mort:   finally just got in touch with my banker-he said the rv was announced in the un-should happen here monday and we should be in the banks on wed at $3.65 per dinar-so there you go- the call he is waiting for will tell him what hotel he will be going to-to meet with his traders


20-07-2013 10:31 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Economic Committee confirmed the MP from iraqiya noura Salem albegari, low gold on the world market doesn’t affect on the reserve at the Central Bank.
She said albegari (News Agency): the Central Bank has $ 76 billion of oil reserves and 7 billion dollars in gold reserves, distributed in the Bank for international settlements as a cover for the Iraqi currency.
She added that the Central Bank do with gold but there are specific banks didn’t work with the currency but, noting that the decline is a good opportunity for the Central Bank to increase the reserves because of low prices, in addition to the amounts considered to cover for the Iraqi currency.
Explained: the economic crisis in the United States led to the decline of gold significantly recently and put in large quantities in world markets.
It is noted that Iraq has taken a major step to strengthen its reserves of gold to join other central banks from emerging market economies such as Brazil and Russia to diversify foreign

20-07-2013 06:22 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). The economic expert on behalf of Abdel Hadi, the private banks to lower the exchange rate of the dollar will stabilize the value of the Iraqi dinar.
Abdul Hadi (News Agency): the private banks by lowering the dollar to 1180 dinars will stabilize the value of the Iraqi dinar against other currencies and enable transparency in dealing with foreign currencies, as well as reduce the speculation.
He added: the reduction in the exchange rate of the dollar is a national role played by private banks to their economic role.
The Association of Iraqi banks agreed with the Central Bank reduced the cash dollar exchange rate to 1180 as of dinar

Search House Speaker Osama Najafi with the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and Abdul Basit Turki agency, control mechanisms on the exchange rate, and procedures against the violation banks.
The central bank has promised to take measures to lift and install the dinar as it was in the past, but the rate of the dinar is still volatile in the Iraqi market to fall and rise. According to a press release of the Office of the President of the House of Representatives that “Najafi discussed during a meeting in his office’s central bank governor Agency ways to reduce the damage caused by Policy bank earlier and forwarded to the judiciary.
“and added that” Najafi expressed during the meeting to support the House of Representatives of the Central Bank and his administration the current in order to strengthen the cash balance and control of the exchange rate to serve the interests of the Iraqi citizen, stressing the importance of completing procedures develop the Bank’s work, especially in the field of electronic connectivity with banks and regulatory authorities such as customs and taxes.
“The statement added that” the meeting dealt also discussed the measures undertaken by the banking policies to remove the implications in the period after the lifting of U. S. protection of Iraqi funds in and out of the provisions of Chapter VII.
“and called on the President of the House of Representatives to” hold meeting with the Committee on indebtedness, headed by Rose Nuri Shaways Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and the membership of the oil minister, Justice, Finance, Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the BSA, to study and discuss the mechanisms followed in addressing the issues of debt after the lifting of U. S. protection for Iraqi funds.
“The Central Bank of Iraq, issued new instructions to stabilize the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies select the stakes weekly for banks and money transfer companies and trading firms currency from the dollar is estimated according to the capital of each of them, and will increase and reduce this share compared to the commitment of all of them deliver the amounts they want customers from citizens.
baptizing the central bank to put the dollar at an auction for the sale of foreign currency at subsidized prices and the lowest of the exchange rate real in the market to support the dinar. “facing the central bank charges to staff it in conjunction with state officials Baalmyat corruption and smuggling of currency and is subject to the Bank is to investigate long-manager, former Shabibi, who left Iraq a few months

Khandan – the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani sent a  letter to prominent leaders of the Kurdish parties, to hold a preparatory meeting in order to determine the actions of the Kurdish National Congress, which will hopefully take place during these two months.
A source familiar with for “Khandan” Today the Saturday, the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, sent a telegram invitation to leaders of prominent Kurdish parties to hold a special preparatory meeting of the Kurdish National Congress and a mechanism for the conduct of the conference.
The source, who preferred anonymity, said the preparatory meeting, it is hoped to be held during this week, to choose the representatives of these parties for the membership of the Preparatory Committee of the Kurdish National Conference.
The most likely source of the Kurdish National Congress during these two months.

Iraqi Media Network / / A member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Abbas al-Bayati said his committee will host security leaders on Saturday in order to stand up to repeated security breaches taking place in the country. Bayati said
“The security committee hosts security leaders today in order to stand on security breaches repeated as well as access to the plans of the new security force to counter terrorism. ” Iraq has been and security situation tense, represented detonated car bombs and improvised explosive devices and lenses, in addition to the assassinations sound, where a A number of car bombs in {Karbala, Nasiriyah, Basra, Wasit, Babel} have resulted in dozens of citizens among the dead and wounded. said al-Bayati said “{80%} of the war with terrorism is a battle of information and anticipate,” noting that “the intelligence effort in the country is still below the level required in dealing with terrorist groups. “It was the religious authority has emphasized in many of the Friday sermons on the need to activate the intelligence effort in the country, which contributes to provide the information before the bombing and helps guide the preemptive strikes deductible.


Baghdad/ NINA /–Sales of dollar by the Central Bank of Iraq CBI and purchase of other foreign currencies rose on Saturday to 348 million and 870 thousand dollars, after just hit on Wednesday auction the level of , 283 million and 553 thousand dollars, with a stable exchange rate of 1166 dinars per dollar.
The daily bulletin issued by the Central Bank, said “The demand for dollar was ranging on today’s auction around the level of 33 million and 500 thousand dollars which sold in cash.

DinarWishes: There are a lot of people saying “it’s all over” and that “we are there because of this or that, it’s done”… and then many are giving timelines.

Peeps… Listen, I’m ready for this to be over… there are things that are yet to happen to bring this to completion and until those things are finished it will not be released…

Do things look great? Yes, but anyone putting a timeline on things are not fully aware of what is actually going on…

Now it could be wrapped up before we know it and we could see this come out and be happy to move forward with life and making real change for the good of the people and prosperity for those who really need it….

Peeps, nothing you read and nothing you do will make it come any faster…. but it is coming.

I am looking at this coming out soon but until we are in the bank, nothing we can do will bring it faster.

The best thing you can do is prepare for it. Think about what it is truly going to mean when this is over.

So many will not be prepared and stand the chance of being a flash in the pan and even some will be worse off than before… credit is BAD!!! If you can’t pay for it in cash… (preferably from interest drawn off of the principle)… don’t buy it.

There are advantages to financing some things but only if you have the principle to pay for it. If you pay less than the interest you make, then it is smart to finance.

If it costs you more to finance than what you are making in interest then just pay for it. Credit cards? Same thing… If it’s high interest pay them off! Cut them up!!


7-19-13 Bandit: The bank manager at our local SunTrust bank here in Florida told my wife today that they keep having meetings at the bank about doing the upcoming exchange of the IQD and they have been hiring more people and training them.
The bank is ready and waiting but keep being told it is coming any day. So the bank manager tells her he keeps collecting more dinar for himself while we all wait.
He also Joked with my wife…. he said… “what do we have to do go over to Iraq and sign off on this ourselves”? LOL The bank manager always seeks out my wife if he sees her in the bank to tell her what he knows…. and to joke with her and ask if she knows when this RV is coming.
This bank manager was unaware of the potential of this investment until my wife told him about it about a year ago… since then he has learned a lot.
In the beginning he was skeptical like many of us were and only bought one or two 25K notes out of curiosity and figured he would take a chance like playing the lottery …. he called it funny money…. . but as time went on and he heard things with-in the bank he started to collect more notes and he started to realize this investments great potential.
He still may joke with my wife about it but he takes this investment much more serious today.