Abadi: The arms of corrupt adults will not reach the reconstruction funds


He stressed the continuation of the pursuit of a call to eliminate it
Baghdad / Sabah
renewed the Prime Minister determined to hunt down terrorist elements and eliminate them in various places, stressing continuing to hunt gangs, "urged" outside the border after the defeat in Iraq, while warned of tampering with the upcoming legislative elections, To track money, property and the movement of real estate, with the aim of isolating, detaining and eradicating the big corrupt.

Abadi stressed during his visit to a number of families of the martyrs that "the sacrifices of the martyrs made victory and will be lost in the hearts of all Iraqis."

The Cabinet voted on the emergency project loan to support social stability and steadfastness in Iraq and discussed the regulations on investment and the amendment of its instructions.

Abadi said in his weekly conference yesterday: "The painful air strike of the sites inside Damascus was not arbitrary, but came on the basis of intelligence derived from the elements of the Daqishp arrested by our forces," saying: "We will continue to chase the evils everywhere and will not allow them to reconfigure Outside Iraq, and we will do everything necessary to eliminate them in the world. "

He also called on the Prime Minister of the Electoral Commission to "carry out its tasks impartially and completely independent and to make clear to all political blocs regarding the electoral process and citizens and voters also on the safety of the elections."

"There are rumors about the suspension of the financial allocations of our security forces, which are completely false rumors and interfere with the electoral fever," he said.

And on the file of corruption, Abadi pointed to "to conduct criminal investigations to follow up the money and property and the movement of real estate, because the previous investigations led to the detection of the involvement of junior employees, and therefore want to isolate the big corrupt and besieged them to eliminate them."


Action against corruption and challenges


Abdul Aziz Subhi Al Khudairy
In a meeting with Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abbadi and his vision, which was characterized by credibility and comprehensiveness, put his hand on the reservoir of the problem, and the location of the wound in the case of rampant corruption, where he said:

"The routine, and the complexity of administrative procedures in government institutions is the most important factor of the spread of this negative phenomenon" Exploitation of positions for material gain.

The specialized researchers have identified the phenomenon of administrative and financial corruption as a term intended for irregularities and crimes committed by the public employee.

It can be divided into three types: the first involves the exploitation of the job for personal interests; the second type violates internal regulations; and the third type is linked to financial abuses such as bribery Embezzlement, and other financial excesses.

The researchers discussed the phenomenon of administrative and financial corruption in Iraq, it is very shameful to include Iraq among the five most corrupt countries in the world in the report of Transparency in 2016, and despite the fact that this deadly community scourge in the past, and known throughout the ages, We find it pervasive here and there.

The danger of this phenomenon is reflected in the fact that it causes the administrative system to fail and prevents societies and states from catching up with the path of civilized progress and prosperity among nations and peoples. There is no economic recovery (industrial and commercial). Government The gap widens and the danger increases.

From our point of view, we have occupied this negative situation in our country because it is not about the great effects and obstacles we face in our daily dealings as a private sector with government institutions, but because it penetrates deep into the moral system of the society and its individuals.

And the subsequent generations as well. Therefore, we have taken a serious and effective stand to address and correct what happened since 2003 and today, from the collapse of some concepts and the human values ​​of society, which give our Iraqi people their cultural identity, which is proud of every citizen,
The National.

It was necessary for us, after sensing the scourge of administrative and financial corruption and our suffering for its dangerous negative effects, to look for the real reasons for it.

We propose effective solutions to eliminate them in cooperation with officials, headed by the esteemed Prime Minister and his support in his great campaign to fight corruption and punish the corrupt.

a few class lacked experience, efficiency and effectiveness, and ignoring the public interest, lead in the future to bad and harmful effects on all levels, where this corruption is evident, for example , are not limited to the following practices:

1- in violation of the laws, and contrary to the values, and the First of which we were brought up on them, and planted the Islamic religion, sound and instinct that God mushroom by man as a creature of God generosity of mind, and ordered him to reconstruct the land, and succeed him on

2 – Routine killer, and sterility, and the large number of obstacles, and the difficulties in the daily reviews between the citizens of the State Departments, making him have no choice but to engage with them in corruption, and provides them with bribes in order to get the need and legitimate rights, or lose those rights, His suffering is increasing.

3. The prevalence of nepotism and the loss of democracy.
Proposed solutions to address administrative corruption:

1 – Establishing monitoring bodies and accounting in the management of administrative affairs in governmental institutions, for example establishing an independent body to reduce the routine, and government reviews by automation and electronic information management, in order to increase productivity and reduce waste in time, effort and speed of delivery and quality This body has a supreme authority and is linked to the highest levels in the state. It also has the power of judicial control.

Follow-up of administrative corruption requires an organizational decision from the government and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The Commission is an integrated body that fulfills all powers. Dome of government bodies at a high level, and the accountability of each administrative official by submitting a financial report on personal revenue; to be held accountable if exploited, his job.

2 – Declaration of the State strategy in the fight against corruption, dissemination and education, as well as the existence of the secret guard to follow up the work of ministries, the lack of state institutions result in the exploitation of power and dictatorship in decision-making without oversight, or accountability.

3 – Receiving citizen complaints, grievances by e-mail, or telecommunications company, and verified through a committee of specialists in legal affairs, and then send them to the concerned authorities to respond to such complaints and

(Penal Code No. 111 of 1969), as amended by the Penal Code No. 111 of 1969, which is considered an offense against the duties of the post in articles 223 and 224, Other materials.

5 – Develop the provisions and procedures to prosecute those who pay, or offers a bribe to an employee, the displays of bribery be held criminally responsible as well, and the development of control mechanisms of preventive administrative corruption, and the therapeutic example of choosing the right employee in the right place, train constantly and spreading the culture of reporting irregularities to the
– employees .

6 – Dissemination of the rules of conduct in government institutions, and private in order to ensure integrity (eg, ethics of doctors, pharmacists, etc.) according to each ministry, and the provision of strict provisions to prevent the acceptance of gifts or material amounts or moral services to any employee in order to accelerate,

And to expedite the completion of the work of the employee responsible for his performance by virtue of his work, or to refrain from performing the work entrusted to him, or mediated employee to another employee to violate the legislation in force.

In conclusion, we say that countries seek to advance, promote and strive to eliminate corruption so that they can achieve advancement and development in all areas through adopting methods and legal procedures that regulate and regulate the functioning and performance of work, prevent slippage and career deviation and achieve equality in dealing with Citizens, and provide all guarantees, and achieves administrative control in government institutions, and private, up to the flowers, and
Federation of Iraqi Industries


Finance announces the failure of the e-government project in Iraq

Announced the director of information technology department in the ministry

Finance Minister Aseel Mohammad Ali said on Monday that some parties have thwarted the e-government project to pass their corruption.

"The ministry’s efforts today are focused on activating electronic governance and driving the state departments away from the bureaucracy in dealing with official transactions with paper and pen," she said.

"We encourage e-government because it has codes and codes that can not be controlled or manipulated by any corrupt, therefore must be in the next phase that all ministries work on this mechanism."

She continued Ali "e-government project has been canceled by some quarters that do not like to succeed in Iraq, which in turn will eliminate the corrupt"


Parliamentary integrity exploded: 13 candidates wanted for the judiciary and the federal will refuse to ratify them in case of victory

(Watan News) – Follow-up

The Parliamentary Integrity Committee revealed the existence of thirteen candidates issued arrest warrants relating to financial and administrative corruption and fraud will run in the next election race, pointing out that even if they win the elections, the Federal Court will refuse to ratify them.

The parliamentary sources, according to the newspaper (the extent) and his follow (Watan News) the possibility of excluding these candidates by the Federal Court by refusing to ratify their membership and prevent them from repeating the oath in the first session as deputies in Parliament .

"We have certain information about the candidacy of many corrupt and accused of corruption and rigging to the elections," said the head of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Talal al-Zobaie. "There are files on many candidates before the courts to issue arrest warrants against them ."

"The Federal Court will reject the approval of the candidate issued against him arrest warrants and will prevent him from repeating the oath in the first session (in the event of his victory) as a deputy in parliament," stressing that "the candidates to resolve their cases judicially ."

He explains that "in the last parliamentary session rejected the Federal Court to ratify the membership of one of the winning candidates for the province of Diyala because of the existence of arrest warrants issued by the Court of Integrity," pointing out that "this candidate was unable to repeat the section ."

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee that "a lot of candidates lists and electoral entities who hold senior executive positions accused of financial and administrative corruption are being followed up by the competent authorities to expedite the resolution of their cases in order to prevent them from repeating the section ."

Al-Zobaie said that "there are (13) candidates issued arrest warrants will participate in the carnival next election and will suspend their membership in the event of victory," noting that "the judiciary looks at a lot of files and will decide ."

The head of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee that "there are five candidates facing charges for fraud will be presented their cases to the judiciary during the coming period," asserting that "the conditions that prevent the candidacy for membership of the House of Representatives is to be the provisions of a veto issued against the candidate ."

Zobaie pointed out that "the Presidency of the Parliament refused to include in the law of the elections of the House of Representatives a paragraph preventing the corrupt from running for parliamentary elections, specifically included in the amnesty law," stressing that "the return of some candidates to the election by forensic evidence will be verified by the executive authorities And legislative . "

Al-Zobaie said that "there are candidates who are subject to the provisions of dishonorable have been accepted in the parliamentary elections to be held on 12 May next," stressing that "there are specialized committees will check the files of candidates returned by the forensic evidence to the electoral race .


Economic expert reveals the decline in prices of the dollar in Iraq because of election propaganda

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The US dollar has fallen in the Iraqi market because of the large pumping of dollars by political entities and candidates, which were spent on electoral propaganda, while economic experts said that if the money was spent in any sector to revive it fully.

"The price of the US dollar has fallen in the Iraqi markets because of the large pumping of dollars by the political parties, which they spent on election propaganda," Samisem told Iraq News.

"The market, when there is a big injection of the dollar, its prices fall automatically. During the last period".

The economic expert, that "the money if spent in any sector, such as the health sector or the educational sector and others to revive it fully."

The legal expert Tariq Harb has confirmed, Sunday (April 15, 2018), that the financial spending of election campaigns and propaganda, which exceeds financial spending in the previous four rounds of the session of the National Assembly for 2005 and the three House of Representatives 2006, 2010 and 2014,

Spending on the electoral campaign No. (1) for the year 2013 to find equal opportunities for competition between the entities and candidates in the elections and to achieve transparency in how to raise funds and spending in the campaign.

The economic expert Salam Smisem had announced earlier that the amount spent by political parties and political blocs on the election propaganda amounted to about 7 billion dollars at the very least, noting that all of this money is a money of the people and acquired by those parties for The path of corruption.


Hamoudi: The next stage requires us to fight corruption


The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Hammam Hamoudi said that the process of building and the atmosphere of victory required the launching of the initiative of the government platform for the next stage, pointing out that the program will be his primary concern and concern of the citizen base in his life and work and education and health and meet the various basic needs.

He said Hamoudi, during a press conference held in the House of Representatives to put some details of his initiative in the government program for the coming period, according to a statement of his office, received by «morning», «

The process of construction and the atmosphere of victory required a government program clear goals non-political, and set us up to be the subject "He said that he is seeking to form a parliamentary committee that will be insured by this program, following up the legislative procedures.

And implementation on the ground ».

A member of the Presidency, «in the coming period we will turn from the vision to the means to reach the implementation of the program through the basis of the Constitution on the basis of the correct and benefit from the archives of the committees of the Council of Representatives and the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Planning»,

but «the initiative has been welcomed by the three presidencies and large parliamentary blocs since about a month".


Abadi: Our actions against spoilers clear message to hunt wanted


BAGHDAD / Following the morning
, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the recent measures to arrest the corrupt and bring them from outside Iraq to represent the judiciary, but is a clear message to all corrupt and wanted to reach justice wherever they are, and confirmed that the citizen will be determined by participating in the elections

And vote the form of the next government, stressed that it will not cover any "corrupt" evidenced by the evidence either in his list or other electoral lists, and revealed Abbadi on the reason behind the delay in the implementation of the decision of the Council of Ministers to restore the delayed contracts from the Ministries of Defense and Interior,

M Privileges by the House of Representatives in the budget to restore the backwardness of their contracts was the reason behind the delay in their return.

This comes at a time when the Cabinet voted in its meeting on Tuesday to establish the model industrial cities and directed the establishment of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education to submit a draft resolution

on the subject of graduates of colleges and health and medical institutes with a comparative table of numbers Graduates will be presented during the next session, and a vote was taken to resolve the issue of investors accumulated on them the benefits of loans and insolvent payment because of the failure of their projects for reasons beyond their control.

Press conference

Abadi said in his weekly press conference yesterday: "We have launched large-scale operations to pursue the Da’ash terrorist gangs in Nineveh and western Anbar in the Upper Euphrates and Al-Jazeera areas up to the Syrian border, and this effort will continue from our security forces because the terrorists are trying through their hot spots on the Syrian side to sneak into Our land and try to create terrorist additives in them,

"and explained"We have dismantled several cells of these terrorists, and confirm that they have not and will not be able to control any spot of Iraqi land, but through cells of 2-4 elements are trying to start to carry out terrorist operations against citizens and security forces, and we have killed dozens of them and destroyed their additions,

"We will not allow a gang to regain its breath again, but we have pursued its economic activity through some of the resources it has been exploiting. Our efforts to pursue and eradicate it will only stop with a final break, but without being involved in any international or regional conflict."

"Our efforts are continuing in the fight against corruption and we are involved. The Supreme Anti-Corruption Committee chaired by the Prime Minister held an important meeting last week and discussed steps of cooperation with Interpol and friendly countries in order to restore the wanted persons.

"The cooperation with INTERPOL has resulted in the arrest of one of the most wanted men on corruption charges for the Iraqi judiciary, where he exploited his position to control and embezzle billions of dinars through arms contracts and others," he said.

"The idea of ​​arresting corrupt fugitives is that we send a strong message to the two wanted fugitives inside and outside Iraq that they will not escape punishment or justice no matter how long they have gone or the geography is over.

We will pursue them anywhere in the world. Others who have been accused of corruption "The transfer of the headquarters of the network from Tunis to Baghdad is only a recognition of the recovery of Iraq and the role of the growing country," Abadi told the Arab Anti-Corruption Network conference held recently in Baghdad. In achieving integrity and transparency Prosecute corrupt. "

"Many projects have been disrupted in recent years because of the terrorist control of some areas and the financial crisis caused by the drop in oil prices, which caused great damage to the contractors.

We have formed a committee to manage the Financial Control Bureau, He has audited the financial claims of the contractors, where the actual claims and documents amounted to about 5 trillion dinars after the amount before the audit about 8 trillion dinars, and we have already launched more than a year about 40 percent of these receivables,

and ordered us to launch 30 percent before Yam, to remain 30 percent of the total receivables to contractors will be launched after a period, "Abbadi pointed out that"

Al-Abbadi referred to his recent visit to Al-Muthanna province and the opening of several projects in the fields of electricity, construction and services, his meeting with citizens in Samawah and the recognition of their requests, as well as his visit to a number of martyrs’ families.

Forget them or forget their families who sacrificed and offered the homeland a lot.

" Ministerial Summary

Al-Abbadi gave a brief presentation of the most important session of the Council of Ministers. He said: "The Board reviewed the report of the Office of the Consolidated Financial Supervisory Board on the revenues and expenditures realized outside the budget and the program of regional development of local governments for the years 2015-2016.

And we note that there are some excesses on some of these revenues through the abuse of powers and mismanagement in the provinces, and we confirm that the money must go correctly to real projects and services to citizens, and voted on the establishment of industrial cities, and we want to increase this Activity, for the creation of job opportunities for citizens,

as well as its contribution directly to the economic development, and to maximize the non-oil revenues, and the voice of the Council as well as the contract for the purchase and processing of US rice from the global stock market, which is difficult to manipulate its prices or manipulate the quality of imported materials through which. "

Abadi pointed out the vote on the recommendations of the ministerial economic committee on the project to modernize the financial systems. He pointed out that "the government is working diligently to complete the automation approach and modernize the systems in all state institutions, including the financial system.

The cabinet also set up a specialized committee to consolidate the numbers of graduates of colleges and institutes Medical and health for the purpose of issuing a decision to allocate new degrees of employment for them in health institutions after we have allocated 15 thousand degrees of employment previously and were appointed to the staff of the Ministry of Health,

"Ebadi explained that" the Council voted on the recommendation of the Energy Committee on the assignment of service contract for the field east of Baghdad – And the importance of the investment of this field in meeting the need of Baghdad and its parties of oil derivatives. The Council also voted to resolve the issue of investors accumulated the benefits of loans and insolvent payment because of the failure of their projects for reasons beyond their control.

Press questions

The prime minister then received the questions of journalists at the conference, which touched on various topics. As for the rumors raised by some about allowing some of the corrupt to enter his electoral list, Abadi replied that "the candidates on our list are about 560 candidates from all over Iraq.

"We will not cover up anyone involved in corruption with evidence, and we will not hesitate to hold corrupt people accountable," he said.

The Prime Minister replied to journalists about some of the harassment they are subjected to by the security services, saying: "The security services are struggling and acting in accordance with the situation facing them, and the security component in some cases to take immediate action, the freedom of the press is protected, and in all countries of the world, there are procedures The security of the competent state organs in the event of any security breach,

and it does not allow the publication of photographs of the victims or places where the violations occur, because this leads to the loss of evidence and possibly photography serves terrorist parties without deliberate, and here I call for cooperation between the media and security services and we will address any Problematic that could occur between them,

" "I insisted on the participation of the special forces in the fight against Da’ash, and gave great sacrifices and sacrifices to protect Baghdad and the state institutions during the fighting," Abadi told the Special Task Force charged with protecting the security of the Green Zone.

Regarding the delay in reviving their contracts in the ministries of defense and interior, Abadi said, "The House of Representatives has passed a previous law on the seizure of the property of members and members of the former regime, and strange that after the issuance of the accountability and justice list of names recently under this law,

The figures that voted on the law !! And what happened with regard to the issue of the retired contracts, the situation is similar, where the House of Representatives issued a text that is difficult to apply, where the reinstated contracts without the provision of a paragraph of their allocations to the budget,

and some try to exploit this category for electoral purposes, We are trying to address them in another after reviewing all lists Mufsukh contracts and check the reasons for leaving the service, and we are currently discussing a deal with the financial allocations for this segment. "

"The best way to know the form of government is the broad participation of citizens in the upcoming elections, because the citizen will determine and shape the government through the list or figures that trust," Abadi said. And I have come up with several projects that envisage the form of the next government, such as majority and consensus, and declared frankly, I will not be part of any future government based on quotas because it was the cause of the destruction of the country.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers and the Council of Ministers held its regular on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, said a statement to the Information Office of the Prime Minister received by "morning",

that the Council of Ministers briefed on the report of the Office of the Consolidated Financial Control of revenues and expenditures realized outside the budget and the program of development of local governments for two years
(2015-2016), and voted on the establishment of model industrial cities.

The vote on the endorsement of the recommendation of the Committee on Economic Affairs on the minutes of the meeting of the Committee on Amending Airport Fees was also voted on.

The recommendation of the Economic Affairs Committee regarding the modernization of public financial management systems Loan financed by the World Bank.

The Council of Ministers instructed the Cabinet Secretariat, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education to submit a draft resolution on the subject of graduates of colleges and health and medical institutes.

The Council voted on the recommendation of the Energy Committee on the transfer of the service contract for the field east of Baghdad – the southern part between the Central Oil Company and the Chinese company Gehna.

The Council approved the recommendations of the Economic Committee on the Development Fund’s borrowers (canceled) the fairness of the private industrial sector, and voted to resolve the issue of investors accumulated benefits Loans and insolvencies due to the failure of their projects for reasons beyond their control.

The Council of Ministers also voted on the Iraqi Trade Bank (TBI) to activate the loan contract of Al-Zora General Company of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals for the purpose of implementing the contract concluded by the aforementioned company with the Ministry of Electricity to equip it with power stations to serve the liberated areas.

In the meantime, Abadi discussed with the special envoy of US President Brett McCork, in the presence of the official of the file on Iraq and Iran in the United States Andrew Beck, and Ambassador Douglas Silliaman, bilateral relations between the two countries and the situation in the region.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office received by Al-Sabah said that Abadi met with Mubarak and discussed with him the relations between the two countries and the political, security and economic developments, the stage of construction and reconstruction in Iraq, the situation in the region and the elimination of the remaining terrorist gang cells.

Abadi stressed Iraq’s determination to succeed in uniting Iraqis towards the goal of reconstruction and providing a climate conducive to investment, pointing to the importance of stability in the region and to prevent the causes of tension and focus on ending terrorism.

McCurwer said that the United States believes that Iraq is moving in the right direction, stressing his country’s support for Iraq in the reconstruction and construction phase and the strengthening of security.

McCork expressed support for the United States and its support for Iraq’s position on the need to end remaining pockets of Syria and fortify the Iraqi border from infiltration attempts by terrorists.


Abadi: We would not have won terrorism without our fight against corruption


Interpol recognizes Baghdad , a senior {accused of corruption »
Baghdad / Al- Sabah
called on the Prime Minister, Haider al – Abadi, a revolution to protect public money and the achievement of social justice, stressing that the government will not hesitate before opening any file corruption, while pointing out that part of" our responsibility to support UNHCR And to ensure that elections are fair. "

Abadi said in a speech at the opening of the Sixth Ministerial Conference of the Arab Network for the Promotion of Integrity and the Fight against Corruption, "We have not been able to win a call for our fight against corruption," pointing out that "there is a relationship between the corrupt and terrorism and that we restore our country and our land and our citizens emphasize our determination to protect public money and our responsibility to protect it Each of
its location. "

"We will not hesitate to open any file of corruption, whether the defendant is this person and then the corrupt know very well the seriousness of the work we do and the seriousness of them," he said, adding that "the lack of fair distribution of wealth is corruption and It is permissible for the few to take possession of wealth at the expense of the general public. "

"We need a revolution to protect public money and achieve social justice and we can not fight corruption through traditional methods," he said, calling for "a radical approach to fighting corruption."

Abadi said that "it is not fair to reduce the steps we have taken to reduce the size of corruption, there are thousands of files of investigation opened in large cases and have been referred to many of the accused for investigation and integrity and issued a different judicial verdicts,"

stressing "the need to cooperate citizens and bear all The responsibility of citizens in the detection of corruption and reporting on it and the assistance of investigative committees and to strengthen the confidence of citizens in the regulatory
and investigative bodies .

"We must improve the methods of combating corruption and spreading the values ​​of integrity and transparency that contribute to providing security and tranquility to societies," said the head of the Integrity Commission, Hassan al-Yasiri, in his speech at the conference, which began in Baghdad on Sunday. Aligning all efforts in the fight against corruption as I have lined up in the fight against terrorism. "

"Integrity is a culture and behavior before it is a legal approach," Yasiri said, pointing out that "the search for legal mechanisms to combat corruption is necessary."

"The world is also suffering from the problem of growing phenomenon of terrorism, it also suffers from the growing phenomenon of corruption," said Yasiri, warning that "the two are now dangerous risks that embrace the world’s countries without exception."

"The experience has shown that terrorism provides fertile ground for corruption, and that they are two sides of one coin," he said. "Corruption has turned from financial and administrative corruption to social corruption involving some segments of

"In a meeting with a number of satellite channels and media outlets, Abadi said that" the government is working to create an atmosphere for Iraq to become a good environment for investment, "noting that" oil imports alone do not meet the need
"The government is working to limit the weapons to the state," he said, adding that "this would achieve security stability
in the country."

On the prohibition of international flights on airports in Kurdistan, Abadi said "we stopped international aviation in Kurdistan because it is a federal matter "The
prime minister replied that he did not" meet with the commission separately, but the cabinet met twice with them because it is the responsibility of the Council of Ministers to protect the electoral process and provide the security environment And logistical support because it does not exist Something 100 percent independent,

"adding that" part of our responsibility to support the Commission and ensure that the elections are fair, and we seek for that, and follow the procedures of the Commission and there is an improvement in the procedures as we follow. "

Baghdad received from Interpol, the former secretary-general of the Ministry of Defense in the interim government Ziad al-Qattan, while the Office of the Prime Minister that he was accused of arms deals in which the corruption of millions of

A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office received the "morning", a copy of it, "It is a continuation of the campaign of corrupt pursuers announced by the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi and efforts and follow-up diligent files of corruption that wasted the money of Iraq has been followed one of the biggest accused of corruption called (Ziad Qattan) Former Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense in the transitional government and the arrest and brought hidden to Iraq to hold him accountable for the cases accused.

"It is not the first time that a senior official outside Iraq has been arrested and accused of corruption since the start of the anti-corruption campaign," said the statement.

"Anyone accused of corruption will not be immune from prosecution, regardless of the duration of corruption." .

The statement pointed out that "Ziad al-Qattan is accused of arms deals in which millions of dollars of corruption and follow-up in the country in which he resides in cooperation with Interpol and is currently in the hands of the Iraqi security services, where he will receive a fair penalty,"

pointing out at the same time that " Files of corruption and great efforts and there are many files that have reached advanced stages in the search and will contribute significantly in the prosecution of the corrupt and capture them. "


Iraq’s economy falters … How long?

There is great debate about the economic administration under Saddam, and for the period 1979-2003, some consider it a period of economic prosperity! Some consider it a period of confusion! Will something be achieved and where do we go now with our oil-dependent economy?

The Iraqi economy in the seventies was considered one of the strongest economies in the region. Iraq was a potential financial force as a result of the economic revolution and high oil prices until political change took place in Iraq.

The first president was deposed and Saddam Hussein was deposed. And that means huge costs for the war effort, which means the movement of national stocks to buy weapons, in addition to bear heavy debts in order to provide weapons,

especially since the war was very long, where it lasted eight years, I ate with it the green and the land, and went out of the land Madinah had frightening numbers, although in 1980 he had an estimated $ 300 billion reserve! It is a giant figure at the time, with all regret evaporating in the years of war with Iran!

Followed by the harsh international sanctions, as a result of Saddam’s second war after the entry of Kuwait.

All that was established during the previous decades was lost due to the costs of the big war, the air strikes on all state institutions, and even the factories and private factories. .

The lack of sound economic plans and Saddam’s reckless adventures have caused the Iraqi economy to deteriorate to its worst in 2003. Without the international sanctions that forced Saddam to sell oil for food and medicine, the people would not get that monthly food aid, which was a major aid to the people. In that period, which extinguished the fire of the revolution.

After the end of the era of Saddam and the emergence of a new era, where the democratic governments elected by the people, but unfortunately spread corruption to disrupt all state institutions, and waste money allocated annually, the industry is living the worst stages, agriculture is almost dead, either trade is to attract the poor goods to the Iraqi market, Which has become a major waste market.

Only to rely on oil revenues, and completely neglected the agriculture and industry and looted the annual budgets, and turned a large amount of salaries of the political class, and the benefits of the wonderful, and even the contracts of state institutions became the political class partner, and thus entered Iraq in a dark tunnel for 15 years of looting state treasury funds , By the political class and power parties.

We remember the crisis in the oil market, when the price of the barrel fell to thirty dollars, where Iraq suffered a violent shake, as a result of large annual spending and without any interest in the sectors of agriculture and industry, relying solely on the proceeds of the sale of oil, the case came to power to warn not to distribute the salaries of employees,

They have enacted unjust law by increasing deductions from employees, in addition to enacting unjust laws that give them a very large pension for the entire political class (parliament, ministers, agents, heads of independent bodies, the three presidencies). Thirty years later, Retirement ,

With the introduction of Iraq with humiliating agreements such as the licensing round, which looted the state treasury and for many years in the future, and the corrupt transactions that took place in hundreds of billions of dinars, in addition to the benefits of the huge debt that Iraq paid, so the political class of the future of Iraq’s financial failure due to the absence of knowledge and conscience and The error.

It is strange that there are no clear plans or programs to correct the mistakes of yesterday, but it seems that politicians continue their negative economic behavior, which is based on the consumption of everything that enters the state treasury.

Finally, we will say: Will a day come and Iraq lives within a sound economic plan, developing its present and protecting its future?


Abadi reveals the existence of thousands of corruption files


Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi revealed the existence of thousands of corruption files against officials.

Abadi said in his speech at the opening of the sixth ministerial conference of the Arab Network for the Promotion of Integrity and Combating Corruption, on Sunday, "We have not been able to win the call for our fight against corruption,

there is a relationship between the corrupt and terrorism and we restore our country and land and our citizens confirm our determination to protect public money and our responsibility to protect it Each of its location.

""We will not hesitate to open any file of corruption, whether the defendant this person and then, and the corrupt know very well the seriousness of the work we do and the seriousness of them.

"Abadi said that "the distribution of wealth in a fair manner is corruption and should not be a minority of wealth at the expense of the general public, stressing that we need a revolution to protect public money and achieve social justice and can fight corruption by traditional methods," calling for a radical view to combat corruption.

"It is unfair to underestimate the steps we have taken to reduce the scale of corruption," he said. "There are thousands of investigation files opened in large cases.

Many of the defendants have been referred for investigation and integrity.Abadi stressed "the necessity of cooperation of citizens and that each citizen bears responsibility for detecting and reporting corruption, assisting investigative committees and strengthening the citizen’s confidence in the monitoring and investigative bodies."