The Supreme Court determines the terms of the largest bloc that will form the government

The Federal Supreme Court on Wednesday set the constitutional concept of the largest bloc that will be charged with forming the government, indicating that these conditions came because of the circumstances surrounding the writing of the constitution in 2005 and to create a kind of balances and understandings between the blocks of Parliament.

The court’s spokesman, Ayas al-Samuk, said in a statement received by al-Sabah: "The article (76 / I) of the constitution stipulated: (The President of the Republic, the candidate of the most parliamentary bloc, the formation of the Council of Ministers within fifteen days from the date of election President of the Republic), and it is clear that this constitutional article resolved the issue of forming the government and the task of forming the following through:

First: The concept of "the most numerous parliamentary bloc" found by the Federal Supreme Court is clear and explicit in the text of Article (76) of the Constitution, and the text of this article referred to (the parliamentary bloc), a bloc that consists of deputies in a particular assembly announced in the House of Representatives.

Today .. A second parliamentary session to discuss the elections .. And expectations that the {no quorum}

BAGHDAD / Shaima Rachid
The House of Representatives will hold a second extraordinary session on Thursday to discuss the elections and the repercussions that accompanied it. While information was reported that the session witnessed "the vote on the abolition of the elections," parliamentary sources predicted that the quorum is not complete.
Despite the objections and doubts about the results of the elections, the move to "cancel the elections" is unlikely, for several reasons, especially the difficulty of achieving a quorum, according to members of the House of Representatives, at a time when others see the Parliament has legal powers to cancel the elections.
The results of the legislative elections have generated wide controversy, prompting the Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri to hold an emergency session last Saturday, but the meeting was not achieved because of the lack of completion of the quorum, making Jabouri head to the Office of the official includes the means to provide confidence in the electoral process. Emergency session

"The parliament has the legal and constitutional right to correct the democratic process and prevent it from forgery," MP Iskandar and Tut said in a press statement.
For his part, revealed a member of the House of Representatives Tawfiq al-Kaabi on the establishment of a rally on behalf of "Hama democracy" to demand the cancellation of the elections through a second extraordinary session and the preparation of a new draft law for the elections, during the remainder of the life of the current parliament. "
Al-Kaabi said in an interview with" The presence of positive reasons for the cancellation of the elections, including "cases of fraud declared by some members of the Commission," at a time when he stressed that "the parliament has the powers to issue a decision to cancel." The government may appeal the decision to cancel the elections

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Union of Iraqi Turkmen MP Jassim Mohammed Jaafar al-Bayati, in a press statement that "legally the right of the House of Representatives to issue a law or a decision to cancel the election, but the vote on the law and proceed in practice is very unlikely and difficult to The reasons for the first, that the completion of the quorum of meetings is not easy to achieve, as we saw in the previous emergency session and the previous meetings of the Parliament, especially that there are 50 former deputies have renewed their membership, meaning not to attend the session.
He added that "the other matter is related to the government, which will challenge the proposal of the law and win the appeal because the cancellation of the elections and need to return funds and this includes a financial burden is the jurisdiction of the government in accordance with the decision of the Federal Court."
Al-Bayati added that "the whole issue can not be achieved effectively because it is not logical to go" losers "to issue a decision to cancel the elections for any reason or justification," pointing out that "this means leaving a legal vacuum and the formation of an emergency government and Iraq at a stage where it can not be adventure Options not calculated results ". The violations occur in most countries of the world For his part, MP for the coalition of state law Mansour al-Baiji, in a statement received "morning", a copy of it, "Although there are some electoral violations that occurred during the voting process, but it is not possible to request the cancellation of election results From some political forces. "

"All the political forces that win the elections hold talks and meetings in order to bring them closer together to announce political alliances. This movement has been going on continuously since the results were announced," he said. Elections, "adding that" can not talk about the process of canceling the results simply because of the loss of some candidates or political forces. "
In turn, the legal expert Tariq Harb, in a statement to "morning", the abolition of the elections is impossible for the difficulty of holding a meeting of the House of Representatives Nzab Kamel, calling for "the need to hand over political blocs to the decision of the judiciary after the Council of Commissioners." He said: "Most of those affected by the elections submitted complaints to the Board of Commissioners, which will in turn audit and make appropriate decisions in this aspect," noting that "it is also possible to appeal before the Electoral Administrative Authority in the Federal Court of Cassation." He pointed out that "the issue of fraud needs to be investigated by judges, because it is a crime, and if proven, the elections freeze in a number of stations that have been proven fraud," useful that "these cases can not cancel the election results."

International trust


Haidar Kazem al-Baghdadi
When the hubs of work are suffering a confused reality, the demand for presence in such markets is weak, despite the large profits, and sometimes it is doubling elsewhere in other places.

And here comes the importance of work in such a market at the regional and international levels, and the great interest by the international economic blocs in this economy or that then draw plans to reach the incubators and start a process of action that benefits all parties, to rotate the national economy in a direction that serves sustainable development.

In Iraq, we need to communicate with the world’s leading companies that are rated on the international list, and invest their efforts in the local labor market, which provides great employment opportunities for a large number of local, regional and international companies, and this became known to all those interested in economic affairs.

International confidence is the key to the economic advancement of any country in the world.

The Iraqi, who has suffered from terror over the last period and has now become the gateway to salvation and the destruction of its forces, has become the focus of many international companies owning advanced capital and technology that can be the center of true development.

Economic development that the country looks forward to and looks forward to.
The Iraqi economy needs to unite efforts of all institutions concerned to work to gain international confidence in the local work, which is an environment attracting large investments to the fields of production and services in different regions of Iraq, where the ideal job opportunities in the cities and can absorb a very large size, International.

We can not seek effective economic construction away from providing an environment of seriousness, especially that the international companies are studying the reality of work and guarantees from all sides and then come after its decision to invest or not in any country has employment opportunities.

In Iraq, which has an investment law regulating the work, the need is urgent to stand the institutions concerned and study the reality and create the appropriate atmosphere for the entry of advanced technologies and capital to Iraq, where it can invest in industry, agriculture, tourism and services …., This means for international companies that work opportunities In the Iraqi labor market is renewed, and any company can put long plans to work in such a market less can be described as promising.

The international trust for our country is very important for the start of major reconstruction, and it is imperative to create an ideal working environment during the period that facilitates investment operations, to build an effective regional and international economy.

In the document .. The Central Bank gives the company "Key Card" 24 hours to pay the salaries of employees and retirees

In the document .. The Central Bank gives the company "Key Card" 24 hours to pay the salaries of employe
es and retirees

The Central Bank of Iraq gave the International Company for smart card "Key Card" 24 hours to pay the salaries of employees and retirees, while carrying the legal consequences in the event of failure to implement the resolution.

A document issued by the Central Bank of Iraq that the company gave the global card smart card "Key Card" 24 hours to pay the salaries of employees and retired retirees salaries in the bank and take the necessary regulatory action.

Hakim and Kubitsch discuss UN support for Iraq


BAGHDAD / Al-Sabah The head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim, during a meeting with the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubic, the international organization to support the next government in achieving its goals of eliminating corruption.

This comes at a time when the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Faik Zeidan, the UN official and discussed with him the situation in Iraq.

"Hakim received the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, and discussed with him the developments of the political situation locally and regionally, and the results of the elections and the formation of the next government," the statement said.

"The importance of forming a national government is capable of achieving the aspirations of the Iraqi people and the need to be an Iraqi decision away from regional and international disputes and the importance of investing the opportunity available after the recent democratic practice to remove the country from its crises and achieve what the citizen aspires to.

He urged the president of the coalition, "the international organization to support the next government in achieving its goals of providing services and the elimination of corruption and renewal of the administrative system through the expertise and possibilities possessed by the
United Nations ."

In a statement to the Supreme Judicial Council’s Information Office, Al-Sabah said that the head of the Judicial Council, Judge Faik Zaidan, met with the UN official, discussed the situation in Iraq, discussed a number of issues of mutual interest and reviewed the UN support for Iraq in all Areas.

Possibility of spreading banking culture


Mohammed Sharif Abu Maysam
The concept of banking culture is not only about raising banking awareness among the public, but also of banking awareness objectives that are intertwined in more than one detail with the goals of sustainable development that reach the stages of realizing the welfare state.

In other words, the goal of achieving a state with a minimum level of well-being can not be carried out without the presence of an audience that possesses the awareness of banking, which qualifies it to claim its banking rights, in addition to knowing its duties, which are indispensable in overcoming the bureaucratic and routine rings and their illegal products in banking transactions and transactions towards creating an environment.

The informal trading areas of the monetary bloc issued by the Central Bank are reduced.

On this basis, the axes of banking awareness and financial culture were given a high priority, not less than the priority of the introduction of technologies, which will contribute to the reduction of workshops slack in the production of banking service.

But the question here is the extent to which the possibility of achieving a banking awareness among the public contributes to the culture of saving and leave the stage of rupture with the banking sector caused by the accumulation of events and facts that contributed to the establishment of mistrust over more than three decades between a total economy

and an uncontrolled market economy created excruciating factors From the arena of banking to parallel markets and quarries quarrying, which calls us seriously to reflect the means of restoring confidence in conjunction with work on the axis of the introduction of electronic systems and the activation of payment tools and exchange
through them.

This has made the National Program for Financial Inclusion to combine banking awareness with the protection of the public in one axis.

It is no longer a matter of banking awareness without preparing answers to protect the public, which invites us to talk about the infrastructure within the human resources operating in the sector The banker in both government and private

As close to the field of work may be aware of the state of non-harmony inherited among employees in the government sector specifically with the public, and certainly recognizes the public view of these institutions as institutions of authority, so it may be strange to touch the public the possibility of dealing with the beautiful "to always be right customer "When you buy the service, as it would when you buy the item from any
special store .

Hence the need to intensify efforts on the so-called "internal customer" in the philosophy of quality assessment a reference to the workers in the establishment, and work on this element to create a link through which to promote the culture of banking and catapulted the mass of cash condensed into the arena of banking.

Renewal of administrative personnel is paving the way for entering the market economy

Baghdad / Mustafa al-Hashemi
requires the development of the reality of Iraq’s economic, at the current stage, study the legislation of new laws bypass intersections in the economic laws, which would facilitate the transition to a market economy after making several changes,

including the change of old administrative staff and the development of staff to transfer expertise to exit the legislative formations And true to the important economic laws, while specialists believe the need to change the laws and administrative regulations in line with the economic future of Iraq to be legislation full of aspects and facilitate the implementation of reality.

New experiences

And between the academic economist d. Majid al-Baydani, the main reasons behind the country’s transformation from the central economy to the market economy so far, stressing that "Iraq is on the new economic situation and that the change of administrative staff greatly impedes the process of transformation because the old administrations are insured by the system of totalitarian economy only and lacks much experience of the free economy "He said.

"The red tape and administrative corruption have emerged as a result of the intersectionof new and old economic laws , as well as the weak implementation of some economic legislation such as customs tariffs, national product protection and investment law, which is supposed to attract investors from all over the world," he told Sabah.

The intersection of visions and economic researcher saw a sign just that companies operating in Iraq continues to operate in a manner intersect with the visions presented showing the importance of the role and work of the private sector in development.

"The majority of economic laws are dominated by totalitarianism and centralization, and leave no room for freedom for the private sector to move, which requires legislation to contribute to the establishment and establishment of partnerships between the public and private sectors in a proper way," she said, adding that " companies Law still takes into account the state – dominated economic sector in all his joints.

" economic legislation , adding that" the intersection of regulations, instructions and overlap with each other causing a deficiency in the legislation of an integrated law facilitates its application on the ground to serve the economic process in general.

" Adel pointed out "the importance of discussing the proposed amendments to the law of companies through workshops and economic seminars and send notes to the officials on the economic file for Iraq for the purpose of discussion and inclusion within the proposed economic laws for the purpose of legislation in the new House of Representatives."

And demands many specialists to activate the system of laws that promote economic development in all sectors of production and service because the reality of the Iraqi economy will be better than the past after granted freedom in international dealing and has become a source of confidence to the world.

Economic researcher Firas Amer pointed to the importance of activating laws aimed at finding a decent work sector as well as those that limit the effects of financial and administrative corruption in all areas of the economy.

And the importance of the government to be more serious in supporting the local private sector, as well as the need to benefit from this support in bringing companies with expertise and financial efficiency and improve the image of the private sector.

It is noteworthy that there is an international organization working to adopt a system of guillotine laws, which works to streamline laws and trim them in line with the next stage, which require domestic and international investments on a large scale.

Iraq joins the Asian Investment Bank’s Infrastructure Agreement

The cabinet on Monday approved the draft law on Iraq’s accession to the Asian Investment Bank (AIB) agreement.

"The Cabinet approved the draft law on Iraq’s accession to the Asian Investment Bank’s Infrastructure Agreement, which entered into force on 15/12/2015," the Secretariat said in a statement.

"The council decided to refer the bill to the parliament, based on the provisions of Articles 16 and 80 of the constitution, and the decision to send the request to join the Asian Investment Bank for infrastructure after completing the legal procedures stipulated in the treaty, 35 "for the year 2015".

The statement said that "the Council granted in its resolution above a subsequent leave for the signing of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, a request that includes Iraq’s desire to join as an observer of the Asian Investment Bank for infrastructure on the basis of the provisions of Article (6)…5%D8%A7%D8%B1/

Economic Advisor: In 2022 Iraq will pay $ 10 billion of its debts


The adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Monday, that Iraq will pay 10 billion dollars of debt in 2022, indicating that Iraq has a good credit rating.

"Iraq will pay its debt, which will not be less than 10 billion dollars in 2022," Saleh said in a televised interview.

He added that "the government must hedge from now to pay these large debts through the establishment of a fund to compensate the debt by putting funds in it annually," stressing that "Iraq is able to pay these debts, especially after Iraq obtained a good credit rating, That Iraq has not been late to pay the debts incurred previously. "

Iraq has received foreign debts from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, in addition to internal debt by offering private equity bonds to finance its public budget, which was heavily affected by the decline in international oil prices, which Iraq depends mainly on its public budget. 9%8A-%D9%81%D9%8A-%D8%B9%D8%A7%D9%85-2022-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B9%D8%B1%D8%A7%D9%82-%D8%B3%D9%8A%D8%B3/

Legal expert The new parliament is expected to hold its first session in early July


A legal expert expected that the new parliament will hold its first session in early July according to the constitutional timing after the expiration of the period specified for appeals and the issuance of a decree by the president of the republic to hold the first meetings.

The current House of Representatives held a deliberative session yesterday, attended by 105 members, called by the President of the Council Salim Jubouri, to discuss the electoral process and doubts that accompanied the announcement of the results.

"In spite of the confusion over the results of the elections, the new parliament will hold its first meeting in the period specified for them in accordance with the constitutional legislation," according to the decision of the Council Niasi Amaragoglu, who confirmed on Sunday, "morning", "The ball in the court of the Federal Court of In resolving the issue of election results. "

He predicted that "the objections and appeals will not change anything, as the results will go as they are."

For his part, the legal expert Tariq Harb, said in a statement to "morning", "The date of the new parliament session will be on July 1, 2018, which is the deadline for the end of the current parliament," noting that "the current period of appeals opened now, and after the appeals there 3 days to appeal the decision before the electoral judiciary set by the law, and there are 10 more days the judiciary must end all appeals,

and then there are 10 days to ratify the Federal Supreme Court, and then the current President of the Republic to issue a presidential decree to invite winners to hold the first session during 15 days ".

The war that "the remaining period is sufficient to complete all the procedures for the holding of the first meeting, excluded at the same time," the current parliament will hold any meeting in the coming days. "