Expert: The ratification of the results of parliamentary elections takes 21 days

BAGHDAD / The legal expert,
Tariq Harb, said on Saturday that the duration of ratification of the election results takes 21 days, indicating that it can not be approved without completing the stages of complaint and appeal.

"The results of the elections may not be approved by the Federal Court until after the completion of the two stages of the complaint by the losers who will be presented to the Commission," Harb told Iraq News.

He pointed out that "after the results of the Commission on the complaint of the candidates, Submit an appeal against these findings to the Judicial Committee ".

He added that "after the decision of the Judicial Committee, on the appeal, send lists to the Federal Supreme Court for the purpose of ratification, and this process takes 15 days if the utilization of the week of Eid, but in the case of leniency and slow, it takes 21 days until the approval of the results."

It is noteworthy that the judiciary in charge of the administration of the Electoral Commission announced last Thursday evening the results of counting and final hand counting in all governorates of Iraq. "