US advisors in Baghdad to investigate five new Iraqi banks

Diplomatic sources in Iraq revealed that the Federal Reserve Bank (US) is pursuing five new Iraqi banks, in addition to the "Islamic Bank of the country."

A report by skynews, quoting the sources, said that a team of American advisers is in Iraq to follow up on these banks, which may be subject to the same sanctions imposed on the "Islamic Bank of the country."

The investigations into the relationship between these banks and their exploitation by Iran in remittances began in the era of former US President Barack Obama, but only sued one bank.

According to the sources, investigations have been activated over the past months. Investigations by sources include money transfer of money, suspicious transfers to Lebanon, and then to Syria, along with some Asian and Eastern European countries.

Last year, the United States put the Iraqi Islamic bank Ilaf on the black list.

Blacklisting forces banks to choose between severing ties with Iranian institutions targeted by US sanctions, or cutting off the US financial system.