I have seen a ton of people talking about the ISX going International and Electronic yesterday. What really disappoints me with the information that is coming out, is who it is coming from. Many of the “Gurus” have been around for a while and know that the ISX has been trading Electronically since April 19th 2009.

I know this because at that time, I as well as many others thought, how can they go electronic without an internationally tradeable currency. Well what we didn’t realize is that they were just upgrading the systems to a Thompson Reuters system and were coming out of the stone ages.

As you probably read an article yesterday stating 5 stocks went live….Well they went live on April 19th 2009. If I remember correctly 3 were banks and 2 hotels. I think Warka went live 2 months later. There was also an article stating that the ISX was upgrading their systems to the Nasdaq system the middle of June 2014. I am telling you this because these are the facts and you deserve them.

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As many of you who have known me over the years also know I get very frustrated with the daily BS. We have enough good news to not make stuff up and a lot of these guys know better.

I’m also telling you this because the difference between now and the past 6 years is, Iraq is out of Ch 7 and they do have to get their finances in order. Which means the currency does have to go International.

We also know that the Banks are ready. The currency has been run through the system for testing and everyone is waiting.

We also know large multi billion dollar companies are going into Iraq which they don’t do without knowing what’s to come. Take all that info and it also tells you the rate isn’t going to start low and creep up. A Bank wouldn’t get ready for pennies.

So out of all this, this is an investment. Do your homework and know what is really going on! And know that many of these “Gurus” don’t know what they are talking about because they don’t study and the others are just trying to keep you on their sites and calls.

But in closing, keep your head up because it really is an amazing part of history to watch even if it is a rollercoaster ride…… and we are close (Really!). 

Oh and if someone has an article about the ISX going International yesterday please show me. Seriously because I have been looking all over the place. Thanks

Here is the 2009 Info.
Here is the 2013 Info.



PJ27] Robertprofessor Can you explain in laymans terms what the 6 month treaty is all about

 [Robertprofessor] PJ27 Six months to change out old dollars for new ones. To get that done worldwide in six months means it needs to begin very soon … like today kind of soon.

 [Robertprofessor] There’s a big gap between a percentage of members that just want the answer to date/rate, and what Jester is bringing to us. But if you don’t want the big picture, you can’t understand date/rate either.

[PJ27] Robertprofessor ty – that is refering to the ones here in the US correct?

Robertprofessor] PJ27 All the dollars in use now need to be exchanged for the ones that are not out yet. The treaty was to give six months for the two currencies to coexist without the old FRN being useless.

Iank1978] Robertprofessor also if lower level bank employees are in the know now they need to pull trigger ASAP
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[Robertprofessor] Iank1978 That makes sense but I think we are down to China’s satisfaction that all is the way they want it. Once that point is reached, we will have the global reset.

 [graciousme] Robertprofessor is china wanting a new look here in us is that the hold up ??

 [alfonse] We have been told lies and half truths for all our lives.. there is a natural mistrust of what we are told…some have been trained to look away from the man behind the curtain…we have to see the truth and unlax and rewind..imo

 [Robertprofessor] DrRod Hi there friend. I’m just getting up and logging on. I tell myself not to do that until I’m ready for the day, but I stagger over here from a late night, log on and start in.

 [Robertprofessor] Trust me on this one. No one has developed all the contacts that Jester has now, no one sees the process like he does, and no one is assembling and explaining the big picture like him. The room needs to come up to his level!

 [DrRod] Robertprofessor Well here we are yet again after lots of so-called postive indicators. Seems we’re on the never ending journey. I’m very close….

[Robertprofessor] DrRod This really can end today. Will it? I don’t know.

 [Iank1978] Obxlady1 no it’s just gives the world time to transition from federal reserve note to UST bills

[heartfelt] Robertprofessor Just reading your postings and you are absolutely correct. He has a world of insight that most will not take the time to digest

[constantlyabiding] Bank boom continues: Goldman Sachs profit doubles http://www.cnbc.com/id/100887555

 [DrRod] Robertprofessor Personally, I am hopeful, but in reality based on ‘history’ I doubt it

 [constantlyabiding] Citigroup earnings, revenue top expectations http://www.cnbc.com/id/100882337

constantlyabiding] Wells Fargo, the biggest U.S. mortgage lender, posted a higher-than-expected 20 percent rise in quarterly profit on Friday http://www.cnbc.com/id/100880373


 [shatterstar] This is my opinion…. Based on International Law a country has to have its own native currency to trade. Once a country has a competitive currency that can trade internationally on a platform with other countries… Iraq can’t do that yet without RV’ing their currency…

 [shatterstar] Because of this everything needs to be about their country. you have many people debating the rate/date/ who has the button and why?

shatterstar] But all of sudden literally last week the US becomes Basel 3 compliant.

 [shatterstar] Just follow the dots… We all know this is a process…

[shatterstar] Iraq is stalling because they dont have everything in place yet. And the powers that be have found a way to still make money off of the old system. I may be wrong but the last signature comes from China. China is the only country with direct access to the UST. US because of it being a host

[shatterstar] the first nation to benefit from the RV can exert pressure on Iraq. The reset is already finished they just need to make it active with the rate that wwas previously agreed. Once that happens we can go to the bank. IMF is the fail-safe. It would look good if Iraq did it or announced it but I

 [shatterstar] think they will force the hand and the rate will be much higher than anticipated because of the transparency of natural assets that Iraq has.

[shatterstar] I think we have less than 48hrs left with all of this.

[peachesten] shatterstar why not any one of the 198 or whatever that number is of nation’s announcing it whjy iraq, becasue we hold dinar?? As iraq’s dinar increases in value our over inflated dollar is going to devalue that is not a party to me boo!!

[shatterstar] peachesten yes and no think of this… we found out that there is a treaty in country so that all currency in US will be valued 1:1, but outside of the country notsomuch… Why I think is that we the dollar devaluizing it will end money laundering funding for bad groups

[shatterstar] peachesten we are the host nation because of everything that happened in 2003 and because of how much interest of IMF we control…

[peachesten] shatterstar well that is good but doesnt that ring in your ear 1:1 for 6 months…then what will the ratio be I wonder? To me that indicates a devalue happening but that just might be the way I see it

[shatterstar] peachesten the transition for us is automatic…

[shatterstar] After 6 months you won’t be able to get a Federal Reserve note unless you saved it under your mattress somewhere..



 [lgtennis] alot of times we are getting news out of there that is old

[js86901] lgtennis right

 [lgtennis] iraq comes out with articles that are 2 weeks old

[lgtennis] they are not in real time

[lgtennis] ones that are good to look at is the articles out of kurdistan

[Diogenes] lgtennis You are doing great, keep it coming and ignore the rest. :)

 [lgtennis] i would love for somebody to be right for a change

[IslandDancer] lgtennis was right! But this is a fluid event with changes and things popping up any moment, like the ping problems, the request for a day extension, etc.

 [lgtennis] there are ciircumstances beyond our control period

 [lgtennis] IslandDancer thats true its crazy

 [Diogenes] lgtennis Do you think there is some kind of schedule for this to pop or will it be random? TY

[lgtennis] Diogenes to be honest combination of  both

 [lgtennis] timing

[golferiam] Diogenes good question…personally, I think it will pop whenever it & they are ready…we just don’t know when that will be

tennis] Diogenes yep

[lgtennis] SonoMan23 again like i said this can pop anytime for nowhere

[lgtennis] we are that close it can

[holistichealth] timing is part of their culture & the moon plays a big part

[rich17] lgtennis I am just logging on. It seems there is a bit of frustration. Are you seeing good things happen or do we have a problem from where we thought we were?

[lgtennis] rich17 no problem just waiting timing

 [rich17] lgtennis Any idea when at this point?

 [lgtennis] gosh really anytime this can pop thats how close we are in this now

[rich17] lgtennis Have we stumped our toe in this process or is it still a green light?

 [lgtennis] rich17 green light we are good

rich17] lgtennis Can Iraq continue to operate indefinitely without the RV now that chapter 7 has been released and they are on international stock market?

 [lgtennis] rich17 no they cant and its not about iraq at all darlin

[lgtennis] its global

[rich17] lgtennis I understand….but how are they operating for 3 weeks now out of Chapter 7?

[lgtennis] they will be given the word what do do

lgtennis] rich17 not there call

[lifetalker] lgtennis Do you know if indeed Iraq would need a full Erbil agreement in place prior to our blessing. I remember last year someone saying.. to watch for Cap 7 and Erbil announcment.

[lgtennis] lifetalker lifetalker all that is done darling



Avery] OMG…this is so weird. I just had the CEO of an MLM company call me to ask how I’m doing and why I haven’t been doing much with the business lately and I said…oh, I’m studying Currency Exchange, etc.. (which I am) and so he says…well if you are doing that…I hope you bought some Dinar! I asked him what he knows about the Dinar. His son is very high in intel over in Iraq and he says that every single person in the government has Dinars and are waiting. He said that Iraq is trying to circulate the smaller denominations before opening it up to the larger ones that we have. He says it will be soon, but doesn’t think today. BUT,…he is not on any chat rooms or internet, so maybe he doesn’t realize how close it is. He also said he is going to Wells Fargo and already has his account set up. Guess that put a little more assurance in my heart today.



[Imperium] [Lakerfan] [linda57] INTEL…..This just in……Wells Fargo in Georga said they have no problem exchanging the dinar & VND AND you can come in as many times as you want to and get the same rate…come in as many times as you want to to do exchanges!!

[Imperium] [Lakerfan] But if you are in a “group” you can only get that group rate the one time when you do it as a group.There was a WF in Virginia who said they will also, when there’s a rate.woohooo!

Translated from Al-Hayat by Abdel Wahed Tohmeh, for Al-Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News.

Iraqi Kurdistan Region Natural Resources Minister Ashti Hawrami (pictured) said that the shares of oil companies operating in the region have exceeded $3.5 billion. He stressed the importance of the oil and gas law’s enactment, and estimated that oil reserves in the three Kurdish governorates are at more than 45 billion barrels.

In an interview with Al-Hayat, Hawrami said that the negotiations with Baghdad will be in accordance with the law, which determines the Kurdistan region’s financial share of federal revenues. “The provincial government informed Baghdad at the beginning of this year that the investing companies requested more than $3.5 billion [in shares], and they are constitutionally entitled to this,” he said.

He denied Baghdad’s accusations that the region is exporting crude oil without coordinating with Baghdad, adding, “This is taking place under an agreement with Baghdad to export our production, on the condition that 50% of proceeds is deducted to pay companies’ dues, while the other 50% is kept by the state treasury. However, all the proceeds were seized.”

He denied rumors of smuggling, saying, “There is no oil smuggling, we do not accept such cheap accusations. What was claimed is a legal entitlement and it came because we forbid them from grabbing it.” He criticized the current management of the country’s imports, which “still follows the methods of the former regime and include laws that are imposed on us by force from the federal government.”

Hawrami demanded that the central government provide the region with the 55 million barrels of fuel “that we did not receive from 2004 to 2012, and that are needed for domestic consumption.”

By Ali Abel Sadah for Al-Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News.

On July 9, 2013, a source close to Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi (pictured) revealed that the political parties draft law will not be enacted during the current legislative session, due to sharp differences between the leaders of political blocs.

“Long discussions were held last week between the leaders of political blocs in parliament regarding the law. However, no consensus has been reached to pass it during this session,” the source said in a statement to Al-Monitor.

The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, added, “This law was supposed to be voted on during the session, but due to mistrust between political blocs, political leaders failed to reach an agreement in this regard.”

Speaking to Al-Monitor, Ahmed Abdullah, the deputy chairman of Iraq’s Integrity Committee, said, “Major political parties, especially those in the government, do not wish to enact this law because it reveals their financial resources.”

“The political parties law provides for strict conditions on financial returns and sources of donations. Therefore, the parties that are receiving suspicious funds will not allow its legislation,” he added.

According to the draft law developed by lawmakers, funding resources for political parties include: subscription fees of its members; internal endowments and donations; returns of [the party’s] newspaper, publications and other activities; and financial support from the general budget of the state as per the Annual Budget law.

Dollar higher on weaker US retail sales data

NEWS.com.au (blog)Jul 15, 2013

THE Australian dollar is higher after weaker US retail sales figures made it look less likely the US central bank will taper its economic stimulus program any time soon.

Australian dollar gains on poor US retail sales dataThe Australian
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Called for a number of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives to the enactment of the oil and gas to eliminate internal crises between the region and the center and the development of the geographical boundaries of all the provinces and regions of oil-producing member of the Oil and Energy Committee MP Furat Mohsen al-Shara said during his speech for the (citizen) that «the absence of oil and gas law will negatively impact all the merits of political and economic relations between the province and the center.