Deputy for reform: the budget included large funds for services and the reality of the case shocked

MP of the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction, Gandhi Mohammed al-Ksanzan, said the budget included large funds for service projects in all governorates.

"The budget has secured good amounts for the allocation of projects in the side of water and sewage in all governorates of Iraq," Al-Ksanzan told the Euphrates News.

He added that "the reality of the situation and the clear before the eyes confirms that services are poor in all joints of services so far and there is no improvement even by 1%."

The Iraqi provinces witnessed large demonstrations to protest the poor services for decades.

While the Commission on Human Rights, the low level of services provided to citizens in infrastructure, electricity, health, environment and education for the mafia corruption to steal most of the funds allocated to these projects or poorly implemented.…storyid=187318