Damaged currency causes great suffering and embarrassment to citizens


Some circles do not accept dealing with them
Baghdad / Huda al-Azzawi

The Iraqi citizen may be one of the few citizens in the world, who complain about not accepting the deal in the national currency torn or damaged by some departments or institutions or shops, which causes him many problems and verbal quarrels may reach sometimes to conflict with hands in full view of The concerned authorities that did not issue a clear and direct order obligates everyone to deal with the currency in any way.

Currency torn within salaries
Al-Sabah spoke with more than one official and a citizen in order to shed light on this problem.

"At the end of each month, we allocate more than (200) thousand dinars of the currency torn apart equally among the employees of our district," said a member of the committee to receive salaries in a state department.

The employee, who did not want to be named, said that «a lot of problems and verbal quarrels occur between us and the trustees of the Fund, who insist on handing over sums of money smuggled and affixed on both sides, beginning with the employee’s suffering in how to manage this currency rejected by most dealers, Cabs to shop owners ».

She cautioned the employee that all this is happening as a result of the absence of a number of measures and means that the Central Bank of Iraq to take to maintain the prestige of the currency and ease of circulation in the markets.

Currency exchange

As for the burning or buried currency, Hassan pointed out that it is submitted to the Central Bank exclusively to replace them according to certain controls, noting that the bank is working on its part to solve this problem through the processing of Rafidain Bank and Rashid new banknotes and small categories to pay within the salaries of employees,

He pointed out that t
he bank continues to print and improve the banknotes, especially small groups, and pump them to compensate for the damaged paper, while at the same time preserving the currency and accepting it whatever its status as a symbol representing Aadh country and inform the bank in the case of refusal of banks received the damaged currency of citizens.

The suffering of the working class
For his part, said the citizen Rafie Abdul Latif MP, that the working classes and poor are the most social groups are vulnerable to deal with damaged currencies, because this segment traded in many of them, in addition to the same currency to factors that lead to damage early, such as moisture and wet and other It is noteworthy that even the gas stations have refused to accept the torn paper currency,

Therefore, the government and the concerned parties should enact laws to protect the currency as is the case in a number of foreign countries that have issued legal provisions criminalizing those who refuse to deal with them if they are torn or

Stamping of coins

On the re-minting of the coin for small groups and thus salvation from the problem of extinction of the currency currently in circulation, drew Professor of Economics, University of Nahrain Dr. Ngham Hussein Nima, that there were attempts in 2005-2006 to issue a coin of 250 dinars and 100 dinars and 50 dinars and 25

But the loss of the culture of trading in small metal groups among the public forced the Central Bank to stop circulation and convert it into scrap metal and sell it to a trader, so before taking any steps for the introduction of the coin must propagate the culture of trading in small metal categories

And this is certainly the responsibility of the Central Bank of Iraq through the dissemination of financial culture among all segments of the society and openness to the public to raise financial awareness among their ranks and to indicate the importance of dealing with metal groups And keep the currency

Measures to protect the currency
to that said economic researcher Hassan Jamg, said the currency ‘s strength will be in a positive state with the power of the state, the larger the strong and stable state and the economy in the active state, the same presence and effectiveness in the transactions of internal and external of this currency,

and no secret that most communities and nations take A number of measures and means to preserve this currency and to attempt to secure its material and moral status from any external influences that may be natural or by an effective act, such as the case of currency fraud or smuggling abroad,

it may be among the solutions to emphasize the need to respect National currency and dealing Regardless of their condition, and in the case that the currency is very tired or in poor condition, such as torn or semi-damaged, the obligation of government agencies to facilitate the taking or retrieval, and then delivery to banks or the competent banking authorities to destroy them and issue a new currency instead of that damaged.


The five-year plan establishes an effective development state


The proposal to establish a follow up sub – plans
Baghdad / Hussein Tgb
is a five – year plans an important focus in achieving development goals, it included important projects coincide with the human development taking place in the country and
the growing need for services and expansion continuously, which can be informing the user through this kind of plans.

A member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Amer Jawahri said: "The importance of launching the plan for the national economy stems from interfering with the strategies adopted and with the goal of taking concrete actions to clear the economy by focusing on all the basic productive and service sectors and increasing productivity for the individual and institutions and to make extraordinary efforts to achieve the objectives and productivity

and planned service for all institutions And to promote, support and develop all private and private sector businesses and projects to convert a number of public companies into joint stock companies listed in the Iraqi Stock

" Annual plans

He added that "the five-year plan is divided into five annual plans is the annual planning budgets, and the plan is part of a number of plans, which must be to achieve Iraq’s strategy and vision towards 2030, and it is time to develop the vision until the year 2040,

Of the implementation of the measures and steps systematic and serious because its implementation will reflect on the development of serious steps towards achieving prosperity for Iraq. "

It is imperative to meet the real challenge. The challenge is to effectively implement the five-year plan and the sub-plans to put Iraq on the path of the right productive product, in strict accordance with the rule of law methodology, fighting corruption and bureaucracy, and implementing the principle of good governance and stringent standards for selecting competent economic leaders to put them in the right place. Really.

Group participation

"The launch of the plan requires the collective participation of all government institutions, the private sector, civil society organizations, unions, professional, cultural, technical and sports organizations, youth and women’s organizations.

Therefore, we believe that the National Development Plan (similar to the Central Bureau of Statistics) And its sub-plans towards the implementation of plans towards Iraq 2030, a competitive product attractive to investment.

" Education campaigns and the jeweler that "community participation is absolutely necessary for everyone to know the usefulness and reflection of their direct and indirect efforts on the prosperity of society and their children and grandchildren,

to achieve this requires education and awareness campaigns with the establishment of mechanisms to engage those institutions to participate each in the implementation of specific activities," noting that " "It is important and useful to involve all media and the arts in this future national effort."

He pointed out that "the proposed body ensures the diligent professional implementation and the achievement of the results of the sub-plans and the five-year target for long-term vision as the biggest challenge to be an effective parliament and authority by using the people and its institutions the stakeholder …

Therefore, the priorities of the proposed mechanism to establish a mechanism for monitoring, .

Al-Jawahiri said that "the proposal to include the management body of the device representatives of private sector organizations and professional organizations, and the mechanisms of the work of the body and all institutions must be national excellence, everyone must support the procedural steps and the work of the body with historical responsibility.

" Good governance

"The five-year plan is gaining importance because it includes key axes, including good governance and the private sector, reconstruction in the provinces and alleviation of poverty, and focus on the promotion of productive sectors (agriculture and industry)

and increase the production capacity of electricity that move the rest of the sectors to the rate of The plan also includes increasing production capacity in the crude oil sector, providing sustainable employment opportunities, reducing poverty, and launching loans in
liberated areas . "

He stressed that "the implementation of the five-year plan will work to establish the application of the foundations of the development of active social responsibility in Iraq and not rely on the sources of oil in the first place."