Customs calls on importers to quickly clear their goods and otherwise consider them smuggled

The Customs Authority on Tuesday urged all importers to expedite the clearance of their goods, indicating that those who delay will be considered smuggling.

"Iraqi and foreign companies and importers must complete the customs transactions of their imported goods through southern ports, land border crossings and air cargo terminals through international airports as soon as possible and adopt the customs clearance companies officially licensed by the Director General in the clearance," the agency said in a statement. Their goods exclusively ".

"As of 20 February, all containers of goods whose owners are delayed in their release will be considered as smuggling under the provisions of Article 192/1 of the Customs Law.

The Commission expressed its hope of all importers to follow up earnestly to clear their goods from the customs estate without exceeding the legal time limit and to miss the opportunity of the weak souls who are trying to obstruct the implementation of government decisions aimed at regulating trade and combating the phenomenon of corruption at the border crossing points.

In granting approvals and simplifying procedures for the import or export of goods to ensure smooth trade exchange with neighboring countries and the world. "

The customs departments shall operate in the customs and customs boundaries and may exercise their powers throughout the territory, the territorial sea and inland waters, including lakes, rivers, marshes and marshes in accordance with the provisions of this law.

An agreement between Halabousi and a parliamentary committee to host Saleh and Abdul Mahdi in parliament

A deputy revealed the intention of the House of Representatives to host the President of the Republic Barham Saleh, and ministers Adel Abdul Mahdi in the first session of the next legislative session, which is scheduled to begin on the fourth of next March.

A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Youssef Al-Kalabi, said in a press statement that "an agreement was reached after the meeting of the Integrity Committee, in the presence of Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halabousi, to submit a request to host President Barham Salih, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi,

And the heads of the Integrity Commission and the Financial Control Bureau in a parliamentary session to develop a clear constitutional and legal mechanism to combat corruption.

He added that "the request submitted to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, ensure that this meeting is the first in the next legislative term, in line with the directives of religious reference, which provided a roadmap for politicians in the fight against corruption.

"Corruption has become the first scourge to hit society and institutions, after the disappearance of terrorism, so efforts must join forces to eliminate this phenomenon that is rotting in the body of society," he said.In addition, Deputy Jamal Cougar, hosted the presidencies to listen to their plans to fight corruption in order to increase coordination and unify positions.

"This meeting puts them all in front of the greatest responsibility to combat this scourge, and not to share accusations among themselves that it is the party that is failing to eradicate this scourge, as happened in previous governments," he said in a press statement.

IBBC completes Trade Mission to Baghdad with largest ever delegation of UK, International & Iraqi Businesses 9-12 Feb 2019

The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) visited numerous Iraqi government ministers and officials during a highly successful trade mission to Baghdad on 9-12 February 2019.

The delegation was the largest ever led to the Republic of Iraq by the IBBC and included meetings with the Prime Minister, H.E. Dr Adil Abdul-Mahdi and Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister H.E. Dr Fuad Hussein.

The delegation was supported by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Iraq Jon Wilks CMG and the UK’s Department of International Trade. A reception was held for members and guests at the British Embassy in Baghdad courtesy of the Ambassador on Sunday 10 February.

Meetings were held with the following officials:

  • H.E. Dr Adil Abdul-Mahdi, Prime Minister
  • Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Dr Fuad Hussain
  • Minister of Health Dr Ala Al Alwan
  • Minister of Transport Dr Abdullah Luaibi
  • Minister of Electricity Dr Luay Al Khateeb
  • PM’s Advisory Commission
  • Chairman of National Investment Commission Dr Sami Al Araji

Christophe Michels, Managing Director of IBBC stated:

“We were delighted to be able to organise such a large delegation of some of the most prominent UK, Iraqi & International companies operating in Iraq to meet with essential political figures in the new administration.

“After a series of highly productive meetings and discussions across a range of sectors, we feel confident that compared to previous years, Iraq in 2019 will see a significant level of progress in investment and economic growth to the benefit of the country and its people.”

The IBBC Spring Conference at the Mansion House taking place on 10 April in London will build upon the success of this mission. We expect a high-level delegation of Iraqi government figures to attend, as well a UK government presence and numerous senior industry and academic experts. For more information and registration:

Numerous IBBC Member companies joined the delegation, representing the major companies doing business in Iraq, across the most important sectors of the economy:

Al Bilal Group

Al Burhan

Al Nukhba-OFS FZCO

Al Maseer Insurance


Dar Group


Exxon Mobil

Field Energy Services



Gulfsands Petroleum

International Islamic Bank

Khudairi Group


Management Partners

Menzies Aviation

Ratba’a Contracting Co. LLC



Standard Chartered Bank

Zaha Hadid Architects

(Source: IBBC)

Director of studies and operations in the Bank of Rashid Abdul-Muttalib Abdul Jalil to (Tigris): raising zeros reduces the monetary mass and needs a decision from the top

02-06-2019 05:13 PM

The director of studies and operations in the bank Rashid Abdul Muttalib Abdul Jalil said in a statement to (Tigris) that raising zeros reduces the monetary mass and continued that the adoption of this resolution needs to be the decision of higher bodies and not the Central Iraqi Bank.

The Abdul Jalil details misled by the media, including what remarks on the Rasheed Bank wondering who are those bodies that have been spotted.

He added that Al-Rasheed Bank offers banking facilities in the discount and overdraft, explaining that the subject of the sponsor is not as is customary, but he only signs the bill of interest for the first six months.

He pointed out that the housing loans come in two forms, first of which is the liberated areas, which the government required to contribute to the reconstruction of liberated areas and was distributed between the bank of Rashid and Rafidain Anbar, Ninewa, Diyala and Salahuddin.

He pointed out that the 30 million advance is exempted from interest in the first five and five years and bears a benefit of seven percent.

Kavsha said that the loans of employees depend on the amount of salary and range from 5-10 million dinars. Abdul Jalil added that the loans of small projects up to 50 million dinars maximum.

Stressing the cancellation of the mortgage and replaced by a bail in granting loans and continued interest in the bank is less than other banks or parallel to them.

Abdul Jalil announced the advantages in the Rasheed Bank, where he fired a master cadre of palm to pay the salaries of employees owned by the bank and not contracted with companies and denied the cut of 21 thousand for the payment of salaries exaggerated and not true, but a free service to encourage people on the electronic card.

He added that the payment of salaries through the system of electronic clearing does not delay one day, unless there is a technical defect in communications.

Abdul Jalil pointed out that the Rasheed Bank is heading towards the implementation of the comprehensive electronic system, which protects the customer with an international number, stressing that the commission issuing MasterCard card in the bank Rashid only 10 thousand dinars.

Integrity: seized two cases of nearly six billion dinars at the Agricultural Bank in Maysan

The Department of Investigation of the Integrity Commission, on Sunday, seized the priorities of the purchase of two accounts in the Agricultural Bank in Maysan province , indicating that the two bills worth more than five and a half billion dinars.

The department said in a statement received by Alsumaria News a copy of it, "A team from the Office of Investigation Maysan of the Commission moved to the Agricultural Bank, was able to control the priorities of the purchase of the two cases that have been transferred to a branch of government banks in Baghdad."

She explained that "the preliminary investigations conducted by the team led to the disclosure that the two accounts worth (5,680,000,000) billion dinars," indicating that "one of them forged, and the other procedures were issued contrary to the instructions in force."

The Department added that "a record of the seizure of assets seized with the seized prerogatives and presented to the competent investigating judge to take appropriate legal action."…D8%A7%D9%84/ar

The opening of a new branch of the Industrial Bank in Baghdad


(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced on Sunday, the opening of a new branch of the Industrial Bank near the building of the Electoral Commission in Baghdad, to facilitate banking procedures.

The Secretariat said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, "the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Alalak, opened a branch of the Industrial Bank near the building of the Electoral Commission."

He stressed the importance of "the importance of banking expansion in providing services to citizens in light of the government’s trend towards the advancement of economic reality in the country and investment initiative of the Central Bank in facilitating banking and lending."

For his part, the Bank’s General Manager Bilal Sabah Hussein said, "The opening of the new branch comes to introduce electronic tools in the provision of its services in line with the development in the banking industry."

He explained that the new branch "will contribute to the process of settling salaries of state employees of the departments that fall within the scope of its work, through cards issued by the bank, which contributes to reducing the total cost of the process of paying salaries and keep cash within the banking system."

It is noteworthy that the Industrial Bank is one of the banks contributing to the process of settling the salaries of employees announced by the Central Bank of Iraq earlier…storyid=187874

Integrity reveals the details of the verdict on a fugitive 6 billion dinars from the Ministry of Health

Revealed the Integrity Commission, on Wednesday, details of the verdict against the embezzler more than six billion dinars of the funds of the Ministry of Health, noting that the convict seized the funds of the ministry after the fraud on the books of support and lists of salaries of the elements of protection and illusion.

In a statement received by Alsumaria News, the investigations department said that "the fugitive convict has signed and agreed with other defendants whose case has been severed by falsifying supporting books and lists of salaries of agents of protection and fraud and theft of sums. The Ministry of Health, and paid their salaries for three years for his personal benefit, has reached the amounts stolen (6.500 million) billion dinars. "

" The court of competent criminal integrity issues in Baghdad reached sufficient to criminalize the accused conviction in accordance with the provisions of Article 444 / XI of the Penal Code, after knowing the statements of the legal representative of the Rafidain Bank , who requested the complaint against the defendant , who was an employee in the control center The transitional diseases in the ministry and the accused accused their cases. "

"The court found that the evidence obtained was sufficient and convincing to convict him, as well as the presumption of escape from justice, and enacted him to seven years’ imprisonment, based on the provisions of the ruling," noting that "the decision in absentia against the convict also included the issuance of an arrest warrant,

And to carry out the fundamental search for him, while supporting the seizure of his movable and immovable property, in addition to keeping the affected party (the Ministries of Health and Interior) the right to seek compensation before the civil courts after the ruling has been decidedly.…D9%86%D8%A7/ar

Deputy for reform: the budget included large funds for services and the reality of the case shocked

MP of the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction, Gandhi Mohammed al-Ksanzan, said the budget included large funds for service projects in all governorates.

"The budget has secured good amounts for the allocation of projects in the side of water and sewage in all governorates of Iraq," Al-Ksanzan told the Euphrates News.

He added that "the reality of the situation and the clear before the eyes confirms that services are poor in all joints of services so far and there is no improvement even by 1%."

The Iraqi provinces witnessed large demonstrations to protest the poor services for decades.

While the Commission on Human Rights, the low level of services provided to citizens in infrastructure, electricity, health, environment and education for the mafia corruption to steal most of the funds allocated to these projects or poorly implemented.…storyid=187318

Kuwaiti newspaper: Iraq paid Kuwait $ 300 million

, said the newspaper " Al Rai" Kuwait on Monday, to pay the Gulf War .

The UN Commission on Compensation for the Damages of the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait has obliged Baghdad to pay $ 4.6 billion in cash, but these payments have been suspended since October 2014 due to security challenges and budgetary problems faced by Iraq,

but the payment was resumed at 0.5 percent of Iraq’s revenues Starting from 2018, and will increase annually until the end of 2021, by 300 million dollars every three months.…D8%A7%D8%B1/ar

The Commission is delaying the parties until March 3 to complete registration procedures


BAGHDAD – The Commission of Commissioners of the Independent High Electoral Commission decided on Sunday to extend the period granted to political parties to complete registration procedures until March 3.

The Commission said in a statement: "Based on the powers vested in the Commission of Commissioners in the Electoral Commission under the law of the Commission No. (11) for the year 2007 amending and the law of political parties and organizations No. (36) for the year 2015, the Board of Commissioners decided to extend the period granted to the parties to complete the registration procedures.

He explained that the period "extended until 3/3/2019", calling for political parties "which was granted a conditional establishment leave to review the Department of political parties and organizations during the period granted by the Council."

"Otherwise, legal proceedings will be taken against them in accordance with the provisions of the said law."

"This extension includes political parties that have not completed the registration procedures to review the Political Affairs and Political Affairs Department for the purpose of completing their proceedings and otherwise legal proceedings will be taken against them in accordance with the same law." (1)…-%D8%A7%D8%B0/