Federal Court ruled unconstitutional establishment of special and special courts

The Supreme Federal Court , on Tuesday, unconstitutional establishment of special and special courts, attributed to the violation of its establishment Article 95 of the Constitution.

The official spokesman of the court Ayas al-Samuk said in an interview with Alsumaria News, "The Federal Supreme Court has already issued an explanation of the number (111 / Federal / 2015) on special and exceptional courts mentioned in Article 95 of the Constitution ,

" noting that " That the special and special courts are not always characterized, and be formed outside the framework of the federal judiciary .

He added that "these courts in accordance with the interpretation of the Federal Supreme Court is temporary disappear after the circumstances of its formation, and does not require a judge who meets the availability of legal conditions as required for the jurisdictions of the federal jurisdiction,

pointing out that "the Federal Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional establishment of these courts because its composition violates the provisions of Article (95) of the Constitution." "

He stressed that" all decisions issued by the Federal Supreme Court are binding and binding on all jurisdictions on the basis of Article (94) of the Constitution. "