[zorro] MarkZ Are you a speed-reader and a speed-typer….very impressive! true that!!!!

[MarkZ] zorro I am better some nights than others.

[garfield] MarkZ – thanks again, what time of the night do they like to try these things?

[MarkZ] garfield they usually start the process about 9 PDT and work from there but the changes are easier when there is nearly no banking traffic from 11-3am EDT. It is easier to track the nefarious types and watch the money then.

[alin] MarkZ, I just go in. What are the implications to the Fox Business report about investing in the IQD? Won’t that create problems for the RV?

[MarkZ] alin That story should run in the AM
Read More Link on Right

[Andrin] MARKZ Who is the last hold out and what does he/she have to gain politically?

[MarkZ] Andrin I would be irresponsible to say who that is. But stop worrying about hold outs.

[MarkZ] garfield they usually start the process about 9 PDT and work from there but the changes are easier when there is nearly no banking traffic from 11-3am EDT. It is easier to track the nefarious types and watch the money then.

[zorro] MarkZ You are the fastest of all the Intel Providers, hands down!!! That’s a fact Jack!

[MarkZ] zorro I am struggling tonight

[txforever] MarkZ This is kinda like playing a video game…you play till you win or you loose all your chances… then you start over with a full load of chances… & play till you WIN!!

[MarkZ] txforever great analogy

[MarkZ] alin The RV as I see it is DONE. As soon as all the WGS/reset gremlins are accounted for we should see it and I am hopeful we have seen just about the last of those.

[east2514] markz what do you know about Iraq’s smart cards being excepted internationally by the end of the month

[MarkZ] east2514 That MC/Visa will have technical issues if they are not world wide accepted by the end of the month.

[LetsRVnow] MarkZ Will this Reset free our Gov & we the people from Trillion $$ in debt? Including bebt to other countries like China, Japan and few others IYO? Thank you for being here and sharing you valuable knowledge.

[MarkZ] LetsRVnow It will help satisfy alot of it.

[Diogenes] MarkZ So after the reset and the FRN is gone and we have the UST Note, the US military will be receiving their paychecks in UST? Do I get the picture? TY

[lightman1] MarkZ most important are you a Panthers fan??

[MarkZ] lightman1 They are my second favorite team. My favorite will always be my Steelers. I am originally a PA guy but was fortunate enough to grow up in God’s country.

[ChildOfGod] MarkZ What did I miss? LOL Are we just about done? [MarkZ] Diogenes you are seeing very clearly

[MarkZ] ChildOfGod very close

[burk50] MarkZ loechin says RV d 14 days ago ,just wait to go live ,correct? Thx

[MarkZ] burk50 his info is close

[burk50] MarkZ are the PP packages ready to go ? Thx

[MarkZ] burk50 They are ready and waiting. Now we need tier 3 of the WGS to be allowed to rip on out.

[alin] MarkZ, have all the rats been rounded up?

[MarkZ] alin All will never be rounded up. They are looking for acceptable loss at this point.

[FLPatriot59] MarkZ If Varney gets into a discussion about the IQD tomorrow morning, could that wreak havoc on the RV and cause a run on buying dinar?

[MarkZ] FLPatriot59 Hopefully it will not matter..

[FLPatriot59] MarkZ How could it not? Unless we have a reset overnight?

[MarkZ] FLPatriot59 I didn’t say that. You did, so if we do for some reason you get the credit.

[dudenocoins] MarkZ how do we keep them out in the future – the rats?

[MarkZ] dudenocoins We just control as many as we can. The new B3 banking software helps a lot. Theft will be MUCH harder.

[hellumsj] MarkZ any new info on the VND having a group rate?

[MarkZ] hellumsj Just rumors

[jack1977] MarkZ everything still good ? ty

[MarkZ] jack1977 Yes Sir, Not the timing we wanted last night but ZERO need to panic.

[dudenocoins] MarkZ Yes but some how they will sneak back in and gain control of the system? Or are additional protocols in place to prevent it?

[MarkZ] dudenocoins A huge amount of oversight has been added.

[LetsRVnow] MarkZ Are the Cabal still trying to prevent, slow down, or Block this process from moving forward?

[MarkZ] LetsRVnow They have pretty much given up and are just trying to minimize there loss now

[alin] MarkZ, they better get going. Leochin (I think) stated that the US was always stalling and complaining. All this posturing can create HUGE problems for Iraq

[MarkZ] alin I agree

[sk8pastort] MarkZ you didn’t bring Jester with you tonight?

[MarkZ] sk8pastort He is probably lurking tonight.

[spiritfilled] MarkZ any rumblings about some currencies now some later…the basket theory

[MarkZ] spiritfilled Some are just not ready now but most are ready and will go ahead in one go.

[armadillo] I’ll say it again, if last night was a glitch that stopped the rv why not just fix the software and move on? everyone says that everyone was ready! how hard can it be?? Whatever

[MarkZ] armadillo It is tremendously hard. This has never been attempted and there are no mulligans with this. Fortunately we have VERY competent people working on it.

[alin] MarkZ, also, what 6 countries were dropped yesterday, if you can say?

[MarkZ] alin Everyone has different countries on that list. I am still trying to get an accurate list

[Diogenes] MarkZ Not sure of your background or your age, but kudos to you on a clear mind and clear presentation to those desperate peeps who may not have the same assets! :)

[MarkZ] Diogenes I am afraid to say just how old but I did vote for Regan….

[wingnaprayer] MarkZ lol good years!

[MarkZ] wingnaprayer He was the first president I could vote for.
[leftylucy] Markz okie says that the qi cards are to go international by the end of july. Have you heard this too?

[MarkZ] leftylucy Yes and I am not sure of his source on that but I believe it to be highly accurate

[garfield] MarkZ you are just a PUP

[MarkZ] garfield but at least I am house broken

[Dakotaman] hello MarkZ Thanks for coming in and sharing with us.. You are Great..
[MarkZ] Dakotaman thanks

[armadillo] MarkZ I never thought this would happen before my b’day!!!! 12/30 whatever

[MarkZ] armadillo Lord knows I hope it does or I will be laughed out of the intel hall of fame…

[burk50] Heard Shabibi signed off 2days ago now in Forex hands is this correct? Maybe u answered already ? Thx

[MarkZ] burk50 I heard the same thing

[Mitzi] MarkZ can you imagine our world today if JFK had lived

[MarkZ] Mitzi we would probably still be on the gold standard. Nixon and Regan were similar in some respects. Regan was just better at controlling his personal life. ;)

[triple777] Nixon left in 74 and Gerald Ford did the remainder of his term

[MarkZ] triple777 I thought ford was 76-78 then Carter But after thinking about it you are correct or Reagan couldn’t have been elected in 80

[jack1977] MarkZ you know whatever happens you had no control .. just like the rest of us … No blame …

[MarkZ] jack1977 Thank you for understanding!

[sandytob] MarkZ just got here…..sort of got the gist about the computer glitch…..but do you think that this could be done by tomorrow?

[MarkZ] sandytob very possible.

[sandytob] MarkZ I thought I read somewhere that it was fixed….???

[MarkZ] sandytob looks to be

[garfield] MarkZ – I am running out of depends with all these alerts

[MarkZ] garfield I just threw plastic sheets on the bed and am walking around naked..

[Bobbysgirl] MarkZ, any news on the rates going live after banks in Hawaii closed?

[MarkZ] Bobbysgirl I am not looking for H to matter

[MarkZ] ok gang I need a break. Keeping up has worn me out!

[MarkZ] I may pop back in at the end tonight. See you all later

[MarkZ] wow…… everyone.

[GJHHonor] mrs.) Markz where did you hide the RV

[MarkZ] GJHHonor In the open. Everyone is just looking past it. :) You will see it soon.

[zorro] MarkZ What inning are we in, 19 or did you lose count too?

[MarkZ] zorro bottom of the 22nd…

[wingnaprayer] MarkZ Dang…how many innings in this game?

[MarkZ] wingnaprayer I think the game is over but we keep playing the game out of habit.

[Robertprofessor] MarkZ We’ve all heard that there was a problem with Forex that stopped the reset last night. Any truth?

[MarkZ] Robertprofessor That is just who they blamed.

[mbillions] MarkZ game of habit?????????
Read More Link on Right

[MarkZ] TnBikerGal Forex got blamed. The RV as I see it is all wrapped up now. Now we just have to make sure the reset/WGS is wrapped up. Everyone is in place now I believe. Let’s just show a VERY small amount of patience here at the END and watch it like a great movie…

[canadagoose] MarkZ Is it true that CBI’s website and server are in Houston? If so, would that be part of a shrub family’s heavy thumb of control?

[MarkZ] canadagoose I want to comment but shouldn’t yet. :) Please do not think I am being coy. Do not worry about the Bush’s though anymore.

[cashinqueen] MarkZ going into another broke weekend hope its the last party

[MarkZ] cashinqueen I am hopeful that if you are still broke this weekend that you will at least know when it will end. I am very hopeful. I believe we should still be keeping Okie close.

[HIGHERGROUND] MarkZ hi there… what do you mean as you see it? Especially since we all were expecting it last night? Ty

[MarkZ] HIGHERGROUND I truly wish I could explain that one but I do not want to risk my position.

[HIGHERGROUND] MarkZ fully understand… your other answer really helps us all ty again

[~healthy3] hi everyone. MarkZ thanks for all that you have done for us. Blessings to you.

[MarkZ] ~healthy3 Jester is the one that has dedicated a tremendous amount of time to keeping you all as up to date as is prudent. I keep very current but when time is short I only keep my family up to date. The family that RV’s together stays together…. :)

[Diogenes] MarkZ This is the kind of information we need. Many thanks, and appreciations to you!

[MarkZ] Diogenes This thing has been illusive but we are stinking close.

[Diogenes] MarkZ Yes, we give thanks to Jester for sure!

[wabbit60] MarkZ Republic, yes or no?

[MarkZ] wabbit60 The republic will be historically important but it will take US to make it matter.

[canadagoose] MarkZ or anyone…. Does anyone happen to know approx how many dinarians there are?

[MarkZ] canadagoose in the US they believe about 6 million that have any significant amount but around 10-20 thousand people hold roughly 80% of the dinar.

[wingnaprayer] MarkZ Like 42 minutes close? Grin

[MarkZ] wingnaprayer lol

[TRudinarfreedom] MarkZ have you talk to OKIE TODAY??????

[MarkZ] TRudinarfreedom I have not talked to Okie. We have very different sources and I try to keep it that way so there is less circular intel.

[spiritfilled] MarkZ Good evening brother…God is going to finish this now and bring this to the people for the people…Amen!!!!

[MarkZ] spiritfilled amen

[armadillo] MarkZ even thogh there was glitches last night and apparently fixed, does that mean the try again the next night?

[MarkZ] armadillo At this point they will try every night and day until we have a reset and please keep in mind that the reset and WGS are far more important than the RV historically and globally.

[archangelmichael] MarkZ Is closing time of banks in Hawaii going to have any trigger effect?

[MarkZ] archangelmichael Zero effect. Once the west coast is closed is all they have ever worried about.

[TnBikerGal] MarkZ Is there anything left for us to “look” for? Any indicators? Important dates? Or just sit back and wait for the credits to roll?

[MarkZ] TnBikerGal just sit back. Any and all technical issues are just things to be fixed and moved past. Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off of your goals. Believe me when I say that the people that are in charge will NOT rest until this is done.

[gdsgrl21] MarkZ hey there! Isn’t the reset and RV the same thing??

[MarkZ] gdsgrl21 very different things. Very inter-related but very different and if it had not been for a Mr. Mahue(SP?) They would not be inter-related at all but thank God he took the opportunity to make it happen. It was the preverbal straw that broke the camels back.

[wingnaprayer] MarkZ Do you know the 6 countries rumored to drop out today?

[MarkZ] wingnaprayer I have heard about 20 different lists from about the same number of people. I am still trying to decipher the truth if any on that

[keiji] MarkZ do you feel confident that July is still our month?

[MarkZ] keiji Yes I do.

[amg] MarkZ who is Mr Mahue?

[MarkZ] amg I will need more hours than we have to explain. If Pres Kennedy had not had quality men like Mr. M the world would not be speaking English. A true patriot and a brilliant mind. Unfortunately he passed before the completion but his son has very aptly picked up his mantle..

[wheezer2] MarkZ MarkZ Mr Mahue???????????? I don’t think I have heard of him…what is his role?

[MarkZ] wheezer2 He used CMKM as a platform to force the final changes on asset backed currency.

[garfield] MarkZ Is tonight still in the game or are we looking at next week, thanks

[MarkZ] garfield I am not looking to next week.
[Diogenes] MarkZ I sincerely hope that these things are being detailed for historic purposes. I would love to know this stuff. TY

[MarkZ] Diogenes Post RV I will do my best to invite these players and patriots both from the US and abroad to join as speakers on a few calls so that we remember and never forget how we got here and what it took to start fixing it.

[randyv] MarkZ I hope someone writes a book about this journey. It will be a best seller.

[MarkZ] randyv lol. The only folks that will would read it would be we dinarians and we will be at the beach….

[wheezer2] MarkZ MarkZ what will be your platform to let us know about the call??????? i have my doubts about the boards being open

[MarkZ] wheezer2 I will ask Jester to post it on his FB page.

[Robertprofessor] MarkZ I hope you are able to follow thought on that project. Yes, the complete story needs to be told for many reasons, give credit where its due and as a solemn warning to future generations.

[MarkZ] Robertprofessor You would be the perfect person to pen it and chronicle it…..

[miabella] MarkZ exactly getting massage after massage lol

[MarkZ] miabella same here!!! I am even going to go nuts and see if I can get a professional pedicure and reign in these hooves of mine before I scare all the pretty women away at the beach…

[zorro] MarkZ Robert Aime Maheu (October 30, 1917 – August 4, 2008) was an American businessman and lawyer, who worked for the FBI, CIA and as the chief executive of Nevada operations[1] for the industrialist Howard Hughes. ….Thx Nutzo

[MarkZ] zorro good find. ;)

[keiji] MarkZ if we don’t see this tonight/tomorrow, would it be most likely Monday before we knew anything?

[MarkZ] keiji Weekends wouldn’t stop it now. Now it is just finishing the process.

[amg] Robertprofessor MarkZ is absolutely correct….. are you receiving the calling???lol

[MarkZ] amg hahaha

[berry] Markz was it supposed to go last night or was it just bad smoke

[MarkZ] berry As I know it and understand it the intel that was given to you all by Okie was DEAD on. We fully expected it last night

[LetsRVnow] MarkZ Once the reset is complete, Kicked in, Started, It means the Fed Res is out and gone, With respect to printing money and loaning to our Gov with interest??

[MarkZ] LetsRVnow yes

[sananddan24] So MarkZ we are only waiting for Okie?

[MarkZ] sananddan24 well he is waiting on the refunding of the UST so it will replace the FRN so he can announce but as far as we the common folks are concerned yes. That is how we will know.

[berry] Markz thank you but nobody is saying strong for tonight to go

[MarkZ] berry all the guru’s are gun shy. This game has made them all very cautious with your emotions.

[garfield] MarkZ – Do you think they will try it tonight????

[MarkZ] garfield They will try and hopefully succeed but, if they are not successful tonight they will try again and again.

[lightman1] MarkZ some theories are that we need to wait until the 4X shuts down on Sat night to make it a clean break and the RV kicks in for the Sunday start. What are your thoughts?

[MarkZ] lightman1 That it would be easier to do it that way but knowing some of the people in charge I KNOW they are over what is easy….

[berry] Markz thank you and thanks for coming in tonight


DinarDreamer: Was  just  watching  Fox  News,  and  heard  them  say  tomorrow  on  Fox  Business  Network  their  will be a segment  on investing in Iraq!  I  didn’t catch  the  time?  If  anyone finds out  please  post.

pdh0011] Loechin. Was Shabs really in ny Tuesday ?

[loechin] pdh0011 Yep

[pdh0011] That’s confirmed loechin

[loechin] pdh0011 One of my guys was with him

[Fish For Breakfast] loechin .. Good Afternoon Sir.. Ok Last week I kinda recall you stating the RV was done 13 days ago and it was working it’s way through the system or something to that effect.. Then just a short time ago you stated the RV was done this week tuesday.. Ok.. How can it be both..?? Just asking FFB-Fish

[loechin] Fish For Breakfast The RV was done at 7:30 PM two weeks ago…. This tuesday CBI signed what they finally agreed to so that forex could release the final rates
Read More Link on Right

[mimiover21] loechin So if I might ask—what time do you most expect???

[loechin] mimiover21 I will leave that to Tony… He has the right people to validate a timeline

[loechin] I am looking for tonight but I really don’t know but am hopeful tonight

[pdh0011] Loechin. Do banks really have to be closed to release. I was under impression it could happen at any time. Ty

[loechin] pdh0011 It can but it makes sense to give them some extra time

[Already Blessed] loechin same here…anytime…hopefully tonite

[cashinqueen] loechin do you think this can go out another week yet ty

[loechin] cashinqueen I don’t see that at all

[marymae] loechin good answer

[pdh0011] Loechin. So everything is done? Just waiting on release? ty again

[loechin] pdh0011 It’s what I am told yes

[loechin] BBL guys keep the faith a little while longer

[sda1024] loechin Thank You for all you bring us it is greatly appreciated.

[justneedy] dinark ” loechin once on Forex, the banks should already have it I would imagine kingdinar Yes. Six countries were dropped out and some adjustments needed to be made which we understand were done last night now we are ready for it kingdinar They have released it was done on Tues while Shabbi and the Minister of Finance were in NY loechin Just don’t say the IQD and VND were one of those ‘six’    Gary5690 No It’s just a loechin opinion I am hoping for after banks close today”

TRISHA] loechin So the forex has the final and when they say go we go loechin kingdinar Yes. Six countries were dropped out and some adjustments needed to be made which we understand were done last night now we are ready for it loechin kingdinar They have released it was done on Tues while Shabbi and the Minister of Finance were in NY loechin It’s just a loechin opinion I am hoping for after banks close today



[lgtennis] chevyman] Just on FOXNews at 4:55 they say there’s going to be on FOXBusiness news in the morning and I’ll be talking about the Iraqi dinar and how to make money

[waynoiam2] Not good

[dkg] lgtennis then don’t they want to rv before that fox news

[waynoiam2] Everyone doesn’t need to know about this

[dkg] waynoiam2 that was my thoughts also

[waynoiam2] If everyone knows then value would be less I would think



dollardude] On Fox Business with “Varney and Co. At 9:20 tomorrow (Friday) they are discussing investing in Iraq…!! Could be something, could be nothing. I report you decide..LOL

[peacemaan] [GJHHonor] wango1 saying we should see it tonight he is on Tony’s site and also pdh0011 said we should see it in a couple of hours , that they tried yesterday and that will try again tonight that all is done done done? I pray they are correct



rolynda] Just said on FOX News that tomorrow on Varney & Company (Fox Business) they are going to have a man on that is investing in Iraq. Show starts at 8:20 a.m. CDT

[xyz] U.S. President Barack Obama and Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang pledged to finish talks on a regional free-trade agreement by the end of the year, but the two leaders clashed over human rights during a White House meeting on Thursday.   http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/07/25/us-usa-vietnam-idUSBRE96O1BE20130725

[xyz] The dollar is dying in Iraq   http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.alsabaah.iq%2FArticleShow.aspx%3FID%3D50667

xyz] Top-secret tax reform . Senators are promised their tax break proposals will be kept secret for 50 years.   http://money.cnn.com/2013/07/25/pf/taxes/tax-reform/index.html?iid=Lead

On Wednesday, the United Nations Security Council extended the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) until 31st July 2014, so it can “continue to advise and support the country, which has been hit by the worst violence in years, to progress on the path to stability and development“.

In a unanimously adopted resolution, the 15-member body also called on the Government of Iraq to continue to provide security and logistical support to the Mission, and on Member States to continue to provide it with sufficient resources.

UNAMI will now take responsibility for several issues relating to Kuwait, which were moved from Chapter VII to Chapter VI in a vote in late June.

But the extension of the mandate also has implications for the credibility of the forthcoming parliamentary elections, which are due to take place in the first half of next year; UNAMI will be observing the conduct of the elections, with logistical support committed by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari.

With violence on the increase, and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki unlikely to be allowed a third term in office, the election may be quite eventful — having the UN Assistance Mission still in place will certainly aid the process.


Weak US data gives dollar a boost

NEWS.com.au15 hours ago

The Australian dollar is up strictly because the US dollar is down. Source: Getty Images. THE Australian dollar is higher after disappointing US durable goods data dampened hopes that the Federal Reserve will begin tapering its economic stimulus soon.

Weak US dollar push oil higherThe Australian
$A higher as weak data pressures US dollarThe West Australian

Weak US data gives dollar a boost

NEWS.com.au12 hours ago

The Australian dollar is up strictly because the US dollar is down. Source: Getty Images. THE Australian dollar is higher after disappointing US durable goods data dampened hopes that the Federal Reserve will begin tapering its economic stimulus soon.

$A higher as weak data pressures US dollarThe West Australian
Weak US dollar push oil higherThe Australian

– Natural gas prices tracked lower on Thursday on sentiments that milder temperatures that are currently edging out a heat wave over the eastern U. S. will cut into the need for gas-fired electricity generation in the coming weeks.
Unseasonably warm summer temperatures in the U. S. normally send prices gaining as businesses and homes ramp up their air conditioners, while milder temperatures have the reverse effect.
On the New York Mercantile Exchange, natural gas futures for delivery in August traded at USD3. 680 per million British thermal units during U. S. afternoon trading, down 0. 63%.
The August contract settled down 1. 20%, at USD3. 698 per million British thermal units on Wednesday.
States in the U. S. Midwest, Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions may see below-normal temperatures next week, which allowed prices to fall.
Bullish supply trimmed earlier losses though weather forecasts served as the market’s chief weather vane.
The U. S. Energy Information Administration said in its weekly report that natural gas storage in the U. S. in the week ended July 19 rose by 41 billion cubic feet, below market expectations for an increase of 46 billion cubic feet.
Total stocks now stand at 2. 786 trillion cubic feet, down 399 billion cubic feet from last year at this time and 46 billion cubic feet below the five-year average the report said.
The report showed that in the East Region, stocks were 120 billion cubic feet below the five-year average, following net injections of 25 billion cubic feet.
Stocks in the Producing Region were 45 billion cubic feet above the five-year average of 980 billion cubic feet after a net injection of 12 billion cubic feet.
Elsewhere on the NYMEX, light sweet crude oil futures for delivery in September were up 0. 37% and trading at USD105. 75 a barrel, while heating oil futures for August delivery were down 0. 07% at USD3. 0450 per – offers an extensive set of professional tools for the Forex, Commodities, Futures and the Stock Market including real-time data streaming, a comprehensive economic calendar, as well as financial news and technical & fundamental analysis by in-house experts.

International banks looking to Iraq’s desire mixed with fear

7/25/2013 | (Voice of Iraq) –

Middle East Online show international banks, including “Citibank” and “Standard Chartered” desire to find a foothold in Iraq, but this desire often collide with several negative factors in the country is witnessing عراكا politically tense security sustained.
Yet tens of millions of potential customers who owns a few of them only bank accounts, Pat Iraq represents an ambitious target of banking institutions, particularly that the Iraqis are looking forward now to banking services is greater than those available to them.

However, the old laws of the Covenant, and the dominant banks controlled by the government, and infrastructure vulnerable to this sector, In addition to a huge number of other obstacles Kaerak the ongoing political and security situation deteriorating, make banking activity in the country, an order is not guaranteed results.

says a Western diplomat, “it is very likely that Iraq will be a market rich in relation to the banking business.”
has returned to talk about the Iraqi market through the past few weeks after starting the major banks, including “Citibank” and “Stnadrd Chartered” moving in an attempt to establish presence in Iraq. Says مايانك owner, bank manager, “Citibank” in Jordan and Iraq, “We look to Iraq as biggest target next,” he said, adding “we see in Iraq giant is preparing for the advancement of”.

“We consider ourselves among the candidates the top, and we want to have the top priority.”

It will bank, “Citibank” in the beginning to serve existing customers, who are working within the energy companies operating in the fields of oil-rich.

But in the long term, the multinational bank will seek to move into the commercial banking business and service, although no timetable has been put in place yet.

He holds “Citibank” great hopes for Iraq, which is expected to economists bank that has a population of Iraq’s 50 million people economy worth about $ 2 trillion by 2050.

figure represents the last 15 times the current capacity of the economy, and roughly equivalent to the size of India’s economy.

With the development of sector, becoming a banking full is required, because the front of Iraqis currently limited opportunities in obtaining loans, insurance, credit cards, mortgages and other services.

As shown owner optimistic about the potential of the banking sector in Iraq, looming obstacles essential for the development of this sector.

While it decided to “Citibank” open an office in Iraq last month, the bank, “HSBC” announced later that he was withdrawing from the bank, “Dar es Salaam” local who owns 70 percent of its shares. spokesman said, “HSBC “It” At this stage we can provide more details about the process of change and timing. ”

However, diplomats and analysts pointed to a number of difficulties including the lack of modern systems to give Iraqis confidence in the banking process.

Even Iraqis who have bank accounts, they are not able on the use of ATM or services the bank over the Internet or even the ability to access their accounts from different branches of the bank itself.

has issued some credit cards, but there were no places accept handle. says a Western diplomat said “the conditions are not well suited to engage in banking individual . ”
and often complain of local companies that banks are unwilling to lend, or they demanded guarantees expensive and unacceptable., and the withdrawal of the World Bank estimates, the bank credit Iraqi amounted to less than ten percent of the gross domestic product in 2010.

For comparison, the This figure is about 55 percent in the rest of the Middle East. says Thamer Ghadhban Chairman of the advisers of the prime minister “must avoid the accumulation of cash within the government banks, but rather use the money to lend to even be a part of the system of the private sector.” adds angry that required “Technology best, as well as reductions in processing times and the Securities and staffing levels., and there is also a need to change the attitude toward customers. ” and explained that “the staff of the bank does not give them the service but the situation on the contrary,” adding, “They must attract customers and not push them out.”