Expert: Most government decisions ‘improvisational’ and is supportive of the Iraqi economy
Said economic expert, Abdul-Hassan al-Shammari, the importance of governmental plans clear economic vision to support and activate the vital sectors in the country, especially the manufacturing sector.
Al-Shammari said in a statement quoted by the Agency (news): that the decline in the growth of the Iraqi economy is due to government decisions is supportive of the economy, as it launches in and dependent on special interests and not based on correct bases and the vision of a clear economic.
He added: growth of the Iraqi economy requires the development of economic plans with a futuristic vision employs built on the basis of government decisions by selecting the problems encountered in the sectors of agriculture, industry and develop solutions necessary in order to revive the Iraqi economy and raising its standards.
The Iraqi economy is a result of the cash economy dependence on oil revenues and stop the productive sectors because of the exceptional circumstances that have gripped the country since the nineties of the last century to now which prompted economists and specialists claim to diversify state revenues to avert a potential economic

With tens of millions of potential customers who have only a few of them bank accounts, it has become Iraq represents an ambitious target of banking institutions, especially that the Iraqis are now looking to banking services is greater than those available to them.
However, the long-standing laws, and the majority of banks controlled by the government, and weak infrastructure for this sector, in addition to a huge number of other obstacles, political Kaerak ongoing and deteriorating security situation, make the banking activity in the country is not guaranteed results.
He says a Western diplomat told AFP «It is very likely that Iraq is a rich market for banking. He returned to talk about the Iraqi market during the past few weeks, after starting the major banks, including Citibank »and» Stnadrd Chartered, moving in an attempt to consolidate its presence in Iraq.
Giant rises
Says owner مايانك, bank manager Citi Bank in Jordan, Iraq, AFP, «we look to Iraq as the next biggest target», adding that «we see in Iraq, preparing for the advancement of giant». The «consider ourselves among the top candidates, and we want to have the priority. The bank will Citi Bank initially to serve existing customers, who are working within the energy companies, which operate in the oil-rich fields. But in the long term, the multinational bank will seek to go to commercial banking and service sectors, although no timetable has not put in place until now. He holds Citi Bank have high hopes for Iraq, which the bank economists predict that Iraq has a population of 50 million people, the economy, worth about $ 2 trillion by 2050.
The latter figure represents 15 times the current capacity of the economy, and roughly equivalent to the size of India’s economy. With the development of the sector, to become full banking services are required, since the Iraqis are currently limited opportunities in obtaining loans, insurance, credit cards, mortgages and other services.
The owner shows optimism about the potential of the banking sector in Iraq, waving fundamental obstacles to the development of this sector. At a time in which it decided Citi Bank to open an office in Iraq last month, the Bank «HSBC announced later that it was withdrawing from the Bank ‘Dar es Salaam’ local, who owns 70 percent of its shares.
A spokesman for «HSBC» that «at this stage we can not provide more details about the process of change and timing. But diplomats and analysts pointed to a number of difficulties, including a lack of modern systems to give Iraqis confidence in the banking process. Even Iraqis, who have bank accounts, they are not able to use the ATM or online bank services or even the ability to access their accounts from different branches of the same bank. And some credit cards issued, but there are no places accept to deal with it.
Advanced technology required
A Western diplomat says that «the conditions are not well suited to engage in individual banking. Often local businesses complain that banks are unwilling to lend, or it demanding assurances expensive and unacceptable. And the withdrawal of the World Bank estimates, the Iraqi bank credit amounted to less than ten percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2010. For comparison, that figure was about 55 percent in the rest of the Middle East. Thamer Ghadban says chief advisers of the Iraqi Prime Minister «should avoid accumulation of cash within the government banks, but the use of funds for lending to be part of the system of the private sector. He adds huffy required «better technology, as well as reductions in processing times, leaves and staffing levels.
There is also a need to change the attitude toward customers. He explained that «the bank’s employees do not provide them the service, but the situation on the contrary, ‘he said, adding’ they must attract customers, not push them to go out.
Even Iraqis who have bank accounts, they are not able to use the ATM or online bank services or even the ability to access their accounts from different branches of the same bank. And some credit cards issued, but there are no places accept to deal with

Announced that the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on Thursday, August 8 and Sunday, 11 of the same month, an official holiday occasion of Eid Alaftralambark of, as well as on Friday and Saturday approvers 9 and 10 August.
The secretariat said in a statement received «citizen» copy of it on Monday «that« the Department of Intergovernmental Follow-up and Coordination in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers mentioned a book the holiday circulated to ministries and to departments not Almterbth Ministry and to all provinces.
The Cabinet decided to disable the official working in Baghdad and the provinces day Thursday of each week during the month of Ramadan due to high

01/08/2013 | 11:15 PM | Gulf News
By Mohammad Al-Ghazi
BAGHDAD, Aug 1 (KUNA) — After 23 years of Saddam Hussein’s occupation of Kuwait on August 2, 1990, the subsequent Kuwait liberation war and years of post-war tension, relations between the two Arab neighbors are witnessing remarkable improvement.
For the first time since the occupation and after settling almost all outstanding issues, the Iraqis observe the 23rd anniversary of the disastrous war without the sanctions as per the UN Security Council resolutions based on Chapter VII of the UN Charter.
“The anniversary falls this year after the two countries have closed a lot of outstanding files due to their governments’ determination to restore good neighborly relations that were gravely damaged by the actions of Saddam Hussein’s regime,” Spokesman of the Iraqi Prime Minister Ali Al-Moussawi told KUNA on the occasion.
Al-Moussawi cited His Highness the Prime Minister of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah’s recent visit to Iraq and the cooperation agreements signed during the visit as example of the remarkable progress the relations.
“The Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations are excellent and a clear example of the ability of countries to overcome disputes if genuine will existed on both sides,” he said.
Kuwait and Iraq signed June 12, six agreements and memorandums of understanding following official talks between HH Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber and his Iraqi counterpart Nouri Al-Maliki.
The agreements cover a wide array of domains, including education, scientific research, aviation, economy, culture, transport and environment.
For his part, Iraqi Vice-President Khodair Al-Khuzai echoed a similar view.
“Relations between the two countries are developing and bilateral cooperation are expanding to cover all domains,” he told KUNA.
Al-Khuzai admitted that the tension was running high between the two Arab nations during the era of Saddam Hussein.
“But since the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003, the new Iraqi regime sought better relations Kuwait and had taken several steps towards confidence-building. ” “However, the most remarkable development of relations took place this year, when Kuwaiti government played an important role in ending Iraq Chapter VII status. ” On June 27, The UN Security Council on voted unanimously to get Iraq partially out of Chapter VII of the UN Charter, transfer the files of the missing Kuwaitis and property under the responsibility of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), and put an end to the 1999 post of the High-Level Coordinator for those files.
The Council transferred those two humanitarian issues, under Chapter VI, to UNAMI’s attention, taking into consideration the Kuwaiti conditions aimed at having the files constantly under Council review.
Meanwhile, Basra Provincial Council Member Ahmed Al-Sulaiti expressed hopes “Iraq and Kuwait would manage to reach final settlement to all pending issues” He also applauded the positive stances of both governments which show the reality of the new relationship between the two countries. MP and a member of Iraqi parliament’s Security and Defense Committee Hakim Al-Zamili told KUNA that “Iraq’s removal from Chapter VII is a good step towards complete restoration of its status and role in the region. ” He went on to say that “Iraq only needs to pay the remaining part of the agreed upon compensations to Kuwait to close this chapter of its history and resolve the problems caused by the wrong policies of Saddam Hussein. ” He described the Iraq’s relations with Kuwait as historical and deep-rooted.
Zamili underlined the importance of dialogue and negotiations between the two neighbors to iron out differences.
Ali Al-Shallah, senior leader of the ruling State of Law Coalition, told KUNA that “after Iraq’s exist from Chapter VII, relations with Kuwait had come back on the right track. ” “The Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations are now better than before particularly after the recent reciprocal visits of the top officials for both

8-1-13 SteveO:    Here is what I know right now. We are still in a good place. Things of this size do not go off as smooth as transferring money from your savings account to your checking. There are a lot of people and countries involved here. There is no need for anyone to be down because it didn’t happen today. We are closer than ever. You would not believe how hard they are trying to force this to happen. I like surprises more than I like knowing things sometimes. This would be an awesome surprise…


[puppylove] “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS. THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN THAT ARE OUR HEROS BOTH PAST AND PRESENT

[Readynow] shatterstar do you believe this whole thing is going to have to be re-set?

[shatterstar] Readynow I wish I had an answer… but I have two distinct theories..

[shatterstar] Readynow Theory A… IMF/BIS/UN allow Iraq to proceed first. Give them 36-72 hrs to get the process started… Before worldwide implementation. Any delays on their part will directly consequential to them… If the process has not been started or delayed then we move internationally

[shatterstar] Readynow Theory B. The iMF/BIS/UN give iraq the chance to proceed. Any percieved delay of RV the currency and the IMF takes the ball and runs with it.

[lightman1] shatterstar your thoughts for today?
Read More Link on Right

[shatterstar] lightman1 blessedinohio I think…IMO… It will happen over the weekend..

[misskitty05] Interesting that all embassies in the Muslim world will close on Sunday

[slh1812] misskitty05 I did my best to dig into this one, but mum is the word all the way around for the WHY of this closure

[redhorse] does anyone think the embassy closings tomorrow are of any relevance?

[jetdemon] Redhorse I am hoping it’s a smokescreen for a giant global currency reset! Lol



[BigSC] Here is my take on this. We were told yesterday that our govt was trying to push this thru. Or the UN was trying to push this thru. Why would they try. They have the ability to do this from what we have been told. If they wanted this to happen last night it would have. I wish I knew what the reason is for this not happening yet. Based on the intel, we should have cashed out long ago. Why is the intel always so far off or wrong? If we have the powerful govt that we are suppose to have, why can’t they do this and be done with it?

belison] Good Morning TNT family: “Discouragement and Failure are two of the surest stepping stones to Success.” Dale Carnegie. I hope and pray all of you have a great day and are ready for a new and exciting future. Blessings…..

 [flame] FACE BOOK Q CARDS Comments!/

Today am 8/2 **** #1 Peace to you Like • • 6 hours ago **** Answer International smart card (Qi) global smart card you peace .. dear. Ki Card welcomes you .. HLike • Reply • 1 • 6 hours ago #2 Al Wolf peace you Alajuah the cadre *** Answer International Co. for the smart card Honorable percentage of retirement when the distribution of salaries .. Is Tojdaidyh for women See Translation Like • Reply • 1 • 26 minutes ago #3 have only Amiri Peace, mercy and blessings of God \ \ Ramadan cream \ \ I am a retired political prisoners \ \ Are there differences predecessor exchange of prisoners in this month August 2013 Like • ***•Answer : International smart card (Qi) global smart card Dear .. Key Card welcomes you … HN Like • Reply • 5 hours ago #4 Abuabdallah Abedi Possible Christmas bonus date womenLike • • Share • Get Facely • 2 hours ago ***Answer : International smart card (Qi) global smart card

 [blessedinohio] flame And that means what???

[flame] FB: SUmmary looks like more groups of people have been proceesed some groups still not and their EDIC – Christmas bonous has not been released

lame] normanross Thier Xmass bonus does not look like it was processed but more of the other groups have been processed

[EDDIEMONEY] Possible al Qaeda threat closes all US embassies Sunday across Middle East

 [EDDIEMONEY] The embassies and consulates due to close Sunday include: Algiers, Algeria, Sana’a, Yemen; Tel Aviv, Israel; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Ankara, Turkey; Muscat, Oman; Doha, Qatar; Cairo, Egypt; Kabul, Afghanistan; Baghdad, Iraq; Amman, Jordan; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Manama, Bahrain; Tripoli, Libya; Nouakchott, Mauritania; and Doha, Qatar

VitaBella] What I don’t understand why they closing??? They usually will put them on High (RED) Alert…Why this Sunday only!!! They can do it (attack) when they open back up…doesn’t make sense to me.



Topic: Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill

[turkeyhtr] i sure as h–l would not advertise the fact that my embassy was closing on sunday due to threats! stupid govt actions!

 [dkg] turkeyhtr agree

 [Miner1] Sunday is President Barack Obama’s 52nd birthday, and it’s also the day Iran inaugurates Hassan Rowhani as its new president

 [jetdemon] Miner1 With all do respect, I don’t think that’s it.

 [jetdemon] Miner1 but you never know

[Miner1] jetdemon I tend to agree but one never knows if there might be a connection

[jetdemon] I guess I am just hoping that the closings are a smokescreen for a giant global currency reset! Lol


Late Thursday Night


[hub] hello from texas….ready for something that surprised me, but yall might know this

[the shadow] ,,hub fill us in

[hub], ok here we go,,now yall may know this but i didnt till this afternoon

[hub] this after noon got a call from my co worker that i got involved with the dinar..he was at his WF doing normal business and on the counter was brochures stating WF is involved with foreign currency exchanging…he asked the teller if she knew anything about this and she told him yes,,that WF would be exchanging currency and could she help him…he said he had some dinar to change and she told him she would help him when he was ready…..

hub] i found out this brochure has been out for about a week,,,,i did not know this……..

hub] the fliers are out on the counters,,so they must intend for people to read them,,i would think



[foxy56] This is a once never happened in the history of the world event. Folks must really understand this and that there is no instruction book that says what comes next. It is moving target and unfortunately we must wait for it to finish. There are no second chances. Folks should continue to live as if it were never going to happen and not just stop and wait for this to happen. I to struggle daily with family and work issues, but I still live like it was not coming until the day it does, then life as I know it now will cease to exist. I will give thanks to My Lord first and foremost and then begin to bless my family, friends, and community.

[sunny] Have ya’ll listened to the You Tube video explaining the Global Settlements? Okie is on it.I don’t know the date

[sunny] Old You Tube video with Okie and Global Settlements info: embedded


Bear5642: I know who my contacts are and have met most of them personally including 1 from inside Iraq. The environment in Iraq is NOT what most are saying, it is normal for Iraq and the People are not rioting as we speak.

I for one do not trust the media…we even have a translator to view articles and documents. I cannot explain why suddenly the Iraq contacts have gone silent and anything else would be speculation. I am convinced that Iraq is positioned to revalue the IQD.

The bottom line is that the CENTRAL Bank of Iraq has the final say so on the RV period… this is going to happen. NO one KNOWS WHEN.

Bluedog:  Cards Loading tonite to some Iraqis in a article is huge…the global smart card to card to pay bonuses of 100 thousand dinars for the beneficiaries of the Social Welfare Department…

source in the company told all of Iraq today that“the amount will be distributed to 345,983 beneficiaries…as of tonight.

US Forces have been there moving LD’s to Banks and outside Iraq for surrounding Countries…all seem to be in place…US Troops 30,000 plus are also there to guard if needed but they have been training Iraqi Troops for these days of RV…so I believe we’re in the Hottest spot right now.

8-01-13 Eagle1:   I have received countless emails, text messages and phone calls today regarding some story making the rounds about us only having 30 days in which to exchange our IQD.

The quick answer to this rumor is, NO! Whoever is circulating this story has some bad information.

Let me state this as emphatically as possible so that there is no misunderstanding. To place that kind of time limit on exchanging our IQD/IQN for USD, or any other currency, under normal circumstances would be a general violation of international banking rules and regulations.

The exception to the rule comes when a specific currency is sanctioned, such as when the old Saddam notes were taken out of circulation. Mexico did something similar when they removed a dictator many years ago and took all of the notes out of circulation that bore his picture.

I don’t remember the specific time frame when the old Saddam notes were pulled out of circulation (and it may have been something like 30 or 60 days, or even 90 days), but that currency was specifically sanctioned by the US, by the UN, and by the IMF and forbidden to be used in international trade.

Once De La Rue had printed up the new currency we now have in circulation and George Bush signed executive order #13303 permitting us the freedom to purchase and hold that currency toward the day when it would be restored to normal status, the stigma of the Saddam era was removed.

Frank has frequently talked about, and we have discussed, the introduction of the lower denominated notes as well as the coins. Those are not “NEW” currency in the legal sense of the word. They are additional denominations of the IQD — the same IQD that has been in circulation as the “NEW” currency for a decade.

That’s different from having a truly new and different currency, and despite some of the poorly translated articles out of Iraq, the CBI is NOT introducing new currency.

They are adding additional lower denominated notes to their already existing currency.

That said, we’ve all heard about the effort by the CBI to gather in the three-zero notes as much as possible and exchange them for lower denominated notes.

Again, that’s totally different from requiring people to do their exchanges from the IQD to the USD (or whatever other currency) within some narrow time frame such as the 30-days proposed in the erroneous post that has been floating around today.

Let me give you another comparison. I have friends who still have thousand-dollar bills that they hang onto. The UST and the Fed stopped printing those a long time ago (to the best of my knowledge). Nevertheless, they are still good and people who take them to the bank today can still exchange them for other lower-denominated notes.

I’ve even got one friend who says (although I haven’t seen it) that he has a $10,000 note. It is still good even though those notes haven’t been in general circulation for many years.

You get the picture, I’m sure.

We hear that Kuwait is getting ready to introduce a totally new currency which includes similar security features to the IQD. As far as I know, though, it is still the same KWD that’s in circulation today with the same relative value.

For security reasons, I’m sure that Kuwait will want to draw in as much of the old currency as possible in as short a time as possible, but I’ve heard nothing that indicates that they will not honor the currency now in use, even if folks hang onto it for some prolonged length of time.

Again, to restate what I’ve already said, there is no new currency being issued by Iraq — just additional lower-denominated notes in the same currency.

Barring some enormous regime change that would bring a dictator like Saddam back into power in Iraq in such a way as to reimpose sanctions on the country, the IQD/IQN with which we are familiar will be Iraq’s currency for international trade for years to come.

There are no requirements pending that would demand that we do our exchanges within a 30-day, 60-day or 90-day period — or even a two-year period.


[generals64] mcmc408 :…I am going to type a short statement…(Not the announcement) but if you would, I would greatly appreciate you gettting it sent to Recaps.

 [generals64] Well, here we go again, the sun is up and the moon went down…Roscoe is snoring like a freight train and I am answering the phone. Another day in Dinarland for Generals64.

generals64] However, I want to make sure the dinar world understands something. I have been a boss for 56 years and I have always been a grump. I have tried in this endeavor to make sure the people knew what was going on and not to lead false hope.

I have made a bunch mad and a whole bunch glad. I too have taken it on the chin and in the seat of the pants but, this close to getting this finished we need to stop and realize the people that have tried to help have done what they thought was the best for their group of people.
Read More Link on Right

generals64] Though it is a bitter pill to swallow I want everyone to know that even I think Debtarheel has attempted to help those she is involved with.

Give her a break friends. She is doing things that YOU won’t try to do. You can’t even begin to imagine how tough the info world is in this adventure

generals64] We are trying (all of us) to do our best for YOU GUYS and Gals…….When the banks began to finally talk openly we’ve realized that it is to the best advantage to have a complete list of email names…..and she is helping get all the names together…..

Now, folks… mad at me I know how “grumpy” I can be….I know how abrupt I come across and I offer my apologies. However, this isn’t about me or Deb or Okie or any one person……Its about the entire group.

[generals64] It’ time for all of us to pull together and get it done. I get information about this ALL day and Night

[generals64] I’m sure Deb and the others do also……However, you can’t “Unring a Rung Bell”……When someone you trusted (and we all have those kinds of info people) tells you something and you post it you get the Crap knocked out of you.

I am probably the worst one in the whole thing about calling people out. But, in Reality I personally think Debtarheel is trying her dead level best to help ALL of YOU GUYS……

[generals64] Now, we should be really close to having this thing done…..All the Real information people know that….The speculators are in a panic…..DO NOT GIVE your dinar or any money to anyone. If you do shame on you…..You don’t have the right to complain about that if you do….However, if someone is busting their backside to try then give them a chance or leave them alone.

[generals64] So….here is the Finale’ to this rambling post and thanks to recaps if they will post it….

[generals64] 1. Once the revalue happens and we are accepted by the banks (Notice plural). the following will happen:. you (if you are on a list) will receive an email with a 1-800-number.

[generals64] #2. You will call them and make an appointment.

[generals64] #3. If you are not on a list then how will the bank know who you are or where you are….and for the other “FOols” out there…yes the group leverage does and will work.

[generals64] #4. When you get your appointment brush both your teeth and be on time….They will do their job now its time for you to do yours.

[generals64] #5. Don’t bring a bunch of kids…this is a business transaction….You will have time:…………LISTEN>>>>>… make another appointment to talk with a wealth management person.

[generals64] #6. You are then officially out of the dinar triangle……

[generals64] YOU don’t have to pay anything to anyone… need to say THANK YOU to Debtarheel…Okie…Soonerfan….LGTennis….STEVEI….all the people trying to help…..Please though do not call the banks until you get the right number.

generals64] Now, I want to apologize myself so being such a jerk sometimes…..this is very tiring fielding phone calls from every walk of life. Still can’t understand the guy from New Zealand.

Deb….Hang in there girl….we need you….I AM GENERALS64 and Roscoe the wonderdog and I approve this message…….OH yeah…Papabear hang on the ride is about over.

[mcmc408] generals64 anything else to add?

[generals64] mcmc408 :….oh yeah, don”t forget my toaster…

[generals64] hey…sorry to everyone……this is tough….I want the truth out there and I am a believer in being a team player….Bank says please don’t use our names….I don’t

 [generals64] mcmc408 :…No I know its long but Deb is working for all of us and she needs to quit being beat on…and thanks mcmc

[vab] generals64 will they verify IQD on site ( no sending out IQD ) and assure a definite deposit in our accounts AND THANK YOU

 [generals64] vab :…yes….

[hummingbirdrose] generals64 You have always done right by us all. Thank you so much for being in the trenches.

[vab] generals64 super

hummingbirdrose] generals64 only thing different we could see is that the zip code thing wasn’t always there.

[generals64] hummingbirdrose :…they will ask you that…its on the check list.

[generals64] hummingbirdrose :…the call centers will be open 24/7 when this starts

 [vab] generals64 any truth to the 30 day cash exchange and if so is it 30 days or 30 working days

 [generals64] vab :…don’t think that is the truth. but, it will be 30 days straight. They are talking about 24/7. You gotta understand this needs to be done and finished.

 [mcmc408] generals64 i am available to CE 24/7 lol

[hummingbirdrose] generals64 Do you know anything about the tax. Folk I know are concerned.

 [generals64] hummingbirdrose :…that is a VERY hush hush subject……the tax….I don’t know I have heard many scenarios and MY TAX Attorney said wait til that bridge is opened.

[hummingbirdrose] Thanks so much Generals64!!!!

[RindsGuy] Here’s a post by Eagle1 about the whole “30 days to exchange” scenario

 [generals64] RindsGuy :…he’s wrong

 [RindsGuy] generals64 How can they put a time limit on exchanges unless they’re bringing in new currency?

[generals64] RindsGuy :…once again …who said there was a time line?????

[generals64] I didn’t say that….

[RindsGuy] generals64 Eagle1 is saying there is no time limit.

 [generals64] RindsGuy :……is there a time line to cash in the Mexican Peso? think about it……

Now, could there be a time line for a group rate?……..hmmmmmmmm

[RindsGuy] generals64 I know. But, I think this time he’s right with his logic. You can’t put a limit on currency exchanges on a tradeable currency. That would mean the Euros I brought back from Germany last year are worthless now 8)

[generals64] RindsGuy :…I read them all when I get the time…but, I listen to the Bankers….our negotiators…..Personal friends in the Secret SErvice…..a neighbor who flies over there once a week as he hauls freight in a 747……

[generals64] I also have friends in the so-called 3-letter agencies and they are long time friends….

[Sparkles] generals64 Eagle1 agrees there is NO time limit. Said its not true

[Skyler] RindsGuy…are those euros in 25K notes? just sayin…

[generals64] You all have to understand I have a source NO ONE has and its a bit controversial. You see all of the intel people talk about all the junk they hear…(I don’t) so, I give Roscoe a little extra food and he gets in touch with their dogs….He then brings it back to to me and we figure it out. Now, not everyone has that connection…

[generals64] hey…that’s as good a story as some of the others…

[mcmc408] lol

 [Sparkles] generals64 so does your source think It is very soon

[generals64] Sparkles :…why do you think I am on here?????

[mcmc408] generals64 can you add the sign up link? 


The IQD Team Connection with LJ from LJ’s Next Step Team
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Thursday, August 1, 2013 
Replay of Conference Call 
Conference Call Replay – August 1, 2013
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Great Night of News with “THE IQD Team Connection”  with Special Guest, Ned     

Please listen to the replay in its entirety for all the
latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq  

The I.Q.D. Team Connection News Coverage
for August 1, 2013


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Attempts to undermine the regional economy and the Reserve Bank

Currency Class War: Damaged Dinar Notes [**Flashback**]

US Embassies to Close Sunday Amid Terrorist Threat – State Dept. Notified of Plot Against Facility in Muslim Country

GOVERNMENT… Will Be Discussed on Our Call and Will Be Found Available at L.J.’s Next Step Team Skype News Chat Room. Click Here on How to Join LJ’s

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What a great night of news, analysis and discussion – Listen to the call for all the rest of the news shared

Conference Call Replay –  August 1, 2013
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