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In Iraq, reconstruction remains a daunting obstacle to displaced people returning home.

The government has allocated money and established commissions for people to file for assistance.

But there is little sign of that money being used for reconstruction after years of war that devastated the country.

Al Jazeera’s Natasha Ghoneim reports from Mosul:

The biggest robbery in history .. How lost 500 billion dollars of Iraq’s money?


Equivalent to the sum spent by the Gulf States combined in one year, and building 600 skyscrapers the size and cost of the World Trade Tower WTCin New York City; more than $ 500 billion is the amount of money lost by Iraq from corruption, since the fall of the former regime on April 9, 200 until 2019 , According to statistics and experts in the economy and official data.

For many Iraqis, talk about the extent of government corruption and its "horrendous" figures seems futile.

They absolutely believe that they live in the most corrupt countries in the world. They see it in the media, the street and the institutions, and in the statements and speeches of the officials.

Iraqis were skeptical of these figures and counted them as insufficient to count the successive governments’ misfortunes and wealth to place Iraq in the ranks of the superpowers.

"The financial and administrative corruption in Iraq is not a matter of figures," said former MP and head of the Iraqi Umma Party, Mithal Al-Alusi.

"What Iraq lost is more than a few times what the Integrity Commission and the competent authorities are talking about." He said that "astronomical budgets went into the pockets of the parties by dividing them, It was, how they steal more. "

Al-Alusi asserts that "corruption has left only a door and its methods in all sectors, institutions and files, and left us a huge number of projects and billions of dollars as foreign debts, as well as the destruction of investment and infrastructure and destroy all the potential of the state."

In April 2003, the financial imports of Iraq since the US invasion and the fall of the former regime exceeded $ 1,000 billion, half of which went to the imaginary investment budget, the symbol of "the greatest corruption," according to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission. Iraq has lost,

as the Commission says, more than $ 350 billion through the smuggling of currency and the Central Bank auction, and contracts and projects phantom and slow since 2003 until the moment.

In an earlier statement to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, he said that "corruption has lost the country 450 billion dollars with the presence of local wheat to government employees by 6%, that is 20 minutes of work a day," stressing that "Iraq’s budgets since 2003 to the year of 850 Billion dollar".

Abdul-Mahdi announced at the end of last month the formation of a higher council to "fight corruption", which will open all files and hold those responsible accountable, but that the Council "will not work" according to specialists, such as the Integrity Commission and the offices of the inspectors general, Counterterrorism Agency in the fight against corruption.

Member of the Parliamentary Planning Committee: Intermediate companies are the basis of corruption

"The collapse of most of the projects submitted after a year or less to implement, a serious phenomenon worthy of study and attention, accusing the local intermediary companies as the reason for the collapse of those projects.

Iqbal said in a statement that "the spread of corruption and the dependence of the referral of foreign companies to major local companies not known in the implementation of most of the projects of electricity, municipalities, water and sewer cause a large collapse of these projects after a very short time to implement, despite the allocation of large amounts equivalent to several projects

Implemented by the same companies in neighboring countries, " said a member of the Strategic Planning Committee on" the need to determine the government controls the companies to which the projects are referred to and rely on giant companies and the prevention and implementation of the referral to eliminate cases of corruption that plagued the institutions of countries And its projects can not be tolerated. "…storyid=189487

Al-Nasr denies negotiations on Abadi’s political future

The coalition of victory, on Saturday, the existence of any negotiations on the future of his leader Haider Abadi political or take over any position during the coming period.

The leader of the coalition Ali al-Sunaid, in a press statement received by "Eye of Iraq News", "The media, published a news attributed to me, incorrect, for known political objectives," stressing that "there are no negotiations on the political future of Abadi or receive any position During the coming period. "

Al-Sinaid added that "Abadi is not one of those who cling to positions or authority.

He worked in the previous stage for the unity of the country, the sovereignty of the country, and the return of Iraq to its Arab and regional incubator and international relations. The most important thing is to complete the reform process, Ali al-Daash, then corruption. "

Earlier, local media attributed a news to al-Sanaid, in which he revealed the existence of political negotiations on the political future of Abbadi, pointing out that the coming days will see surprises.

UNAMI official: Guterich wants to visit Baghdad


The head of the UNAMI mission in Iraq, Genin Henness Blachkart, revealed the interest of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterich in pursuing Iraq’s affairs and his desire to visit Baghdad.

"Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim met to discuss the political developments taking place in the Iraqi arena and the international efforts in support of Iraq," a foreign ministry statement said.

The two sides discussed "the cooperation between the parties in the field of clearing mines and explosives from Iraqi territory, reviewing the efforts of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in the fight against corruption, including the formation of the Supreme Council to combat corruption."

The Foreign Minister pointed out that "there is a state of harmony and agreement between Iraqi politicians, and that the government seeks to strengthen Iraq’s relations with the regional environment."

For her part, Balashkarat reviewed the activities of the mission in Iraq since it took office, and its meetings with Iraqi officials and allowed the supreme religious authority Imam al-Sayyid al-Sistani, praising the ability of the people of Mosul to overcome the ordeal they suffered as a result of their occupation of terrorist gangs.…storyid=189131

Customs calls on importers to quickly clear their goods and otherwise consider them smuggled

The Customs Authority on Tuesday urged all importers to expedite the clearance of their goods, indicating that those who delay will be considered smuggling.

"Iraqi and foreign companies and importers must complete the customs transactions of their imported goods through southern ports, land border crossings and air cargo terminals through international airports as soon as possible and adopt the customs clearance companies officially licensed by the Director General in the clearance," the agency said in a statement. Their goods exclusively ".

"As of 20 February, all containers of goods whose owners are delayed in their release will be considered as smuggling under the provisions of Article 192/1 of the Customs Law.

The Commission expressed its hope of all importers to follow up earnestly to clear their goods from the customs estate without exceeding the legal time limit and to miss the opportunity of the weak souls who are trying to obstruct the implementation of government decisions aimed at regulating trade and combating the phenomenon of corruption at the border crossing points.

In granting approvals and simplifying procedures for the import or export of goods to ensure smooth trade exchange with neighboring countries and the world. "

The customs departments shall operate in the customs and customs boundaries and may exercise their powers throughout the territory, the territorial sea and inland waters, including lakes, rivers, marshes and marshes in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Parliamentary finance: to live for Iraqis due to corruption
19 February 2019
BAGHDAD/Iraq News Network–a member of the House Finance Committee, Jamal Panther, Tuesday, 19 February, 2019, warned the Iraqi state of death because of the supreme Anti-Corruption council, while revealing two options before it.

"The Iraqi state has two options," he said in a press statement today. "The fact that corruption is rampant or fought and uprooted in all government institutions," he said, adding that "the Iraqi state’s sequencing of corruption has become globally advanced."

He said, "the huge amount of corruption in state institutions requires the formation or development of a new regulatory body that is a substitute for and repeal of the previous regulatory bodies or the creation of a new device that combines the old devices and reactivating them to pursue the corrupt.

"The restructuring of the Supreme Council to combat corruption is aimed at bringing together the regulatory bodies and doing them," he said, expressing support for "The formation of this Council, which will be Complements the work of the Integrity Committee and the offices of the general inspectors, who have not been able to tackle corruption.

"The new council’s work will reveal to us the extent to which the state needs oversight agencies or to come up with new regulatory devices," said a member of the Finance committee, adding that "the next phase will be a test phase for these Devices ".

" The officials of the monitoring agencies will not cooperate with the new body to fulfill its mandate, "he said, warning that" the work of this new body, which will lead to the death of the Iraqi state and deliver it to the corrupt people, has failed.

"Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi has announced the restructuring The Anti-corruption Council to follow up on corruption, public waste and money laundering, after the Supreme Criminal Court building has been established to hold its periodic meetings.…-%D8%A8%D8%B3/

Maliki hiding his office manager in the crowd of these scandals


The head of the coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki; to "hide" the director of his own protocol office to the popular crowd.

A source close to the agency told Agence France-Presse: "On February 14, a person close to Maliki, Ahmed al-Nouri, who was the director of the protocol office of Maliki, was transferred to the logistical support in the popular crowd with the (Abu Ali al-Kufi) Logistics stores in Taji by order of Maliki personally. "

Al-Nouri, a resident of the Al-Baladiyat area near the Public Security, purchased properties in the previous period in Al-Baladiyat; Al-Doura; Palestine Street.

The most recent is a building in the Urfali area. Colonel Imad Kassem and Lt. Col. Adnan Qassem; they were two officers who were formerly bus drivers and are currently residents of Palestine Street. "

The source explained that "Nuri; was transferred from his office because of the disclosure of his financial and administrative corruption and fear of integrity to pursue him," indicating "during the last period Nouri meeting between the governor of Baghdad and the governor of Baghdad

and the Algerian tribes in the old Baghdad governorate building behind the current provincial council building And in the presence of the adviser of the Iranian ambassador a week before the date above; which in turn bless the governor to take over this post.

He added that "the Algerian governor asked the audience and support him as they supported him in the last elections and promised them to provide services to them and their regions with the granting of degrees of employment for their children," noting that "the conservative cousin of Ali al-Jazairi, the leading jihadist in the peace Brigades with Ibrahim al-Jabri and Isrgawi."

An agreement between Halabousi and a parliamentary committee to host Saleh and Abdul Mahdi in parliament

A deputy revealed the intention of the House of Representatives to host the President of the Republic Barham Saleh, and ministers Adel Abdul Mahdi in the first session of the next legislative session, which is scheduled to begin on the fourth of next March.

A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Youssef Al-Kalabi, said in a press statement that "an agreement was reached after the meeting of the Integrity Committee, in the presence of Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halabousi, to submit a request to host President Barham Salih, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi,

And the heads of the Integrity Commission and the Financial Control Bureau in a parliamentary session to develop a clear constitutional and legal mechanism to combat corruption.

He added that "the request submitted to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, ensure that this meeting is the first in the next legislative term, in line with the directives of religious reference, which provided a roadmap for politicians in the fight against corruption.

"Corruption has become the first scourge to hit society and institutions, after the disappearance of terrorism, so efforts must join forces to eliminate this phenomenon that is rotting in the body of society," he said.In addition, Deputy Jamal Cougar, hosted the presidencies to listen to their plans to fight corruption in order to increase coordination and unify positions.

"This meeting puts them all in front of the greatest responsibility to combat this scourge, and not to share accusations among themselves that it is the party that is failing to eradicate this scourge, as happened in previous governments," he said in a press statement.

The US Department of Justice is conducting an investigation into a military contract firm that has bribed Maliki, his son and his family

The Justice Daily reports that the US Justice Department is conducting an investigation into a military contracts company that alleged bribes to Iraqi officials, including former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, his son Ahmad al-Maliki, his two sons, Yasser al-Maliki, and Hussein al-

Explaining that an investigation conducted between the military contracting company "Saliport Global Services" played a role in bribes to owners and relatives.

It also showed Maliki’s relationship with a company called Horizons, which sold the right of access and facilities of a large number of US military contracts, through US military contractors have disclosed what they have, despite the fact that it poses a threat to them.

The Daily Best reported a meeting with 30 sources, including contractors working in Iraq’s commercial sector, who asked not to be identified for fear of possible reactions.

"Saliport operates military facilities in various parts of the Middle East and Central Asia, but the company’s first operation is at Balad Air Base, a base in northern Baghdad that includes F-16s funded by the US government," he said.

The company received a contract from the Iraqi Air Force to provide security, training and security services to Al-Qaeda (Balad), including services such as food and electric power.

The company received more than $ 1 billion in funding for its services.

According to the new Arab The site quoted sources in the company "Salliport" as saying that the company "Horizons" Kuwaiti partner, and promised Iraqi officials to provide funds for the registration of the US company as a contractor at the base of Bald, indicating that 10 people who were questioned confirmed the involvement of al-Maliki and that " Prospects ".

The Daily Beast said the US Justice Department was conducting investigations into violations of the laws through foreign corruption practices by the Saliport company, which reported bribes to Iraqi officials.

The report caused a wave of controversy within Iraq, where political voices called for the opening of files of financial corruption retroactively since 2006, the year Maliki took power in Iraq, which lasted more than eight years.