Source: Central Bank is attacked by the "electronic armies" of banks affected by his policy

An official source at the Central Bank said that the campaign against the bank is behind the electronic armies of banks affected by the monetary and monetary policy followed by the Central Bank.

The source added that "the central bank has followed the policy of high-level to maintain the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar and succeeded in that and there is a misguided campaign aimed at this policy by some of those affected by them."…7%D9%84%D8%AC/

Daraji: 17 billion dinars per month salaries and allocations 47 employees in the office of Abdul Mahdi within the budget of 2019 !!
The former deputy Rahim Darraji said on Wednesday that the expenses of the Prime Minister’s Office approved by the previous government in the budget of 2019 up to 17 billion dinars a month, calling on the new government to reconsider some paragraphs of the budget.

He said Daraji, a member of the Finance Committee "The budget for 2019 is the second largest budget since 2003, but unfortunately it is no different from the previous one because the budget is prepared in a way that fills the following gaps," he said.

"The budget of 2019 is composed of Of 79 fields, including those allocated by the Office of the Prime Minister Which employs 47 employees monthly salaries cost the Iraqi government 3 billion dinars, and the addition of office supplies will be a total of 14 billion and a half billion dinars, and may total up to 17 billion dinars per month.

"We do not know whether this is the office of prime minister or mine Went to deduct this amount. "…5%D8%AE%D8%B5/

Member of parliamentary finance: We will work to include a budget item that obliges the government to install contracts
The committee will work to find solutions to the comments on the draft federal budget law for the next fiscal year, while noting the committee’s intention to put a budget article binding the government to install contracts working in the state departments to the permanent owners.

Hamadoun said in an interview with Alsumaria News, "There are many observations that were raised on the budget next year, where we will work to find solutions, including the issue of grades through the development of a binding article to the government in the budget by installing contracts working in the state departments on the permanent owners to reduce the proportions Unemployment and the granting of this segment full wages,

"noting that" the total budget amount is 132 trillion dinars, up from the previous year 27 trillion dinars, and despite this, it has been devoid of any doors meet the aspirations of the citizen. "

"The Finance Committee in previous years was obliged to pass the budget, including observations as a result of the forestry situation and the war against Daqash, but today Iraq won and the citizen should see the development and construction and development of infrastructure

and reconstruction of liberated areas and development projects and rehabilitation of factories and factories and increase production and development of agriculture and industry ", Pointing out that" the deputies of the liberated provinces will not vote on the budget unless the fairness of their fans.

"The House of Representatives discussed in its session held Tuesday, November 12, 2018 Federal Budget for the fiscal year 2018 in the presence of Finance Minister Fouad Hussein.…1%D8%A7%D8%AC/