A senior US general in Baghdad. That’s why


General Joseph Fotill, commander of the US Central Command in Iraq, arrived in Iraq on Sunday for a visit to hold talks with US and Iraqi officials expected to focus on ensuring that the organization does not re-emerge after US troops are withdrawn from Syria.According to NAS media reports today (February 17, 2019), Bouteflika did not make statements to journalists when he landed in Iraq, where he is expected to listen to field reports on the final phase of the restitution of the remaining lands under the control of the Daash organization, Land in Syria.According to Reuters, "Futil is also expected to discuss with officials in Baghdad the impact that the US withdrawal from Syria could have on Iraq, where the militant organization has already turned to hit-and-run after losing all the territory it controlled."He said earlier that he did not expect US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw more than 2,000 troops from Syria would lead to a significant change in the level of US troops in Iraq, where the United States has deployed more than 5,000 troops. He said that number would remain "generally stable"."We will try to make sure that we have the right capabilities on the ground to support Iraqis in the future," he told reporters traveling with him last week. But I do not necessarily think that will result in a greater presence of the United States or coalition forces. "Trump’s sudden decision in December to withdraw US troops from Syria and his team for national security led to the resignation of Defense Secretary Jim Matisse. The decision also shocked US allies and prompted generals such as Futil to move quickly to implement the withdrawal in a way that keeps the biggest gains possible.The United States says Da’ash is a threat to Iraq. Some US officials believe that al-Qaeda leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may be hiding in Iraq. Baghdadi has been leading the organization since 2010 when he was a secret group affiliated with al Qaeda in Iraq.The US Defense Department’s inspector-general said in a report that Dahedash’s organization was still active and renewing its functions and capabilities faster in Iraq than in Syria."In the absence of sustained pressure (to combat terrorism), he will probably return to Syria in six to 12 months and regain limited territory," the report said.Boutel said in an interview with Reuters on Friday that he would recommend that weapons and aid continue to be provided to Syria’s democratic forces as needed, provided that Kurdish-led forces continue to pressure a reluctant organization and help prevent it from re-emerging.The organization may still have tens of thousands of fighters in Iraq and Syria, with enough leaders and resources to ensure its resurgence in the coming months, he said.The Iraqi army changed its tactics in fighting the organization from large combat operations to what Fautel calls operations on large areas. The US military has also modified the way Iraqi security forces support them."We’ve made some adjustments to where we are to be in the best positions" to advise and help Iraqi security forces in their operations, Fotil said last week.
State law carries reform and construction responsibility for delaying the formation of the government

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) coalition of the rule of law led by Nuri al-Maliki, a coalition of construction and reform responsibility for delaying the formation of the government.

A spokesman for Bahaa al-Nouri told the {Euphrates News} that "the reform alliance objected to the candidate of construction Faleh Fayadh as a person, and Fayyad confirmed that it will not stand an obstacle to complete the cab."

He added that "the construction coalition and his vision one and all steps are in consultation," noting that "all our steps in the construction is well thought out and is still coherent, and he did not put Fayadh for the interior."


Iran reveals the volume of its exports to Iraq and promised from Baghda


{International: Euphrates News} The governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Abdel Nasser Hamati, revealed an Iraqi promise to his country.

"The Islamic Republic has close ties with the Republic of Iraq," Hamati said in a press statement during an economic meeting in the western province of Kurdistan, adding that "Iraqi officials have promised to provide facilities for Iranian exporters."

He stressed that "the need to turn the Iranian province of Kurdistan to an export platform to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, taking into account the advantages, saying that the production units must not face any liquidity problems."

Hamati pointed out that "our exports to Iraq now amounts to about 12 billion dollars, and may increase this figure to 20 billion dollars," adding, "Given the potential of the province of Kurdistan in different parts of them, officials should be planning in the province, to convert to an export platform to Iraq" .

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Nasser Hamati, visited Baghdad earlier this month and agreed with his Iraqi counterpart Ali al-Aalak to "determine a mechanism for financial payment between the two countries.

"With respect to Iraq’s debts to Iran’s gas and electricity exports to Iran, we signed after 4 hours of talks an important agreement with the Central Bank of Iraq to address the obstacles of money transfer and debt repayment," Hamati added.

He pointed out that "Based on the consensus, the monetary and banking relations between us and Iraq will be within the framework of the euro and dinar, where the Central Bank of Iran will calculate in Iraq on the basis of the dinar and the euro will be completed banking transactions through Iraqi banks."

"The people of Iraq have suffered from the blockade and are aware of the damage done to the people, and Iraq will not be part of the sanctions regime against Iran and any other people," Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said in a speech on the sixth of this month.


Parliament is preparing to legislate a law that provides thousands of jobs for the unemployed

A member of the Labor and Social Affairs Committee, Star Jabbar al-Attabi, on Sunday, the Parliament’s intention to proceed with the legislation of the draft social security law during the coming period, noting that the law provides thousands of jobs for the unemployed.

Al-Atabi said that "the House of Representatives will see in its second chapter reading the draft social security law first and second reading to find job opportunities for the unemployed in the institutions of the state."

He added that "there is consensus to put the draft law guarantee social protection to end the phenomenon of disguised unemployment and the operation of graduates in the departments and institutions of state in the public and private sectors," noting that "the adoption of the law will provide thousands of grades in the private sector."

Al-Attabi called for "increasing allocations of social welfare budget to meet the needs of loans and unemployed for the current year and to include as many as possible."


Maliki hiding his office manager in the crowd of these scandals


The head of the coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki; to "hide" the director of his own protocol office to the popular crowd.

A source close to the agency told Agence France-Presse: "On February 14, a person close to Maliki, Ahmed al-Nouri, who was the director of the protocol office of Maliki, was transferred to the logistical support in the popular crowd with the (Abu Ali al-Kufi) Logistics stores in Taji by order of Maliki personally. "

Al-Nouri, a resident of the Al-Baladiyat area near the Public Security, purchased properties in the previous period in Al-Baladiyat; Al-Doura; Palestine Street.

The most recent is a building in the Urfali area. Colonel Imad Kassem and Lt. Col. Adnan Qassem; they were two officers who were formerly bus drivers and are currently residents of Palestine Street. "

The source explained that "Nuri; was transferred from his office because of the disclosure of his financial and administrative corruption and fear of integrity to pursue him," indicating "during the last period Nouri meeting between the governor of Baghdad and the governor of Baghdad

and the Algerian tribes in the old Baghdad governorate building behind the current provincial council building And in the presence of the adviser of the Iranian ambassador a week before the date above; which in turn bless the governor to take over this post.

He added that "the Algerian governor asked the audience and support him as they supported him in the last elections and promised them to provide services to them and their regions with the granting of degrees of employment for their children," noting that "the conservative cousin of Ali al-Jazairi, the leading jihadist in the peace Brigades with Ibrahim al-Jabri and Isrgawi."


What is the position of the Federal Court of the budget and file economy?


The court issued several verdicts supporting the budget and economic file in the country, the court spokesman Ayas al-Samuk said on Sunday.

"The Federal Supreme Court has sought, through its terms of reference stipulated in the Constitution and laws, to support the economic file in Iraq," the spokesman of the court, Iyas al-Samuk, said in a press statement on the sidelines of participation in the Baghdad International Book Fair.

He added that "many provisions have been issued the sanctity of public funds," noting that "the court established the constitutional mechanisms on how to put the law of the general budget."

He pointed out that "the court ruled unconstitutional materials that were impeding the process of investment in Iraq."

"The Federal Supreme Court strengthened the independence of the General Authority for the allocation of federal imports; and ruled not to associate them with any of the authorities."

"Constitutional justice is a major contributor to the constitutionality of Iraq’s fiscal and economic policy," he said.


An agreement between Halabousi and a parliamentary committee to host Saleh and Abdul Mahdi in parliament

A deputy revealed the intention of the House of Representatives to host the President of the Republic Barham Saleh, and ministers Adel Abdul Mahdi in the first session of the next legislative session, which is scheduled to begin on the fourth of next March.

A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Youssef Al-Kalabi, said in a press statement that "an agreement was reached after the meeting of the Integrity Committee, in the presence of Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halabousi, to submit a request to host President Barham Salih, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi,

And the heads of the Integrity Commission and the Financial Control Bureau in a parliamentary session to develop a clear constitutional and legal mechanism to combat corruption.

He added that "the request submitted to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, ensure that this meeting is the first in the next legislative term, in line with the directives of religious reference, which provided a roadmap for politicians in the fight against corruption.

"Corruption has become the first scourge to hit society and institutions, after the disappearance of terrorism, so efforts must join forces to eliminate this phenomenon that is rotting in the body of society," he said.In addition, Deputy Jamal Cougar, hosted the presidencies to listen to their plans to fight corruption in order to increase coordination and unify positions.

"This meeting puts them all in front of the greatest responsibility to combat this scourge, and not to share accusations among themselves that it is the party that is failing to eradicate this scourge, as happened in previous governments," he said in a press statement.


The US Department of Justice is conducting an investigation into a military contract firm that has bribed Maliki, his son and his family

The Justice Daily reports that the US Justice Department is conducting an investigation into a military contracts company that alleged bribes to Iraqi officials, including former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, his son Ahmad al-Maliki, his two sons, Yasser al-Maliki, and Hussein al-

Explaining that an investigation conducted between the military contracting company "Saliport Global Services" played a role in bribes to owners and relatives.

It also showed Maliki’s relationship with a company called Horizons, which sold the right of access and facilities of a large number of US military contracts, through US military contractors have disclosed what they have, despite the fact that it poses a threat to them.

The Daily Best reported a meeting with 30 sources, including contractors working in Iraq’s commercial sector, who asked not to be identified for fear of possible reactions.

"Saliport operates military facilities in various parts of the Middle East and Central Asia, but the company’s first operation is at Balad Air Base, a base in northern Baghdad that includes F-16s funded by the US government," he said.

The company received a contract from the Iraqi Air Force to provide security, training and security services to Al-Qaeda (Balad), including services such as food and electric power.

The company received more than $ 1 billion in funding for its services.

According to the new Arab The site quoted sources in the company "Salliport" as saying that the company "Horizons" Kuwaiti partner, and promised Iraqi officials to provide funds for the registration of the US company as a contractor at the base of Bald, indicating that 10 people who were questioned confirmed the involvement of al-Maliki and that " Prospects ".

The Daily Beast said the US Justice Department was conducting investigations into violations of the laws through foreign corruption practices by the Saliport company, which reported bribes to Iraqi officials.

The report caused a wave of controversy within Iraq, where political voices called for the opening of files of financial corruption retroactively since 2006, the year Maliki took power in Iraq, which lasted more than eight years.


Iraq stops the export of Kirkuk oil to Iran


Iraq’s Kurdistan region announced on Friday that it would halt its oil exports and derivatives to Iran in compliance with US sanctions against Tehran.

The Ministry of Natural Resources in the region, in a brief statement: "A notice sent to the General Directorates of Customs in the region, including to stop the export of oil and its derivatives to Iran.

"In turn, a spokesman at the international "Parvez Khan" crossing, received a cable from the ministry, showed the validity of the decision to stop the export of oil and its derivatives by truck, adding that "the decision included the international ports of Pervez Khan and Bashmakh, in addition to Haji Omran.

"Iraq currently exports around 30,000 barrels per day (bpd) to Iran from Kirkuk crude by truck.

The media reports have spoken earlier about Iraq’s intention to stop the transfer of crude from Kirkuk oil fields to Iran, in the coming months, in compliance with the sanctions imposed by the United States on Tehran.


A parliamentary proposal to exploit the oil of Salah al-Din in its lifetime

MP Salah al-Din, Manar Abdul-Muttalib, on Thursday, to exploit the oil located in Salah al-Din in the reconstruction of areas devastated by terrorism in the province, pointing out that the government is required to come investment companies in return for giving part of the oil located in wells of Salah al-Din.

"The province of Salah al-Din owns a group of oil wells in its farms, as these wells have been closed for a long time and could not be exploited by any company because of the security situation in the province previously," Abdul Muttalib said in a press statement.

"Salah al-Din has a suitable ground for reconstruction and construction, especially since it has land destroyed by terrorist acts.

The province does not need funds from the state budget to the extent that it needs to exploit the existing resources for reconstruction."

Abdul Muttalib suggested that "the government to come with investment companies to build the province and develop its infrastructure and give them part of the oil located in oil wells closed in its territory instead of paying money to those companies, and thus not overheating the state budget."