Which government is suitable for Iraq?


The Iraqis are waiting for the ongoing deliberations to form the largest bloc and agree on the name of the prime minister, with great concern and tension, and people have the right to worry and fear that an effective, successful and worthy government is not an option and a desire. It is a necessity and a necessity. Iraq has two roads.

A government supported by a majority of political forces and equipped with vision, approach, impartiality and sincerity to solve problems, provide the necessities and take off the country from underdevelopment and corruption, a government that accommodates the demands of the public and strives to move the country from political turmoil,

The government will be weaker than its predecessors and will fail to meet the economic challenges that are facing the challenges of the economic and social challenges.

Political situation.
The situation in Iraq today is very similar to the situation in the last years preceding the 1958 coup, political obstruction, slow development and a break between the elite and the public, and the growing mass movement pushing for political change, with the control of social frustration and psychological anxiety in addition to major regional disturbance and regional and international interventions can not be denied in the internal affairs of Iraq,

if the political forces have not benefited from the troubled street signs and demanding, and if they do not agree on a government program prepared by the administration and the economy and development experts, not men spluttered policy to keep the political positions, Iraq is on the verge of a security disturbance
and political Kebbi .

The forces that are conducting deliberations on the governmental and executive sites have to realize that they do not have a lot of time to waste in consultations that re-burn their balance with the street, they have to renew in their thinking and in the selection of their operational characters, it is no longer a share that can be filled with nepotism and public relations,

Iraq You need someone to see a revivalist vision, restore hope to people, and put the country on the path to survival, a vision that knows how crises are managed?

And how to solve the intractable contract?
How do you maintain the country’s independence and integrity?
And how to manage the game of balance and relations, which provides the country with support and investment, economic openness and security cooperation and political coordination and respect for political
and social privacy .

A leader who has read the history of Iraq, the psychology of its people, the complexity of its character and the curse of its geography, a leader who leads a government that learns from the experiences of others and benefits from the experiences of the world and remembers the Singaporean, Lee Kuan, Mahathir Mohammed, the Chinese, Deng Xiaopeng, the German genius, Adenauer, and his compatriot, Helmut Kohl, are guided by the wisdom of Nelson Mandela.

If the political class wants its Shiites, its Sunnis, its Kurds, its Turkmen, its citizens and its moderates to keep it acceptable to the generations of angry young Iraq, it must concede a lot from the ceiling of its ambitions.

It will set up an economic rescue program and choose whoever undertakes to implement it as prime minister and cooperate in parliament to complete its mission.

Between the blocks on the prime minister’s position in the current way, the parties and currents will find themselves exposed to an audience that thinks of retaliation and holds bouts and revolts of anger does not keep and does not happen, political and rational prudence calls for denial of high and read the near future by A large and sensitive to the magnitude of the risks and a broad appreciation of the bad prospects with the hope that we will soon see a government that