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    [Fresh] He believes that the special representative of the UN representing the country of Iraq will be there Tomorrow (with Moon) and he says and if this is so – what better way to unveil Iraq to the World

    [Rudie] Fresh just be like a court reporter and type what he/she says as you talk/listen….k? smile

    [Rudie] ohhh you read my mind!

    [Fresh] he was actually taken back that it was actually Moon ringing the bell – as he thought it was the other guy…

    [Fresh] Georgie Bushtein or something like that (spelling?)

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     [millionday] Baghdad Shaima Rashid Revealed to the Committee of the Regions in the House of Representatives and there are many differences on the Law of the Federation Council prevented the legislation, including the number and powers of the council members and the percentage of representation of women and others, denying that the House of Representatives be the reason of the delay in the adoption of this law.

A member of the Committee of the Regions Mehdi Haji said there are many points of disagreement on the Law of the Federation Council, despite reading the first and second readings inside the dome of the parliament, noting that discussions about it are still continuing.

    [millionday] Fresh isnt that the chatters in the blog — i mean what they are saying? or is this a call ?

    [millionday] Said Haji in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network»: The most prominent remarks on this law he made rapidly and still need to talk, because the Constitution requires us to accomplish this law during the current parliamentary session and that the Federation Council legislative authority next to the House of Representatives During the next legislative term.

He continued: determine the number of members from each province is one of the most shenanigans, since the law went on to be the number is four without determine the mechanism of their choice whether it is by the county or by the provincial council whether appointment or selection, as well as the existence of a dispute over the regions and how representation because the law did not specify that, in addition to determining the proportion of women in this Council that are not defined by the law, which must be 25 percent.

    [millionday] note — many find this very important for the country and actually say that it has to be in place before the currency rate is set

    [LBnFL] millionday Fully seated GOI

    [millionday] i personally do not agree but that doesn’t make my opinion any better then anyone else’s

    millionday] LBnFL right that is how they refer it but the whole world calls their gov complete — proxy is done many countries and many s    [millionday] imo

    [millionday] According to the first draft of the Law of the Federation Council, the Council, which will include 36 members by representing each province of the country’s eight provinces Bnaúben by direct election.

He said Haji do not specify the joint meetings between the House of Representatives and the Federation Council and the mechanism convened, and the powers of this Council has not yet determined you will be more than the House of Representatives or lower it and how to submit the legislation of laws, ie What are exclusive powers of the Federation Council so that it is synonymous with the House of Representatives.

    [millionday] He denied the Attorney that will be the House of Representatives reason of the delay in the enactment of the Federation Council, but there are observations by the House of Representatives on the law, stressing that everyone serious about enactment of this Act,

pointing to the existence of the meetings of the members of the Shura Council and legislators to this law in order to benefit from the experiences of other countries as well for many dialogues will be held in order to exit the final format of this law.

    [millionday] Featuring the Federation Council representatives from the regions and governorates that are not organized in a region, and organizes its composition and terms of membership and terms of reference and everything related to him by law enacted by two thirds of members of parliament, according to the permanent constitution, and constitutes two chambers federal legislative authority in accordance with Article (48) Title III Chapter I of the Constitution which states that «the federal legislative power shall consist of the House of Representatives and the Federation Council.   [millionday] smile

    [millionday] now dont get me wrong this is huge for Iraq  i just dont think it is a hold up under the point of a complete goi – wed and thursday there is the disable of work – strange– let me bring the report

    [millionday] The Cabinet decided Tuesday “Disable official working” in government institutions for tomorrow, Thursday, and on Thursday the next.

“Quoted Iraqi satellite channel a brief statement issued by the Council of Ministers stated:” The Council of Ministers decided in its regular XXXI disable official working in government institutions for the day Thursday, July 25, current, and on the first Thursday of the month of August next.

“the statement added, that the Council of his decision and excluded ministries of health and electricity.

    [millionday] well that is strange  but we shall see why soon enough  i think that they have been working in what jim was saying — like the national conference — lets look at this  also

    [millionday] i find it strange that maliki went to kurdistan with barzani coming right back to fed iraq behind the visit – it makes no sense and hasnt been brought up with explanations concerning it yet

    [millionday] why would they be following each other around – smile  brb with more

    [millionday] Resumed joint committees between the Kurdistan region and the center, work to resolve outstanding issues between the parties, the center’s insistence shown by the National Alliance for the settlement of all files is different on them, particularly oil and gas laws and border demarcation and Article 140, which is the same thing expressed by the coalition of Kurdish blocs, when expressed welcomed the step described as “positive.”

And formed joint committees between the province and the center, after talks adopted the principle of dialogue between the two sides, before so they can be set a deadline for the start of work after a visit by the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani to Baghdad recently, during which he met Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and the President of the House of Representatives, and a number of political leaders, who agreed to activate the joint committees between Baghdad and Erbil to end the differences.

    jimplants] They have it ready just a timing issue imo

    [millionday] i wish i could find ink about iraq being at the stock exchange tomorrow  but i cant

    [millionday] i agree

    [millionday] so the joint committees are to mediate and will probably continue in that roll

    [millionday] spokesman for the coalition of Kurdish blocs MP supporter Tayyip announced for “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,” said the joint committees to resolve outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil began its work effectively, and that the priority in problem-solving will be the issues that relate to Balsulttin the executive and legislative branches.

For his part, predicted a member of the House of Representatives for the National Alliance Haitham Jubouri to hold the Finance Committee during the next few days, a meeting to determine the direction between the central government and the Kurdistan region.

    [millionday] between Jubouri in an interview for “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network “The committee is determined to solve all the problems after the committee was formed specialized on each file of the outstanding issues, as a committee of oil and gas, financial and other common legal issue of powers.

Prime Minister said during a news conference gathered the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani during the latter’s visit to Baghdad, “It was agreed to activate the joint committees to address all outstanding issues between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the back and the base of the higher interest and the Constitution.”

    millionday] Resumed joint committees between the Kurdistan region and the center, work to resolve outstanding issues between the parties, the center’s insistence shown by the National Alliance for the settlement of all files is different on them, particularly oil and gas laws and border demarcation and Article 140, which is the same thing expressed by the coalition of Kurdish blocs,

 when expressed welcomed the step described as “positive.” and formed joint committees between the province and the center, after talks adopted the principle of dialogue between the two sides,

 before so they can be set a deadline for the start of work after a visit by the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani to Baghdad earlier this month, and during which he met Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki, head of the House of Representatives, and a number of political leaders, who agreed to activate the joint committees between Baghdad and Erbil to end the differences.

    millionday] very nice  nice  so this goes on to tell details  this is full of info we are going to read it

    [millionday] Spokesman for the coalition of Kurdish blocs MP supporter Tayyip announced that the joint committees to resolve outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil began its work effectively, and that the priority in solving the problems will be the issues that relate to Balsulttin the executive and legislative branches. Believes ok in an interview for “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,”

that the system Federal is a new system for Iraq, it is natural to witness this application differences between the province and the federal government, on the one hand and the federal government and other provinces on the other, but there is of regulating this relationship, namely the Iraqi Constitution and the Federal Court,

hoping that the Federal Court in turn resolve such disputes on the grounds that this court could play an important role in any country to organize the relationship between the federal center and the provinces and regions

    millionday] right that is exactly what they expec-  they expect the federal court to resolve — any problems   here are their priorities

    [millionday] And between the MP that the committees that have been agreed to form between the federal government and the province to resolve outstanding issues have begun their work,

 noting that the priority in solving the problems will be common issues that relate to Balsulttin executive and legislative branches, such as the oil and gas, which, if enacted, it will ensure that solve many problems, as well as issues that aspires everyone to be addressed through the work of those committees,

 counterbalance the Peshmerga and pass a law that the demarcation of the administrative border of the provinces and the security file in the areas of disagreement and Article 140. hinted good that benefits the oil companies in the Kurdistan region, which did not prove within the budget in 2013 can not be solved

    [millionday] if enacted?    However, enactment of a law of oil and gas, pointing to the existence of differences in the understanding of the powers of the province and the federal government on this issue, likely renewed differences on the budget 2014 as happened in the budget this year,

describing those differences as normal and solvable. was balancing this year 2013 has seen many differences between the political blocs and a coalition of Kurdish blocs on the dues of oil companies operating in the region, because the coalition mentioned that the amount that must be paid to those companies is 4 trillion and 200 billion dinars,

while the figures installed with BSA confirms that the remaining amount of those companies is trillion and 600 billion dinars, and thus there is a vast difference between the two figures, which led to the vote on the budget by the political blocs while the coalition of Kurdish blocs refused to vote.

    [millionday] so here we see what the argument is about the oil and gas law

    [jimplants] I thought article 140 was done it seems they are dragging their camels

    [millionday] but if they can say that if it gets enacted then could it be a hold up?

    [millionday] this is not that it isnt done — this is agreement on terms and how they are going to work within it

    [jimplants] Ok i misread

    [millionday] we know the article 140 is done

    letsroll] millionday so the oil companies are being paid in dinar ?

    [millionday] i think half of this report is strange because we have been following this too close  it appears that they are arguing how much and it looks great to see dinar instead of usd  good point

    [jimplants] You got that right i need to step away but i am drawn to see history being made

    [millionday] jimplants i hear ya hun — i was rereading that and it looks as though they want to pass laws to support article 140 — borders ect

    [millionday] this will be going on until we are not here anymore — they will always be working on getting along that is for sure

    [millionday] they have been working down there and setting up so i am not sure why they would put this out or that this is a point they are discussing — very strange

    [millionday] we know they have and we have seen pictures – so we have seen the news like this before – some of it makes sense and some of it is hate to say — just not true

    [LBnFL] Wasn’t Turki supposed to address Parliament today (Tues)?

    millionday] what was it about hun? or supposed to be about?   hello?

    [LBnFL] millionday Not sure, that’s what I am trying to find out. Thought it was mentioned last night.

    [millionday] let me go look — brb

    [LBnFL] millionday I remember thinking it was strange at the time because I didn’t think Parliament was in session today.

    [millionday] i dont see any meeting with turki

    [LBnFL] Oh well, Thanks for looking.

    [faith1] IMF says to CBI separate yourself political .. and do your job, make your Country/People strong… and all the articles about investments and until we see Iraq handle their wealth,,will the investments come in strong… seems they would want to move forward, the confidence is growing slim with delays and not being able to make mighty moves like a mighty nation full of wealth should..

    [millionday] LBnFL yw all the time

    [john77] millionday What is your best guess as to when we will rv?

    [millionday] right faith — the people are im sure growing weary and tired of waiting – i have no guess but with all of this done it has to be close due to the laws in effect – the tariff law and customs was huge – i would expect it to be very close —  so this is what i have to say

    [john77] millionday Is it true that Kuwait and Iraq need to adjust their borders early next month before the tariff law maybe implemented? or was that a rumor?

    [millionday] we have a lot done and they are not giving a date but we know their goal is 3.30 as they reported yesterday

    [millionday] john77 i have nothing that tells me that

    [faith1] didn’t we read that the people are going to rise up….the other day the people gave a few days to meet demands….again ??

    [millionday] now what the reasoning was for saying iraq was to be at the stock market tomorrow — i have no idea and would love it to be correct

    [millionday] i have nothing saying it is correct — but of course will be watching for us

    [millionday] there are so many reports out about the currency being changed and the future of the dinar —   we my friends are in waiting mode

    [DT N AZ] still

    [millionday] but i can say this as well — i am excited and to see the imf report and what they ask of iraq ect

    [john77] millionday Thanks for waiting alongside us!

    [millionday] the thing is they can not just continue to make promises – yw all the time

    [LBnFL] millionday I know we have discussed that article to death, but to me it says that $3.30 WAS the original plan, but not any more.

    [millionday] been a ride and a half and cant wait to meet you all

    cookie2] millionday Did you see the article saying the Tariff was in the gazette already? ··· ID=50687

    [millionday] have been checking flights ect lately – yes — that makes it law and active

    [faith1] i know i read an article to day with a picture of Iraq at the stock market,,, it was from a year ago , I think April 2012,, it’s strange all that was highly rumored today…

    [millionday] right — i thought so too  so that is the news for now but i will be back

Millionday News 7/23/13

    [millionday] that is the best news yet and its no joke

    [lorijeanmarshall] millionday Lay it on us baby!

    [millionday] lets see where we are hmmmmm not going to be sitting here much longer   now tonight is a very serious news night  ALL about all these years we have been in here   so know one thing —–

    [millionday] just know this  big huge smile  so i am going to load you up with some news  and trust in this  i am going to load you up with some news  smile  whooop whoop  – so i would guess that everyone has seen the stock market news but  there is more to show you

    [lorijeanmarshall] millionday About Moon ringing the closing bell today?

    [millionday] whooop whoooo    no  about the bell tomorrow   smile brb

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     [lorijeanmarshall] millionday Oh. LOL Sorry. That’s all I know

      [millionday] ok so this is what i have to say – i am verifying news that is out that iraq is ringing or joining the ny stock exchange tomorrow and cant say yes or no yet

    [millionday] i have to do much more looking but i will do it after we look at the news  then we will sit around and wait for me to find out

    [Sager] millionday I believe I can get you an article on that if you give me 1 minute

    [lorijeanmarshall] millionday Are you waiting for ink on it?

    [millionday] so we will do news and then i will bring the very good contact i have about this  and give you the info on if it is happening or if it is just bad news   or i should say wrong news

    [belabun] I Listened to UN sec today, at 5:20 on counter said will ring closing bell, but who the heck knows, but on todays webtv

    [millionday] so let me get done with what i have for news for tomorrow from iraq and then i will address the issue

    [belabun] millionday good!   minor stuff

    [millionday] smile    we want to be right

    [Sager] millionday I have found the article on nyse

    [millionday] and not give you news that is carp to be honest so i will make sure after this

    [Godsalli/Jim] Hate carp

    [millionday] i have read the article as well hun — just want to make sure – you know how the media can make us look silly

    The s family] I can see why joining the stock exchange is a big deal. But why is ringing the bell?

    [Sager] millionday ??? do you want me to bring the article?

    [millionday] The s family it is a historical honor

    [Sager] millionday millionday it’s from the nyse website itself

    [The s family] Ok,

    [millionday] Sager sounds good hun

    [Sager] Media Alerts United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Visits the NYSE and Rings The Closing Bell® to Commemorate NYSE Euronext’s Participation in the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) Initiative For Release: 23 Jul 13 Who/What: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will visit the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to commemorate NYSE Euronext joining the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative,

which explores how exchanges can work together with investors, regulators, and companies to enhance corporate transparency on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues and encourage responsible long-term approaches to investment.

To mark the occasion, NYSE Euronext will host a high-level event, gathering senior executives from NYSE-Listed companies and sustainability professionals with leaders from the United Nations, academia and non-profit organizations at the NYSE. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will deliver special remarks on the evolving role of stock  exchanges in promoting sustainable capital markets.

    [millionday] is there more ?

    [Sager] yeah trying to get it in…

    [millionday] k

    [Sager] New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli, who has shown enormous leadership on these issues, will also give remarks. Following the forum, both guests will join NYSE Euronext CEO Duncan L. Niederauer in ringing the NYSE closing bell.

    [Fresh] props to lorijeanmarshall for being on top of that apparently

    [Sager] This celebration further demonstrates NYSE Euronext’s commitment to sustainability. In 2012, NYSE Euronext achieved carbon-neutral status for the third year in a row, again making it the only global exchange operator to do so. In the same year, the company was also named to CDP’s S&P 500 Carbon Performance Leadership Index and received a Green Power Leadership Award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

 For a number of years, the company has also been included in several key sustainability indices, including CDP’s S&P 500 Disclosure Leadership Index, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good, and is a member of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership.

    [Sager] When/Where:  Wednesday, July 24, 2013    2:15 p.m. Arrival of press

    [Sager] NYSE Security Checkpoint/Tent at corner of Exchange Place and Broad Street

    [millionday] thank you hun

    [Sager] 2:30 p.m. Reception and ceremonial signing of the SSE, featuring remarks by UN Secretary-

    [millionday] great article

    [Sager] 4:00 p.m. The Closing Bell rings

    [millionday] see this is the thing

    [Sager] ··· 058.html

    [millionday] and let me have the floor  thank you hun — smile

    [millionday] there is a blog out that says that iraq is ringing the bell at the new york stock exchange

    [millionday] it is not true  obviously  so lets know one thing though

    [lorijeanmarshall] As soon as that was brought into chat, I went to the NYSE website and verified that it was not true. It is just about UNSC and Ki Moon

    [millionday] the subject matter is not a bust   rock star — lori — koodos to you hun so let me say this

    [lorijeanmarshall] millionday nawwwwwww, just due diligence. And that fact that I can’t let anything go.

    [millionday] emerging markets are a very important issue and also the companies that are involved are very important as well

    [millionday] as we know there is a lot going on with iraq as well right now so lets check that out and try to hold our hats on   i almost had a coronary    smile    cant even spell it lol  so anyway

    [millionday] The researcher Suhad economic virgins that the dispersion of the Iraqi private sector institutions and distancing itself from some of which led to the erosion of the real role that could be played by the sector in the current phase, which represent the true Transitional market economy.

 He confirmed in a statement (morning): The absence of formal representation for this sector in the forums and international economic forums miss the opportunity on Iraq to bring in foreign investment.

    millionday] This comes at a time in which it invited a number of economists, specialists and academics to find common ground pool private sector representative as a board or body to take its role and real actor in the development process, and drew virgins to the issue of representing the Iraqi private sector in international fora and that there is a lack clear views Official represent it, which may miss the opportunity to define the true reality of the investors to invest in the country.

She pointed to the need to supervise agencies and economic commissions government to establish an official body representing the private sector instead of having bodies or unions represent some of the joints of the private sector union businessmen and the Union of Industrialists and chambers of commerce and others. Confirmed virgins importance of expediting the establishment of hand represent the Iraqi private sector because

    [millionday] wow that virgin really throws us off a little

    [millionday] There are calls from the points of international economic local private sector, but met the individual and do not represent all of the private sector, pointing to the need to unify the visions in this area, calling at the same time government agencies to speed up the establishment or the establishment of an official and recognized to represent the Iraqi private sector in the forums and global economic fora.

And the importance of the presence of the leading private sector sees economic academic d. Majid Baidhani that there is a clear fragmented private-sector organizations.

He told the (morning) that it is necessary to have a representative of the real sector where we note the presence of National Business Council of Iraq, and Exporters Association and other organizations that must unite and intensify their efforts in the service of the economy and actual direct in the process of economic development of the country.

    [millionday] so of course we see they are wanting a national business council in iraq and are saying that they entering the international arena

    [millionday] Baidhani said the survival of these unions and blocs without unite cause the dispersion of the private sector and not being able to consolidation clear on legislative issues and to reconsider the intersecting and overlapping laws.

His new adviser in the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform, Dr. Ahmed al-Husseini his call for the establishment of the Division in the Ministry of Finance be competent partnership between the public and private sectors and enactment of a law to regulate the practices of their partnership.

 Husseini said in a statement (morning): that the main problem facing the process of paying growth and economic development is the dichotomy is clear between the public and private sectors.

    [belabun] untouched

    [millionday] lol   good grief have to love translations

    [belabun] babysit = watch    ok, shh

    [millionday] noting that there is an urgent need to enable the private sector today after monitoring weaknesses President, said al-Husseini that there is a limited role for the private sector and the incentives for the advancement of this sector is almost non-existent, as The decline in rates of electricity and water supply for drinking and the continued backwardness of transportation networks and the sharp decline in industrial and agricultural capacity formed the most prominent obstacles to the growth and development of the private sector and provide an attractive environment for investment.

    [millionday] so what we have is them trying to bring together all the departments –  that is for the national context and also for the local  –  as we have here  so brb with more

    [millionday] here we go – In an interview, the “morning” with the head of the IMF mission to Iraq Carlo Sidr Allweg on highlights of the report in regards to Iraq,

he said: The work was done primarily through the programs of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) official, which also included financial and technical assistance.

It has provided those programs framework to help the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Central Bank on the application of sound policies, especially public finances of the state, and to contain inflation, and maintain a fixed price for the Iraqi dinar exchange (strong and stable) and the restructuring of external debt Iraqi successfully.   [millionday] smile

    [millionday] The report of the fourth article is a way for regular periodic oversight exercised by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on each of its members. These controls are a relatively new type of relationship between the IMF and Iraq; because we – the IMF – we were and still working with Iraq since 2004.

    schmidtberger] nice

    [millionday] very

    [cookie2] strong and stable — I like

    [millionday] He said Allweg: The report issued by the major recommendations emphasize the importance to take policy-makers Iraqis stand initiatives further towards addressing many of the challenges facing Iraq, in order to realize the potential of Iraq’s enormous economic entirety, and dissemination of the benefits of economic growth to the general population.

Adding that the report contains mentioned on five policy recommendations, will lay, from the standpoint of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the foundations for achieving higher economic growth and lower rates of poverty over the next few years. He stressed that the recommendations are:

    [millionday] First, the government should focus on developing sustainable budgets can finance public spending of the proceeds of oil revenues.

But because government spending is the main channel of the shocks coming from the international oil market, the construction of public financial reserves, which can fortify the spending of declines in oil exports or in the price of oil, is crucial as well.

The government actually owns these reserves in the Development Fund for Iraq (a type of bank accounts that spared to meet the need in the future), but the government should also increase the value of those reserves.

    [millionday] yes they should — note — this is the report i promised you

    [millionday] And that is also important to contain the growth in public spending to avoid large gaps in the budget in the future, in addition to reducing waste in spending as well.

We appreciate the special role played by the public sector in Iraq, but we still see room for continuing to play this role, for example, by reducing the growth of employment / employment in the public sector, and reduce subsidies to the electric power sector, and reform of the public distribution system, owned and state-owned companies to the state.

In addition to the construction of public financial reserves, Iraq can use the savings to upgrade the quality of qualitative social spending and public investment in infrastructure.

    millionday] The second recommendation, it had to be on the central bank to accelerate the pace of liberalization of the foreign exchange market, knowing that he had already started so recently. He served the exchange rate stable Iraq is well over the past few years, thus providing a nominal pillar of the economy, and helping to maintain a low level of inflation in an environment beset by doubts.

But the Iraqi Central Bank had introduced a number of restrictive regulations intense in the last two years in response to concerns that Sawrth on money laundering and foreign exchange flows of illegal out of Iraq. In our view, these regulations quoted a great deal of legitimate demand for foreign currencies to the parallel market, and as a result, has risen a price difference between the official and parallel exchange, reaching 8 percent in the month of April.

    [millionday] Explaining that the third recommendation drawn to the importance of continuing to exercise prudent management of Iraq’s foreign currency reserves held by the Central Bank of Iraq and the Development Fund for Iraq.

The IMF supports strongly the independence of the Central Bank of Iraq, and the need for the Bank to manage international reserves without political interference in order to support the value of the Iraqi dinar. We also believe that it is also important to maintain the current separation between the process of international reserves which are managed automatically from the central bank alone, and between the public financial reserves, which are controlled by the government, and in the Development Fund for Iraq. And must continue to wisely invest these reserves in liquid assets to a large extent.

    [millionday] He noted that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) urged Iraq to make progress in financial sector reform.

He said that we appreciate what Iraq’s progress in improving process control and restructuring of banks Rasheed and Rafidain bank. But the financial system in Iraq is still too late to grow more dangerous, in the presence of levels of deposit, credit, much lower than the averages of the deposit and credit in the Middle East and North Africa.

The final recommendation came out a little bit about our basic framework, but is gaining critical to economic growth in Iraq. We see a critical need for structural reforms to promote private sector growth and job creation.

    [millionday] The latest program from among those programs was “a standby credit agreement”, which was adopted to approve in the year 2010, and expired in February 2013.

Therefore, we are moving at the present time to establish a relationship independent of free and equal between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund, but we still hope that you can this relationship to help Iraq, and we stand ready, of course, to return to a level of cooperation together more intense, if they want government Iraq;

Our ultimate goal is to support the Iraqi people, and will provide this support in the best way we can use. And evaluation of the Fund for the latest performance record of the Iraqi economy, and what are the prospects for this economy?

    [millionday] Said Allweg was still recent developments for the growth of the entire positive macroeconomic widely, and the credit for this is due, in a great degree of it, to the high volume of oil exports. It surpassed the economic growth rate of 8 percent in 2012, and is likely to rise to 9 percent in 2013 when oil production rises to the level of 3.3 million barrels per day.

As well as the inflation rate fell from 6 percent at year-end 2011 to 3.6 percent at the end of last year, and should rise only a slight rise to about 5 percent in 2013.

Also, the external situation of Iraq is also strong. Stressing that the international reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq has risen from $ 61 billion at year-end 2011 to $ 70 billion at year-end 2012.

The fiscal reserves to the Development Fund for Iraq has risen is the other (16.5) billion U.S. dollars to 18 billion U.S. dollars.

    [millionday] this is the recommendations of the imf for iraq and its coming into what they have been working on since 2004

    [millionday] they are wanting them to do many things but most of all separate the gov money and the country funds — also to move forward with all plans for the stable dinar

    [millionday] the report we read last year about the growth rate being 9% they have retracted  and stated that the growth will be much more

    [millionday] they want the programs that they have in place to be implemented and the country to move forward with the work they have done and the stability for the economy

    [millionday] they now have control over their funding and they back them as they do the countries of the world and have now finished their work in putting in place the programs economically that they were helping them with in other words

    [millionday] the credit program is expired and they are expected to move forward with their release    [millionday] brb with more


7-24-2013 Enorrste:  Referencing IMF Documents:   I’m pleased that the IMF thinks the fixed rate has been a success.  Whoopee.  At the same time, I hate it when they say the status quo should be maintained “for the foreseeable future.”  Let’s hope they cannot see very far.  On the positive side, though, they are clearly calling for Iraq to prepare to float its currency.  It really can’t get much clearer than that.  “to accommodate a possible real exchange rate appreciation.“  It would appear that the IMF is expecting a gradual rise over time to some level, after which they will do an actual RV to a “real exchange rate.”  How cool would that be?

I just wish we knew what they mean by “middle term.” Is that a few months, or a few years? Only time will tell. Let’s just hope the Turki brings the “surprise” he promised and that it is the beginning of the float process. Once that starts, anything could happen. Heck, we could get to $1 by January and then the CBI could RV to $3.50. Wouldn’t that be cool?


Baghdad (newsletter). The Iraqi Central Bank announced the auction of foreign currency on Thursday and Saturday.
The Bank said in a statement it had received (News Agency): the World Bank has decided to maintain its Forex daily, Thursday, July 25, as a normal working day.
He added: the time Bank will also auction for Saturday, July 27.

– U. S. crude oil prices fell on Wednesday after data on U. S. home sales beat expectations and sent the dollar rising.
Better-than-expected economic indicators in the U. S. often strengthen the greenback by fanning expectations that the Federal Reserve will move closer to tapering and eventually ending monetary stimulus measures such as asset purchases that have weakened the greenback in recent years to spur recovery.
A stronger dollar often makes oil a less attractive commodity in dollar-denominated exchanges.
On the New York Mercantile Exchange, light sweet crude futures for delivery in September traded down 1. 92% at USD105. 17 a barrel on Wednesday, off from a session high of USD107. 53 and up from an earlier session low of USD105. 17.
The Commerce Department reported earlier U. S. new home sales jumped 8. 3% to 497,000 units, their highest level since May 2008.
Analysts were expecting new home sales to rise 1. 8% to 482,000, which bolstered the dollar.
The better-than-expected numbers strengthened the greenback by boosting hopes that the Federal Reserve will move closer to tapering and eventually ending monetary stimulus measures such as asset purchases.
Also bearish for oil, a preliminary reading of China’s HSBC manufacturing PMI fell to 47. 7 in July from a final reading of 48. 2 last month. Analysts had expected the index to rise to 48. 6. A reading below 50 indicates a contraction.
China is the world’s second largest consumer of crude oil.
Supply data in the U. S. failed to bring in the buyers on Wednesday.
The U. S. Energy Information Administration said in its weekly report that U. S. crude oil inventories fell by 2. 8 million barrels in the week ending July 19, exceeding expectations for a decline of 2. 4 million barrels.
Total U. S. crude oil inventories stood at 364. 2 million barrels as of last week.
On the ICE Futures Exchange, Brent oil futures for September delivery were down 1. 54% at USD106. 75 a barrel, up USD1. 58 from its U. S. – offers an extensive set of professional tools for the Forex, Commodities, Futures and the Stock Market including real-time data streaming, a comprehensive economic calendar, as well as financial news and technical & fundamental analysis by in-house experts.


[cozmo] You can read Ban Ki Moon’s speech that he gave before he rang the closing bell at the UN site …

jasmine77] Great It’s supposed to signify the beginning of the GCR. It’s a little cryptic but I believe it’s there..

[money775] We are about to land’ at this time make sure all portable electronics are turned off and stowed! make sure seat back and tray tables are in ther upright position, We will be landing shortly !(money)

mort] my international lawyer said they were 2 people holding this up-they are being dealt with & we can see this at any time now & he is still waiting for his call from his traders to go to reno-its been going on long enough already he said-largarde is not at all happy with this situation & waiting for the un to push this through!
Read More link on Right

[ONEDOWN] VitaBella read this: 4:16 PM (chatter] Euronex at the ny stock EXCHANGE…..TODAY…. As i spent hours looking into this ….THIS company will join the nyse,,,,and they represent which is a wholly owned subsidiary of nyse Euronext, … Iraq …Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Morocco Oman Palestine Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria Tunisia they will be international……

[mort] we are going to see this tonight is the word on the street-so hang in

[mort] -just got a call

[BlackKarma] mort What they say????

[mort] BlackKarma it will be happenning sometime tonight

[mort] tonight we are all going to be very rich is the word i got

[transitions] I saw a request for a repost. The information on Euronex is vital. Iraq is on the NYSE, and is international. Tony could not say it because the official closing of bell was needed. The conglomeration of the Middle East countries to formulate Euronex, is a tribute to the dedication and cooperation of these countries to be accepted into the NYSE. That means trading international can commence, with the approval of tariff and taxes, and most importantly, an international currency with value. This is my interpretation and we await for our participation for currency exchange.



[oxglove] TnBikerGal entitled, “A Better Bargain for the Middle Class”. ” Over the next several weeks, the President will deliver speeches that touch on the cornerstones of what it means to be middle class in America:”

[oxglove] obxlady1 “Remarks by the President on the Economy — Knox College, Galesburg, IL July 24, 2013.

[sonnayhwh] Don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, since there’s so much to be excited about, but I didn’t hear much in Mr. Moon’s speech that spoke of a r/v. But I did hear a lot of Agenda 21 jargon. . . just sayin’. grin

Diogenes] sonnayhwh The Ban Ki Moon speech was supposed to be about the SSE with veiled reference to the global reset. Not the RV. However, IMO with the new beginnings of a global economic currency reset, come a lot of agendas. We need to be ready with our agenda. JMO

[MAC] Diogenes so was there a veiled reference, IYO?

[sonnayhwh] Diogenes – Sounds like a lot of horses are gonna be bustin’ out of the gate at the same time. To the victor goes the spoils! Grin

[tc0043]  Ban Ki Moon rang the closing bell with a host of others on the platform with him. I saw it on CNBC live at 4:00 est. No rumor. Confirmed by me.

[candy] if yu read the speech given by Ban Ki Moon, there are many things that make implications



BREAKING NEWS Cabinet holds extra ordinary session
24/07/2013 21:00:00
Baghdad (NINA) – The Cabinet holds an extra ordinary session on Wednesday evening, July 24.

Official source told NINA that the meeting is devoted to discuss the country’s security situation, as well as its general political situation.

exogen update, 24 july -1 bank authorized to pay $8.00 rate -the south african rand just revalued -global reset was just mentioned on cnbc . banks are making final preparations for the exchange today (100% confirmed) -offsite exchange locations are now fully functional & staffed for many banks (100% confirmed)

bank notices did go out on yesterday from multiple banks to employees intrabank only (100% confirmed) -all paris club negotiations and debts iraq owes must be settled by july 26,2013

rumor debunked:ban ki moon did not participate with the opening bell and iraq was not introduced as a new member. We now look to the closing bell and look at the facts stated on the united nations video.  intel received: thursday may be interesting DAY………… Keep in mind this is only intel and not an rv call!!!!!!!!!



[wango1] Currently, eight exchange have become partners exchanges to the SSE initiative, including NYSE Euronext, NASDAQ OMX, BSE Ltd., BM&FBOVESPA, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), The Egyptian Exchange (EGX), and MCX Stock Exchange Ltd. (MCX-SX). Bird19641: ISX joined Nasdaq

[fmc1] Isx joined NASDAQ….. That is a biggie …. We are really there now ….

[fmc1] Tony said 1-1.5 hours after the bell rings

[BigEngine] What time is closing bell? 5pm est?

[ateam]  so based on that intel from sources, looks like we’re there !!!!!! Spread the news



[RindsGuy] .

[sandman3126] I think the last couple lines are the most important to us. But in my mind I will be ringing in the future – a future of responsibility for people and the planet, a future without poverty, discrimination and inequality. By your actions today you have shown that that future can be ours.

[xyz] Breaking News…UNSC extends UNAMI’s term in Iraq, 24 July 2013 23:00 . . The United Nations Security Council decided to extend the term of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) for one more year. The decision of the UNSC No. 2110 states that the term of UNAMI will be extended for 12 more months if the Iraqi government requests that. The members of the UNSC welcomed the improvement of the situation in Iraq, calling the security forces to go on providing security to UNAMI and support it.

[xyz] IQD to witness biggest improvement over the next few days, says CBI and committee members

Banking sources: expectations down the dinar against the dollar in the coming days
07/24/2013 05:16

Sources parliamentary and economic, that the price of the Iraqi dinar will rise against the dollar’s decline in the coming days in the light of the steps taken by the Central Bank of Iraq.

A source in the Iraqi Central Bank said it expected to continue this decline of the dollar and see the price of the Iraqi dinar biggest improvement over the next few days, according to the Central Bank and indicators of market movement.


millionday:   they are saying that iraq needs to move forward in a hurry for the citizens and the loss of job with the new monetary policy.
now they have just approved the five year plan and that is the economic plan – so they have it in place and it does include all of the monetary policy and the entire banking reform. ect. ect.
[Q.  Does it include a change of value?]A.  the subject is the movement of the monetary policy – they may also be talking about other things but of course it is all economic.
[Q.  who has approved the 5 year and the economic plan?]A.   Iraq… the minister of planning and other leaders throughout – so it is in place