Khazali: Iraq will lose millions of dollars as a result of US sanctions on Iran

The economic researcher Haitham al-Khazali said on Sunday that Iraq will lose millions of dollars and thousands of jobs as a result of the US sanctions imposed on Iran, calling on the Iraqi government to negotiate with Washington to keep them from committing to these sanctions.

"The economic impact that Iraq will have on the imposition of economic sanctions on Iran will be very large," Khazali said in a statement.

"Iraq will lose 5,000 job opportunities as a result of the damage to the factories of assembling Iranian cars inside Iraq, as well as job opportunities High School".

"Iraq will also lose three million Iranian tourists a tourist visa of 40 dollars," Khazali said, calling on the government to "negotiate with the United States to extort Iraq from those sanctions because it targets it.

"Observers warned that the commitment of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the sanctions of the United States of America, Iran will negatively affect the economy of the country, in what he described a hasty and incorrect step.