Basra Council: We have 31 trillion dinars fed by the federal government in Baghdad

The Basra Provincial Council announced on Tuesday the size of its dues paid by the federal government, pointing out that it exceeds 31 trillion dinars has not acted for the province since 2010 until now.

Council member Ahmed Abdul Hussein said in a statement to the "Information", "The Council of Basra has dues from the petrodollar up to 20 trillion dinars has not been received from the federal government in Baghdad since 2010 and until now,

" pointing out that "there are receivables estimated at 11 trillion Dinars of the border crossing funds that were not given by the previous government to Basra. "

He added that "the political conflict and the poor representatives of the people pushed the government in Baghdad not to spend those funds to Basra," noting that "these funds can solve all the problems in the province and completion of projects, as well as the possibility of reducing the spread of unemployment graduates in the province."

The Basra provincial council has attributed, on Monday, the return of protest rallies and peaceful demonstration in a number of areas of the province to the failure of the federal government to complete the stalled projects and provide services to citizens,

while the governments of Abadi and Adel Abdul Mahdi did not fulfill their promises to allocate ten thousand degrees of career for graduates of the province.…0%D9%85%D8%A9/