Parliamentary Economy: The government took advantage of the parliamentary holiday to pass the joint agreement

Baghdad / .. The Committee on
Economy and Investment parliamentary, on Saturday, the tendency of the deputies to cancel the industrial agreement with Jordan, noting that the government took advantage of the parliamentary legislative holiday to pass.

"There is a parliamentary tendency to cancel the joint industrial agreement with Jordan, but today the House of Representatives on vacation and did not meet the deputies," said member of the committee, Mazen Abdel Moneim told "Iraq News",

adding that "there is a clear rejection among the deputies of this agreement because of lack of transparency and surprise From signing during the legislative parliament holiday. "

"There is a doubt that the government may have used the parliamentary holiday to sign this agreement, or why did not the government put it before the start of the legislative holiday or wait for the end of the holiday, which has not been left for less than a month, to offer this agreement and be consulted?"

"Such transparent decisions are supposed to be presented to general managers and specialists in this matter, and they are discussed. If it is useful to Iraq, it will not be rejected, but in this way it will be passed," he said.

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi held a meeting on Saturday 2/2/2019 with his Jordanian counterpart Omar al-Razaz at the border line between Iraq and Jordan, accompanied by two high-level delegations.

According to a joint statement, the Iraqi government pledged to supply the Jordanian side with 10,000 barrels per day of Kirkuk oil, while the two sides agreed to allocate about 2000 donums to establish the joint industrial zone.

The agreement was rejected by some Iraqi MPs who considered it harmful to the Iraqi economy, and threatened to submit it to Parliament for the purpose of canceling it.