*Citizen suffers from persistent volatility .. Economists: the central bank set a new price of the dinar against the dollar to maintain its strength…

Baghdad (newsletter) … Economic expert attributed the maytham winfred, Iraqi dinar exchange rate fluctuation against the u.s. dollar to change the Central Bank’s policy from time to time.

Baghdad/JD/…The Economic Committee in the House of representatives, the Committee called for the Central Bank to implement a project delete zeros of the Iraqi currency.

After the exit of Chapter VII sanctions on Iraq, international banking organizations are looking to invest in Iraq. The Iraqi central bank has recently declared that presently Iraq possesses high volume of foreign reserves, which is around 76 billion dollars and in addition to that bank owes 30tons gold bullon.

success of Iraqi banks to earn and gain reputation and international confidence is very important in promoting economic relations between Iraq and the world, and this success, passed by the Prime Minister in his speech at the ceremony held by the Trade Bank of Iraq on the occasion of celebrating the tenth anniversary of its foundation but involves realizing the government of the importance of banks in the development What is required of banks to maintain this international assessment and associated recognition and support of government?

Member of the Finance Committee said Rep. najeeba Najib ‘s/JD/Tuesday: that the work of the Committee is to follow the dollar equivalent exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar, adding: we will follow the actions taken by the Central Bank, watching the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar.