7-17-13 Zawya Intel:   There has been a subtle shift in Western energy policy in the past few years, new technology has meant that previously unobtainable gas reserves locked deep underground in shale rock formations across Europe and the US are now available through a technique known as fracking. This has been a feature of US energy policy for years and has rapidly increased the use of natural gas as a major energy provider. Now Europe is jumping in on the act.
While fracking has proven to be less popular on the continent of Europe, for example an EU report recommends that it is banned due to environmental dangers and it is already banned in Bulgaria and France, other countries have more of an open mind.

On a recent trip to Ireland, which reportedly has large shale gas reserves but also has some of the most picturesque countryside in the world, fracking is a divisive subject. Ireland could definitely do with the financial benefit that an on-shore energy industry would provide, it would create plentiful, long term jobs and benefits to the wider community, and it could help Ireland’s balance of payments. Although Ireland has a current account surplus, nearly all of the money that is brought into the country through tourism is spent on importing energy from elsewhere. If it didn’t have to spend the money on importing energy then Ireland could have an even larger capital buffer. Financial security is a hot topic in Ireland, especially after the country needed to be bailed out by the European Union, the IMF and the European Central Bank in 2010.

However, some people in Ireland are worried about the environmental impact from fracking and also how much money the country would actually receive. A common criticism in the Irish media is that energy companies would cream all of the profits and ruin the local environment, while leaving very little for the Treasury.
Similar environmental concerns threaten to block shale gas extraction across the UK. Local councils have threatened to stage prolonged battles with the government to ensure that natural beauty spots are not damaged. The UK has in excess of 1.3 trillion cubic feet of shale gas reserves, however, most of this is located in the countryside of Yorkshire and Lancashire, where there is fierce local opposition to fracking. However, if the government deems that fracking is in the national interest to help the UK become energy independent then it could force local councils to allow it to take place. Thus, shale gas extraction could be easier to get started in the UK compared to countries in the Eurozone, where political opposition is stronger.

The UK government is trying to reign in the UK’s enormous public debt, and a potential new lucrative industry that could boost tax revenue and make a welcome dent in the UK’s bills is, understandably, popular in parts of Westminster. The US, which has seen its oil and gas industry explode in recent years, has also seen a big recovery in its public finances. For example, the current account has recovered to its lowest level of deficit since 1999. This may improve further as the US is expected to increase its oil and gas output in the coming years, thus reducing its need for oil imports.
So what does this mean for the Middle East? The shale gas revolution still faces many hurdles, especially in Europe, however it is happening and if Ireland and the UK adopt these new energy technologies then it could gather pace.

Although the Middle East is still an important component of the global energy industry, it needs to keep abreast of developments elsewhere and make sure it doesn’t let its own plentiful energy reserves take its eye off the ball. The energy industry is changing, in future there could be much more energy available, which should naturally mean the price drops. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for traditional oil producers in the Middle East.



(Dinar Recaps Note: we posted most of this list as part of another post recently.  We are re-posting it to have it separate by itself.)

IQD – Iraqi Dinar
VND – Vietnamese Dong
RV – revaluation
RD – redenomination
RI – reinstatement
CE – currency exchange
PTB – powers that be
IMF – International Monetary Fund
BIS – Bank of International Settlements
GOI – Government of Iraq
CBI – Central Bank of Iraq
UST – United States Treasury
CL – Christine Legarde(IMF)
JL – Jack Lew(UST)
ASN – Any second now
WF – Wells Fargo
BOA – Bank of America

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LOP – removing of zeros (either literally where 25K becomes 25, or merely removing from circulation/streets)
ISX – Iraqi stock exchange
HCL – Hydrocarbon Law (oil & gas related)
EU – European Union
CC – conference call
GCR – Global Currency Reset

FX – Forex

NCO – Non-criminal origin

JPMC – JP Morgan Chase

FRN – Federal Reserve Note i.e. the money we now use in the USA
BS – Bologna Sandwiches
IMO-In my Opinion
POF – Proof of Funds for Cash Purchase (Clean, non-criminal, counterfeit or laundered)
IMHO-In my humble opinion
CCC – Clean and Clear Certificate (Funds bank verified; clean source)
ROFLMAO – Rolling On Floor Laughing My *** (or A$$) Off”

– U. S. stock futures pointed to a lower open on Wednesday, as markets were jittery ahead of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s testimony to Congress later in the day.
Ahead of the open, the Dow Jones Industrial Average futures pointed to a 0. 16% fall, SP 500 futures signaled a 0. 14% loss, while the Nasdaq 100 futures indicated a 0. 01% dip.
Market participants were eyeing Bernanke’s testimony on monetary policy amid speculation over the timing of a possible reduction to the bank’s USD85 billion-a-month bond buying program.
Stocks rallied last week after Bernanke said the U. S. economy still needed monetary stimulus.
Bernanke was expected to reiterate that the bank could start scaling back its asset purchase program by the end of this year if the economy continues to pick up, but interest rates will remain at record lows for the foreseeable future.
Tech stocks were expected to be active, amid reports Apple is developing ad-skipping technology that would let owners of its Apple TV set-top box and future television devices watch shows without commercials.
Internet-related stocks were also likely to be in focus, as Google was said to be holding discussions with media companies to introduce its own online-television service.
According to Bloomberg, the product would offer viewers television packages that bypass cable subscriptions. Google shares were still down 0. 15% in after-hour trade.
Yahoo was also down in extended trading, sliding 0. 30%, after giving a revenue forecast of USD1. 06 to USD1. 1 billion in the current quarter, falling short of analysts’ estimates.
In company news, Apollo Global Management decided to sell its remaining shares in Realogy Holdings, exiting its investment in the residential brokerage company.
Other stocks expected to be in focus included Bank of America, Bank of NY Mellon, Northern Trust, PNC Financial U. S. Bancorp, Abbott Laboratories and Mattel, all scheduled to report second quarter earnings later in the day.
Across the Atlantic, European stock markets were lower. The EURO STOXX 50 declined 0. 42%, France’s CAC 40 slid 0. 38%, Germany’s DAX retreated 0. 47%, while Britain’s FTSE 100 shed 0. 40%.
During the Asian trading session, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index added 0. 28%, while Japan’s Nikkei 225 Index edged up 0. 11%.
Later in the day, the U. S. was to release official data on building permits and housing – offers an extensive set of professional tools for the Forex, Commodities, Futures and the Stock Market including real-time data streaming, a comprehensive economic calendar, as well as financial news and technical & fundamental analysis by in-house experts.

From Recaps Comment Section:

RT 07/17/2013 12:27pm

Based upon the fact that Iraq now has an international stock exchange listed with Nasdaq, they must also have an international currency. In order for that to happen, the IMF had to have granted CBI the authorization to initially reintroduce the IQD at a rate commensurate with the Kuwaiti Dinar. Everyone seems to agree with that basic scenario regardless of the terms used.

Some folks knew that this might happen and they were looking to see if they could do a bait and switch shell game in order to make folks believe that the RI was in fact the RV. But that has not happened, because CBI has been prevented from announcing any new IQD (RI) reintroduction rate of somewhere between $3.22-$3.44.

Why have they been prevented? So that these so called private groups couldn’t just move in and offer a negotiated rate somewhere between the $3.44 range and whatever the new IQN will eventually be RV’d at in the double digits. The spread is huge and the temptation is just too great for some not to try to make the play.
Read More Link on Right

I don’t believe that most of the intel gurus know that this has been the most likely motive behind the deal. They have been duped IMO. I think that has been the standard for the past 100 years?? They have been fed intel… much of what has been essentially true, in order to gain their confidence and respect… in order for them to be encouraged to corral as many private holders into one group or another, in order to set the trap.

However, the Asian families are not dumb to this ploy and have the matter all under control. The CBI will not be permitted to internationally release any new values on the IQD until the actual international RV takes place. Once that is done, then people can compare rates between banks and groups to see if there is any real advantage.

Time will tell the truth, but this is my assessment. I have been paying attention to Wildduck’s comments and he sees the corralling of all too willing Dinarians, and is very suspicious of it… me too! The oil credits thing is all well and good sounding… but given that we are still being freed from the cabal within our government and industry… we are not there yet.

And given that they are being bankrupted internationally as we speak, what makes anyone not believe that they wouldn’t try such a bait and switch shell game move with private IQD holders? One has to assume that they would.



[1helton] Went to WF to open an acct. It was on my ‘to do’ list since I closed down my other acct. I sat there talking to the lady who asked me why type of acct I wanted to open. I told her for now, basic, but my needs may change in the near future. I then asked her if WF was a bank the Lloyds of London was offered.

[1helton] She went to the financial advisor, coming back with the answer of “no” – but there were other types of insurance coverage offered that I could look into. She then proceeded to tell me the wealth mgnt was located on the second fl and they could assist me with anything that I may need.

[1helton] She then asked me kindly what was the source of money I would be coming into, I simply replied investments of foreign currencies. She then asked me what currencies. I told her Rupiah, VND, and Dinar. I told her I understood that she probably could not talk to me about any of it. Her response…was that when it revalues, no one could say anything for talking about it

[1helton] She proceeded to open my account as I slipped in questions. She told me they could exchange the currency for me, but they would have to send it off; however, I would be credited the same day for the exchange. She explained that the reason for sending off the money was that in their vault, they are only allowed XXXX amount of foreign currency.

[1helton] She said that if any came back that was not valid, they would need to remove the amount from my account.

[1helton] I asked if they had a de la rue machine on site, she said no. I continued with my acct opening, and then asked her at the end if she knew if they had any UST notes, she had to ask – response was no, all FRN notes.

[canadagoose] 1helton I don’t think I would do my c/e with that branch, in that case. Unless, they have a 180 degree turnaround.

[FLPatriot59] 1helton If I was you I would find a larger, main branch to CE in.

 [shatterstar] 1helton good info

 [1helton] canadagoose from what i understand in NC, there will be a couple places. I live in a very small town, I’m not expecting to have an exchange site here by any means!

[littledip1921] Rumor & Confirmed – Jack Leu speech this morning was stepped on by Bernanke. The portion of Leu’s speech concerning Global Reset and Gold Backed currency was removed at Bernanke’s orders.

[1helton] 1 more thing!!! When I went in, I got a free WF bag – guess it is to carry my dinar, VND and rupiah in to exchange!!! Lol

1helton] you guys ready for another bank story? This one is from a friend who is invested and banks at a LoCaL bank…

1helton] friend’s bank story: I’ve been trying to get a line of credit through my bank to pay off my reserves when the rv happens. They’ve been giving me a bit of grief over it, wanting me to do a line through my mortgage which I definitely don’t want… I went in Mon to notarize some gift letters….one of the higher up CS folks came out to help me…saw the letters about the IQD, asked me if I found any VND, I said yes. 2 hours later I got an unsecured line of credit approved….at a lower interest rate than discussed

[Dinarblessed] 1helton Swwwwweeeeet!



[sarge] I was outside working, retirement??? right. I got a phone call from my contact. The whale he knows called and said basically the same as Eagle1. The one day delay then codes expired.. the Fed has reset them and he says he will go into the bank at WF today. I am not there so I can not verify this. You get what you pay for and this free.

 [holistichealth] sarge tyvm for sharing…

 [arizona49] [8:45:46 AM] Leo: (*)7-17-2013 Eagle1 [via BulldogFord65] expecting to see currencies on the ForEx, but did not go because the IQD is the pivot currency and the IMF codes expired because of the delay in Iraq; new codes have been provided by the IMF, and we now wait to see if it happens…tomorrow [Wednesday] – or not.

 [dkg] sarge this is exciting thanks

 [lgtennis] sarge hi darlinnn

[sarge] Don’t quit your jobs over that info., YW AZ

 [sarge] lgtennis Morning

[dkg] lgtennis so glad to see you how is it looking for seeing a RV?

 [lgtennis] dkg great cant say much more than that darlin

[yabba dabba] the codes exspired thats the new delay..i love this ride you gotta love the ride



xyz] CBI discuss controlling exchange rate, 17 July 2013 16:26 The parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, discussed with the Acting Head of the Central Bank of Iraq, Abdul Basit Turki, the means of controlling the exchange rate and the actions against the violating banks. A statement by Nijaifi’s office received by AIN cited “Nijaifi and Turki discussed the means of reducing the effects of the banking policies and transferring them to the judiciary.” “Nijaifi expressed the readiness of the parliament to support the CBI and its current administration to control the exchange rate and serve the citizens,” the statement added, noting that “The two sides have also discussed the procedures that the CBI will follow after relieving Iraq from the Seventh Chapter of the UN’s Charter and lifting the US protection to the Iraqi funds.” “Nijaifi called to form a committee to follow up the procedures of the indebtedness of the Iraqi funds after li   http://www.alliraqnews.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=37877

[xyz] CoM: Local governments to provide items of Ration Card Wednesday, 17 July 2013 18:51 The Council of Ministers decided to make the local governments to provide the items of the Ration Card. During its session held on Tuesday, the CoM decided that the local governments will provide the items of the Ration Card instead of the Ministry of Trade where only the Flour and Wheat will be provided by the MoT.   http://www.alliraqnews.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=37886



jdtolle » July 17th, 2013, Give joy

When you’re doing what you do, do it with joy. Instead of waiting for the situation to bring you joy, choose to give joy to the situation.

Give joy for the fact that you’re here to experience whatever you may be experiencing. Give joy for the satisfying reality that you’re making a difference in life.

Give joy to what you do, and you’ll be more positively focused and effective at it. Give joy to the people you encounter, and you’ll give those encounters a very good chance of being positive and fulfilling.

Be the person who brings positive energy into the room. Be the person who reminds everyone else how good it can be to be alive.

Simply choosing to be joyful can actually make you joyful. It’s a powerful choice that you can make at any time, again and again.

Joy costs you nothing to give, and it can mean so much to everyone it touches. Give joy, live joy, and experience life at its best.

— Ralph Marston

May All Have a Blessed Day

– Bank of America, the second largest U. S. bank, reported better-than-expected second quarter earnings ahead of Wednesday’s opening bell, sending its shares higher in pre-market trade.
Earlier in the day, in its second quarter earnings report, Bank of America said earnings per share came in at USD0. 32, above expectations for USD0. 26.
The bank’s first quarter adjusted revenue totaled USD22. 73 billion, broadly in line with expectations for revenue of USD22. 71 billion.
Immediately after the earnings announcement, Bank of America shares rose 0. 6% in trading prior to the opening bell.
Meanwhile, U. S. stock futures pointed to a steady open. The Dow Jones Industrial Average futures indicated a flat open, SP 500 futures were little changed, while the Nasdaq 100 futures indicated a gain of 0. 1% at the – offers an extensive set of professional tools for the Forex, Commodities, Futures and the Stock Market including real-time data streaming, a comprehensive economic calendar, as well as financial news and technical & fundamental analysis by in-house experts.

Central Bank of Iraq, the World Bank praised the draft reform of the banking sector in Iraq.
The bank said in a statement received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of the bank received a letter from the World Bank praises the report issued by the international auditing firm for the final financial statements of the draft reform of the banking sector in Iraq.
He added: that the report was devoid of any observations or reservations and this report reflects the good efforts made by the management of the Central Bank of Iraq in this

Economic parliamentary: the stability of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar responsibility of the Central Bank

on 7.17.2013

Electronic integrity
Commission confirmed the parliamentary economy and investment,
the central bank to ensure the stability of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against other foreign currencies is the responsibility of the Central Bank of Iraq.

The central bank has promised to take measures to raise and stabilize the dinar as it was in the past, but the degradation rate of the dinar is still volatile in the Iraqi market to fall and rise.

He said the Commission’s decision Mahma Khalil said in a statement: "The Central Bank is obliged to maintain the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar and a balance sovereign must be maintained and the feature in the Iraqi economy because of the expected to be the Iraqi dinar identity of the region’s economic, because Iraq is an oasis of economic and which stations promising economy.

"and noted that" the Iraqi dinar exchange rate depends on the political CBI and its mission to maintain the value of the dinar, which was built based on the price of a barrel of oil and the price was against the U.S. dollar thousand and [166] dinars and added him [13] dinars to the commission and became 1199.

He said Khalil said "Price is still volatile and that stabilization is through control of the movement of the dollar and the market may not be a balance of Iraq in 2007 ten billion dollars and exchange rate 1200 and today رصيدنا $ 76 billion and five years later keep the exchange rate itself and this is not permissible is unreasonable. "

The CBI has issued new instructions to stabilize the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies through quotas weekly for banks and money transfer companies will increase and decrease the stake against the commitment of all of them deliver the amounts they want customers from citizens.



[PJ27] Hoosier Girl I really feel its closer that what we think

[Hoosier Girl] PJ27 Today would work good for me! LOL but anytime this week will be fine….

[Iank1978] PJ27 I agree, I feel like they are scared to pull the trigger because its such a huge task IMO

 [Iank1978] Jester keeps reiterating that China wants everything perfect…there becomes a point you need to just go for it

[dldieter] Iank1978 …China may be our friend…but they are fast trying my patience!

[TRudinarfreedom] sooooooo the 24HOURS of blackout is about to finish. does anyone agree with me that they can star to talk NOWWWWWW WE WANT SOME NEWS ( RVVVVVVVVV) IMO LOL LOL

[Hoosier Girl] TRudinarfreedom It is RV time for sure!

[Iank1978] TRudinarfreedom I just want action no more news IMO
Read More Link on Right

shatterstar] TRudinarfreedom I am not trying to be negative, but I think they will just come up with another excuse… After the blackout it will be something else. But there hasn’t been a lot of info for the last week. I am just ready to cash out… LIKE NOW.

[Iank1978] Yup this ride needs to end like now, over it time for us all to move on

[TRudinarfreedom] shatterstar me too …AMEN BRO

[shatterstar] TRudinarfreedom But that is how it is over there. What would take us 3 days to accomplish it takes them 14 days because of their culture. It sucks. The good point about all of this is that after the RV you will see a lot of American companies and investors so their efficiency will increase

[shatterstar] I am waiting on the excuse where a camel ran into the CBI so they had to rebuild it so it postponed the RV..



[Capt Ron] gm

[beenready] any news on your end?

[Capt Ron] I talked to hub last night, and I don’t think he’d object to me passing it along…

[beenready] Capt Ron That would be nice

Capt Ron] …basically his sources still say the same things they have said for days now.

[Capt Ron] …which is a good thing, better than them saying negative things.

mcmc408] Capt Ron Hi Yes that is good news. Hope things get to moving and we see it soon.

[Capt Ron] I get the sense from it all that the holdup might be at the ‘Iraqi compliance’ end of things, in spite of common wisdom to the contrary.

[Capt Ron] I still retain a pretty good sense of hope/optimism. I haven’t heard of anything derailing this C/E for a lengthy time anyway.

[Capt Ron] But I no longer hang onto expectations of success ‘any hour’ no matter how much I read or hear otherwise.

[Capt Ron] So that’s my impressions for the moment. Another day of watching.

[beenready] another day. Thanks

[Capt Ron] I keep humming that John Lennon tune…

[Capt Ron] “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans….”

[Capt Ron] (Beautiful Boy)

[mcmc408] Capt Ron thanks

[Capt Ron] yw. Keep hanging in there.



[redhead1] I am going to stay with a firm believe that this is a currency exchange for Iraq and a few other countries – I doubt seriously it is a global reset for all the world on the media would be all over a story of that magnitude

[Chillimac] redhead1 i think they have been as in the battle of the currancies

 [redhead1] Chillimac – well – another of our members thinks it will be today at 2:30 CST because Obama wants it to go at the same day of the week and time as Kuwait – and I will take that right now

[Bull] redhead1 the news media puts out what the gov wants and nothing else

 [Chillimac] redhead1 do you have inside info on what obama wants,    let me know please im curious

  [redhead1] Chillimac – yes – he calls me for advice each morning before the day starts –    

[Chillimac] redhead1 great guide him in the right direction please , 

 [redhead1] Coffeeone – it is a good public relations ploy for O – he could balance the budget – clear the deficit and be a hero if we had this now – if he waits to long his approval waiting will continue to plummet      

Chillimac] redhead1 he already made the deal to balance the budget

[okrocks] redhead1 well something has to pop before Iraq and world explodes and it better be quick

[Coffeeone] Never will change my mind, but I do so want this R V! Mr. O, take the credit. RV come forth! Let’s get to the bank!


[Gary5690] Yesterday it was the moon’s impact on the RV. Today it’s the conspiracy theory’s impact on the RV. Methinks someone buys their tin-foil at Costco…

[ONEDOWN] Gary5690 is it a good deal at cosco?

[Gary5690] ONEDOWN Oh yeah!! And you can make a gazillion hats out of it  

[cruiser] Good Morning all. Everyone just needs to relax. Looking for answers on something that is extrememly private, will lead to confusion and that will lead to thinking that everything that is going on willl be tied to our investment. There has been a lot of fiction placed on internet sites to confuse everyone. Intel has been at best, 20% accurate which then leads to 80% made up excuses. These excuses then become fact, which leads to more confusion. No wonder why everyone’s head are always hurting.

redhead1] Crusier – Good Point but when people are desperate they seek information from any source and do not necessarily descern if it is correct or not – they are losing their homes – families are hungry and desperate breeds a need for NOW…imo

[midtex56] cruiser I think 20% is on the high side

[redhead1] Cruiser – Midtex56 – if I had to rate 20% of the gurus who provide accurate intel I would be hard pressed – but we have the choice – listen – don’t listen – agree – don’t agree – what I had are when people blindly follow someone who is not saying anything but giving false hope for the world

[wmawhite] Oh, by the way, I have a contact in Iraq…………… have I ever met this person? No. Do I know for a fact that this person truly works in Iraq? No. Do I know for a fact that this person is who he says he is? No. Has this person ever been correct with the information/intel he gives to me? No. Yet, I will continue to jump with excitement when he calls and tell anybody who will listen to me. Oh, by the way, I have a contact……………………………….



ZOCHOWSKI wrote on July 17th, 2013,











> A “BLANK CHECK”???? FROM “M” TO “B”!!!! WOW!!!





Nesara BlogSpot Dinar Update: John MacHaffie


Rumor & Confirmed – Jack Leu speech this morning was stepped on by Bernanke. The portion of Leu’s speech concerning Global Reset and Gold Backed currency was removed at Bernanke’s orders.

Rumor – Chase Bank saying they be exchanging tomorrow Thursday.

Rumor – Bernanke to make a speech today.

Rumor – HIGH ANTICIPATION for public exchanging today.

Rumor – Exchanges ARE ongoing in Reno

Confirmed – The International RV appeared on the Iraq Stock Exchange for 2 hrs. Trades were international in nature.

Confirmed – Tuesday ‘suppose’ to be the date for the RV/EXCHANGE. Private exchanges perhaps but no public exchanging yet

The IQD Team Connection with LJ from LJ’s Next Step Team
Straight Talkin Mike, LJ, Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, July 16,  2013 
Replay of Conference Call 
Conference Call Replay – July 16, 2013
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Great Night of News with Straight Talkin’ Mike & L.J. of L.J.’s Next Step Team

            “THE IQD Team Connection”           

Please listen to the replay in its entirety for all the
latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq  

The I.Q.D. Team Connection News Coverage
for Tuesday, July 16, 2013


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Parliamentary advocates economic speedy delete zeros from currency

Financial: wait for the claim of Central Bank of Iraq to discuss with us the subject delete zeros

Translation By Abby! :: News Video Including Sinan Shabibi :: June 30, 2013 :: Thanks Going Global & Abby

GOVERNMENT… Will Be Discussed on Our Call and Will Be Found Available at L.J.’s Next Step Team Skype News Chat Room. Click Here on How to Join LJ’s

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What a great night of news, analysis and discussion – Listen to the call for all the rest of the news shared

Conference Call Replay –  July 16, 2013
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[constantlyabiding] Ok guys.. I was disappointed that Jack Lew did not make any specific comments about our investment. Or did he? After some digging here are some puzzle pieces…I have my theories.. so here we go.

constantlyabiding] Last year CNBC posted an article about Dodd Frank.. some key points from the article;

 [constantlyabiding] What does Dodd-Frank do to regulate banks? One of the main goals of the Dodd-Frank act is to have banks subjected to a number of regulations along with the possibility of being broken up if any of them are determined to be “too big to fail.”

 [constantlyabiding] To do that, the act created the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC). It looks out for risks that affect the entire financial industry.

 [constantlyabiding] The Council is chaired by the Treasury Secretary, and has nine members including the Federal Reserve, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or CFPA. It also oversees non-bank financial firms like hedge funds
Read More Link on Right

[constantlyabiding] If any of the banks gets too big in the council’s determination, they could be be regulated by the Federal Reserve, which can ask a bank to increase its reserve requirement—the money it has ‘saved up’ and is not using for lending or business costs.

 [constantlyabiding] Under Dodd-Frank, banks are also required to have plans for a quick and orderly shutdown in the event that the bank becomes insolvent—or runs out of money.

[constantlyabiding] He also reference the Volker Rule in his comments today…..

[constantlyabiding] The Volcker Rule is part of Dodd-Frank and prohibits banks from owning, investing, or sponsoring hedge funds, private equity funds, or any proprietary trading operations for their own profit.

[Iank1978] End to big to fail, end the fed

 [constantlyabiding] To help banks figure out which funds are for their profits and which funds are for customers, the Fed has given banks two years to divest their own funds in get in line with the rule before it’s enforced.

[constantlyabiding] However banks can keep any funds that are less than three percent of revenue.

 [constantlyabiding] The Volcker Rule does allow some trading when it’s necessary for the bank to run its business. For example, banks can engage in currency trading to offset their own holdings in a foreign currency.

[constantlyabiding] But the Volcker rule is not in place yet, and some of its rules are still being decided. It is scheduled to go into effect in July 2012. However, regulators say they might not have all the rules in place by then.

 [constantlyabiding] Ok.. so at the time this article came out not all the provisions were in place yet..

 [constantlyabiding] fast forward to 2013….

[abbababy] constantlyabiding Sounds like Jack Lew was talking Basil III without out right stating it. Unless you are involved in dinar some won’t know what he is talking about. But we do. TY for the input. CNBC cut him off & I did not get to hear the entire speech. Guess I was on the wrong station.

 [constantlyabiding] abbababy Good point..

[constantlyabiding] Bloomburgs comments on his remarks this morning…

[constantlyabiding] From Bloomburg: U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew said he is “stepping on the accelerator” to implement the Dodd-Frank Act and warned lawmakers against trying to change the financial rules overhaul.

constantlyabiding] “Members of Congress who want to alter financial reform before it is fully in place should carefully consider implementation efforts that are approaching completion,” Lew said in remarks prepared for the CNBC Institutional Investor Delivering Alpha Conference in New York today.

[SALTYDOG]  Here is the link to his speech    http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?play=1&video=3000183620

[constantlyabiding] Lew also warned Congress against depriving financial regulators of funds they need “to meet the significant new responsibilities with which we have charged them.” The cost of good regulation “is tiny compared to the enormous cost of failure,” he said



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17/07/2013 13:58  World Bank praises the draft reform of the banking sector and financial control of Iraq’s banks.

Baghdad (news) .. Central Bank of Iraq, the World Bank praised the draft reform of the banking sector in Iraq. , the bank said in a statement received by the Agency (news) copy of it: that the bank received a letter from the World Bank praises the report issued by the auditing firm of international financial statements final draft reform Iraq’s banking sector. added: that the report was devoid of any observations or reservations and this report reflects the good efforts made ​​by the management of the Central Bank of Iraq in this area. / End / b. PVC /



Nesara BlogSpot Dinar Update: John MacHaffie    



Rumor – HIGH ANTICIPATION for public exchanging today.

Rumor – Jack Leu may be making an announcement about the RV this morning.

Rumor – Exchanges ARE ongoing in Reno

Confirmed – The International RV appeared on the Iraq Stock Exchange for 2 hrs. Trades were international in nature.

Confirmed – Tuesday ‘suppose’ to be the date for the RV/EXCHANGE. Private exchanges perhaps but no public exchanging yet



BOBGETZ6] It is now time to say a few things. As we get closer to this event ending, there is a lot of confusion and a lot of deception. I would suggest that you use the old adage, “FOLLOW THE MONEY.”

[BOBGETZ6] There are people out there that will try and are trying to get dinarians to pull away from where they originally planned to cash in. Let me ask you this, if someone asks you to put money up front, or to pay a fee for doing a currency exchange, would you really trust that? Would you think that just maybe, they are being backed by a financial group, and are preying on people’s naivety?

[BOBGETZ6] People have come out of the woodwork it seems, to try and disrupt the situation. Much of the information now flowing amongst the sites, is just wrong and in my opinion, just short of criminal. Some of the guru types, in my opinion, are being paid and backed by some dinar sales organizations, to excite the crowd with anticipated imminent revaluation. More sales equals more revenue.

 [BOBGETZ6] Another situation comes to mind in that a good friend of mine was quoted as saying two one hundred million dinar holders had just cashed out in Reno. First of all, this person would never have said that, and secondly, if someone had cashed out, they would have been under a non-disclosure agreement.

[BOBGETZ6] It is your money, you decide, but I felt compelled to inform those who might get caught up in the drama, or have not been around long enough to comprehend.

[harleyrider] BOBGETZ6 great points.

 [BOBGETZ6] And above all else, I could not post what I really think.

[novemberwhiskey] BOBGETZ6 the exchange procedure will be very simple… banks have wealth advisors who are there to guide customers in the right direction…if you do not like the people who are in place at a patpicular bank..go to another one..



sierramisty] JACK LEWS STATEMENTS!       http://blogs.marketwatch.com/thetell/2013/07/17/live-blog-jack-lew-john-paulson-headline-delivering-alpha-conference/?mod=MW_home_latest_news