BGG: I spoke with Millionday. Sounds like she’ll be back Monday or Tuesday.

​Post From Dinar Updates 2-21-16

Chat Room Excerpts & Highlights

Dinar Updates BGG News Time Chat  2-21-16   

Bgg news 2/20/16
BGG: Ok – Thanks everyone for tuning in…
BGG: thanks to our FANTASTIC News Researchers who are TIRELESS in their efforts to dig up Dinar News.
BGG: Are they not awesome??
BGG: they all do such a great job.

BGG: I spoke with Millionday. Sounds like she’ll be back Monday or Tuesday.
BGG: There was actually a good bit of News today..
BGG: Parliamentary bloc calls for invoking Article 30 of the Constitution calls for the reform of the economy
Read More:…596#post145596   LINK

BGG: This is probably the bombshell – I should have led up to this
BGG: what it means is – Abadi is re-working the GOI and the Parliament is calling for the reformation and a “market economy”.
BGG: we have been hearing this for some time now – here it is… in print.
cjquade54: would that be the whole parliament bloc or a group of them?
BGG cjquade54: I care little… they are talking about it publically.
BGG cjquade54: if Parliament is “calling for it”… it is coming…
BGG cjquade54: they don’t “call for” something that isn’t already on the way…
BGG: on a side note…
BGG: If anyone hits you up for money (anywhere) – I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT. Send me an e-mail to
BGG: end
BGG: sorry… had to do that…
cowboywads: bgg lot of people need to hear it
BGG cowboywads: over and over…
BGG: Hey Loop – what’s the big news of the day??
Loop: cjquade54 brought this into the chat.
The completion of 90% of the stages of the restructuring of the Rafidain and Rasheed
Author: AB, ASJ   Editor: AB   20/02/2016 14:25  Long-Presse / Baghdad
It revealed that the Ministry of Finance, on Saturday, announced the completion of 90% of the stages of structuring bank Rafidain and Rasheed, and confirmed the restructuring project to proceed through a global mechanism to support Iraq’s financial situation.
Read More :…in-and-Rasheed   LINK

BGG: That was one thing MD and I were just talking about – these private banks being fully restructured…
Loop: This article indicates that the restructuring of the Rafidan and Rasheed has been in the works for years.
BGG: Good news…
BGG Loop: weird it’s JUST NOW getting done…
Loop: More proof that the GoI means business about reforming the financial system.
BGG Loop: Getting to that part…
BGG: Gimme’ a sec gang – I need to look up a news feed… it will be a minute… (but worth it)…
BGG: this is one of the articles I was getting to… (courtesy of subgirl)…
Mrs BGG: This is from subgirl MOD.subgirlcopy Abadi asked parliament to give him a mandate to change the ministerial cabin completelyAbadi asked parliament to give him a mandate to change the ministerial cabin completely
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called on the House to change the mandate in full ministerial cabin and the formation of another ministry in accordance with the professional competence as called for by hosted in the parliament and political blocs session to waive electoral maturity for the supreme interest of the country away from quotas.
Mrs BGG:…cabin-complete  LINK

BGG: Parliamentary Integrity: We will continue the investigation with officials accused of corruption in coordination with the Commission
BGG: And…
BGG: Counting head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, the forthcoming cabinet reshuffle as “not all reform,” declaring “support for the initiative, Moqtada al-Sadr, leader in making this change.” (this one came DIRECTLY FROM THE FEED…)
BGG: What this means… Hakim (whose name is on the “naughty list”) is supporting Sadr in his effort with Abadi to reform the GOI…
cjquade54: they are on a tight timeframe
BGG: Good comment… but – THEY HAVE TOO MANY CROOKs in the GOI… why do they have to bounce them??
daytrader: Fastest way to clear out the scum and eliminate their immunity.
BGG: getting rich in the process.
Loop: There’s this article from this morning regarding the Minister’s who have not disclosed their finances.
Loop: Read More :…ir-financiails  LINK

Loop: Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Health Minister Adila Hammoud, Minister of Water Resources after Mohsen al-Shammari and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Industry Mohammed Darraji, Minister Hussain al-Shahristani Education and defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi. “
BGG: Whoa…
BGG: it’s a who’s who…
cjquade54: all top ministries
Loop: Abadi is going the clean house!
Mrs BGG Loop: BGG said Amen.
BGG: Jubouri, Allawi discuss political and security developments and reforms file (title only)
BGG: Allawi is beggin for mercy… (from Jubouri – weird huh??)
BGG: he can never get it right… who he has to talk to – but Abadi has given Najafi, Allawi and Maliki a real ultimatum – GET OUT!!
Loop: Allawi knows his number is up. That is why he was so vocal this week. Wanting elections or Abadi to resign.
BGG Loop: Yup…
Loop: Desperate
BGG: From Abadi…
BGG: Urgent Abadi: financial crisis needs to reshuffle
BGG:…toryid%3D30752  LINK

BGG: This is a short clip from his visit to Parliament today. He is rallying MUCH SUPPORT for his reforms and for fiscal reforms – obviously ahead of a MAJOR crisis… he’s also getting those not concerned with Iraq’s welfare OUT.
BGG: OK – I promised a short News Time… here’s my synopsis
BGG: Financial reform,
BGG: GOI reform,
BGG: and economic (the economy) reform all on deck for IMMEDIATE implementation.
BGG: Financial (being the only 2 private banks)…
BGG: Abadi going to strip the GOI and start over… AND He’s getting ALOT of support.
BGG: It would appear there have been some major crooks holding things up and they are being removed UNANIMOUSLY.
BGG: like – RIGHT NOW.
BGG: lots of movement on the GOI front right now… BIG MOVES.
BGG: everyone appears to be on board.
BGG: and this – folks – is good news.
jonhenry: wouldn’t this add months to the RV timeline being that they have to do all this, seems like alot of work to restructure a Gov entity
Loop: immense pressure from Sadr and Hakim to not get in the way or else.
BGG jonhenry: No – not IMHO… they will have this (and a new Gov of the CBI) done very quickly… 

eman4u55: same how long will lt take IYO to strip the GOI and start over..
BGG Loop: what’s funny – Hakim is on the “naughty list” – but he’s about to go along with this… wasn’t easy – but he’s on board.
BGG eman4u55: Not long.
BGG eman4u55: 2 weeks or less…
Loop BGG: I thinks deals are being made so that they can take out the major crooks.
jarhead but………….how come such a short time span with yrs of waiting on their part getting it together sir
BGG jarhead: that answer is simple – financially…
BGG jarhead: fiscally…
BGG jarhead: THEY HAVE TO – BIG money troubles.
BGG jarhead: if they wait – they DIE.
BGG jarhead: Good for us..
BGG jarhead: their own economists have outlined only 2 possible avenues of “bridge” – 1) tariffs 2) raise the value of the Dinar.
BGG jarhead: looks like Abadi realized he had to get rid of a bunch of turds before he could raise the value… (the only real solution to his problem).
horsegal: did a body get permission from Parliament to change the DOI?
BGG horsegal: yes, I believe he got broad based support for this initiative.
BGG horsegal: this will happen quickly.
 Read More :
BGG’s “Round Table” Dinar Call!! “for Dinar News – that MATTERS!!” for Tues. 1/26/16

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35 Minute Call

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BGG’s “Round Table” Dinar Call!! “for Dinar News – that MATTERS!!” for Friday 1/22/16

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32 Minute Call

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BGG News Time 1/18/16    Part 1 of 2
BGG: we headed back here because it is – SOOOOOOOO cold out… had the pellet stove (in here) SMOKING all day BGG: OK – I promise – I will give you all a FIRST HAND look at the meal Mrs BGG made me that I had to delay News Time for.
BGG: first off – she’s first.
BGG: and secondly – she fixed a Chef Salad and Chicken Mignon…
BGG: and however awesome you can dream it up – KEEP going.
BGG: it’s out in that neighborhood…
satrib says to BGG You ready to start publishing exchange instructions?
BGG says to satrib: VERY SOON –  BGG says to satrib: I am ready
satrib says to BGG: cool
BGG says to satrib: ANY SECOND NOW!!
Pablo: Is that a hint?
BGG says to satrib: back to the imporant issue…
satrib says to BGG hang on…need pncil and paper
BGG says to satrib: and that is …
BGG: I will send a pic of the meal tonite as the very first post – on the new DINAR UPDATES FaceBook Group…   BGG: coming soon…
satrib says to BGG: very cool
BGG: and you will see why I put things off a few minutes.
diagyAAAE says to BGG: is the group by invite only?
BGG: See what I just did??
BGG says to diagyAAAE: Oh yeah…  BGG says to diagyAAAE: invite only.
diagyAAAE says to BGG: ok
dovi says to diagyAAAE: I’m not invited either

BGG says to diagyAAAE: you will all be able to invite others.
satrib says to BGG: invite y email?
BGG says to satrib: via FB – it will work.
diagyAAAE says to BGG: ok cool
satrib says to BGG: when?

BGG: I am also going to field a REAL YouTUBE Channel…
BGG: you can see it – hear it … and call IN!! BGG: LEGIT.

diagyAAAE: wow!  diagyAAAE: sounds good
dovi says to BGG: great!
BGG: We will keep the chat room – because there is no way to do a “News Time” per se – on FB…
BGG: but we will make this available to more peeps.
diagyAAAE: group messaging actually   diagyAAAE: would be very similar to chat
BGG: FlashChat and their RIDICULOUS customer service is really starting to bug me.

wmawhite: BGG.on youtube……SUPER!!!!
_firefly_ says to BGG: Thank god lol
BGG says to wmawhite: We’re gonna’ be LIVE soon.
Cricket22 says to BGG: When should it be ready on FB?
satrib says to BGG: when??
Cricket22 says to BGG: Oh ok.
BGG says to Cricket22: 24 hours
 Cricket22 says to BGG: Thank you
Holly1: i missed it all ( Shucks
Cricket22 says to BGG: I seen SOON.
templejc: Are we that close to the day we have been waiting for for so long?
BGG says to templejc: Very
dovi says to BGG: faint
TrueDinar: is there going to be any Dinar news or updates
 Pablo: Me? I don’t have a question.
_firefly_ says to BGG: You better get on it before ……. lol
BGG says to dovi: Did you think I would “lay down and quit” at the end?? Seriously??
larrykn: not our BGG
Tex1: I hope to be live when Dinar RV’s
dovi says to BGG: never!
agape: Iraq ranked 37th among 100 countries in gold reserves. Iraq did not buy gold since April 2014, in which it bought 15.16 tons. Iraq is ranked the 37th among 100 countries.

The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Thursday (April 3, 2014), that Iraq’s gold reserves reached 90 tons to support the value of the Iraqi dinar, noting that it contributes to the strengthening of the national economy.

Seems to me they are getting ready for something big. Something oil can’t do for them??? Could it be an RV???? ☺
BGG says to agape: There is virtually – NO OTHER ANSWER!!
satrib says to BGG: I may cry
ljenterprises: Thanks On FB is your site Dinar Updates or Iraqi Dinar Updates?
BGG: FYI – since this has turned into a WILD Q & A – that’s what it is…
sassy: BGG you rock
ljenterprises: But what will it be as there is an Iraqi Dinar update site
BGG Holly1: GE – and thank you for your vast efforts to the community.
satrib BGG: so you sweiously feel any second
BGG ljenterprises: stay tuned for the announcement.
BGG ljenterprises: it will be on the BLOG and THE OBSERVER!!
Holly1 BGG: you are welcome … you know I love what I do … Crazy Holly
maine: is maliki arrested yet?
_firefly_ maine: No
Holly1 maine: NO……
templejc: I have been waiting for so long – I find myself with unbelief in my heart – what would you like to say to me and others who feel as I do?
Mrs BGG Loop: Thank you for all of your News Research in the forum!!
BGG Loop: rcookie, tman23, (obviously Mr White – my dear friend), Jimmy, Haus, Sheila – and, and, and – there are sooooo many people who make this thing go…
BGG Loop: We really appreciate everything you all do.
benvetted: HOLLY…..thx so much for the great news from your contact in iraq
Larrykn: so is this site going to be gone then and we will have just chat, fb and youtube ?
Loop BGG: It’s a great team effort.
BGG templejc: You should call Mrs BGG and she will SINGLE-HANDEDLY fix your FAITH…
templejc BGG: I have been waiting for so long – I find myself with unbelief in my heart – what would you loike to say to me and others who feel as I do?
BGG larrykn: Just more up-to-date additions…
BGG says to larrykn: we have to keep Chat – there is no way to do “News Time” without it.
wmawhite says to BGG: Need to address templejc
benvetted: wmawhite….indeed
BGG says to wmawhite: I just did – but give him your perspective – please. 

wmawhite says to templejc: look at this from today: An invitation to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy
templejc: OK thanks
Babe: great article…had to read it repeatedly
Loopback: An invitation to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy
Read More :…l-economy-1-18
_firefly_ says to wmawhite: So are they telling us something?
BGG says to Holly1: BTW – we LOVE Jim – and he got my message. However, Mr White will help out…
wmawhite says to templejc: This is what the IMF told the world they expect in the first part of 2016.
BGG says to Loopback: and THAT is THe biggest piece of news in a while…
BGG says to Loopback: glad it came up. I was wondering…
Loopback: HUGE
Holly1 says to Loopback: yippppppppeeeeeeeeeeee
templejc: thanks gang
wmawhite says to templejc: Nobody is hiding this ……..we are the only folks who stay in the dark.
_firefly_ says to BGG: Bigger than HUGE !!!!!
wmawhite says to templejc: stay
Hutch says to BGG: BIG news
maine: why is maliki being allowed to be free still?
Holly1 says to _firefly_: so huge ready to bust …. (F)
Loopback: Does anyone know who Iraq Osama Mahmoud is? He is the one quoted in the article.
 satrib says to Loopback: that would be my ?

Comments may be made at the end  of Part 2  Thank You

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We wish to restate once again that we merely “Recap” the News, Rumors, and Opinions on many sites in Dinarland

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Round Table Dinar Call for Dinar News that MATTERS!! with BGG, Mr. White and RCookie – Thursday 1/7

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57 Minute Call

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Post From Chat Room  11-26-15
News With Links & Discussion

Wealthwatch Thursday  Chat 11-26-15  
chattels: no report yet on the Iraq federal supreme court decision on the constitutionality & legality of sacking VPs chattels: no report yet on the Kurdish delegation in Baghdad  no ” RV ” yet either :)
chattels: Najib reveal a joint meeting between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil for the application of the customs tariff… (unable to fix link)
   Butifldrm: Hi everyone I just want to come in and say Happy Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a safe and Lovely Holiday.
Donnie: Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!
Donnie: i still have hope that Iraq Dinar will increase in value – substantially – before I die
Butifldrm: I am great doing well.. Texas use to be a an oil dependent state like Iraq, but now even oil at $45 dollars a barrel we have diversified and we are surviving
Butifldrm: ‹@Donnie› I think we still have hope
Butifldrm: now they are playing the IMF game
ladyfox: are we in an inflation state, here in Texas currency place you can purchase 100000 in dinar for $50.00
ladyfox: Donnie yes
chattels: Adviser to the Prime Minister: we are preparing to launch a genuine reform package 11/24/2015
ladyfox: hummm
chattels: reforms not done – arguably not started – legislatively speaking
chattels:…  chattels: committee work – yes
chattels: and in the budget ! :)
Donnie: i feel any Iraqi Dinar news “guru” (and i use that term very loosely) needs to start giving us their Dinar each time they make a prediction that doesn’t come true. make them put their Dinar where their mouth is
chattels: 11-25-2015 Intel Guru SteveI [Praying for a Dec 1 RV!] I do not think December 1st because they need to wrap up controlling ISIS in Mousl. But once that is done, start looking…  chattels: Mosul *
chattels: head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim stressed the need for legislation of laws for government reforms.…
chattels: MP Ali Sharif al-Maliki, called on the government to speed up the dispatch of the laws relating to reforms to Parliament in order to read and vote on them.… (unable to fix link)
chattels: Parliamentary Economy: delete the zeros need a safe environment
chattels: ” the Iraqi Central Bank completed the previously all preparations for the project, indicating that it ” has been postponed because of the situation security is stable “in what it said that” the application of the project to delete the zeros needs to assign by the government and parliament to make it a success after the stabilization of the situation in the country because the ground current is suitable for the implementation of such a project. “
chattels: ” ……….. deletion of zeros is linked to the security situation closely ……… “
chattels: ” ……….. the decision to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency requires a political and security are conditions stable, …… “
chattels: ” The project needs a period of time may extend to two years or more. “
chattels:… (unable to fix link)
chattels: ” ….. to make it a success after the stabilization of the situation in the country …. “
chattels: ink with a link !
chattels: but the pundits say that daEsH is not an issue   chattels: bovine scatology  disinformation i suppose
 chattels: shabbibi himself called or security / stability chattels: hear it or yourself –
chattels:…  (unable  to fix link)
chattels: “Maliki said,” The Erdogan serious personal threat to world security and international peace, “and called on” the Iraqi government and the countries of the region and the Security Council to take the necessary measures to stop this threat. “It is said that the relations between al-Maliki during his government for the past eight years have been strained with Erdogan and trading accusations of supporting terrorism and interference in the affairs Aldakhalih.   :…
chattels: I consider the leader of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, that “Erdogan’s policies put the whole world on the brink of a third world war.”
chattels: ” Erdogan claims that a Russian plane penetrated the atmosphere of Turkey for a few seconds, forgetting that its aircraft violated Iraqi airspace and Syria daily, …….”
 chattels: The spokeswoman for the Coalition ( Sunni ) Maysoon al, in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of “national coalition The draft amnesty law currently stands, and presented by the government to the House of Representatives, substandard, does not meet the aspiration of the Iraqi street for justice.”  chattels:
 chattels: Search President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani in Irbil on Thursday, with the Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi liberalization process of the city of Mosul Daash terrorist gangs.…
chattels: Currency Auctions Announcement No. (3082) The opening offers the sale and purchase of foreign currency in the window of the Central Bank of Iraq on 26/11/2015 and the results were as follows: DETAILS              NOTES Number of banks               23 Number of remittance companies        18 Auction price selling dinar / US$  1166 Auction price buying dinar / US$       —– Amount sold at auction price (US$) 223,269,000 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) —– Total offers for buying (US$)               223,269,000 Total offers for selling (US$)               —–    chattels: 3082 ………. 26-Nov ……….1,210
chattels: 3 days consecutive    chattels: @ 1,210
Donnie: 19 Nov 2015 13:30 UTC – 26 Nov 2015 13:43 UTC USD/IQD close:1105.7 low:1105.5 high:1117.9…   Donnie: past week
Donnie: Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
chattels: Haider Al-Abadi – Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi receives leaders in the crowd the popular Mr. Hadi al-Amiri and Deputy Chief of the popular crowd, Mr. Abu Mahdi Mohandes. Was to discuss balancing the popular crowd for next year as one of the prime ministerial bodies under the command of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr. Haider al-Abadi and the importance of providing support him .
He stressed the importance of supporting the popular crowd and security forces face and provide the necessary allocations and directing the fighters heroes and equip them and to stop the waste outside it
chattels: the President of Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi affirmed the support of the popular crowd and equipped forces.…
 chattels: the President of Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi provide the necessary popular mobilization of financial allocations. This came during a meeting with Deputy Chief of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi engineer and secretary-general of the Badr Organisation, the leader of the crowd MP Hadi Alamera…
chattels: the Council of Ministers agreed to increase the popular crowd allocations in the 2016 budget.…
chattels: He said Zaidi “This Parliament amendments also included observations on the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil regarding oil agreement and demand that the government need to provide clarification on it and what are the quantities that have not received from the Kurdistan region or the amounts received by him.  chattels:…
 chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 1h1 hour ago In a concession to PMU leaders Ameri & Muhandis #Iraq PM promises them more money in 2016… …
Doug_W: about time Eh “C” ?
chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region- Duhok’s Directorate of Roads and Traffic Services have begun rebuilding roads and bridges in Shingal destroyed during the Islamic State’s year-and-a-half reign of terror there.   chattels: ‹@Doug_W› the PMU scares me
Doug_W: yes
Doug_W: are U traveling to family 4 Thanksgiving “C” ?
Doug_W: we are staying home having an elderly Co worker who is alone over
chattels: ‹@Doug_W› no – local
Doug_W: ahh ha
chattels: ‹@Doug_W› we have invited someone also
chattels: nobody should be alone on t’giving, eh ?
chattels: My all possible blessings be yours
chattels: Oil prices fell during trading on Thursday, amid concerns of oversupply in the market
chattels: MP for the National Alliance Haider molar, said the government would resort to external borrowing in order to bridge the deficit in the 2016 budget next year.…

 chattels: National Alliance MP Abdul Hadi al-Hakim on the action taken by the President of the Republic to restore national card law sender of the House of Representatives after the vote by majority vote, describing the action as a “violation of the constitution.”
chattels: “The re-infallible President of the law is not based on a constitutional basis or legal terms of the Constitution did not give the president the right to veto or veto laws, but that Article 73 – III of the Constitution painted the way for the legislation of laws,
including laws are considered ratified automatically after 15 days from the date of receipt of the presidency if it is ratified by the President during the period mentioned as will come, what constitutes a precedent indicate to overcome the spammers and powers drawn by the Constitution to the public authorities in the state, especially with paragraph III of Article 73 of the Constitution relating to the powers of the president.
chattels: ” ….. the Constitution did not give the president the right to veto or veto laws, ….. “
chattels: ” …………. laws are considered ratified automatically after 15 days from the date of receipt of the presidency …………..”  chattels:…   chattels: bbl
Doug_W: be well  —   ok so…..Pies all cooked stuffing made from stale bread “Tom” is in the oven  –  time to relax
Tootsie: There is no racial or ethnic involvement in Thanksgiving, and people who may be very distant from the Christian system can see the beauty and the positive spirit that comes from the holiday. John Clayton ~ Have a safe and loving day , Happy Thanksgiving to all ~~
Doug_W: U 2 Toots
chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 39m39 minutes ago Iraq’s supreme court throws out the appeal of ex VP Nujayfi who was sacked, though apparently on a technicality only… …
RVPlease: any News on the VP Saga….? that was supposed to be on Tuesday… then Yesterday… then… then… then…
chattels: ‹@RVPlease› ^^^^^^^^^^^
chattels: Iraq’s supreme court throws out the appeal of ex VP Nujayfi who was sacked, though apparently on a technicality only

chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 2m2 minutes ago Today’s promise of more money to the PMUs by #Iraq PM Abadi is a change of policy following pressure from PMU leaders who are closer to Iran

“Round Table” Dinar Call!! for Dinar News – that MATTERS!! with BGG, Mr. White and RCookie – Monday 11/16

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641-715-3639  pin# 570743    

33 Minute Call

(Dinar Recaps apologizes for not posting this earlier.)

The Central Bank Issued Banknotes Fifty Thousand

Baghdad and babysit – The Central Bank of Iraq, Wednesday, for issuing a new banknote fifty thousand Dinars category, attributing this to the completion of the Iraqi Securities monetary structure and the development of high-class value in circulation, as he emphasized that it contains “structures against attempts at counterfeiting Balastantsak”.

Enorrste:  Once again we see that the plan is still in place, although delayed.  We had expected to see this in August as I recall.  Coming out now is just about consistent with our understanding of Iraq’s delayed timing schedule. 
Enorrste:  This confirms for me, in spades, that we will see the withdrawal of the 25000 notes during the next month or so, followed by a gradual reduction in the money supply total itself (value, as well as number of notes in circulation), thus setting up the scenario required to release the dinar to a free float.

   I would not even be surprised to see a 100000 note come out within the next 45 days.   All in all this is turning out to be a very good week.  Enorrste
More Comments On ARTICLE:  Experts called on the government to take the advice of the Federal Reserve and are demanding monitors currency auction

Enorrste:   There are a few interesting points that I read in this article that I would like to emphasize.

  (Article in full posted below comments)

Enorrste:   The first point is that the intervention of the US into Iraqi affairs is, first and foremost, given to stop dollars from going to Iran and/or Isis from Iraq.  This is why they are recommending the discontinuance of the auctions.
Enorrste:   The second point is that it is clear from this article that the CBI has failed to move forward, in spite of its saying that it wants to move forward, largely out of fear of failure.  The article specifically states that they are afraid to unpeg the dinar out of fear that it will fall in value rather than rise in value.
Enorrste:   The third point is that the CBI is also afraid to release the dinar because it fears that their reserves will disappear overnight.  This is an unfounded fear, incidentally, because a freely floating currency will have no impact directly on reserves UNLESS the CBI intervenes, which would NOT occur if the currency floated FREELY.

Enorrste:   The fourth point is that the US is backing the play of the IMF in calling for both the cancellation of the auctions and a release of the dinar to a free float. 

Enorrste:  This is powerful indeed, because the backing of the US Fed is significant backing.  We may safely conclude that the US Fed has been working with the IMF directly to get this ball moving, finally.
Enorrste:   All in all this has been a great day for dinar news!
ARTICLE: Experts called on the government to take the advice of the Federal Reserve and are demanding monitors currency auction
BAGHDAD / Ibrahim Ibrahim
He called on the Iraqi government economists to take the advice of the US Federal Bank to curb the smuggling of currency operations and control the flow of money, demanding to find alternatives to currency auction without affecting the stability of domestic prices to the market.
The economist said Maytham coffee in an interview (range), that “the US Federal Bank’s position on the Central Bank, is the practice of two main functions, the first is the support and assistance and to express an opinion and advice, the second is an observation in terms of financial and drag-and-flow processes to the government, and also control and money coming into Iraq Fund as a result of the sale of oil.
“He added that” the Fed is watching the money that could be smuggling operations occur in the Iraqi Central Bank usually offers advice to the Iraqi side the need to address the exchange rate towards liberalization and subjected to the forces of supply and demand than in the keep under the control of the Bank and the currency determined by the auction.

” He said that “at the same time advised to cash in general and economic stability in order to prevent exposure economy big shocks, as advised to maintain foreign reserves and not depleted.”
He continued, “The currency auction and the proposed suspension by the central bank, the bank could provide on the move, what their impact on the breach of economic stability and the fear of rising dollar exchange rate and the decline of the dinar value, especially with the inability of the economy to generate production and its dependence on imports, and the existence of a group traders and dealers would be conducted by speculation that could lead to a sharp rise in the dollar exchange rate.
“He noted that “The central bank looking for alternative solutions to the auction currency, so as to ensure the achievement of the equation is not easy to include the preservation of foreign reserves and prevent drained quickly, with the continuation of the monetary and economic stability, the equation is far from easy, and that with such a situation in which the economy back on Exchange Rate Powered by the bank over the long years.
“Allowal Street Journal revealed that the Federal Central Bank and the US Treasury cut off the flow of American cash to the Iraqi Central Bank account this summer, because of fears of Iranian money in banks or in the hands of Daash.

To resume transfers only after the approval of Iraqi officials to impose strict controls on the dollar coin distribution. For his part, economist Mustafa Mohamed Habib said in an interview (range), “The way the Central Bank’s work in recent years has raised a lot of questions about the amount of money smuggled out of the country by the daily currency auction.”
He added that “the doubts and the information provided to the bank US Fed, led to the direct warnings to the administration to the central bank on the effectiveness of local laws towards big waste of foreign currency.
“He said the beloved” The Iraqi economy is not in isolation from the world economic movement, and there is a global supervisory institutions for the movement of the dollar in different directions can determine the direction of money and methods various washed.

“He said the” work of the US Federal bank regulatory only and has the ability to advise you of some of the international institutions for the development of internal work, including the Central Bank of Iraq.
“He pointed to” the need to take the government’s advice provided and built upon to rid the work of the Bank of the phenomena of rampant financial corruption inside the local market and a private auction sale of foreign currencies, which drives the local market according to data to be mostly different from the laws and regulations currently in.
“The Central Bank of Iraq denied, earlier reports that indicated to stop pumping money to him from his accounts in the US Federal.
The bank said In a statement, the “long” has received a copy of “the news reported by some newspapers and news sites about the stop pumping money to him by his calculations by the US Federal baseless.”
The bank said that “the US Federal continuously conducting all events of accounts being the only party responsible for the it. “


Post From Chat Room  11-3-15
Wealthwatch Tuesday PM  Chat 11-3-15   Part 2 of 2
chattels: Kurdish parties supported Iraq’s current Prime Minister Abadi to form a Cabinet- after Maliki was forced out of office in December last year, in return for the KRG’s frozen monthly budget. But Kurdistan’s minister of natural resources, who administers oil exports from Kurdish-controlled territories—including from the vast Kirkuk oil field—said Abadi did not deliver his promises in regard to the revenue sharing.
chattels: Kurdish lawmaker, Ashwaq Jaf, said “no mutual trust” exists at the moment between the KRG and Iraqi government, which is why she thinks a third party should be present at the coming meeting.
 “A delegation from either the US or the UN could come to the meeting as the third party so that Kurds are not accused of undermining the agreement,” Jaf told Rudaw. She said one of the reasons Kurds supported Abadi’s Cabinet was US and UN insistence
 “The Iraqi government has clearly violated the agreement, now they (the US and UN) should come with us to the meeting, because we already know Baghdad will not abide,” she added.
Doug_W: sounds like trouble in Paradise
NearTheSea: Sounds like the same ole crap too me, one excuse after the other, will these fools ever get it together?
Donnie: ‹@NearTheSea› NO!!!
Donnie: Like it or not – the RV will come when the Dollar devalues thus the Dinar will increase in value. When the dollar goes down the market rate of other currencies go up. Thus how currency pairs values work.
 disciple7: XE: IQD = 1122.0000
 Doug_W: wouldn’t it be a kick if Irans Rial got a boost B4 Iraqs IQD
kk1: isnt illegal to purchase or trade it in the us?
Doug_W: think    Doug_W: I can tell you I own some
kk1: any good suggestion on where to buy it
Doug_W: Can’t say OOTW said NO dealers
Doug_W: try Ebay
kk1: aaah can we really trust it from ebay you think
Doug_W: that is an individual choice
Doug_W: did U see Irans credit rating ^^^^
max: no what is it?
Doug_W: B+ now
 max: wow thats great
Doug_W: very interesting development IMO
max: 4 sure
Doug_W: ond day soon may I borrow that black light again?
 max: lol   max: lol any time
Doug_W: I have 10 new bills I wanna check  Doug_W: ty
max: igot 5 yesterday
Doug_W: 100’s ?
 max: yes
Doug_W: cool   Doug_W: hold on to them tight  lol
max: i will
Doug_W: time to finish supper Di will B here in a min
chattels: Interior Minister: the agreement with the province on the national card project :: 2015/11/3 23:30 • Interior Minister: the agreement with the province on the national card project [Baghdad-where] Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban announced an agreement with the Kurdistan Regional authorities on the unified national card project.  chattels:…
chattels: Iraqi government launches national card project • July 25, 2015 Iraqi Dinar News
chattels: Corruption / delivery of benefits, security and voting may be improved thereby.
chattels: Estimates to official financial cost of this project, which provides reduced official cards for the Iraqi people one card, will increase from $ 400 million, because it will ensure more than 30 million cards and record, and convert them into digital information using devices and systems up to date. – See more at:…
 chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—Six Peshmerga soldiers and policemen were killed Tuesday evening when ISIS militants and suicide bombers attacked the small Kurdish town of Dubis south of Kirkuk, local police said. Brig. Sarhad Qadir of the Kirkuk police told Rudaw that four militants managed to break into the mayor’s office after the building was attacked by four suicide bombers.
The town police whose compound is adjacent to the mayor’s office responded to the militant attack and engaged them in an intense firefight.  chattels:…
 chattels: 11-3-2015 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article quote: “The recommendations stated on several alternatives to make up for the deficit in the financial budget instead of the new peace, most notably float currency for the high price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar…”
My take is Saleh is telling Abadi to forget about the salary scale and just float the dang currency! I’m for getting off the peg and let it rip good or bad. I really don’t see how it could go down with the Investment Law on the books and the soon to be deposit insurance act. Iraq is about to receive a huge influx of capital for investment. Only one way to go…up.
chattels: 11-3-2015 Newshound Guru Enorrste Article quote: “The recommendations stated on several alternatives to make up for the deficit in the financial budget instead of the new peace, most notably float currency for the high price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar…”
This ties in with the other recent article that stated that the CBI was going to go “on the attack” with respect to getting the dinar value raised. Now this article is saying that Abadi is behind the plan all the way. I won’t be surprised to see the dinar released to a float prior to the end of this year or early in the next.
 TxBrand: Congress Moves to Label Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Group…
TxBrand: wow… that opens a LOT of questions
TxBrand: maybe that’s why all of those families left Houston lol
TxBrand: I wonder if they have a registry lol
MichelleL: ‹@TxBrand› lol
 Donnie: let it float so when the dollar tanks the Dinar will soar!!!!  :)
Donnie: China Lifts Renminbi Fix By Most In A Decade 11/3/2015 0 Comments November 2, 2015 China lifts renminbi fix by most in a decade Lucy Hornby The renminbi is the official currency of the People’s Republic of China, and translates to “people’s money.”
 Its international symbol is CNY (or CNH in Hong Kong; but abbreviated RMB ​China’s currency weakened against the dollar on Monday despite the sharpest rise in the daily renminbi fix in a decade.
The People’s Bank of China bolstered the midpoint of the range within which the currency is permitted to trade by 0.54 per cent — the most the fix has been reinforced since 2005, when the renminbi was unpegged from the US dollar.
kk1: wow, wait didnt Kap say to about .05 cents beginning 2017
TxBrand: Michael Kaperoni ‏@kaperoni · 1h1 hour ago Former Deputy Governor of the CBI and now economic advisor to Prime Minister Abadi -Mohammad Saleh tells the PM to float the dinar.
TxBrand: ‹@kk1› don’t remember
kk1: Kaperoni [With AML and investment laws done would it be reasonable to think that we may be close.] I am sticking with the schedule the CBI stated..50k by end of year, and 50,100, 200 by beginning 2017.
If I am correct, we will see them spend the next 2-6 months reducing the notes count and getting in compliance with the IMF (the IMF even said they are sending a team to help with compliance beginning of 2016) and then around mid 2016 they will unpeg and the dinar will begin to rise creating enough pressure to raise the value to about .05 cents beginning 2017 (which would make the 50,100, 200 appropriate).
TxBrand: would .05 really help them that much ?
kk1: sorry, but i followed him for a while , i have never ever in my investment seen anyone hop back and fourth on statements more then him and his group
kk1: i professional currency expert got on one of his calls and asked both him and Enorrste real questions and they both backpeddaled and couldnt answer then disconnected him, after that i was done
kk1: a professional currency expert
TxBrand: ‹@kk1› ic
kk1: my father retired from a federal reserve bank out of Chicago, so he tought me a little
kk1: and hes good friends with Charles Evans
lonegunman: .5 not on par with the saudi currency which is around .26 , or surrounding countries! sorry IMO 1 to 1 they have been talking about for years
lonegunman: float from an imposed rate ?
TxBrand: ‹@kk1› is your dad still living ? if so what does he think about the dinar ?
lonegunman: we all have an opinion and this is mine !
TxBrand: ‹@lonegunman› what do you think it will float from ?
kk1: ‹@TxBrand› yes he is, he bought some and never talks about it
TxBrand: ic… cool
 MichelleL: whats this about kap being optimistic? throws me for a loop
lonegunman: ‹@TxBrand› IM just a dope !! but bear with me .. for years they have said raise the zero’s and drop the zero’s ! ….. two different meaning’s num, 1 from the currency num 2 from the .00086 to .86
TxBrand: ‹@MichelleL› lol
 MichelleL: I remember kap talking a dime back in 2009
lonegunman: me myself .86 86 cents to 1.37
MichelleL: or was that 2010? who remembers anything
TxBrand: ‹@lonegunman› that’s where I am too… because they explained it to the people once that made it about that
MichelleL: lonegunman – will you go all in there?
MichelleL: lol lonegunman i’ve got my memory, my face and the rest of me fell years ago
lonegunman: ‹@MichelleL› ‹@MichelleL› go all in where ?
MichelleL: at anything near a buck                                                         
lonegunman: at 86 cents ?? ** yes im packen large !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  lol
TxBrand: ‹@lonegunman› she mean cash all of your dinar at around 1.00
MichelleL: you know what? with all that money I can hire a body double for the next wedding lol
 TxBrand: im out and never looking back,,, hope I never hear the word dinar again
lonegunman: ‹@TxBrand› ‹@TxBrand› I second that
MichelleL: now if i could only figure out how to hire someone to diet for me, i’ve got it made
 kk1: 26.00 to 3.86 to .05…..its been hilarious
MichelleL: Tx I’d be temped at a quarter
TxBrand: and I don’t want to read a name I cant pronounce
lonegunman: ‹@kk1› ‹@kk1› ‹@kk1› yes it has
lonegunman: ‹@MichelleL› .25 is good too !!
 MichelleL: yup lgm   
MichelleL: kk1 haven’t seen you around – i’ve been scarce but i’m familiar lol
lonegunman: ‹@MichelleL› ‹@MichelleL› just want to seee it move !!
 kk1: i have the name kk1 since okie
kk1: he was the first chat room and web, just when ali started selling dinar
lonegunman: ‹@kk1› okie OMG !!
TxBrand: at .05 I can buy my house and live happy ever after
lonegunman: ‹@TxBrand› ‹@TxBrand› we can only hope
MichelleL: i’ll do well at .05 on the dong, good enough                                   
MichelleL: ‹@kk1› I never did okie lol
kk1: he was a riot    kk1: ali started dinartrade back then

MichelleL: ‹@kk1› I got phone calls in the middle of the night from his followers to “get packed” for years
MichelleL: I was with ali at the start
kk1: lol
MichelleL: okie’s people – I had to ban the phone numbers from anyone I knew who flew with okie
 kk1: yup   kk1: so many broke off from okies and started thier own
MichelleL: kk okie’s place didn’t start till around 2010 or 2011, he was an “honored guest” in other rooms lol lol
kk1: ‹@MichelleL› no okie’s place stated way way before then
MichelleL: ‹@kk1› I guess I never heard him except as a guest on others’ calls and so forth, guy is nuts, but so are all dinarians – who am I to talk
kk1: oooh yes   kk1: bondlady, setvens, pat pat they all started up
kk1: hammerman, tnt, Koonce, dan, they were all hilarious
BOBBY: We got bank stories on recaps lol lol
TxBrand: ‹@BOBBY› oh good… I like reading them and hoping they are true  lol
BOBBY: TxBrand….. lol …… i love me some tnt bank stories lol
MichelleL: tell me a bank story, I’ll consider it a fairy tale
TxBrand: ‹@BOBBY› what is it under ?
BOBBY: TxBrand……. the bits and pieces header
TxBrand: Pastor John : GA family. Here is a fact that just happen to me at tier one. I asked about the dong and was quote .41 but pending. Just happen. God Bless.   TxBrand: pending lol lol lol
MichelleL: roflmao~ Tx at .41 for the dong, I’m ready to party
BOBBY: MichelleL. …. did you see it on recaps?
MichelleL: wait, what did i do with those dong????
TxBrand: lol
BOBBY: its on under the bits and pieces header…. about the 4th article down