Kuwait signs agreement to grant $ 85 million for reconstruction of Iraq

The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (Hukoomi) has signed a $ 85 million grant agreement with the Fund for Reconstruction of Areas Affected by Terrorist Operations in Iraq.

A statement by the Kuwait Fund, reported by the Anatolia Agency, said on Tuesday that the agreement is part of the $ 100 million total grant announced by Kuwait during the donor conference to support Iraq and contribute to humanitarian coverage in February of 2018.

He pointed out that the funds to be disbursed are aimed at establishing new projects that include the construction, rehabilitation and equipping of 32 health centers and hospitals distributed to the affected governorates, as well as civil, architectural and electrical works.

Kuwait has already provided 3 loans to finance projects in the energy, industry and education sectors with a total of 30 million dinars ($ 98 million) in addition to managing four grants for social sector projects worth 87 million dinars (about 286 million dollars).

In February 2018, Kuwait hosted the Iraq Reconstruction Conference, through which donor countries donated $ 30 billion in reconstruction and reconstruction, but the Iraqi government confirms that what it has actually received is Kuwaiti aid.

Last year, the Iraqi government estimated the actual need to rebuild the country at $ 88.2 billion over 10 years.

Infrastructure in the northern and western provinces has been badly damaged over three years of fighting between the Iraqi forces and the Daash organization, which seized control of a third of the country’s territory in mid-2014, before taking it out of the organization by the end of 2017.