Deletion of zeros: the will of the state unit condition / Raed Fahmi

Details Published on Friday, July 19 / July 2013 14:13

Issued during the past week, conflicting claims of some deputies to the Central Bank on the implementation of the project to delete the zeros of the dinar.

Some urged him to speed up the process due to the favorable conditions after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII.

As he emphasized some other need to be patient, noting that it would disrupt the state budget and embarrass the government, as well as the reality of the political situation with the approach of the elections, the House of Representatives and the intensification of fever competition and conflict between the blocks.

It is well known that the central bank had been submitted to the Cabinet late in 2011 draft professional integrated process of deletion of zeros from the dinar, and took into account the economic and financial aspects, technical and security, social, psychological, and used the global expertise and benefited from the experiences of other countries, including some of the neighboring countries and the region.

He expressed the bank at the time, his willingness to initiate the implementation of the process starting from December 2013.

but the bank returned he issued a statement in May 2012 announced the postponement of the implementation of the project, even though it completed the bulk of the necessary procedures required by the process.

He attributed the reason for the delay to the need to secure the requirements of coordination and cooperation between the legislative and executive branches.

There was no reference in the discussions and debates that took place on this issue to Chapter VII كمعوق the head, but the most important objections revolved around the inability to control and to control counterfeiting, money laundering and other areas of corruption,which can accompany the process of changing the currency.

But went some close to the center of the decision to say that it has launched the largest corruption, while accusing the central bank views the window as hinder the process of monetary reform.

Thus, the debate focused mainly on the timing of the implementation process and the availability of its conditions, particularly the availability of the will of a united crucial part of the the state in all its corners and powers to proceed with the implementation of this project,

because it requires close cooperation between the various state agencies on the one hand and between them and the citizens and the media, organizations and institutions of civil society and civil on the other.

that what we observe from the absence of harmony and consensus within the parliamentary committees specialized, not to mention various parliamentary blocs, and between the legislature as a whole,

the government and the executive branch a whole, clearly refers to the lack of requirement Qarase, which was based on him to postpone the implementation of the project in the past year.

The feasibility of the project and its importance Evoukan the potential negatives, a condition common will provide the state with all its powers.

Without it difficult to accomplish loops and various aspects of the project satisfactory manner, able to surround the manipulation and corruption processes and control them, and with them the abusive exploitation of the withdrawal process and change the currency in circulation.

It is remarkable that the statements released through the media while the parliamentary committees not subject after discussing with the new administration of the central bank.

It is also essential that clarity is available in the content and significance of the scientific and economic exact currency exchange process.

It is not the process would eliminate the inflation or growth fire, or a material change in the value of the currency and exchange rate.

But that the deletion of zeros concrete and positive impacts directly on reducing the cost of trading the currency transactions, facilitate, and reduce the risk of error associated with dealing with large numbers.

It also reduces the amount of currency in circulation, and thus the burden and costs of management and issuance.

In addition, the currency change psychological effects on the citizen and his behavior Economic and Alanfaqa, what requires to anticipate that the work of awareness, and gradually, in the implementation of the switching process.

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Anger: ministerial meetings and intense mature draft budget 2014

Created on Friday, July 19 / July 2013 12:26

Baghdad / Orr News

The head of the advisers in the government, Thamer Ghadban to the budget in 2014 will be sent to the House of Representatives in mid-October.

Anger said in a statement, "the advisers recommended that the Ministries of Finance and Planning held intensive meetings with ministries and bodies not related to the Ministry to discuss the financial budget for the year 2014."

He continued that "the Ministry of Finance promised that it will present a draft budget to the Council of Ministers in September next year."

He pointed out that "Council of Ministers Satelzm the budget to send a bill in 2014 to the House of Representatives in mid-October next year."

The Ministry of Finance last week to discuss the budget file with the ministries and independent bodies is related to the Ministry confirming that it completed the initial image of next year’s budget.

The House of Representatives asked the Ministry of Finance earlier to complete the development of the financial budget for the year 2014 and presented to the House of Representatives…57/22161-65875

No real investment project in Iraq, says Khalil

Added by Ahmed Hussein on July 19, 2013.

Baghdad ( The reporter of the Economic Parlaimentary Committee confirmed that there is no real investment project in Iraq yet.

Speaking to, he assured “Despite the concern about this side, there is not investment in the country till now except in Kurdistan Region which is considered among the most stable places in the world.”

“Investment in Iraq needs to eliminate the impediments that hinder it and to create suitable political and security atmospheres in addition to amending the Banking system,” he concluded.…#ixzz2ZUvSK4FG

Source: some private banks will reduce the exchange rate of the dollar to 1180 dinars

07/19/2013 – 15:05

Alsumaria News / Baghdad,
the source confirmed early Friday that some private banks will reduce the price of the dollar to 1180 dinars as of next Sunday. source said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "Association of Iraqi private banks took the CBI note of the fact that some banks for reducing the dollar exchange rate cash to 1180 dinars.

" said the source, who asked not to be named, said, "This reduction in the exchange rate will be effective from Sunday’s day on 21 July 2013."

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Central Bank hold daily sessions for the sale and purchase foreign currency with the participation of Iraqi banks, with the exception of public holidays in which the Bank stops for these auctions, and sales can be either in cash, or in the form of remittances sold abroad for a certain commission.م…583;و/ar

U.S. Inspector General: Iraq 479 filed an application for U.S. arms worth $ 15 billion

Iraq submitted 479 applications for U.S. arms worth about U.S. $ 15 billion

Editor: BK, RS 07/18/2013 18:52

Range Press / Baghdad
Confirmed U.S. military official high-level, on Thursday, that Iraq has provided 479 applications for military equipment worth about $ 15 billion, while between the value of trades funded U.S. for Iraq up to $ 850 million, he said that the approval "is not" after the integrated air defense system requested by Iraq to the need for "a series of approvals" by the U.S. State Department.

This came in a quarterly report, the latter prepared by the Inspector General American program the reconstruction of Iraq, he put before the U.S. Congress, and included an interview with the head of security cooperation with Iraq,

Gen. Robert كاسلن, who spoke about plans for Iraq’s future in the purchase of weapons, according to a report published today defense industries newspaper DEFENSE INDUSTRY DAILY, and seen by (Presse term).

Gen. كاسلن, according to the newspaper, said that "the sales department of Foreign Affairs in the Pentagon about 479 requests for Iraq up to $ 14 billion and eight hundred million dollars,

of which 166 applications pending worth two billion and three hundred million dollars," pointing out that there is a "152 request least enabled into force Currently funded Iraqi amounting to 11 billion dollars. "

The President of the Office of Security Cooperation with Iraq, that "there are 161 applications closing value of one billion five hundred million dollars," noting that "the number of Iraqi applications currently under implementation of 73 applications."

The General كاسلن, that "the Office of Security Cooperation continues to meet contracts with the Iraqi accessories equipment and training courses, maintenance and perpetuation," pointing out that "the trades funded U.S. to Iraq worth $ 850 million, was spent, including 566 million and the remaining 284 million is still available under the exchange . "

And Male head of the Office of security cooperation with Iraq, that the approval of has not been until the now is on the deal Integrated requested by the Iraq to defend airspace, and include systems the leadership of and the control of from the for the Lockheed Martin of up to $ to two billion and three hundred million dollars,

"attributing the so to the need to" the passage of the deal through a series of approvals on the sales of of Defense of Foreign Affairs from before and Ministry of of Foreign Affairs the American ".

Promised كاسلن, that "Iraq’s request for such systems equipped with بالرادارات are vital to the air defense system of Iraq, which now depends on Radarein only to scan the air and three radars to control the paths of air routes as well as some Collectors air defense remaining since the era of President of the former regime of Saddam Hussein," revealing that "the first task of air defense system will get Iraq would be a Russian short-range Pantsir Pantsir S1".

The head of the Office continued security cooperation with Iraq, that "Iraq now has a light surveillance aircraft of the model AC/C-208B, and other type of training T-6B with air cargo aircraft C-130J aircraft in addition to deal fighter F-16IQ completed and still being processed by the U.S. "مستطردا that" Iraq IA -407 aircraft used helicopters, accompanied by armored transport aircraft attacking Russian Mi – and 17 light helicopters European EC635 ".

And Male Gen. كاسلن, that "the reports russian On-line refers to that Iraq might it added 30 a helicopter was from the-style Mi -28 offensive as part of the صفقتهم armament which ranging from $ from 4.2 to 5 billion dollars,", stressing that the "Iraq longed for the get on the aircraft Apache offensive the American AH -64 that will get on the are some of them soon, ".

He went head office of security cooperation with Iraq, Gen. Robert كاسلن, saying, always according to the newspaper the U.S., said that "Iraq will take place in January of 2014 the next six aircraft helicopter Ktager temporary until the completion of the purchase of 24 aircraft Apache and obtain approvals it," he said, adding that " The United States can also be brought to Iraq buy the same aircraft used by U.S. troops from the AH-64D model as an alternative. "

And continues to كاسلن, that "the reports indicate to the that Iraq is uses a aircraft’s population Eagle UAV the march to help in the perpetuation of monitor the its facilities-oil in the Arabian Gulf," noting that "Iraq wants to also get of the types of other from planes UAV the march, which must command the with the consent of sales department of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of of Foreign Affairs the American ".

The head of the Office of Security Cooperation with Iraq, that "Iraq wants to equip its ground forces by 175 tanks of other model M1A1-SA, as well as 250 wheel Bradley infantry aircraft M2/M3 that have not announced by the foreign sales of U.S. Department of Defense and is worth about 800 million dollars. "

The Iraqi defense minister agency, Saadoun al-Dulaimi, said in an interview to the (Presse term), in (third from June 2013), that Iraq will receive the first meal of the F-16 aircraft the U.S. end of the current year 2013.

Iraq had signed an agreement with Washington to buy 36 fighter aircraft F-16, has announced that the Iraqi government (September 2011), the payment of the first installment of the value of the deal price to buy 18 fighter of this kind, as confirmed by the Ministry of Defense, in (third from July 2012 the past), the Iraqi government’s desire to increase the number of aircraft in the "near future" to protect the country’s airspace.

Is noteworthy that the the United States is the President source for arming the Iraqi the armed forces, despite the the pursuit to get on the other Russian and weapons from Eastern of Uriah the States between the every now and the other.

Parliamentary economy: the government is under internal and external pressure by traders for non-activation of the Tariff Act

July 19, 2013

Ruled out the decision of the Commission of Economy and Investment MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Mahma Khalil, activation of the Tariff Act during the coming period due to demand federal government lingered during the next three years.

Khelil said (of the Agency news): The Iraqi government is under pressure both internal and external by merchants to non-activation of the Tariff Act because it would hurt their interests, prompting the federal government to claim for lingered for activating the law for a period of three years to come.

said: that the Tariff Act did not emerge since passed the year (2007) in the House of Representatives and so far, because of the government’s refusal to apply, despite he is one of the important economic laws of the country because it would stimulate the agricultural and industrial sectors and promotes the growth of the Iraqi economy.الاقتصاد-النيابية-الحكومة-تتعرض-لضغوطات-داخلية-وخارجية-من-قبل-التجار-لعدم-تفعيل-قانون-التعريفة-الجمركية.aspx