this event IMO is much bigger than Iraq. Without seeming disrespectful, the Iraqi parliament are not TRULY the players in this! I hesitate to even go here in that I know people get confused but in reality?

These decisions are being made on a much larger stage. Iraq is simply fulfilling all that is required of them and therein lies the timing issues that I referred to above…

There is tremendous leverage being released in the world of finance. This leverage is likely on a much grander scale than even I imagine it to be! The dirty truth is that in the final analysis? It’s all about money. :handshake2:  Blessings,  Memphis


INVESTDEAN wrote on July 20th, 2013, 3:24 am:  Hi, just thinking out loud, when they do start to exchange the dollars for the new low denom dinar it would be nice and easy to exchange one to one there for the exchange rate would need to one to one,

 so if and once it gets to that exchange rate by removing the three zeros at that point they could peg to it at that rate for how ever long is needed till all doller/dinar exchanges have been done and then move the rate up when needed to the rate of the ninties.

Maybe I am way off with the thoughts above but I thought that was how the exchange was to happen, maybe I have missed something and if so please set my mind straight.

I am glad to see that Frank is making a good recovery and would like to wish you and Tink the best for the future….   Dean….

Memphis Reply:  Dean, One of the paths of thinking that I have followed lately is that there may be a rate introduced that would suffice to easily encourage most people to surrender their IQD for exchange and then a much higher rate will be introduced that would more closely approximate the dinars true “intrinsic value”.

This is only a theory and certainly nothing to make into a doctrine tho!

I base this line of thought on the premise of just one word that will prevail in the end….


When we consider the resurgence of urgency in the implementation of Basil III in the past 4-6 weeks we need to ask why. Why so much energy and effort into a plan that has sat on the shelf for years and had been postponed until 2015 (or later) ……until recently?

Basil III has a new provision that allows banks (FOR THE 1st TIME) to factor their foreign currency reserves into their balance sheets, they can count it as any other M-zero asset just like USD.

This is MOST significant and IMO is ENTIRELY (can I shout a word in typing?) ENTIRELY the reason that Basil III is all the rage across the entire western world!

The banks are about to receive an unprecedented windfall in foreign currency deposits. They will effectively then be able to (for the first time) meet the new capital requirements OF Basil III and then by extension (to actually make my point to your thinking here DEAN) I would argue that it is pure greed that would bring about what is in my opinion the true rate, the true value of the dinar.

This higher rate could easily approach 3x what we receive upon exchange.

Again, just thoughts and NOT a doctrine of mine by any means!!  Memphis