Appaloosa:  First off, there is no WF in the town I live – I had to open an account in the closest bigger city, which is still small town USA in comparison.  About 2 months back, I opened accounts there.  Have become friends with the private banker that helped me.  

He is from New York, a former Chase employee that relocated to my area of Florida last summer.  He knew all about the IQD from his employment with Chase.  He has invested in it himself.  He said since living in Florida and working at WF he has heard nothing about IQD – at least that’s what he said when I met him 2 months ago. 

I went in today to tend to some banking errands and ran into him.   He asked what I’d been hearing.  I told him it was in the works and we were just waiting.  I asked him if he’d heard anything and then I sarcastically said “I know, your gonna tell me WF doesn’t deal with Dinar and never will”…and we both laughed and he said NO….  

 He told me he’d been hoping I’d come in, he had news to tell me.  He said that a day or so ago he received an ALERT email from upper management in WF.  That email directed
them on procedures for customers wanting to exchange (and buy!) the IQD.  I asked would they be able to exchange IQD and he said apparently so.  

Unfortunately, his next appointment arrived and we couldn’t get further into the discussion.
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[mimiover21] Several sources certainly said watch UN today for news. I think this is very significant!!!!

Kansas51]   Henry Schein, Inc. to Ring The NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell

[loechin] Flame If the pressure didn’t work then we should hear something from the UN

[beudful1] loechin But if it did work, then we’re at the bank?    

[sparrow] let’s pray the pressure worked…….cuz my pressure is through the roof……….

[loechin] beudful1 I would say we very well should be

[beudful1] loechin Love it!

[Flame] loechin thank you for all you do Now time for RVVVVVVVVV



mbillions] The Iraq Stock Exchange Upgrades to NASDAQ OMX’s X-Stream Technology Read more:

[whatupnoweh] ★★★★ wow ★★★★ I ain’t saying the customer service in my bank is bad, but when I went in the other day and asked the clerk to check my balance…she leaned over and pushed me.



[xyz] Urgent … Thursdays announced holiday during Ramadan, 23 July 2013 19:13 . The Council of Ministers announced all Thursdays of the holy month of Ramadan as holiday. The Cabinet reported in statement received by AIN ”The Cabinet held its 31st session on Tuesday and decided to announce all the Thursdays in Ramadan holy month as holidays,” noting that ”The Cabinet excluded the Ministry of Electricity and the Ministry of Health of this resolution.”

[xyz] EU debt reaches all-time high of $11.4 trillion . Government debt in the euro zone reached an all-time high of 92.2 percent of GDP in the first financial quarter, despite large-scale efforts by leaders to dig their countries out of recession through austerity measures.



[DrRod] . Good afternoon friends, hope we are seeing the end of this journey. I’m running out of gas and I can’t peddle fast enough to keep up LOL

[nano36] DrRod haha lol, i know what you mean. My chair has an imprint in it and it is wooden roflmao

[sarge] I just received another call from my friend, contact to a whale. He said the whale told him that he (whale) was told he would be going into the WF bank possibly today after they close or in the morning. This is in Reno. Said he had a lot of questions to ask so he could be in there for awhile but my contact will call me when he knows more.

[maranatha] sarge $sign

[sarge] I was also told that this whale is the LAST one to go in…

[maranatha] sarge that means we be next

[nano36] sarge hope all those whales make room for him lol

[sarge] maranatha That’s what I understand… but we all know how this changes hourly



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Posted by EXOGEN on July 23, 2013 at 4:20pm

NYSE visit is discussed tomorrow – fast forward to 5min…..                                                                                             


– The dollar was trading in narrow ranges against most of the other major currencies on Tuesday, while the Canadian dollar was boosted after the release of better-than-expected Canadian retail sales data for May.
During U. S. morning trade, the dollar pushed higher against the yen, with USD/JPY climbing 0. 12% to 99. 77, up from session lows of 99. 15.
The dollar came under pressure earlier in the trading day after data on Monday showing that U. S. existing home sales fell unexpectedly in June dampened expectations that the Federal Reserve will start scaling back its asset purchase program this year.
Last week Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said the bank could start tapering bond buying by the end of the year if the economy continues to improve, but added that there was no “preset course. ”
In Japan, the government upgraded its assessment of the economy for the third consecutive month in July, saying “areas of self-sustaining recovery can be observed. ”
In its monthly economic report, the government also said consumer prices are “leveling off,” indicating that deflation is abating.
The dollar fell to session lows against the euro, with EUR/USD rising 0. 19% to 1. 3212.
Trade remained quiet as volumes in foreign exchange markets were lower due to the summer holidays.
Elsewhere, the dollar was little changed against the pound and the Swiss franc, with GBP/USD inching up 0. 02% to 1. 5371 and USD/CHF dipping 0. 02% to 0. 9362.
The greenback fell to almost five-week lows against the Canadian dollar, with USD/CAD down 0. 41% to 1. 0292 after official data showed that Canadian retail sales comfortably beat expectations in May.
Statistics Canada said retail sales jumped 1. 9% from a month earlier in May, well above expectations for a 0. 4% gain, while core retail sales rose 1. 2%, compared to expectations for a 0. 1% increase.
The greenback was slightly lower against its Australian and New Zealand counterparts, with AUD/USD up 0. 12% to 0. 9259 and NZD/USD easing up 0. 09% to 0. 7977.
The dollar index, which tracks the performance of the greenback versus a basket of six other major currencies, was down 0. 23% to – offers an extensive set of professional tools for the Forex, Commodities, Futures and the Stock Market including real-time data streaming, a comprehensive economic calendar, as well as financial news and technical & fundamental analysis by in-house experts.


Is there achievements being made in Parliament?

Yes, and there seems to be a deadline to achieving these most important laws and that seems to be by the end of Ramadan.

Yesterday parliament had a record turnout of deputies reaching 242, one of the largest turnout’s that I can remember. I believe this can be contributed to their upcoming 2014 Parliamentary Elections for their 325 seats.

Quotes from an article entitled; Iraq at a Crossroads:

Looking ahead to the 2014 Parliamentary Elections:

“Looking ahead to the 2014 parliamentary elections, there is a clear need for a moderate, secular platform that goes beyond ethno-sectarian divides to restore the public’s faith in a non-violent political solution”.

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   “The 2014 parliamentary election could signify a turning point in Iraqi history: it could either lead to real change, providing breathing room for the political process, or it could end in a bloody sectarian civil war and the ultimate division of Iraq”.

Link: Iraq at a Crossroads: Looking ahead to the 2014 Parliamentary Elections

See, it seems that they want to be involved in getting these disputed laws, passed so they have a clear chance of re-election. The other 83 deputies I guess could careless!

Laws passed or amended just yesterday:

    Second Amendment Act of the customs tariff law No. 22 of 2010, as amended

    House of Representatives vote on a draft law amending the law set the money     smuggled

    Parliament lifted its next Wednesday after voting to take Falah Shanshal chief of the Justice and Accountability

    House of Representatives voted on the budget amounting to 528 billion dinars,   leaving the laws that do justice to the poor

    House of Representatives raises its next Wednesday after the voice on the laws and resolutions of 8 and finished first and second readings of bills for 4

        The Council voted to take Falah Hassan Chanchal President of the board of accountability, justice and Bakhtiar Omar Mohiuddin vice president.

All these and more can be found here:  Parliament Articles – 7/22/2013

So for the ones that seem to think Iraq is not getting things done, there you go.

 OK, for what we can expect:

The Amnesty, Oil & Gas Laws and others are said to be ready and they want them passed by the end of the Holy Days of Ramadan as well.

Amnesty: Discuss the issue of the vote on the amnesty law and expedite passed in the House of Representatives during the holy month of Ramadan    LINK

Oil & Gas Law, Federal Court Law and others: Parliament: the completion of the drafting of a number of  controversial laws

Quote: completed the drafting of all the laws that have seen the differences between the various parliamentary blocs, especially the laws «Federal Court and the oil and gas and financial resources of the state as well as the law of parties   That’s it for now,  Stryker




7-23-2013 Intel Guru TD Well after a few days of silence I heard from my contact today . And it’s AWESOME NEWS!! A few days ago I reported that Ramadan is a wash and that still appears to be the case. The awesome news is that TURKI has announced to the PTB of his intention to start the train from the station. I have not been given a date but have been told it’s not that far off.

[BondLady] Expectations the dollar collapse in Iraq

07/23/2013 ty elizabeth

On 2013-07-23 | Writer Eman Kassem | Hits 42 | Alalam

Expect a number of financial experts and economy with the collapse of the dollar is not at the global level because he is still master of the currencies in most countries but at the level of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar, we hope to return Iraqi dinar exchange rate versus $ 3.3 but this dream was difficult and elusive, impossible to achieve under global variables but achievable to get to equal one dollar rate for the dinar.

There are expectations for the possible return of Iraqi dinar force hope to achieve this dream and how we interpret the exchange rate so alarming in the country of its wealth, these expectations were built on expert perceptions of the Iraq exit and a summary of the provisions of Chapter VII are doomed to achieve reform and economic stability and to achieve all of the goals, in particular the return of the Iraqi dinar to the real strength of this vision and perceptions should be accompanied by better performance and selfless and efficient departments.

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  The stability of exchange rates is one of the most important means to achieve economic stability, the Central Bank and the banks responsibility for achieving the goal of price stability and the return of the real value of the Iraqi dinar to the dollar collapses reality in front of our national currency.  LINK

BondLady] The stability of exchange rates is one of the most important means to achieve economic stability, the Central Bank and the banks responsibility for achieving the goal of price stability and the return of the real value of the Iraqi dinar to the dollar collapses reality in front of our national currency.

[BondLady] anyone get this ?

[lightingcslt] yep,  BondLady it will gradually go to 3.3 in three years

[BondLady] read the last paragraph,  forget the 3.3   Read the last paragraph and the return of the real value of the Iraqi dinar to the dollar collapses reality in front of our national currency.

[lightingcslt] to make the dollar collapse

[BondLady] and the return of the real value of the Iraqi dinar to the dollar collapses reality in front of our national currency.

[BondLady] to the dollar

[lightingcslt] yes

[BondLady] collapses ! collapses !

[lightingcslt] in other words good bye dollar

[BondLady] in other words, they come out with the new rate and watch the dollar collapse around them as they all use the dinar the dollar dies literally in Iraq. De-dollarization happens !

– U. S. crude oil prices fell on Tuesday as investors avoided the commodity before the release of Wednesday’s official U. S. supply data, as concerns that demand may be softer than once hoped dampened prices in quiet trading.
On the New York Mercantile Exchange, light sweet crude futures for delivery in September traded down 0. 09% at USD106. 84 a barrel on Tuesday, off from a session high of USD107. 19 and up from an earlier session low of USD105. 47.
Recent oil inventory reports have shown that demand has been on the rise in the U. S. in the past few months, though concerns that such growth won’t sustain itself reflected in Tuesday’s modest selloff, especially in wake of the release of softer-than-expected housing data.
The National Association of Realtors reported earlier that existing home sales fell 1. 2% to 5. 08 million units in June, missing market calls for sales to rise 0. 6% to 5. 25 million units in June.
Sales for May were revised down to 5. 14 million from a previously reported 5. 18 million.
While the numbers painted a picture of a housing sector still in recovery, the figures were soft enough to stoke concerns that headwinds still face U. S. economic growth and may crimp demand for fuels and energy going forward.
Crude supplies in the U. S. are down 27. 1 million barrels in three weeks ended July 12, the most in weekly statistics dating back to 1982.
Elsewhere, uncertainty as to when the Federal Reserve will taper stimulus measures kept prices lower as well, as such accommodative monetary programs like asset purchases and portfolio reshufflings tend to weaken the dollar and make oil an attractively priced asset on exchanges denominated in the U. S. currency.
On the ICE Futures Exchange, Brent oil futures for September delivery were up 0. 31% at USD108. 49 a barrel, up USD1. 65 from its U. S. – offers an extensive set of professional tools for the Forex, Commodities, Futures and the Stock Market including real-time data streaming, a comprehensive economic calendar, as well as financial news and technical & fundamental analysis by in-house experts.

7-23-2013 Doc:   Members of the Finance Committee was recently interviewed concerning currency reform. There were several very telling quotes which pretty well disprove much of the “RV is at any moment” rumors… Tamimi was quoted as “Development is the gateway to strengthening the currency. Thus, raising the value of the dinar is more important than the deletion of zeros”. From this it is quite evident that 1) the currency will strengthen (raise in valve) only as the economic environment improves, and 2) raising the value and deleting the zeros are not the same event. Saleh continues this thought by saying “The deletion of three zeros from the currency means deleting three grades from the calculation records of the Republic of Iraq. The decision to implement the deletion of zeros next year is very dangerous and risky. This issue must be done at the appropriate time.”

He added, “We need to reform the currency management and accounting systems in the country in general. This can only be initiated in a new fiscal year”. What we gather from this is the probably of a float is much greater than a straight RV. This suggests Iraq will allow the rate to appreciate as the economy improves and then at the opportune time introduce the new currency with 3 less zeros. …it is quite clear that this is the current plan.

We also learn from the article that Iraq is not ready to even float the currency. Saleh was very clear to this point by pointing out the currency management and accounting systems still need reforming. This is exactly what we have been reporting when we refer to the infrastructure is not completely in place. Hence we now focus on passage of HCL, tariff laws, banking laws, etc. This pretty well negates the “RV at any moment” and “$3+ rate” rumors… While we wish Iraq would speed things up it does appear they are focused on doing this right with the long term view (3-5 year) of a stable, highly valuable global currency. We report, you decide.




7. 23. 13

Expected number of experts, finance and economy collapse of the dollar is not at the global level because he is still master of the currencies in most countries of the world but at the level of the exchange rate in Iraqi dinars, we hope for the return of Iraqi dinar exchange rate against 3. 3 dollars as it was, but this dream difficult to achieve and fetched it is can be achieved in the light of the global variables but can be achieved to get equal to the price of any one dollar against the dinar .
There are expectations for the possibility of the return of the power of the Iraqi dinar offer hope to achieve this dream, but what can we explain the exchange rate so in the country of its wealth earth-shattering, these expectations were built on perceptions of experts that Iraq would emerge and salvation from the provisions of Chapter VII but ستؤول to achieve reform and economic stability and to achieve the goals, all in forefront of the return of Iraqi dinar to the real strength of this vision and perceptions must be accompanied by better performance of denial and efficient administrations .
It is said that the stability of exchange rates one of the most important means of achieving economic stability, the central bank and banks the responsibility for achieving the goal of price stability and the return of the real value of the Iraqi dinar to the dollar collapses fact in front of our national currency.
alestiqama. com

7. 23. 13

The central bank faced some problems at the beginning of 2012 represented an increase demand for the dollar as a result of the withdrawal of U. S. forces and increasing regional demand, especially by Syria and Iran. Has such a sense of economic shock led to a large increase in demand for the dollar and thus rising amount of foreign currency auction. The phenomenon of external shocks is not strange in developing countries, it is a fundamental property of their properties because of the openness of their economies to the outside. The face of these shocks take a long time which fluctuates affected by the exchange rate and other economic variables.
That these shocks are focused on the demand for the dollar, and is no stranger to the resort witnessed by the countries to some restrictions aimed at demand management. And successes vary as a result of these measures. This means that the fluctuation in the exchange rate in 2012 was mainly due to external shocks and not because of internal policy. Restrictive methods were not effective, but effective treatment which resulted in great success was through the lifting of all restrictions and exchange rate liberalization and meet the demand for foreign currency as is fully described in the statement No. 19 in 1/10/2012 where the “Bank has committed to maintain the value of Iraqi dinar and stability as part of its policy for the protection and growth of the Iraqi economy, and in this context ensures that the Iraqi Central Bank to meet the demand for foreign currency in full, including not intersect with the law of money laundering and money crime and terrorism No. 93 for the year 2004, instructions and regulations issued in this regard. “
If the crisis the central bank in the previous period is a result of an external shock violent the oscillation, which happened in the time of the current administration was the result of its policies, and treatment that we have seen recently was not the result of the policy of this administration cash, but as a result of initiatives banks represented by the reduction in the exchange rate offered by the dealers end by reducing profits. I’ve been to restrict the supply of foreign currency starting (in the tenth month of 2012). This continued restraint so as not to desire the new administration to meet demand fully believing that thus avoiding wastage of public money, and was not this administration is aware that the main objective of the central bank, according to its law is to stabilize the exchange rate, so it is very essential that you are interviewed every demand except So which involves banking and administrative irregularities or so large that involves money laundering operations and the financing of terrorism.
So price has continued to rise and became up to 1280 dinars to the dollar at the end of the fifth month of 2013. We do not know how to be in front of a waste of public money and we we meet a demand for the dollar and take currency Iraqi suit and the resulting stability of the exchange rate. the current administration is now selling amounts beyond what was sold by the previous administration in duration recent why there was waste in the past – as has been said – and not There are wasting now!?
The new administration has adopted a cure is not consistent with the principles of monetary policy. This treatment represents that the banks cut the price of the dollar, which means that the procedure was the same on the exchange rate and not on the exchange rate fundamentals (of supply and demand of foreign currency). The target price directly price may ignore the basics and therefore it is merely a holding administratively by. But relying on the basics of price means the use of reserves to meet the demand, which will lead to a reduction in the price of the dollar, and this is a market issue and not an administrative issue, and if the reserve falls as a key parameter for the basics of price, baptize to increase the price of the dollar. So it was on the monetary authority to lower the exchange rate of the dollar by pumping the money supply through the reserve and not by the banking sector downwardly directly. In other words, that the treatment must be within the monetary policy mainly.
The treatment through the reserve will be more stable and enduring. Change the price or reduced in this case must be due to the effect of monetary policy, especially the money supply and exchange rate policy. It should not be this reduction due to reduced profits of the banks it is not characterized by stability and permanence of the hand, as it is not within the means of monetary policy on the other. This has resulted in style (by banks) low exchange rate of 1280 dinars to 1225 dinars, the price is still high.
On the other hand, the monetary treatment by banks will impose some restrictions on the central bank, will increase the bargaining power when private banks when asked the central bank to apply some developmental measures, such as increasing the capital of banks or ask them to activate brokerage to regulate the banking reality.
Finally, the exchange rate policy is the policy of total while the area in which they operate is a partial area banks. Determine the exchange rate and the basic function of the functions of the central bank, which is certainly not the of missions banks, especially since the central bank has large reserves which can meet all the demand levels. It is possible to get to the same result, any reduction of the dollar, through the reserve and thus be in front of a monetary policy to maintain the stability of the exchange rate, led by the central bank.
That trading with the banks on the issue of the exchange rate is needed, but that this trade must go out to the governmental and parliamentary bodies and the private sector as well, and can be trading covers other elements of monetary policy.
* Central Bank Governor article
iraqieconomists. net